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Food, family, health and wellness. Go follow these five babes for daily inspiration to eat well and live well!


Half Baked Harvest

For your everyday food porn needs, follow Tieghan, the 21 year creator of Half Baked Harvest.  From cozy comfort foods, to over the top decadent chocolate cakes, Tieghan does it all, and her amazing photography skills will never fail to impress and inspire you to be a little more creative in your kitchen endeavors! View Tieghan’s blog here.

Rachel Mansfield

Using simple recipes and limited ingredients, Rachel Mansfield specializes in all things snack related. Her go-to ingredients of various nut butters and dark chocolate are incorporated in clean recipes that make you feel good and satisfy your sweet tooth. View Rachel’s blog here.

My New Roots

Sara is a Holistic Nutritionist and Certified Nutritional Practitioner currently living in Copenhagen.  Her plant based, organic diet is centered around the health care system of Holistic Nutrition which focuses on integrating the physical, nutritional, environmental, emotional, and spiritual aspects of peoples lives. Besides making cook books and constantly updating her food blog, Sara hosts cooking classes and nutrition workshops at women’s wellness retreats all over the world! View My New Roots here.

Ambitious Kitchen

Monique, the creator of Ambitious Kitchen is an all around rockstar. She makes food geared towards individuals with active lifestyles, and also shares her personal fitness tips, and travel stories. She preaches the importance of finding a balance with food and exercise, something she knows is a daily struggle for so many people. Read Monique’s blog here.

Nutrition Stripped

The Nutrition Stripped philosophy is based on a deep understanding of how the food we eat powerfully impacts how our bodies feel.  Mckell, creator of Nutrition Stripped, is a registered dietician with a Master of Science in clinical nutrition. She stresses the importance of getting back to basics, eating a plant-centric diet, never eating anything with an expiration date older than you, and practicing mindfulness to free our brains. Read Nutrition Stripped here. 

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  1. While these are certainly worthy women, was it intended to be food bloggers only? I had hoped to find more diverse blogs🙂


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