Whether you work the morning shift or like watching the sun rise, everyone can benefit from waking up at 6am. These are just the benefits that I personally have noticed, and I’m sure you’ll notice them once you stop hitting the snooze button!

Eat Breakfast

Getting up earlier will push you to eat breakfast first, which is, as many grandmas would say, the most important meal of the day! Breakfast it vital to our daily food intake, and it will stop you from feeling hungry and eating snacks throughout the day. This will also go hand and hand with the next benefit.

Boosted Metabolism

There’s no doubt that waking up early gets your gears moving a lot sooner in the day.  This means that your metabolism will be kickstarted. The morning time is when your metabolism is at it’s peak and it starts weakening later on in the day, so wake up to receive this natural benefit!

Body Healing

Waking up earlier for a slow start also means that you won’t be jumping right out of bed with an aching body. I personally always had lower back pain before letting my body gently wake up with the rest of the world. Adding yoga or pilates to your morning routine also stretches your body so you won’t pull anything or have stiff muscles all day.

Plan the Day

Since you have this extra time, you can plan your day, or go over your plans from the night before. If you don’t do much planning, you can check and make sure you don’t have any appointments set up. *I began using an iOS app named “One List” (Not sure about the availability on Android), and it has helped me a ton during my previous semester of college. To rid of ads and unlock all the themes, it’s $4.99, but very worth it in my opinion! If you want to go paperless, this app is very simplistic and helpful in sorting tasks and their level of difficulty.

More Productive

If you spend time planning your day, you’re more than likely going to follow it which makes you more productive. Even if this doesn’t apply, you’re going to do something when you wake up, no matter how big or small the task may be!

Improves Sleep

Since you will be waking up at 6am, your body will start getting tired earlier. You may find that you become tired around 8pm rather than 12am, and that’s a great thing! It’s easier to wake up early if you go to sleep earlier, which makes you feel like you had the best sleep. Many of us only feel fully rested when we go to bed and sleep in late. However, you can get the same feeling and more!


The energy in your body will be at an all time high when you give yourself a little time! Forget spending $3 a day on energy drinks and pulling all nighters. They leave you tired, unhealthy, and drains energy faster than you can drink it. If you want to save money and gain time, this is for you!

Easy 8am Classes/Morning Shift

This only applies for those who are in college or work an early morning shift, but nonetheless helpful. If you wake up at 6am, you have two free hours to do what you like. Whether you kick back and enjoy a Netflix show or spend the few hours studying for a test for your 8am course, it makes these early tasks simple.

Better Mental Health

This is in no way inferring that all mental health issues will be eradicated. This just improves mental health and dealing with it. Better sleep and decreased stress are linked to a healthier mind. When you’re more productive and energized you feel great and that everyday is purposeful.

*not sponsored

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Ready to take your VINA-ship to the next level? Here are some of the very best, matching bestie tattoos. Which one will you choose?

A pinky promise and co-ordinates of where you first met your vina?

Perhaps brunch is your favourite kind of vina date?

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Now I just have a dope avocado tattoo.

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Otterley adorable!

We love our best vina to the moon and back!

Matching converse? Check. Matching palm trees? Check!

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Nowadays, we all use YouTube for one reason or another, whether it be to binge watch videos or find that tutorial on whatever it was we don’t know how to do. Either way, this site has become more than just an online video library. Now it’s a way for people to not only make their name known, but make money while doing so. Here’s what you need to know in order to start and sustain your very own successful YouTube channel.


Before even thinking of picking up a camera and attempting to figure out how it works, you have to decide what exactly your content is going to be about. Do you want to help or inspire other vinas? Are you vlogging about your life? Or do you have a unique talent or skill that you would like to share with the world? In any case, if you know what your content will be about then you are more likely to capture and hold the attention of the audience you are trying to hit.


When posting to and starting a channel it is obvious that you would need to post videos, but how often is key. In the beginning of your YouTube career you will have to be extra regular on when you post and how much you post. Beginner YouTubers have to post more videos and make sure they are posting everyday, or every week, or every month, to insure that their new content gets seen by viewers. As you gain more popularity you wont have to post as often, because by then you will have a regular group of followers, but until then post post post!


It is VERY important that, not only in the beginning, but throughout your YouTube Career you are communicating and interacting with your followers. When they comment, take the opportunity to start a conversation. When they want more of something, be aware of it, and make more of what they like. Probably most important though, is to watch the behavior of your fans. Are they watching videos to the end? Are they liking or disliking videos? Which videos get the most views? Keeping up with the behavior of your viewers is crucial so that you are aware of what works and what doesn’t.

Following these tips can start you down the right path. As long as you’re willing to put in the work, it’ll pay off.

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It is a word, sound or sentence that is said over and over again to help with concentration or to provide positive affirmation.


It can help produce positive thoughts, feelings, and energies in your mind and body and help you de-stress.


  • You want to find a quiet space with minimal distractions for yourself. Add candles, incense, or essential oils.
  • What is your intention? Peace, health, success, or a spiritual connection?
  • Sit in a comfortable position. Keep your back straight and upright.
  • Clear your mind, close your eyes, and breathe through your nose and out of your mouth.
  • Choose your mantra:
  1. I feel beautiful, I am beautiful
  2. I am free to be myself
  3. I am healthy and strong
  4. I have the power to create change
  5. I accept myself for who I am

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The Bold Type is a Freeform TV show that follows three millennial women that work at a Cosmopolitan-type magazine called Scarlet. While the show has a few inaccuracies as to what it would be like working at a magazine of that size, the show has a number of moments that could be considered career lessons for the aspiring professional woman.

The Bold Type follows three best friends: Sutton, Jane, and Kat. The three girls couldn’t be more different in personalities and job titles. Sutton starts off as an assistant, Jane is a writer, and Kat is the Social Media Director. Each of the girls face unique career challenges when it comes to their positions and where they fit in with the rest of the staff. Here are a few things we could learn from Kat, Jane and Sutton:

**If you haven’t watched the show before, you might want to stop here because there are spoilers ahead** 


Kat is an excellent example to young women everywhere because she quickly advances to become Scarlet’s youngest director ever. It doesn’t matter that Kat was young, she excelled at her job and was recognized for it. Take a chance, you aren’t too young to make an impression. Your age shouldn’t matter.

Tbt GIF by The Bold Type - Find & Share on GIPHY


Sutton’s transformation in The Bold Type is something to aspire to. She starts out as a green-juice fetching assistant but has a deep passion for fashion. She recognized that she was unhappy in her current position and took a major leap to put herself out there and she ended up making the move to the fashion department. It didn’t happen overnight, but she knew what she wanted and she went for it… and it paid off! Now she’s living her best life and killing it as a fashion assistant.

Tbt GIF by The Bold Type - Find & Share on GIPHY


In season two, Jane takes a leap of her own and leaves her comfortable niche at Scarlet to write for a cutting-edge online news source. It ends up being a disaster and Scarlet won’t take her back. Instead of letting this failure consume her, she becomes a badass freelance writer and makes a name for herself on her own. If you can, try to turn the bad into the good. If you let it, failure can often lead you to where you’re supposed to be.

Season 2 GIF by The Bold Type - Find & Share on GIPHY


The trio of best friends has an oddly close relationship with the editor-in-chief, Jacqueline. Unlike Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, Jacqueline is approachable and kind to her staff members. The girls make a point to lean on Jacqueline and look to her for guidance when they need it. It almost never hurts to ask a superior for advice. It can help you advance your career and you can end up building a relationship with them.



Even though television shows like The Bold Type and Younger are cute and fun, they are extremely important for our generation. These shows highlight badass women who are focused on their careers while balancing a social and dating life. No longer are female characters required to chase boys and make poor decisions while putting their aspirations on the back burner.

Times are changing.


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Vegan is defined as abstaining from all animal products in your daily diet. In other words, any bi-product of an animal such as milk, cheese or chicken. So I’m sorry vinas, no more half & half in your iced coffees or butter filled croissants from the local bakery.


Countless studies and documentaries have been produced to convey to the public why intaking certain foods and drinks on an everyday basis is unhealthy. For example, “What the Health” is a documentary on Netflix that addresses how the meat industry lies about how and where animals are raised. Not to mention either how the bi-product of the animal is altered. Thinking about how poorly chickens are raised is concerning and quite disturbing. Not all baby chicks are running freely in grass and consuming natural nourishment, but instead trapped in tight cages. Considering even a small amount of knowledge regarding the food industry and major food corporations can open eyes and mouths to what is really nourishing for our bodies.


Going vegan and reducing the amount of animal product intake can help with heart problems, tiredness, and overall health. Dairy is especially fattening and can cause stomach issues to some. For example, lactose intolerance is no longer uncommon and rather more apparent than ever. In addition, getting the proper nutrition you need from protein and healthy fats can come from many alternatives to meat and dairy. Below are some suggestions.


Here’s a very short list of items you can still enjoy while being vegan! Always remember to check labels and keep your eyes peeled for yummy treats in the grocery store, at local markets, or in the latest newsletter from your favorite place to shop!


Tofu, tempeh, pasta, rice, beans, lettuce, chips, potatoes, fruit, veggies, nuts, dark chocolate, vegan cake and cookies


Milk (almond, coconut, nut, cashew, rice, soy), coffee (hallelujah!), juice, kombucha


Contrary to popular belief, going vegan is very affordable and easy. Fruits and vegetables are a comfortable price while tofu and tempeh are significantly cheaper than red steak or chicken drumsticks. There are always ways to spice things up and switch tastes around by adding, for example, different sauces to your tofu. Don’t get discouraged about running out of recipes or ideas. With plenty of resources online and convenient videos, making vegan dishes can be very fun, while also tasting yummy without maxing out your credit card.

Educate yourself, take time to see what foods are out there, and get to shopping! Mix up your life with adding a splash of coconut milk to your coffee while saving one precious cow at a time. Now that’s what I call a-moo-zing!


Mia Costa

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woman getting her pulse checked

The United States Women’s National Health Week is from May 12th through the 18th this year! Here are a few ways to keep your health in check so that you can continue being the most badass version of yourself:


If you haven’t already gone in for your annual checkup, now’s the time to get it scheduled! I don’t know about you, but I’m a borderline hypochondriac so I’ll do anything that’ll reassure me that I’m not nine-months pregnant or that I have a rare, incurable disease. A thorough well-woman checkup will include preventative screenings such as breast examinations and pap smears.


Woman's silhouette running against the sunrise

According to World Health Organization, one in four adults live a sedentary lifestyle. This leaves you susceptible to common diseases such as diabetes, cardiovascular diseases and even cancer. The good news is that it’s never too late to adopt a more active lifestyle.

Just recently I started seeing a personal trainer and I’ve never felt so strong in my life. Now, I’m not saying you suddenly have to start doing SoulCycle every week or become a yoga guru, but even just incorporating brisk 15-minute walks into your routine could make all the difference.


Did you know your gut can tell you more about your current health state than any other part of your body? Think about it; how often do you deal with bloat or constipation or fatigue? It can even affect your sleep and weight! Bad gut health is a result of consistent bad eating habits (along with a few other factors such as stress levels and hydration). That means the best way to get your gut in check is to have a well-balanced diet. Try to cut back on foods with a high sugar or trans fat content and replace them with more fibrous foods. Maybe even get tested for subtle food allergies you might have.

Be warned though. Your doctor might tell you that you’re allergic to garlic and you’ll question everything you know about yourself – not that I’m projecting or anything.

Long story short vinas, a better balanced diet = happy gut = happy you.


A girl reading poetry with a cup of tea

According to Women’s Health, one in five women in the United States (I’m sure it’s similar in other parts of the world) have experienced a mental health condition. Thankfully it’s becoming more acceptable to be open and honest about mental health issues in the workplace, in schools, and even between loved ones.

I personally struggle with depression and anxiety. It’s been a long road getting to a place where I can manage it better, but I still have a long way to go.

So here’s your reminder to be kind to and patient with yourselves vinas. Treat yourself to some “me days” accompanied with some wine (or coffee or tea) and a good book (or your favorite T.V. show). Of course these should not be in placement of treatments provided by a licensed therapist if you choose to seek one.


Here’s my last one for you vinas, and it’s an important one. Be sure to practice safe behaviors such as quitting smoking (or not starting), not texting while driving (I ain’t a saint, I struggle with this one too), wearing your seat belts, and using protection.

I want to end on a high note and remind all of you vinas that the first step to loving yourself is taking care of yourself, so please keep these tips in mind year-round.

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The shops are now filled with beautiful floral arrangements, unique mug designs are on the shelves and pamper packages are a dime a dozen. Yep, it’s time for Mother’s Day!

Yes, many people say, ‘you shouldn’t just tell your mom how much you love her once a year,’ (kind of like the Valentine’s Day critics), and I do agree to some extent. However, now everything is mom-themed and for a change it’s not hard to find a key ring that says ‘World’s Best Mom’. That’s what I aim to show my mom this year, that not only is she my world’s BEST MOM, but she’s also my best vina. What follow are 5 reasons why my mom is my best vina, so here they are:


Candice and her mom
Me and my mom 🙂

In a world today where young adults aim to travel and experience the world, we often find ourselves away from home for long periods of time. In my case, I moved around the country, but not once would my mom miss a thing. When we talk, she doesn’t miss a single beat. It was as if she’d been staying next door to me the entire time, and I just sat in her lounge and unwound after the crazy days at the office.


Being with my mom, I get to be my most natural self. No being the ‘perfect wife’ or the ‘star employee.’ When I’m with her I get to be my introverted self, with dreams of a simpler life. I can share my true feelings, emotions and thoughts with her and I can tell her all my secrets, knowing it won’t be circling through a few other ears a week later. Plus she’s seen it all. Every phase I have ever gone through, every colour I’ve died my hair and every broken memory. (OMG… I’m trying not to cry here!)


Another reason my mom is my best vina is the judgement-free zone that she and I have with each other. Like I mentioned before, she knows the deepest secrets I have. She listens to me when I need to rant or cry over an argument with my husband, and she never passes judgement on me or anyone. (Except she obviously takes my side deep down…)


Candice, her mom, and her brother
Christmas gang

When we’re young, we don’t always want to admit that mom knows best, but when we get older we learn that it is indeed so. When we do ask mom for advice, she is also most likely to give you the best outsider perceptive as she probably understands your background, history and why it is that you’re having a dilemma in the first place.


 I could decide tomorrow that I was packing up my life as we know it and am going to travel the world as a backpacker or go live off the grid in a small deserted town, and one thing will always be for sure is that she will support me in whatever I decide to put my mind to. She would obviously question everything, but it is only out of love and to make sure I am doing it with the right mind and for the right reasons.

No relationship is perfect, but if it were, just imagine how boring life would be…


Tattoos have become more widely accepted in the United States over the years, but they’ve been previously condemned. Despite their growing popularity, society still looks down upon those with tattoos, discriminating against those with visible ones for job interviews, etc. Why is that?

Tattooing is an art form. It’s another way to express yourself, just like wearing that perfect vintage skirt or your grandma’s old pearls. The only difference is that it’s permanent.

I suppose the reason why people look down upon tattoos is the fact that a poor decision on a design could affect someone for the rest of his/her life, but that’s why being smart about what you’re putting on your body is key!

If you’re thinking of getting a tattoo, I would recommend having a friend draw or stencil it on your body in the place you’d want it. You could walk around sporting your new design, and, if after a week you still love it, then it’s probably right for you! If you decide, though, that you hate it, then you dodged a bullet. Yay!

If this is your first tattoo, and you’re not sure about the placement of it, I would recommend getting one in a “hidden” area, i.e. your hip, your ribs, etc. Sure, it’ll be seen at the beach or by someone you’re intimate with, but for the most part I’d call these areas the more “conservative” places for tattoos. However, if you’re ready to show off your favorite song lyrics or a symbol that means the world to you, feel free to get it on your arms, legs, or other noticeable spots!

I think tattoos are beautiful. I think they are simply a way to express yourself — what you love, where you’ve been, and where you’re going. Your body can be a journal for memories, if you’d like it to be.

Let’s slash the stigma of tattooing one stick ‘n’ poke at a time. One day, it’s going to be incredibly normal to have tattoos. But, for now, I kind of like the unconventionality of having one.

Have a tattoo idea? Need advice? Head on over to Hey! VINA to gauge some second opinions on a choice of a lifetime!


As a thank you to Pandia Health for including VINA flyers in their boxes for the month of May, we have a lovely Q&A with their founder, Sophia Yen, MD from Sunnyvale, California.

What is Pandia Health and why did you decide to launch it?  

Pandia Health brings prescription birth control to women wherever they have internet and a mailbox. We are decreasing stress in women’s lives, increasing productivity, and increasing access to vital healthcare.

As a Clinical Associate Professor at Stanford Medical School, I was giving a talk to a bunch of doctors about “Why don’t women take their birth control?” The answer: they didn’t have time to go to the pharmacy or their prescription expired. My friend Perla Ni and I thought: “We can fix this. We’ll ship the medication to women and keep shipping it until they tell us to stop!” This is a great opportunity to disrupt the slow, monolithic pharmacy industry. We will make it a delightful, mobile, 20-something friendly experience. Then when we ran ads for “free birth control delivery,” 60% of those that responded didn’t have a prescription. I’m a doctor, I can write subscriptions and thus, Pandia Health was born – the End to End Solution for birth control, from prescription to delivery to your home.

Why is your work through it meaningful to you, as well as important for all women?

Pandia Health makes women’s lives easier and helps women prevent unplanned pregnancies by providing the “one-stop shop” for birth control.

1. We free up time for women: On average, women spend 20-30 years of their lives on contraception. They spend valuable time and money traveling to the pharmacy to get prescription birth control every month and going to the doctor’s office once a year. They have #BetterThingsToDo than run to the pharmacy each month.

2. We save women money also. Some women live hours away from the nearest pharmacy or doctor’s office. They have to spend time and money to go there.

3. We provide Confidentiality. Local pharmacies in small towns do not offer the privacy needed for women to get their prescription birth control. “Slut shaming” when you get your birth control. Women don’t need that.

4. We decrease stress. Women worry about running out of medications. It is a source of great stress.

5. We provide Access. 60% of women who respond to an advertisement for free birth control delivery, don’t have a valid prescription (it expired or they didn’t have one to begin with). We provide access.

6. We are providing Education. We have a youtube channel with 130k+ views with NO advertising/promotion. People want/need the information we are sharing/providing.

7. We Advocate for our customers. We fight insurance companies to get women the medication they want/need.

What was the hardest part of getting it up and running? Any “failures” or doubts along the way and if so, what did you learn from them?

Getting funded. Seeing guys before me get funded with no mention of # of customers and then with 50 customers, then I come along with 150 customers and have to beg for funding. We are the ONLY Women-Founded/Led, practicing reproductive health doctor founded/led company in this space. Keep knocking on doors and eventually you will find your people. Don’t be afraid to ask for help.

Get everything in writing and don’t let people bully you into a decision. You can always stop, consult people, consult lawyers.

Where do you want to take it in 5 years? 10 years?

Pandia Health is building The Brand Women Trust with Their Health. Pandia is the greek goddess of healing, light, full moon. I also came up with: Pan = every, día – day, we have you covered everyday. Set it and forget it. Let Pandia worry so you don’t have to.

We are starting with birth control, but we will grow as our patients grow from birth control to acne, to prenatal vitamins, breast pumps, to menopause and wrinkle cream.

How do you balance your work with Pandia Health with your other roles (teaching, Board membership, etc.)?

I’m at Stanford 1 half-day a week and the rest of the time I’m 24/7 Pandia Health. With Pandia Health, I’ve had to cut down on other involvement (fighting for healthy school lunch, participation in my daughters’ girl scouts, attending daughters’ school events) but that’s ok. My daughters and other young women get to see a woman CEO and my husband gets to step up as a parent.

Pandia is not the the first venture you have founded/co-founded. How did you develop such an entrepreneurial spirit?

It’s in my blood. My grandfather had his own company – selling men’s clothing. My parents have lived the silicon Valley/American dream – from rags to riches. My mom had me learn accounting since 4th grade and I did the family finances! Junior Achievement in high school taught me how to run a company from selling stock, serious accounting, leading a team, paying back stockholders dividends, etc. Also, Future Business Leaders of America gave me skills as well. And being Treasurer of: my high school class for 2 years, sorority x 4 years, MIT class x 4 yrs, Homeowner’s Association x 15+ yrs?  Being treasurer made me think about what to sell, how to price it, profit and labor.

What advice do you have for young women who want to launch their own initiative, big or small?

Do it. Build a tribe. Check out Springboard Enterprise, Women’s Startup Lab, StartX.

Do you have a mentor? Who do you look to for inspiration and support?

I have several advisors. There are so many great women entrepreneurs out there that inspire me! Currently, I am inspired by Sarah Lacy of ChairmanMom, Kara Goldin of Hint Water, Lisa Fetterman of Nomiku in addition to the usual Sara Blakely of Spanx, Rent The Runway Jennifer Hyman, Katrina Lake of Stitch Fix, Shan-Lyn Ma of Zola, Emilly Weiss of Glossier.

For support, I’m thankful to my investors Matthew Gould of Allectus Capital and Charles Hudson of Precursor Ventures and my tribes from: Springboard Enterprise, StartX, Women’s Startup Lab, female entrepreneur groups and feminist groups like the Feminist Majority Foundation, Center for Reproductive Rights, Ignite, and Emerge.

Any final words of wisdom to all the young women out their who are strategizing to reach their education, career, and wellness goals?

Don’t be afraid to ask for help!

You can do it!

If you are open to connecting with our readers, how can they reach you?

Twitter: @TeenMD or @pandiahealth

If you want to be a Pandia Health ambassador and help spread the word, email info at