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Now I just have a dope avocado tattoo.

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“One arrow alone can be easily broken but many arrows are indestructible…” sounds like a Hey! VINA friendship to me!

Are you the peanut butter or the jelly in your vina-ship?

Friends since school? These paper planes sure remind us of class.

Because finding a vina you click with is as valuable as finding a diamond.

Otterley adorable!

We love our best vina to the moon and back!

Matching converse? Check. Matching palm trees? Check!

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The Bold Type is a Freeform TV show that follows three millennial women that work at a Cosmopolitan-type magazine called Scarlet. While the show has a few inaccuracies as to what it would be like working at a magazine of that size, the show has a number of moments that could be considered career lessons for the aspiring professional woman.

The Bold Type follows three best friends: Sutton, Jane, and Kat. The three girls couldn’t be more different in personalities and job titles. Sutton starts off as an assistant, Jane is a writer, and Kat is the Social Media Director. Each of the girls face unique career challenges when it comes to their positions and where they fit in with the rest of the staff. Here are a few things we could learn from Kat, Jane and Sutton:

**If you haven’t watched the show before, you might want to stop here because there are spoilers ahead** 


Kat is an excellent example to young women everywhere because she quickly advances to become Scarlet’s youngest director ever. It doesn’t matter that Kat was young, she excelled at her job and was recognized for it. Take a chance, you aren’t too young to make an impression. Your age shouldn’t matter.

Tbt GIF by The Bold Type - Find & Share on GIPHY


Sutton’s transformation in The Bold Type is something to aspire to. She starts out as a green-juice fetching assistant but has a deep passion for fashion. She recognized that she was unhappy in her current position and took a major leap to put herself out there and she ended up making the move to the fashion department. It didn’t happen overnight, but she knew what she wanted and she went for it… and it paid off! Now she’s living her best life and killing it as a fashion assistant.

Tbt GIF by The Bold Type - Find & Share on GIPHY


In season two, Jane takes a leap of her own and leaves her comfortable niche at Scarlet to write for a cutting-edge online news source. It ends up being a disaster and Scarlet won’t take her back. Instead of letting this failure consume her, she becomes a badass freelance writer and makes a name for herself on her own. If you can, try to turn the bad into the good. If you let it, failure can often lead you to where you’re supposed to be.

Season 2 GIF by The Bold Type - Find & Share on GIPHY


The trio of best friends has an oddly close relationship with the editor-in-chief, Jacqueline. Unlike Miranda Priestly from The Devil Wears Prada, Jacqueline is approachable and kind to her staff members. The girls make a point to lean on Jacqueline and look to her for guidance when they need it. It almost never hurts to ask a superior for advice. It can help you advance your career and you can end up building a relationship with them.



Even though television shows like The Bold Type and Younger are cute and fun, they are extremely important for our generation. These shows highlight badass women who are focused on their careers while balancing a social and dating life. No longer are female characters required to chase boys and make poor decisions while putting their aspirations on the back burner.

Times are changing.


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Not that you absolutely need a handful of reasons to ever plan a girls weekend, but the process alone can be daunting. When you get past the hard parts — like gathering your closest vinas, deciding where to go and setting a budget — the rest should be smooth sailing. In case you need a little nudge in the right direction, here are five reasons this spring is the perfect time to plan that long awaited, much needed girls weekend away!


Day-to-day life can get crazy, and it’s easy to lose contact with your friends during the week. So planning a girls weekend will make for a perfect opportunity to catch up with your vinas. Nothing is better than having time for long conversations about your goals, dreams, and what’s new with who. Part of getting together for the weekend with your best friends is all about the deep and meaningful conversations!


You work hard, and you deserve some time away from your job. There is so much bliss in having to do absolutely nothing, even if it’s just for a couple of days. Take a journal with you and record your mood on your mini-vacation. Share it with your vinas and reflect on how it compares to your mood during the week. You’ll see just how important it is to plan a weekend away once in awhile to unwind and relax!


Planning a girls weekend away this spring entails shopping trips and dining out. Maybe you’ll discover a favorite restaurant or even a tourist attraction. Discovery doesn’t stop there, though. A trip like this will allow you to experience new things and learn about yourself and the relationships with the ones around you!


Excitement is all around when you go away from home. Whether that be from the anticipation or from an activity on your trip. Regardless, even a few days away will satisfy your urge for adventure and fun!


The most important reason of all — the lasting memories you’ll make with your vinas. It will be a trip you never forget and you’ll forever be reminiscing about the wild adventures and amazing experiences’ you all shared. You’ll have pictures to look back on and smile upon great moments with your girl friends.

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Maybe they don’t make you feel your best. Maybe they haven’t been supportive of an exciting new chapter in your life. Maybe you’ve been meaning to do so for a while.

No matter how you slice it, cutting ties with a friend or someone you care about can be really painful. When you make the decision to end a friendship or move on without someone, it’s understandable to feel sad or upset about it. But likely, it isn’t a decision you’ve made lightly.

It can help to ask yourself a few questions about the situation (maybe even write them down in a letter you won’t ever send to the person/people you’re moving on from) to alleviate your own feelings of hurt and help you understand that you’re doing this for you.

Do they support me?

Of course, it’s not ideal to have blind support from your friends; we need our friends to tell us if we’re being self-destructive or making decisions that can harm us in the long run. But if a friend or group of friends isn’t there for you during hard times? Maybe let them go. Conversely, it can really hurt if you have a new opportunity that might be really exciting, and they choose to make it about them without showing any support for you. If they can’t be happy for you about the amazing new parts of your life, it’s time to find people who will be.

Do I feel better after talking to them?

This doesn’t necessarily have to mean after talking to a friend for advice or when you’re looking for comfort; this can just mean in general! Do you always feel worse about your body after having dinner with a friend who constantly talks down about themselves or you? Do you leave their house with a sinking feeling after they spent the entire time you were hanging out filling your ears with mean-spirited gossip about other friends, when all you really wanted to do is discuss the latest episode of The Good Place? If you feel worse after speaking to them than you did when you walked in, it might be time to move on.

Do they treat you the way you deserve?

Sometimes the people we thought we cared about the most are the ones that show their true colors when you’ve had a communication mishap or you have an argument. Are they mature when it comes to handling disagreements? If they never apologize or take responsibility for their actions, that puts a lot of pressure on you to diffuse conflict and tension. You deserve respect, and you should be treated with some.

These questions aren’t the end-all be-all; it can be really difficult and extremely complicated when dealing with friendship problems. Just remember: if you’re considering cutting ties for your own mental and physical health, you should trust your gut. It’s usually right.

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It’s the end of another week, vinas! You know what that means…time for another roundup of amazing women in the news!


Image courtesy of iMDb.

Agnès Varda, French filmmaker, passed away on Friday, March 29th in Paris. She was a pioneer in the French New Wave cinema scene of the 1950s and 1960s, paving the way for many women to follow in her footsteps and become filmmakers themselves. She frequently addressed feminist issues in her films and progressive ideas about race and gender. She will be greatly missed, but her legacy will continue in the film industry and serve as a reminder for female filmmakers everywhere that they can be whoever they want to be.


Image courtesy of Wikipedia.

Muffet McGraw is the head women’s basketball coach at Notre Dam, where she is campaigning for equality in sports. In a press conference, she said that she has no intention of hiring men for her coaching staff, saying, “when you look at men’s basketball, 99 percent of the jobs go to men, why shouldn’t 100 or 99 percent of the jobs in women’s basketball go to women?” She’s absolutely right, and it’s great that as a result of her stance on this, more girls will get to see themselves represented in sports.


Image via iMDb.

Emilia Clarke recently wrote an essay for The New Yorker about her struggles with two brain aneurysms right around the time she was finishing her first season of HBO show Game of Thrones. She recalls the anxiety and fear she felt during some of the most terrifying health scares possible. As she enters the last season of the show, she took some time to reflect on what she learned from one of the hardest times in her life and expresses her gratitude for where she is now.


Image via Wikipedia.

Zuzana Čaputová was recently elected to be the first female president of Slovakia! It’s a huge achievement for someone who is both a woman and political newcomer. She said to some of her supporters that she hopes to change the tides of Slovakia’s political climate to a more just and fair environment, and turn away from the more conservative and populist movements that the country has seen thus far.


Image via Instagram.

Bailey Davis, a cheerleader for the New Orleans Saints, has been leading the charge to end sex discrimination against cheerleaders after she was fired from the team for posting a picture of herself in an outfit deemed inappropriate by the Saints. Since then, she has filed a discrimination lawsuit herself, saying that the NFL holds their football players to different standards than they do for cheerleaders. People have taken notice and as a result, cheerleaders for the Saints have been given more conservative outfits to wear. We applaud Davis for not backing down!

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Veteran journalist and long-time science writer for the New York Times Jacqueline Mroz set out to investigate the complexity of female friendship and her research did not disappoint. In her new book, Girl Talk, Mroz dives deep into the ins and outs of the friendships we have–from what we do right, to what we do wrong, to everything in between. In this exclusive heart-to-heart with VINAZINE, Mroz talks about toxic friends, the one thing you can do today to improve your friendships with other women and more. Read on for more!


Jacqueline Mroz, Montclair, NJ. 03/13/2017 Photo by Steve Hockstein/

Q: While researching female friendships in your extensive years of work, what has stood out to you the most?
A: I was amazed by how many health benefits there are for women who have good friends and a strong friendship network, from lower blood pressure to less anxiety and depression, to actually living longer!

Q: You mention the scarcity of studies and research on female friendships. Why do you think that is?
A: We’ve lived in a patriarchal society for so long, that it’s just started to change fairly recently. Also, many of the people who were in charge of scientific research were men who didn’t believe that female friendship was an important area of study. I wanted to research friendship to understand why women act the way they do with their friends, from a scientific standpoint, so I could better understand the motivation for their behavior.

Q: From your own research, what is one thing that women should be doing every day when it comes to their friendships? 
A: It’s important to try to reach out to friends regularly. Don’t get mad if they haven’t called you—they just might have a good reason, like an illness. Give people the benefit of the doubt. Spending time with a friend, being supportive and engaged, and just having fun together are great ways to strengthen a friendship. If you want to reconnect with an old friend, just pick up the phone! Forget texting and emailing—talking on the phone is the next best thing to seeing her in person.

Q: How has social media affected female friendships?
A: Studies show that social media users are more anxious and depressed, and tend to be more socially isolated. Connecting with people online is not the same as seeing friends in person and spending time with them, or even talking on the phone. The friendships that people form online tend to be highly superficial, and less fulfilling. Next time you want to connect with a friend, make a plan to see them, or even pick up the phone! Social media, compared with face-to-face interactions with people, is similar to consuming real food versus food-like substances. It’s just not the same and can make you feel empty and undernourished. I think this is more prevalent among younger women because they use social media more.

Q: How important it is to forge new friendships in your 20s and beyond?
A: It’s always good to forge new friends—and it’s something that will be happening throughout your life, at every age. It’s important to keep up a friendship, and not let it fizzle out. Call and make plans with your friends! They will always appreciate it.

Q: What are some ways you can find new friendships in this digital era?
A: Taking the same exercise class every week is a great way to make friends (and stay healthy)! Joining a club or a meet-up group can also be helpful. And apps like Hey! VINA are a terrific way to find new friendships.

Q: What are some meaningful ways you can bond with your new friends? 
A: Unlike men, women can bond with their friends by just having a cup of tea together and chatting. When I’m with friends now, I try to put my phone away so it’s not visible and not intrusive. That way I can really concentrate on what they’re saying. Try to keep up on what’s going on in their lives, and ask those important follow-up questions!

Q: We all seem to have a friend “who got away.” Why does that happen so often in friendships—is it just the evolution of friendship, or is there something more to it? 
A: Women’s relationships tend to be more fragile than men’s because they’re more intense. That fragility could also be because women have higher expectations of their friendships. If we expect more, then we’ll be disappointed more often. And if we’re divulging our deepest, darkest secrets to our friends, then we’re making ourselves more vulnerable to them, and those relationships can be more easily broken.

Having realistic expectations of friendship, and being able to speak frankly with a friend about things that bother us, are good ways to avoid breakups.

Q: As you studied female friendship, what common mistake did you see women making in their friendships?
A: Not talking it over with a friend when something is bothering you. We can talk to our friends about anything—except for our friendship. So many women will give up on a friendship, rather than trying to make it work, and that’s a mistake.

It’s definitely hard to talk to a friend about something that’s bothering you, but if you work up the courage to do so, you’ll find that you will both be so much happier with the relationship. Sometimes conflict can be about a misunderstanding or miscommunication that is easily resolved.

Q: What’s your best advice for dealing with a toxic friend?
A: A toxic friend is someone who isn’t really authentic and doesn’t have your back. She can’t be happy for you and separate your success from what she imagines she should have. This friend is someone who would undermine you or steal your job or husband or boyfriend. She’d even steal your ideas. There’s a lack of trust between you.

Try setting boundaries with this friend—that can give you back some control.  But at some point, you might have to say, ‘I’m not going to tolerate this anymore,’ and end it.

Q: What famous girlfriends from history most fascinate you and why? 
A: I love the story of the friendship between Elizabeth Cady Stanton and Susan B. Anthony. Cady Stanton was married with three kids when they met and older than Anthony, who was single, but they became immediate and lifelong friends. They complemented each other—Cady Stanton was the writer and Anthony traveled around the country, speaking about women’s rights. And they never fought. Sadly, they both died before women were given the right to vote.

Q: In typical VINA fashion, describe your ideal Sunday.
A: I like to spend time with good friends—going for a walk, seeing a film, or grabbing a cup of coffee so that we can catch up! 

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Every girl needs her own group of super-women supporting her. As kids, we were friends with whoever was on the playground that day. But those same friends from the sandbox may not have stuck around as we started maturing, developing different interests, and meeting other people. We began to create friendships with people that were just like us, maybe unintentionally developing relationships with people in the same race, religion, culture, and gender as us. Having friends from different social groups and backgrounds is more important than you think.

You can learn something from everyone in your circle. Having diverse friends brings the opportunity to learn new languages, enhance your knowledge of different cultures and religions, and enables you to accept people for who they truly are!


Having diversity in your friendships also helps you to become more socially aware. You can never truly understand how someone else feels until you experience a connection with them. After connecting with a vina, I learned of her daily struggle of being a minority in her community. She confided in me that she felt uncomfortable in today’s political climate with her family being Mexican immigrants, explained that she didn’t receive the same amount of respect as other women in her town, and opened up to me about a social injustice that needed more attention. This motivated me to be more involved in my community and demand equality for ALL people. I never would have truly understood some of the problems thousands of people were facing if it weren’t for having her in my circle.

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Another week means another dose of amazing women to celebrate! We’re so here for all the amazing ladies in the news this week.


Image via Instagram.

Late night TV just got better. Lilly Singh (otherwise known as IISuperwomanII on YouTube) announced that she’s going to be hosting her own late night show, A Little Late with Lilly Singh! She will be replacing Carson Daly’s show — Last Call with Carson Daly — making her the first woman to have her own show among the current line-up of late night hosts. We can’t wait to tune in!


Image source via Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters.

Uhlenbeck is an American professor and mathematician, currently teaching at the University of Texas at Austin. The Norwegian Academy of Science and Letters announced last Tuesday that she would be the recipient of the Abel Prize, seen by many as the Nobel Prize of mathematics, making her the first woman to ever receive the prize!


Image via Wikipedia.

After the horrific terrorist attack in Christchurch, New Zealand, Prime Minister Jacinda Arndern made the pledge to immediately change New Zealand’s gun laws just six days after the attack. Fast action is key in these types of situations, and we applaud Arndern for making a decision that will prevent these attacks from happening again in the future.


Image via Twitter.

Lesley Regan, one of the United Kingdom’s top gynocologists (who is also a professor!) has announced that she will be co-chairing a women’s health task force with government minister Jackie Doyle-Price. This aims to help women and girls receive the help and care they need — particularly with their reproductive health. In an article for The Guardian, she says, “In an ideal world, ‘an adolescent girl can go along to a well-woman clinic, facility or shop and she can access her smear, her contraceptive advice, she will get very simple, preferably infographic, information about what she needs to do to prepare herself to have safe sex and when she wants to get pregnant to have the best possible outcome for her pregnancy.'” Way to go, Dr. Regan!


Image via Wikipedia.

Meghan Markle, now Duchess of Sussex since her marriage to Prince Harry last May, gave a powerful speech on International Women’s Day where she spoke about gender, feminism, and menstruation. It was her first public unscripted appearance since her wedding, and she spoke as openly as she could about the issues that she felt were pressing to women and girls everywhere. In an interview for the New York Times, journalist Anne McElvoy says in regard to Markle’s activism compared with the history of the royal family, “I think she has kind of moved the dial. I think the rewards now very clearly outweigh the risks.” We love to see Markle changing the norms and we hope she continues to do so!

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This piece originally appeared on The Wanderlust Journal.

“All of my friends are guys. Girls are crazy.”

Somewhere between a relatively normal childhood and the high drama of my 20s, this became my story. It probably started somewhere in my relationship with my mom, gathered steam through a string of destructive romances, and was cemented in the bridge-burning melee of my party days.

I didn’t even know that I missed, or needed, female friendship until I finally broke free from my last toxic relationship. After a month-long, 200-hour yoga teacher training forced me to take a hard look at who I was and what I wanted, I packed up and left a five-year disaster.


To my great surprise, a former roommate came through to nurse my wounds with home-cooked meals and motherly energy. I’d been less than kind to her when we lived together, as I was buried under the weight of daily heartbreak. But after the introspection of the training, I realized that her warmth was without pretense. The fact that she still wanted to be my friend after I’d been such a mess was the first step in unraveling my long-held self-loathing.

To continue reading, please click through to The Journal for more. 


Set the scene. Valentine’s Day has passed and you just watched all of your favorite Meg Ryan romances. From Sleepless in Seattle to You’ve Got Mail, you’re considering dropping everything to become a writer in hopes that your very own Tom Hanks will find you.

While the chances of that happening are slim, reenacting your favorite movie scenes in the places they were shot may fare a better chance. If you’re a vina living in New York City, you share the same home as just about every romantic film you can think of. So why not go live out your own romance for yourself?

You’ve Got Mail (1998)

Courtesy of IMDB.

Starring Meg Ryan as Kathleen Kelly and Tom Hanks as Joe Fox, this film fixated on a 90s version of Tinder is a classic. Shot almost entirely on the Upper West Side, New York vinas can visit the small bookshop Kathleen owned, which is now a cleaners, to the cafe where Kathleen nearly got stood-up by Joe.

  • Kathleen Kelly’s Townhome: 328 W 89th St. (Manhattan)
  • Fox Books: 115 7th Ave. (Manhattan)
  • The Shop Around the Corner: 106 W 69th St. (Manhattan)
  • Cafe Lalo: 201 W 83rd St. (Manhattan)

Moonstruck (1987)

Courtesy of IMDB.

This film gave us the romance we didn’t know we needed between Loretta Castorini, played by Cher, and her fiancé’s brother, Ronny Cammareri, played by Nicolas Cage. After an initial meeting that was the least bit eloquent, Loretta’s fiancé becomes an outlier in her love life.

  • Castorini Townhouse: 19 Cranberry Street (Brooklyn)
  • Cammareri Bros Bakery: 502 Henry St. (Brooklyn)
  • Grand Ticino: 284 W 12th St. (Manhattan)

When Harry Met Sally (1989)

Courtesy of IMDB.

No relationship screams “it’s complicated” like the one between Harry Burns, portrayed by Billy Crystal, and Sally Albright, portrayed by Meg Ryan. The pair’s romance, or lack thereof, had a rocky start and their coupling was but the least bit predictable outside of the film’s title. Nonetheless, the pair ventured all around New York City in some notable, and others more subtle, locations that a vina must check out!

  • Katz’s Delicatessen: 205 E Houston St. (Manhattan)
  • Jess and Marie’s Townhome: 32 W 89th St. (Manhattan)
  • Washington Square Park: Washington Sq. North & 5th Ave. (Manhattan)

While there are numerous places you and your vina gang can visit, this is just a start! Spice up your 9 to 5 life and live vicariously through some of your favorite characters.

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