Astrology Gift Guide


The perfect gift for your Virgo vina.

Don’t make the assumption that Virgo is a prissy sign. Virgo is a caring and devoted sign, although sometimes Virgo’s decide to keep to themselves. There’s a memorable part about this sign, too, they’re approachable and warm–that’s why you’re such good friends!

To any Virgo vina, details matter. If you’re getting this vina a gift, it’s always a good idea to keep it thoughtful.

Bath bomb
The CSI Girls

Metamorphosis Bath Bomb by Lush
A symphony of darkness and light, this fizzer will release comforting, tranquil aromas of black pepper and myrrh to cleanse and uplift your soul. Get it here.


Skeem Bottled Incense Sticks
Inspired by the corked vials and painstakingly hand-notated labels used by naturalists in the 19th century, the artisans at Skeem Candles craft small-batch home fragrance products whose vessels can be repurposed to start your own collection of special delights. Get them here.

Baby hat

Baby Beret (Pink)
This pink colored beret features original cherry embroidered artwork by Valfré and is super cute to boot! Get it here.

Screen Shot 2017-10-04 at 12.47.26 PM 17-Month Agenda (I am Very Busy)
This 2017–2018 agenda is not just your average planner. Oh no! It’s also an art gallery, a cheerleader, a top secret document, a personal assistant, and a best vina.
Get it here.


Agate iPhone Case – $40

Precisely crafted soft polycarbonate (TPU) Classic Grip Case absorbs all shock, powerfully safeguarding your phone from any accidental drops. Matte, soft-touch frame enables a soft grip while a semi-transparent back preserves your phone’s beauty. Available in Clear, Black, Sky Blue, Mint Green, Lemon Yellow, Cotton Candy Pink so you can pick your Virgo’s favorite color accent.
Get it here. 

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