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It's time to round up your vinas and plan a wine date ASAP!

This is probably my favorite day of the year, second to my own birthday and Christmas, of course. It’s time to round up your vinas and plan a wine date ASAP!

Here are a few of my suggestions on how to celebrate this wine-derful day with your vinas.


Check out some of your local wineries! Look around, and find a few places you’ve never been. All you need to do is grab your vinas, make sure your cameras are charged, and off you go!

Vina-to-vina Tip: Drinking and driving is never okay. Please ensure that you have a safe means of travel. Either someone needs to sit out of the drinking and be the designated driver, or you can find a local wine tour company and use the drive-me-home service after.

wine and cheese spread


If you’re a bit of a home-bug like me and prefer to be in the comfort of your own home, you can host a cheese & wine evening at your place. Invite your vinas over and ask each to bring a bottle of wine and a complimentary cheese. You could even make a game out of the evening by asking everyone to bring the cheese in unmarked containers and to take the wine’s labels off. Then it’s time to let your creative juices flow. Make up your own wine-and-cheese Mad Libs to make up your own detailed descriptions of the wines and cheeses.

Vina-To-Vina Tip: Make sure you have movies like “Pretty Woman,” “The Greatest Showman,” or any other girls-night classics ready to watch with your vinas. And again, I can’t say this enough: don’t drink and drive. Make alternative plans to get everyone home safely.


My last suggestion is for nature lovers or anyone that just needs to get out of the house without breaking the bank. Call up your vinas and make plans to meet up at the nearest park, take a big blanket, some pillows, a picnic baskets with a bottle of wine, and some snacks like cold meats, chips, crackers, etc. Go find a spot under a big tree and just relax the day away with your vinas, talking about things big and small. It’s a great way to bond and to get out of the house without using all of your spending money for the month.

Vina-to-vina Tip: Make sure to be aware of all the park rules, some places do not allow alcohol and some do. Also, make sure you pack that sunscreen to protect your skin at all times.

Now pick up the phone and make some plans! No matter how busy our lives get, we should always remember and make the effort to make time for those people in our lives that make it good.

Get swiping on the Hey! VINA app and find a vina to make a #VinaWineDate. Remember to share your time with Vina on Facebook or on Instagram.

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