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The best part of having a best friend is that you can talk about anything. But sometimes it can take a while to get there. Whether the friendship is brand new — you’ve been sending standard, “Hello! how’s your week going?” for a couple of days — or rekindling a past connection, there are some topics that can really bring you closer.

Women are to be trusted and valued with our thoughts and revelations. To share and to become vulnerable with a friend who gets you is a learning experience in itself. These topics tell a lot about who we are. The more we share, the more we can let ourselves be open and stay open to close friends.


Music is a topic a lot of people can talk about for hours over food, drinks, or just about anywhere! But whenever I hear someone say, “What’s your favorite band?” I instantly sigh because it’s such a broad question! Who can answer that?!

*shuffles through the listening history folder in my brain*

Going beyond your favorite band should be a quintessential rule when getting to know your vina and her favorite music.

Get specific! “What was the best show you’ve been to recently?” Or “Which movie soundtrack is your fave?” Music is an amazing way to bond.


We can all count on our friends (optional: a nice glass of wine or beer) for some honest relationship advice, can’t we? If there’s one thing we learned from Sex and the City, it’s that women love talking about their romantic escapades. Many women, no matter their sexual orientation, can bond over the trials and tribulations of love!



No matter what the goal is – making enough to live sans roomie, turning a hobby into a career, or maybe she just really wants to adopt a dog this year – these are great things to ask your vina about. Talking about our goals and aspirations show us how your friendship could evolve moving forward. Hey, maybe that hobby will turn into a best friend business!


What we are afraid of can make us feel helpless at times. For some, the feeling is worse; maybe our moods shape shift. When we allow ourselves to share our insecurities, we allow others to help quell our worries.

A well-known insecurity is physical appearance. Society and social media can make us feel like shit. When I see a lot of views and likes for an IG post of a bikini-wearing swimsuit model, I keep scrolling. For some, they may zoom in and stare at a flawless body shape and say, “I wish I was her.” A good friend shows her vinas their true beauty (inside and out) no matter what.

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