You’ve just matched with a new vina. Happy days! You’ve plenty in common and things are lookin’ pretty promising. But you may well be pondering, could this be your future bestie or will they be just another thank you, next-ie?

Well ponder no more!  The branch of astrology known as synastry, from the Greek word synastria, meaning favourable conjunction of the stars, is the study of relationship potential and compatibility. It can provide insight into whether your friendship has all the markings of a sweet match or whether you’re headed for, well, a pretty rough patch.

So, whether you’re just getting started on the friendship path or are 20 years in and still going strong, you may question – does your friendship have the legs to last?  Here are my top 5 friendship synastry gold stars and I’ve teamed up with insightful asteroid astrology researcher, Astrologer IQ, for his top 3 asteroid friendship synastry gold stars.

Psst- Don’t know your astrological placements? Or your Moon sign from your Jupiter sign? No stress! Head over to astro.com to find out more. You will require the date, time and place of birth for both you and your vina. Alternatively check out the Friendship synastry report.


🌟1. Sun conjunct Ascendant – I know you.
This is the perfect match for mutual understanding of each other. You’re truly on the same wavelength. You support each other and can relate without the need for words. Chances are, you’ll feel like you’ve known each other a mighty long time, even if you’ve only just met. This is one of the best friendship synastry aspects for sure. Hold on to this vina, she’s a keeper!

🌟2. Mercury conjunct, sextile or trine Mercury – We think as one.
Mercury rules communication and how you prefer to communicate with others. With Mercury in harmony, you tend to think on the same wavelength. Conversation flows naturally and harmoniously. Misunderstandings are few and far between and excellent comradeship is pretty common.

🌟3. Moon conjunct, sextile or trine Moon– I feel you.
This vina just gets you. She understands what makes you happy and what makes you sad. She hears your heart in ways others simply don’t. She feels your lows and shares your highs. You’re on the same wavelength emotionally, and this sure feels good.

🌟4. Venus conjunct Jupiter – Sweetness and joy.
With a positively aspected Venus and Jupiter, you’ll bring sweetness and luck to each others’ lives. And a fair measure of smiles. You’ll enjoy sharing gifts with each other. Providing there are no major disharmonious aspects, this is a super aspect for friendships.

🌟5. Jupiter conjunct, sextile or trine Mars– Let’s make things happen.
If you’re wanting to achieve things with your vina, be it fun adventures, study or even business, the link of Jupiter and Mars blesses your friendship with the energy to achieve big. If the two signs are in conjunction,  it’s time to set your mutual sights high!

Screen Shot 2019-04-30 at 5.33.08 PM


🌟1. ASTEROID VESTA sextile, trine or conjunct VESTA – True dedication.
If you are the type who cares about dedication in friendship, then this is one of the best aspects to have, as this triggers a feeling that both of you must be dedicated to one another and try to put the other’s needs ahead of your own during important moments for one another.

🌟2. ASTEROID PSYCHE or ALMA sextile, trine or conjunct your Vina’s PSYCHE or ALMA – Soul sister.
This is an aspect that helps create an inner “soul” level understanding of one another and due to this deep level of understanding strengthens the bonds of friendship.

🌟3. ASTEROID FORTUNE or TYCHE sextile, trine or conjunct your Vina’s FORTUNA or TYCHE – Lady luck.                                                                                                                                                    This aspect represents the good luck that arises from a strong friendship. This is the kind of aspect that helps two friends open a small business together and take it to dizzying heights. The very presence of a friend with such an aspect can bring good fortune.

If you have any of these gold stars with your vina (the more the merrier), the chances are that you’ve found a great friendship match. But watch this space – my next blog will feature red flag planetary and asteroid friendship synastry aspects of hidden enemies.

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March–the month of “Come in like a lion and go out like a lamb”–for sure lives up to that phrase the next 31 days, especially with Mercury stirring up for retrograde on March 5th. For those of you who are unsure, Mercury is the planet known to be the messenger, directing the ways we think, communicate and share information. Being the planet that’s closest to the Sun, this makes a whole lotta sense! And once this planet goes in retrograde, which she does three times a year for a good three weeks each time, communication, information and our thinking gets a little interrupted by universal forces! Just know, this month’s shenanigans aren’t totally your fault, but it’s for sure a time to reflect, be patient with your thoughts and words and take responsibility for the things we need to reconcile or grow from.

Here is a little guide on how to make it through:

april friendship horoscope zodiacs5


We know you’re eager to get your goals started, business agreements signed, keeping your eye open for a possible new love interest… but the time isn’t now to be impulsive with your wants. Instead, look back to last month–was there anything you started you haven’t finished? Are you idea-jumping and not staying solid with one goal? Are you ready for a commitment or are you looking to just have some fun? Be aware of needs, rather than desires. Reflect deeply on your emotions, instincts and spirituality this month.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs4


This could be a month full of misread actions and confused communications for you dear vina, but don’t fret! This is truly a time for you to use your grounding skills, think before you speak, appreciate the simple things you have and the wonderful people around you and practice concentration. March presents you with a month that is dedicated to your self-development and you should most definitely own it and commit 100% to that! Key words for you this month: opportunity, community, connections–don’t pass up any experiences that will get you closer to your goals.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs2


Things may seem a bit overwhelming for you this month, and with Mercury being your ruling planet, it could seem as though everything and everyone is conspiring against you, but know that everyone is dealing with communication dead-ends just like you, and like everyone else, you have the power to uplift and transform those chaotic energies! Don’t lose sight of who you are and don’t take things too personal. Express yourself the best way you can through writing, dance, the arts or just leaning on a good friend to help support you could be a wonderful remedy. Keywords: friendships, reputation, organization.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs


Not everyone is a mind reader or has the intuitive depth as you do, dear Cancer, so it’s up to you to put into words how you are truly feeling inside. Crave more time with your partner? Tell them. Don’t feel appreciated? Say it. Feeling a bit insecure? Talk to someone close about it and focus on communicating with inner clarity. By the end of the month, while others may be feeling a bit introverted, you might feel quite opposite, and crave company. This is a good time to head out on vina date with the vinas who support you and make you feel appreciated. Have fun and let loose! Key words: Clarity, insights, expression.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs3


Your creative ideas have been flourishing, but getting the ideas into action has been sort of an obstacle for you. With Mercury shaking things up in the communication realm, you might feel roadblock for your goals and creativity, but what most of us don’t realize is retrogrades are actually very beneficial for our growth. In fact, it’s especially a great time for us to get deep within, reflect and plan out your goal strategy. Remain self-assured, good things are coming! Key words: Transformation, attraction, projects.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs7


Obsessing over the little things, the big things, the faults of others, your irritations–this all must come to an end for the month of March. Dear Virgo, we know you mean well, but with your ruling planet heading into retrograde, there’s no point in throwing gas on the fire and have others misinterpret every word, your advice, opinions (or nitpick ;)) you say. Use that energy to head within–has your mind been feeling a bit chaotic or on overload? Letting go of the things that don’t include you (meaning taking on other’s issues) could be the best remedy for you this month. Key words: Partnerships, relationships, break free.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs10


You work so hard to keep the peace, and lately it seems like more of a job for you, Libra lady. Certain energies this month may interfere with your tranquil energies in your love life and relationships, but by remaining patient with yourself, it can help keep the balance. Remember to be there for your own needs! This retrograde might start out with a bit of chaos, so stay organized and double check career deliverables. Work on staying on top of your business and career this month. Key words: Self-care, routines, service to others.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs11


Energies are intense! You can feel it a mile away. Maybe it’s affecting you in your love life, career, friendships–but either way, be careful not to lash out on impulse because you will regret it later. This is a good time to slow down and take some private time to yourself. Maybe take a mental health day, a car ride through nature, a day full of Netflix and chill. Whatever it is, keep your energies balanced and focus on slowly pursuing your goals. No rush to the finish line! Key words: Creativity, sexuality, reflection.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs9


You might be craving some fun this month, whether that’s in the bedroom or out with your best vinas, and the universe is on your side with your desire! Hit the streets with your vinas or hit the sheets with some new positions with your partner. While others are juggling the obstacles of Mercury’s retrograde, you’re loving every minute of it! But what’s new? Sagittarius’ are always open to transforming and learning new things. So have fun this month and let your natural charm radiate. Key words: Empathy, pursuits, knowledge.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs8


You seem to be stirring the pot this month, anxious Capricorn! With your desire to show off at work, your need for extra attention and spice with your partner, plus your craving of something new–you may piss certain people off this month. Starting with your S.O. If you seem bored in your relationship, make some time for romance this week. Light some candles and remind yourself why you decided to be in this commitment. For our single Caps, around the 20th, you might have your eyes on a certain someone who could be a lifetime mate! Instead of boiling up your energy at work and causing some tension, head to the gym or a yoga class and start a new regimen. Key words: Intentions, romance, mindfulness.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs6


We know you love your alone time and while this is a great month to practice some solitude, remembering to balance out the time you give can also be beneficial. To our committed vinas in a relationship, remember to schedule some cuddle time with your partner, and to our single vinas, head to a coffee shop with an artistic friend to collab on some creative ideas! You’ll desire to delve into self-development or esoteric learnings, which will lead you into some emotional healing needs this month. Key words: Values, enlightenment, partnerships.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs12


Your spiritual side is calling this month and truthfully, it could be the best thing for you! As energies become intense, it best for you to focus on serenity and ways to keep your emotions balanced. You feel a need to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world, and the more time you spend focusing on this need, you might find your creativity is sparked! Remember to be mindful of other’s feelings. Being as sensitive you are, you might find you close yourself off to certain energies (which is okay, as boundaries are needed!), but remember to be there for those who love you and need you. Key words: Dream work, self-love, compassion.

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“What’s your zodiac sign?” is a common question most vinas love to ask! I can admit, it is pretty fascinating how much we relate to and identify with our zodiac signs. Some of us go as far as repping our zodiac sign in our bios, have the symbol tattooed and even go around seeking “Mister-or-Misses-Right” just based on our sun sign compatibility!

The most basic and popular of signs is our sun sign: the sun which moves around the zodiac throughout the year settling in each sign for exactly one month. It is the easiest to determine, but what about where the Moon, Venus, Mercury, or Mars were settled at the exact time of your birth?! There is much more to astrology, just like there is more to you!

While our sun sign defines our personality traits, our moon sign defines our emotions, subconscious and even deeper, our soul. Your moon sign is who you are when nobody is watching! It’s your subconscious. It’s your moods, it’s the way you love and it’s the way you feel.

Depending on who you ask, our moon sign just might be the most important aspect of our astrological make-up; it’s just not as easy accessible to find out as our trendy sun signs are. So, if you’re like most and want to determine your moon sign, you can simply visit Café Astrology: What’s My Moon Sign for an accurate calculation.


Your inner you is on FIRE! Aries sun sign who are usually known for being a bit impulsive. As a moon sign, the impulsiveness might be based on your emotions. When you love, you love hard. When you have a desire, you go all out to reach for your dreams. And when you are angry…well, watch out! (even though your emotional tantrums are almost over the second they start.) You are not one to hold grudges—but you may take things personally—so it is best to try and see things from different perspectives. It’s almost as if you are bursting with passion and energy on the inside and part of your purpose is how to manifest that on the outside: maybe in your career, creative pursuits or relationships. You have a great will and the power to manifest quicker than others who set out on a purpose, so use that to your advantage!


As a Taurus moon, you might find yourself attracted to the comforts of life, rather than living an unpredictable one. If it’s familiar, stable and secure, then it’s totally you, but that doesn’t make you boring! You’re actually the vina others might call to head on a hiking trip, try out a new yoga class or take a bike ride through the city streets. Taurus moon signs love indulging in the beauty of life and, even better, the sweetness of fine food. Loyal to your core, you’re one to stick out relationships through the tough times and celebrate your vinas or lovers through the best times! Being a very earthy, physical sign, you may be a collector of antiques and have a love for possessions. Others rely heavily on your gut instincts and warm, zen-like nature. You bring a sense of calmness to any room. The most spontaneous thing about this sign is speaking before they think. 😉


Do you find yourself up most of the night plagued with restless jitters, creative ideas and deep observations? Well, that’s the Gemini moon in you! Your friends will agree: Being around you is never boring and always stimulating, but, at the same, time pretty changeable. The twin aspect of your moon sign might make for some mood swings; One second you’re up and social and the next you just might want some time alone, but your natural social nature feels a need to spread its ideas to the world. This is why many Gemini moons might take careers as artists, journalists, and even as comedians! In relationships, you might be hard to keep up with, since you are on a constant hunt for the zest in life. However, partnering up with a fiery, unpredictable moon sign like an Aries or the intellectual Aquarius moon could bring much more adventure and excitement to your life!


The moon is at home in Cancer, being the sign’s ruling planet. So, when it comes to this moon sign, you have a natural depth to you, a wide imagination and a true sensitivity to people and places, which can make the Cancer moon seem cautious when meeting new people. You are a wave of emotions, but just like the moon goes through phases, so do you. The best way to stay in control of your feelings is having an outlet. Creative pursuits are needed for you! With such deep perspectives of the world, let it out through art, performance or music. Being a delicate soul, you hold on to the past and guard yourself from being hurt or rejected again, but that can stunt you from experiencing something wonderful! Take a leap and see where your journey takes you.



At times you might feel like you are the center of the universe! As the goddess vina you are, when not fully self-centered—which isn’t always a bad thing, as you know your worth, won’t settle for less and have a true love affair with yourself—you also have the ability to inspire others and light up any room with your energetic spirit! You are generous, creative and, when in love, you are loyal to your core. Being an alpha woman, you might feel the need to control other people, situations and even your own emotions. It is okay to be vulnerable sometimes, even though it’s not an emotion you typically prefer. Allowing yourself to feel freely will help in letting go of past hurts and be open to new love and friendships. Your spirit is too alive to be closed off!


When first meeting a Virgo moon, they can seem standoffish, a bit cold and very observant. But, deep down in their sea of a soul, they’re actually very intuitive: feeling and sensing their way through connections to see if they can, in fact, trust you! Virgos are all about loyalty, so as a Virgo moon, emotionally, they need to know they can count on you to be there for them before letting you fully in. They will not waste their time on partners who they feel they cannot rely on. Virgo moons love stimulating conversations, may contain a bit of sarcasm behind their words. Even though these vinas can seem conservative and “all work with no play,” take them out for a night on the town with their best gals and you will see this vina really come to life with their great sense of style, beautiful features and great dance moves!


Our zen and harmony-desired vina! Libra moons are all about romance, passion and balance. They may seek a partner that is mentally stable to help balance out their more sensitive, indecisive emotions. Nonetheless, Libra moons are intellectual, creative and even enjoy a good debate here and there. Libras are known to desire partnerships, and, although they do well in relationships, it is important for them to remember not to compromise themselves and their needs too much. Being a natural people-pleaser, remember to take some time to please yourself! And if you are internally debating if this relationship you’re in deserves your devotion, because you are a very loyal Libra moon, ask yourself when the last time you felt totally catered to and appreciated in return was. Don’t settle for less than your worth.


The inner you can be labelled as a bit intense, with much passion and desire! Take a ride on the wild side with this moon sign, as they are forever changing, transforming, soul-searching and experimenting new bedroom positions. “Sexuality” may be your middle name. Along with your extreme natures, you have an awoken third eye! You literally can sense another’s desires and can even see through someone’s BS. To some, you’re intriguing, and to others, you’re disturbing, but that’s only because you feel so deeply, and not everyone is open to that energy. Take advantage of those qualities, because they truly set you apart. Spiritual self-help and occult studies books will do you and your soul well.


Adventurous, passionate, humorous, free-spirited is what a Sagittarius is all about! So, being a Sag moon, you are in for a delight. These vinas are so much fun to be around, and they make for even better friends. Your optimistic and caring nature is magnetic; you try your best to spread positivity whenever others are feeling low. At times, you feel you can conquer the world and, with your bright spirits and great knack at communication, you most definitely can! Then other times, you find yourself acting impulsively and irresponsibly. Whenever those feelings arise, head to nature and get yourself grounded. You are not the type that likes to feel suffocated or bored for too long, so releasing your energy through creativity or a good hike can balance out your rapidly stimulated energies.


The first time meeting a Capricorn moon, you might find them to be stand-offish, vague and a bit cold, but, in reality, they are pretty sensitive beings who feel a lot, but just aren’t comfortable with letting that side of themselves show. Unless they truly trust you, which can take some time as Capricorn moons can be seen as onions, the more you peel back the layers, the more you’ll understand them. They are very business-minded and are known to be successful in business endeavors and investments. Workaholics, yes! They need to feel productive in one form or another. Maybe after a work-week of devoting yourself to your goals, a nice weekend celebrating your accomplishments with the girls will do you well! Let the load off a little, boss babe!


An Aquarius moon has a very unique energy about them and might even label themselves as “aliens” or not of the norm, which is one of the reasons why they are so intriguing. They do not look to fit in with the mainstream and might even rebel against it. They crave independence and freedom and usually chose work that provides both aspects. They are not one to work for something they don’t believe in or find fascinating. They need to be mentally stimulated as they are natural collectors or knowledge. Although they can seem outer-worldly, they also have a charm about them that makes others want to know more. Aquarius moons make for loyal friends, great travel buddies and great conversations.


Our girls with an inner mermaid spirit—a.k.a Pisces moon—are known to be intuitive, artistic, sensual and a bit “spaced out.” Some may view them as vulnerable, but their compassionate heart is everything but! They see themselves in every person and deeply empathize with everyone, but if they don’t create solid boundaries, they can lose track of their own emotional needs. Spiritual studies and practices can be a great source of strength and empowerment for you as you seem to retreat to fantasy when things get tough. Yoga and meditation are great outlets to help you escape and ground yourself. Pisces moons can benefit from careers that allow their natural gifts to come to life! You might find yourself working as a writer, musician, yoga teacher, actress—you name it! The sky is the limit for your colorful soul!

Moon signs are my favorite part of astrology! I hope you found some things resonated with your inner you. 🙂

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Hello, fabulous February! Aptly taking its name from the Latin word ‘februum,’ meaning purification, many vinas will be looking to purge negative habits and get back on track this month—and in more ways than one. Perhaps those New Year’s resolutions fell woefully by the wayside.  And did we mention the diet? Nay? It’s time to slay!

The month begins with a New Moon on the 4th, in the sign of the water bearer, Aquarius. This is a great time to free yourself from whatever is holding you back, embrace positive changes and reconnect with your gal tribe. The Full Moon in Virgo on the 19th is a fantastic time to clear out any chaos in your life, learn to be more accepting of your imperfections and surrender the need to control everything. Time to go with the flow, vinas!

What themes to expect this February? Here’s your personalized horoscope to take you through to the end of the month.


Happy Birthday adorable Aqua! It’s your time to shine this month, with the New Moon on the 4th in Aquarius and Mercury in your sign until the 10th.  This month could bring a new opportunity or long-held dream closer to fruition (there may be more than one). This could be the chance to start a new chapter of some kind: to become the best version of your (great) self. Always looking to improve, look to anything which links to your passion for innovation, be it computer or technology related, humanitarian, caring, teaching or building things; All of these areas are very well starred. The Full Moon on the 19th highlights a need to work closely together with partners on issues including finances, debt and taxes. Finding balance is key.


The Sun makes its annual cycle through the 12th house, the home of your natal ruler, Neptune. You may have an active dream-world right now, and it’s a great time to start a diary. Your dreams may be giving you inspiration and advice! Self-reflection is the key theme in February, and compassion is called for around any sensitive situations. Beware of any hidden enemies. Birthday blessings are in order for early born Pisceans; The Sun moves into your own sign on the 19th. On the same day, we have a full Moon in Virgo, highlighting your 7th house of partnerships, meaning intimacy is on your mind. With the Mercury and Neptune conjunction in your sign, beware that you may be more sensitive and emotional than usual. Find a creative outlet to express and vent your feelings.


This month is a great time to find new friendships (Hey! VINA, anyone?) join groups with shared interests and explore anything that piques your curiosity. The theme of the 11th house is hopes and dreams. Perhaps you’re looking to meet new and like-minded vinas who share your hopes? That’d be a great thing to do right now. It’s a great time to start a new exercise regime or project with your partner around the Full Moon on the 19th. Mars is in your sign until the 14th, so whatever you’re interested in starting, the energy is all yours right now, adorable Aries. Time to slay those New Year’s resolutions.  Just go easy on those you love—they might not be able to keep up!


Matters of career are at the forefront for you until the 18th. And with the New Moon on the 4th, this could mean changes are a-comin’ for you, beautiful bull. Things may be feeling somewhat unpredictable on the work front with Uranus due to move back into your sign in March. Things may feel all work and no play up until the Full Moon on the 19th, which lights your fifth house of creativity and fun. Set your inner child free—it’s time to get expressive! With Mercury and Venus making harmonious links to your Sun during the month, love and lightness are on your mind. A short vacay around Valentine’s Day would be perfect for you, with the sensual Taurus Moon on the 13th connecting sweetly to Venus in Capricorn.


Travel or learning may be on your mind this month, gregarious Gemini. And Mercury is perfectly placed in fellow air sign Gemini, shining a light of approval on your plans. Vinas may be part of these plans—perhaps you’re working on something together, or you may require a short journey for work. Valentine’s Day is a perfect time to travel; You’ll find the place you go resonates with your passions. The New Moon on the 4th means you may even be drawn to a destination that is your spiritual home or that people from different cultures may figure strongly and positively. There’s a focus on your domestic life on the Full Moon of the 19th; A need to balance work/responsibilities with pleasure should be your focus.


Heavy matters may be playing on your mind this month, caring Cancer. This New Moon on the 4th highlights intimacy and financial matters, especially relating to your partner. With Saturn in Capricorn opposing to your Sun, you may feel challenged by work matters. As stressful as this is, remember it is building your strength of character.  Around the 19th, communications will increase, errands may need to be run and activity around siblings is heightened. You could be called on for support or be reconnecting in a positive way. Remember to find a balance to free up the time you need to do the things you most enjoy. Once the Sun moves into Pisces on the 19th, you’re feeling more philosophical, and there’s a chance to take a much-needed break or start a new study.


This month is focused on relationships and intimacy, lovely lioness. The New Moon and Mercury in Aquarius put a close partnership in the spotlight. Perhaps you are looking to combine resources with a loved one, move in together or make a significant joint purchase. Materialistic matters and money are on your mind around the 19th, when you’ll need to be aware of what makes you comfortable and what you’re comfortable with. Comfort zones will be a major theme for you in February, and it’s important to get your house in order, as the focus from the 19th will be on balancing joint finances.


This month the Sun is in your sixth house: the natural home of Virgo. Often referred to as the sign of service, this month should give you the opportunity to improve the areas you are of service, be that of work or to loved ones. The New Moon on the 4th is also a great time to start something new, be it work, a project or a fitness regime. And with the lovely Venus in Capricorn making a beautiful angle to your Virgo Sun during the month, whatever you start this month should definitely bring you pleasure, virtuous Virgo. The Full Moon on the 19th is in your own sign, so the focus is on your own needs. This is a good time to work on your self-assertiveness and communicate your needs in a firm but loving manner.


February is a month of contradictions for you, lovely Libra. You’re likely to be feeling light-hearted and creative around the New Moon on the 4th. You’re inspired and coming up with new ideas. Make sure you’re around people who give you a sense of play and youthfulness—creative types, children and pets are all well-starred. You may feel inclined to plan activities for social gatherings and be creatively inclined until around mid-month, when the Full Moon on the 19th brings more intensity. This is a good time to take a walk in nature, to recharge and reflect on what you really want from life.


Home is definitely where the heart is this month, sensual Scorpio. You may not be feeling very sociable in February.  You’ll be keen to try new recipes, enjoy good food or simply spend time behind closed doors with close family and loved ones.  This is a good time to express feelings and emotions to loved ones. Around the Full Moon on the 19th, you may suddenly find friends are in the spotlight; Perhaps you’ve outgrown a friendship and are looking to find more likeminded souls—get to checking out the Hey! Vina app. This would be a good time to join a new interest group with similar goals or to sign up for a humanitarian cause.


February is a month of communication for you, sparkling Sag. Siblings, friends and those you consider as family feature strongly at this time.  Perhaps you’re planning a short trip or have returned from one in late January, and it’s just what you need to revitalise. The Full Moon on the 19th brings a career matter into focus. It could be that your work gets noticed. Or you’re asked to step into a position of responsibility at work, or perhaps a new opportunity arises which offers great promise. With Jupiter in Sagittarius, one thing is for sure — this is a great year to expand your horizons and go after your heart’s desires.


Possessions and items of value are in the limelight this month, Capricorn. You might be keen to beautify your home or make a significant purchase, and this would be a great time to do so.  A financial boost or desire to boost your income is positively indicated and could be on the cards, too—which is likely to be music to the ears of the ambitious mountain goat.  The Full Moon on the 19th sees you shift your focus from material and money matters to seek out expansion through mind or travel. You may be learning, exploring or revisiting spiritual beliefs and philosophies or even become interested in distant cultures. You’re ready to take on a new adventure in one of these areas, and it’s good for you.

Whatever your plans, stay fierce and fabulous this February, sweet vinas! Download Hey! Vina to meet your new gal-pal and discuss your horoscope of the month!


For Brittany Deanda and Tara Schulenberg, two best vinas from Los Angeles, CA, their friendship story started early. Meeting at a ballet class when they both were just 12 years old, the two besties are now high vibrational lifestyle experts, yogis who practice Kundalini yoga and co-founders of the mind/body/spirit podcast, Elevate the Globe.
We talked everything from astrology, to what exactly Kundalini yoga is, to how they found their tribe. Check it out!
Q: Let’s start with your career paths and how you found your love for yoga. Did you both find Kundalini yoga at the same time?
Britt: I was working in sales/marketing until I found Kundalini and really dove into the practice about nine years ago. I started High Vibe Livin’ which was the name of Elevate the Globe until about a year and a half ago. I really knew I wanted to help elevate others through this practice because it transformed my life so much and helped me to release addictions and changed how I felt dramatically.
Tara: I began to dive into astrology first about five years ago, and then found out about Kundalini through Britt and started practicing in San Francisco where I was living at the time. We went to John of God in NY together and received all of the messages and downloads about us working together to create what is now Elevate The Globe.

Q: What is Kundalini yoga for us newbie yogis?
A: Kundalini yoga is the yoga of awareness, and it is a very an ancient practice that uses the technologies of breathwork, movement and mantra. It was the first yoga created, and this practice works the fastest for someone to reach a higher consciousness because of the holistic science that works on all of the 10 bodies, all of the internal systems and mind. We have found and seen first hand that kundalini yoga will accelerate one into a spiritual awakening and open up many doors that were not accessible before.

Q: How can Kundalini help a person?
A: Kundalini can help each and every one of us to rewire our subconscious mind and change our patterning (sometimes picked up in childhood) and bring us into higher vibrational energy quickly, through the breath, postures, meditation and mantra. We hear so many stories through our online communities of how this practice has changed their lives—we always have to pause and really read what people say because there are so many and they are all so miraculous.
Q: Hey! VINA is all about helping vinas find their community. Why is community important to you both?
A: Community is so important to us because it helps us to elevate each other and bring awareness to so many places around the globe. We are all so much stronger together than we are alone. When you are awakening your Kundalini energy and experiencing ascension, it’s important to have someone to share and talk about it all with to feel safe, grounded and secure. It’s also part of this Aquarian Age we’re now in—connecting in the community and sharing ourselves with others to remember we are not separate beings, we are all the same, all made of energy and all connected through one consciousness.

Q: Did you ever deal with loneliness? What helped you through it?
A: Oh yes!! Loneliness is all a part of the process and we went through it, definitely. We are still building our new tribe as we are evolving but, ultimately, we found that healing and self-love allows us to find peace and company within ourselves so that no matter what, we feel full and supported.
Loneliness is a lower vibration and, no matter what lower vibration we are working to heal, it starts with going within and doing the energy work to clear blocks or stagnant energy within the corresponding chakras that relate to whatever lower emotion you’re going through, to elevate to a higher frequency energy and emotion. It’s all a process.
Then after we work on a subconscious energetic level, we do the conscious mindset work. We practice the Law of Attraction with everything in our lives, so if you are feeling lonely and focusing on how alone you are, that is what you will feel more of. If you want to move through the loneliness, focus on what you want and on the relationships you do have. Focus on love and connection and visualize what that looks and feels like. And have fun! Sometimes we get too serious and when we are enjoying the journey and connecting to joy, everything flows easier! Whatever makes you feel joyful we always suggest adding more of that and anything that’s not, get rid of it.
Q: Why do you think loneliness is on the rise?
A: A lot of people are searching outside of themselves and always looking for approval from others but lacking actual human connection. Happiness is our birthright and this feeling and knowing can only truly come from the self. You must go within to see what parts of yourself are calling out for your attention and work with yourself from the inside out.
It’s so cool to see energy work and mindfulness on the rise and we see that as the start of releasing the loneliness so many feel. The culture in the U.S. especially is much more soloed than other countries where families and communities are very close-knit. It takes intention and energy to connect and make community a priority, but there are so many ways not to feel alone. It’s one of the main reasons we have created this community: to help more people find connection online and in-person. There are so many ways to connect, it’s just about putting yourself out there and attracting like-minded and hearted people! Social media helps so much to find your tribe! Many people can see social media as being anti-social but we feel just the exact opposite–it’s just a new way of being social with others and connecting with people from around the globe.
Q: How important is having your “tribe” in terms of finding your personal happiness?
A: Having a tribe is all about love and support.  We are human beings that thrive on connection but, ultimately, it starts with us first. Personal happiness is about you and not anything outside of yourself. When we love ourselves and allow ourselves to heal through whatever it is we carry with us, we are able to give and receive love at a high capacity. Then having your tribe makes life so much better and more fun!
Q: What sparked your interest in astrology?
Tara: I have always been interested in and fascinated by the stars, the planets and what’s going on out in the universe since I was a little girl. My mom actually had my chart written up when I was young and, when I held it in my hands, it was some sort of remembrance—I knew this information and how to utilize it. I’ve always turned to astrology and numerology to help me understand the world around me, and it was a system I was just naturally drawn to help me understand myself and others.
Britt: I use it to be in harmony with the energy of the planet and I love to use Kundalini to align with the energy of the astrology through the meditations and kriyas I’m doing. I love feeling the energy and using my intuition and then seeing how it matches up and aligns with what’s going on!! Tara knows my whole chart and does all the astrology for our business and timing, so it’s great having her as a resource for it all.

Q: What astrology signs do you see having a great 2019? Why?
A: All of them! We deeply believe in the Law of Attraction, remember? Everyone will have a good year if they want to and focus their energy on it!
This year in numerology is a 3 year which is all about creative self-expression, being social and connecting with others, and expansion…so we can ALL use this energy to upgrade our lives. Of course, we all align differently to the planets with our signs but overall, if we are tapping into ourselves and our surroundings, we trust that everything—even the perceived challenges—is truly a blessing! Overall, this will be an easier year for everyone at a universal level than 2018. Last year was an 11/2 year which called for massive spiritual growth and awakening…which can leave some of us grumpy and feeling alone. This year will be so much more fun, and we know so many people are already feeling this creative, social energy.
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You swiped right on a fellow vina’s profile and you both have exchanged numbers. Now the anxiety kicks in because you want to build a friendship, and this doesn’t happen overnight. So how to go about breaking the stifled first texts and start getting your vina to open up—and vice versa? Here are five icebreakers you can use next time you match with someone on Hey! VINA.


It may seem very open-ended, but that’s the beauty of this icebreaker. These four words will open the door to your vina showing you who she is. What they choose to disclose and include in their answer will say a lot about who they are as a person, and it gives them a chance to show their inner self without pressure. Take a tip from the great conversationalists and lead off with this inquiry.


We are constantly changing as humans. We desire more or less as we grow up. Think of this question as a means to lay the cards out on the table. This question sets the tone for how you are to go about approaching your new friendship. We all require something from the connections we create; this question helps your vina understand where you are coming from and vice versa. You can see the type of woman that they are, what they represent and what they could offer in a friendship. Boundaries are set because the person can also tell you what they refuse to tolerate. Everyone wants a beautiful friendship, and even though it isn’t always perfect, that level of respect and any other unique qualities a person is seeking is what matters most.


Goals are what drive us forward in life. When you ask a fellow vina what their personal resolutions are and how they are working to achieve them, it shows you are genuinely interested in getting to know them as a person. Plus, the answers they give can be a gauge to see if your own goals interests align with their own.

Basic RGB

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Here is another simple, yet effective question that will reveal more about your new friend. Now, do not go on to ask this question, then leave it at that. Elaborate more on the subject. Bring up your own birthday, and also ask about their plans for their next birthday (shows interest). For the zodiac lovers, this could also let you know how compatible you are, astrologically. That said, I don’t advice looking into natal charts and reading your vina like a book so soon (if you don’t know what those are, look them up—they are so cool!), but I do believe zodiac signs can give you the slightest glimpse into a person’s personality. Another beautiful reason why this question rocks? Well, this lets your new friend know that you plan on being a friend for the long haul, a consistent true friend. I mean, you are already thinking ahead, caring about their birthday and hope to eventually celebrate with them, and vice versa. This question will truly let your potential new vina know you are the real deal.


After you’ve slightly peppered your vina with the above questions, get to it and set that VINA date. What she responds to this question says a lot about your fellow vina and can also hint toward any possible hobbies you both share. For example, if you are both foodies, ask her what her favorite lunch or dinner spot is.  If you both love to get pampered, spa dates are super cute. And for my fellow creatives, a sip and paint date are a wonderful idea. So, try to open up a conversation about the first dates, toss around some ideas and meet up to have a great time.

It can be hard breaking the ice—these five questions will definitely get the ball rolling so you and your vina can start getting to know each other! By the time you both meet in person, you could get a feeling for who they are. Building a friendship takes time, but you can get over the awkward phase by asking questions that dig deeper. Small talk can get annoying to some, so these questions cover some of the basics. These queries will make you look open and interested in potentially finding and landing a lifetime friend. I wish all you vinas out there luck and success with your fellow matches!

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Ah, sweet Jupiter. The largest of our solar system’s planets sure packs a positive punch when it comes to astrology. And it’s time get excited, vinas. Tomorrow, November 8th the majestic planet will be shifting signs, ending over a year-long transit in Scorpio to begin a new cycle in the sign that he traditionally rules, Sagittarius. And he’ll stay at home in Sagittarius until December 2019. Jupiter is known to expand everything he touches, but what does the mighty planet’s jump from the water sign to the fire sign mean for you? Hold tight, vinas and let’s take a peek at where Jupiter’s luck will shine for you over the next twelve months….


Lucky Scorpio – you have been encountering a dusting of Jupiter’s sparkly stardust since last October. Expansion has likely focused on improving your outer self and how you’re perceived by the world. Your persona has likely undergone some positive (but not always easy) transformations over the last few years. Jupiter has been helping you to decide how you want to go out into the world and express your true self, enabling you to let go of what doesn’t serve you and shining a light on your unique talents. The second house focus of this transit highlights your personal finance, earning systems, and your possessions. Now Jupiter is moving into the second house of Taurus, your focus will be on improving your financial situation which will flow naturally from your renewed self-worth and self-esteem. Whatever talents you’ve been wanting to share with the world, now is the time to make the push forward and grow!


It’s almost your birth time of year, sweet Sagittarius! And what better excuse to celebrate than the return of Jupiter to your sign, the place he so happily rules? Yes, jovial Jupiter is back at home! Last seen in Sagittarius back in 2006 & 2007, his return after an 11 year hiatus means expansion is about to become reality for you – and you’ll feel it in so many ways. What do you most want? This time is about what really drives you, whether that be a job, travel, study, new relationship or new house etc., Jupiter is showering you with the luck and sprinkling on the glitter to make it all happen! Many of you will have been focusing on some type self-healing over the last year and Jupiter is acknowledging the hard work you’ve done. Your self-confidence and sunny optimism is coming back, Sagittarius. Make the most of having beautiful Jupiter at home, illuminating the path for you this coming year. Travel, study, learning a new language, and joining a group of like-minded people all bode so well for you. Just don’t take on more than you can manage!



Having experienced Saturn’s transit through Sagittarius back in 2017, which was a difficult time of internal soul searching for some Capricorns, Jupiter is now bringing much more lightness to your inner world in your 12th house, meaning you are increasingly interested in expanding your inner world and exploring your hidden talents. It might be that you’re looking to help others through a worthy cause or a plight, or perhaps you’re feeling driven to further research a subject which has fascinated you for a long while. Subjects like astrology have much to offer you right now, when it comes to self-learning and insight. Your dreams may be more vivid lately – start a dream diary to document what your unconscious mind is trying to tell you. This is a time for expansion on a spiritual level and you will be drawn to all that is hidden. Allow yourself to explore this inner world through art, meditation, yoga and self-affirmations. This is an excellent time to cleanse your inner self and let go of past hurts to heal your inner child and move forward with renewed faith.


As a naturally inquisitive person who is fascinated by what makes people tick, this 11th house transit is going to ensure you meet people who inspire and uplift you, helping you to become a better person and expand your mental and physical horizons. How is that possible? Well, through your participation in groups, movements and new (possibly unusual) friendships will form, and suddenly your world will start to expand in ways you never imagined. Your close friendship group may also grow now – get checking that Vina app! It’s through pursuing the things that bring a spring to your step that you’ll meet inspirational types, and your soul will sing! Be it a hobby, supporting a not-for-profit, or simply being there for people who need your care. That inner glow of goodness is drawing others in. What started as a hobby may turn into a venture, or you may be asked to step up your responsibilities in any group you are a part of. You’re more than capable and admirable, Aquarius! Jupiter is giving his blessing to your new connections.


Jupiter is beautifully illuminating your 10th house of ambition and career, Pisces. This could mean a year of fun and much achievement professionally, and a time of excellent camaraderie with colleagues, both at work and socially. Or are you about to embark on a much-anticipated career break? Whatever it is you have planned, it’s a case of money and pleasure combining to make happy times for you. If your career has been stagnant, get ready for some positive changes which come about through Jupiter’s transit of your tenth house. Whatever happens during Jupiter’s transit to your tenth house will clear the way to a positive career for you in the coming years. Whether it’s extra responsibility at work, or more of a work/life balance you’re looking for, Jupiter is working behind the scenes to make it happen for you. Welcome the changes with open arms!


As a freedom loving sign, Jupiter’s move into your ninth house will be a welcome visit, opening your mind to new and exciting possibilities. Be it travel, study, or self-expansion. You will be feeling more philosophical about life than usual and this will be uplifting to those around you. But be careful not to take on more than you can complete, as you may be feeling more optimistic and altruistic than usual. People from diverse cultures will bring new perspectives to your life, expanding your horizons to new and exciting opportunities. With such a positive outlook, you’ll be able to achieve lots. Set yourself some ambitious goals. This year is truly about expansion, both physical and mental!


Jupiter’s arrival in your eighth house of shared resources and power is helping to ease any power struggles you have had in recent times around issues including joint finances, loans, and taxes. This marks a positive change for you financially in many ways, Taurus. Jupiter’s transit here will also allow a personal transformation of all kinds in psychological matters, giving you to a chance to practice self-healing and to relate to and support loved ones on an emotional level, allowing for a deeper level of intimacy and connection. A bright light shines on any shared resources that you have, be it with loved ones, family, or business partners.

astro 2


How better to start a Jupiter transit to the seventh house of partnerships than with those who mean the most to you, Gemini? Significant others and partnerships are being highlighted over the next year. Could an engagement be on the way? Or perhaps the proposal has already happened, and the excitement of wedding planning is brewing nicely. If you’re unattached, Jupiter could present someone who seems perfect for you. On a platonic level, a business partnership could suddenly improve or become a reality. This period is about a meeting of like minds, and building partnerships based on mutual care, communication, and trust. You’re moving to a lovely place of understanding and relating in your life, Gemini. Jupiter gives you reason to believe in partnerships, love, and romance. Oh, and you’ll enjoy some play too!


If you’ve been feeling a little heavy of late, Cancer, this could be due to some of the outer planets in hard angles to your natal sun. Jupiter makes a welcome visit to your 6th house, giving you a light respite from the responsibilities you’ve perhaps felt weighing heavy over you in the last few months. The sixth house is the house of daily routines, work, and health and all these areas are ones that are asking for your attention this year – for the better. Improvements and reward will come from reviewing your daily routine and making time for self-care, exercise, nutrition, and being of service to others. Colleagues or employees may prove to be beneficial to you this coming year.


It’s time to play, lively Leo! The lush lioness of the zodiac, you certainly enjoy letting your mane down and having fun every so often. Whether it be with your vinas, or your kids. And this transit is all about lighthearted fun. You’re more magnetic than usual (is that, like, even possible?) and people are drawn to your sunny personality. Time to magic up some new sun-filled friendships, lighthearted romantic interests, or new creative endeavors. Your creativity and self-expression are heightened significantly at this time. It’s definitely a great time to create whatever your heart desires. From a piece of art, to planning a new family, the fifth house transit of Jupiter blesses pleasure seeking activities.


The fourth house focus of Jupiter’s transit is illuminating your roots, family, and home matters, virtuous Virgo. What does home mean to you? And what do you need to change to make your home, well, more homey? What steps can you take to feel more at home, both physically and emotionally? Are you happy where you live? If not, a move could certainly be in the cards for you this year, Virgo. Home and family matters are well starred for you over the coming year. You may be spending more time with family or those you consider family, and attending to family matters or events. The focus of Jupiter could mean a focus on nostalgia, perhaps uncovering childhood issues or discovering interesting stories about your family’s history. A key factor this transit is establishing security, and you will take steps to put down roots which bring you peace of mind and stability.


Jupiter’s visit to your third house promises a busy year of being very much in demand, lovely Libra. Siblings, study, communications, and writing are all in the spotlight for you this year. Are you ready for your circle of close friends to want even more of your presence? Yes, that’s right, with your natural charm, amazing sense of style, tact, and diplomacy skills, there are many people wanting a slice of your time this year. Messages, short trips, and gifts are all well starred for you during this transit. But make sure you prioritize some down time to recover! Family times are well starred, as are get-togethers. If you don’t have anything planned yet, your siblings may be the ones to pleasantly surprise you! And if that isn’t enough for you, your neighbors or those who live close by may become more involved in your life too – the more the merrier!


Download Hey! VINA and find a sign that’s compatible with yours as Jupiter makes it’s way through!


Mystical energies still fill the cool air after our fun, imagination-filled but slightly bumpy month of October. There might have been some desire to stay in our Halloween costumes a bit longer and just escape the real world- believe me, I feel the same! But behold, there is so much MORE to happen this coming month of November!

November is a month full of intensities, occult studies, prepping the body full of hearty foods and being thankful for all that your life has to offer! But beware of this month’s planetary rotations, as Venus finally goes direct November 16th after being in retrograde since October 5th which might’ve impacted our love lives, finances and impulses. Meanwhile, Neptune sets direct November 24th after being in retrograde since June 18th (whew, that was a long one) which might’ve caused us sensitivity, a bit of vulnerability and a weakening of our emotional boundaries with others. So as our hearts begin amending, our communication (it’s Mercury’s turn to be in retrograde) and our patience (Uranus sets in retrograde November 6th) will have to take the backseats. Lesson to be learned here? Hang on tight for more self discoveries, relationship and career awareness and a bit more karma to work through this month. The Universe obviously has a lot more to teach us!


As we enter the month of your rebirth, it is only your nature to want to reflect on rejuvenating, renewing and reawakening the soulful and intense energies you hold within and express it to the world! You may have a lot you want to establish this month and the creative alignment of the universe is here for you to get started and let it all out. Mars, which was your ruling planet until 1930, will play a huge role in your desire and passion this month, gifting you with an energy that is determined to fulfill your dreams. Though there will be moments this month that might get difficult, know this is all needed to make you stronger and wiser. A little advice for this month? Delve into your spiritual studies and healing and stay away from drama, as Uranus and Mercury will set in retrograde, making communication pretty exhausting and somewhat sticky.


Even if the past few months have created some ups and downs for you, it seems the stars are aligning just for you and you’re really coming into your true self! Nothing can hold you back. Leave the negative, self-critical thoughts behind, because this year can be YOUR YEAR to manifest your dreams. November will be quite a spiritual time for you, with Scorpio flowing into your 12th house of dreams, subconscious mind, and intuition. Libra season was a fun, flirty and reflection-filled time, and this month will put actions to your thoughts and desires. Tune into your psychic ability this month, as it will grant you the positive visions of your future. And if you find yourself a bit hesitant with which direction you would like to go in life – write down some of your goals before you hit the sheets, place the list under your pillow and allow your dreams to send you some signs. It’s all about connecting with your inner-spirit this month!



Dear Cap, you are at a time in your life where you are craving knowledge and desiring to live a more positive life, free of negative thoughts and people. You’ve been working a whole lot on yourself because of these desires, and luckily the month of November will present you with much discoveries and awakenings which will enlighten your future path. November will also be a pretty social month for you and might even inspire some volunteering to help those who are in need or help the environment- creating new experiences are not only great for your personal growth, but can also mark as a great resume booster! With much good karma coming your way, especially at the end of the month, your financial savings may also soar! So keep your energies high, the drama low and your hard work will keep – literally – paying off! $$$


November is a month of reawakenings for you, Aquarius with much concentration on your career and personal growth. There is much opportunity for connecting with like-minded people who may benefit your career status or provide much knowledge (which you so naturally crave) in that area. Although this is a great time for learning and new experiences, don’t make any huge decisions. Rather, just use this month as a meditation on your long-term goals. Network, enjoy some fun-filled vina dates and be mindful of your ambitions and your achievements. Some reflections on your family life may come to play and since this is the month built on thankfulness, be grateful for those in your life who celebrate and love you. Steer clear of wanting to voice any opinions that can cause some tensions. Stick with positivity only!


Ahh, our gentle Pisces is at a moment in the Universe where they may be pursuing travel, wisdom, mental exploration, and a desire to just be happy above all else! Usually focused on the emotional needs of others, your current being is more interested in your own pursuits and emotional needs and leaving the past all the way in the past. Make room for this new and ambitious gal, because you have much to conquer this year. Some relationships might be tested this month. And as Mercury sets in retrograde, it is best to be straightforward when communicating your need for the sake of some good ole YOU time, rather than causing stress between you and your loved ones by forcing time together. It is okay, dear Pisces, to not always cater to everyone’s needs for once. With so much going on in the Universe, it’s best to not make any drastic travel plans (even though you’re craving a faraway getaway) or huge career changes just yet, but do know your time will come. Sooner than you think. 😉



You are feeling pretty fiery this month, Aries. And after some of the hectic emotions of libra season, you are now ready to put the old to rest and make room for the new. You deserve to set your goals high and standards higher! Inner-work is always good for you to be mindful of and though you may be full of fire this month, let your aggression towards others die out a bit and practice a new approach. With an open, peaceful mind, you can be in store for some great luck and happiness this season. Accept the things you cannot change, but know things happen and make us only stronger in the end. Tune into your intellectual, connect with good-hearted people and allow the sensual scorpion energies fill your 5 senses!


You may be extra sensitive to others this month. Partnerships, relationships and how to mend any sores related to the two seem to be more on your mind, rather than your own personal wellness. You’re trying to adjust to people, places and things and make sense of it all. But some things are better left to be as they are. If we go around trying to make everyone else happy and healthy, it could really affect our own personal health and leave us feeling depleted. Your heart is in the right place, but boundaries must be created! Balance must be practiced. With all this rapid, high energy going on, head into your spiritual studies- yoga is your friend! You are in a social state this month, so connect with good, like-minded people. Meditation or art classes are the perfect settings to meet a BFF or soulmate- which this coming year sees in store for you. 😉 Surround yourself with beauty, positivity and the things that make you feel alive lovely Taurus, you deserve it.


All of your hard work has been paying off and coming to fruition! This month will bring all of your accomplishments to light which will present you with even more opportunities! But be careful in certain communication aspects as your ruling planet is heading in retrograde and might interfere with any plans or goals you have set this month. Don’t get too discouraged if some things don’t go as planned. The best advice for this month would be not to rush anything and to go about your days in a more relaxing pace. Your daily routine might be a bit off balance, but being mindful of your health and wellness will be beneficial. Maybe a little mind and body detox can do the trick. On the 23rd, the full moon falls into your sign, making you feel youthful and adventurous! A little getaway is in your future.



The month is looking pretty exciting and eventful for you, dearest Cancer. New job opportunities are on the way. Keep your dreams high and inspire your creative side! Maybe you’re over your current repetitive lifestyle and crave something fun and adventurous. Well, now until mid-November is the time to focus your mind on things that will make you feel happy and alive. Health can also play a role at the end of the month, but by simply enjoying life – such energies are a gift to your healing. Also by the end of November, you’re ready to put in the work to land that dream job of yours and your finances will also look on the bright side! The universe seems to be aligning for you, so be patient if things seem to be bumpy now. To lighten the mood and your mind, grab your girls and try a wax and wine class! Get social and be open to new experiences!


Home, family, emotional wellness may be your main focus for most of this month, which will help create the foundations needed for you to moving things forward in your love life and career aspirations. As Venus sets in forward motion on the 16th, things will start looking up for you! Making you feel more social and ready to mingle. For our Leos in relationships, now is a good time to head out with your significant other for a special date night or for our single Leos, set up a fun-filled vina date! You never know who you may meet. Take advantage of your creativity, being one of the most creative signs of the zodiac, it’s time to shine a light on those artistic ideas of yours! However, with Mercury heading into retrograde around the 17th, try to be mindful of your spending habits and any too-good-to-be-true opportunities. It is best to use this time to create foundations rather than jumping for new opportunities, but know you’re time will come.


Many changes seem to be approaching and most of these changes are internal and emotional. You have been working on your patience with the events going on in your immediate surroundings and it shows! A natural caretaker, your main focus for the next two months are on your home and family- which doesn’t seem out of the ordinary for you. You may be contemplating moving forward in a certain relationship, maybe thinking about a small getaway with your friends or family, what you want to do career-wise, and ways to optimize your health. These are all great things to think about! But as your ruling planet sets in retrograde mid-November, plans might not go exactly how you’d like them to. So avoid any actions until December- which will be a very action packed month for you! Keep your health on radar and it might be best for you to practice some self-love remedies.


Change is a good thing, but might seem scary at first. This month might stir the pot in a few different areas for you. Your love, financial, communication, and education might be out of your ordinary, but in a way that is good. As a Libra, you are always looking for the beauty in new experiences and this is the time to do so, even if it seems way out of your comfort zone. Has your intuition been a little extra lately? Trust in your gut instincts and natural knowing of things. This month is a great time to delve deep within your spiritual practices and balance your emotions. Financially, you will have some peaks this month and know your goals are being achieved! As your ruling planet sets direct, you will feel much confidence and charm attracting some attention from a certain someone. Let it all out, dear Libra! You deserve to reach for the stars!

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The seasons are a changing! Yep, that’s right vinas, we’ve now officially shifted into fall and the warm glow of summer sunshine has been replaced by crisp autumnal air, vibrant oranges, deep reds and golden yellow leaves, tasty comfort foods (who doesn’t love a hearty pumpkin soup?) and the fun and frivolity of Halloween on the horizon!

As the Sun begins its cycle through the sign of balance and harmony, Libra, we also have a Harvest Moon–the full moon closest to the autumnal equinox. This is the perfect time of year to clear out any baggage, be it physical, mental or emotional, before the imminent arrival of winter. But what should you expect this fall, dear vinas? We’ve got your personalized friendship horoscope to take you through to the end of October.


Happy birthday and solar return, lovely Libran vinas! It’s your time to shine, as the Sun is traveling through your first house of self, identity and new beginnings until October 24th.  As the sign of balance, you’ll likely be pondering what changes are needed to freshen things up and bring equilibrium to your life. Be it a new haircut, a DIY home makeover or a change of career and direction, your vinas will be on hand to offer support and encouragement. You’re feeling particularly social this month, meaning it’s a great time to join a new group of vinas doing like-minded things–be it yoga, art or music. Think beauty and harmony. Anything that keeps you balanced, relaxed and entertained is a bonus!


It’s almost that time of year! With the Sun cycling through your twelfth house of the unconscious mind, key themes for you this month may include escapism, spirituality, and frustration. You’re finishing up a 12-month cycle, and on October 24th, the sun will move into Scorpio. In late October, you’re likely to be quite inward focused; reviewing your goals (or for some Scorpios, a perceived lack of) over the last year. Go easy on yourself, as there is a lot to be positive about! Recognize the progress you’ve made this year, and also acknowledge the new vinas you’ve welcomed into your world. If you haven’t already, you’re likely on the cusp of starting something new, and there are people who will recognize your talents. With Jupiter and Venus in your sign, luck shines on you–share your ideas with your vinas and get going, gal!


On September 24th, the sun made its move into your 11th house of community, large groups and friends. At this time, anything linked positively to your hopes, goals, wishes and associations or humanitarian interests are well starred for you. Yet with a host of planets in Scorpio transitioning your 12th house, you may be feeling a little at odds–wanting to socialize and be optimistic but feeling more subdued and self-reflective than usual. So how about joining a group and learning something you’ve always wanted? As well as meeting some new vinas, you’ll be nurturing yourself too. Try meditation, mindfulness and Eastern practices. You won’t regret it!


The sun starts its annual move through your tenth house of career and ambition this month. As an innately ambitious and sure-footed sign, this is music to your ears! Perhaps you’re hoping for a promotion, considering a new job or thinking of setting up on your own. Progress can be made now, though you may feel it has been slower than usual. This is due to Saturn resting in Capricorn, the teacher of patience. Vinas will happily provide moral support and words of wisdom to help keep you on track to achieving your goals. Luck will come from events and memberships, so get those plans booked!



The sun makes its annual visit to your 9th house of travel, philosophy and overseas connections so you’re feeling inspired, Aquarius. Perhaps you’ve just come back from a trip or are eager to plan another, or you’re looking to start a new course. Ever the eternal student – it’s a great time to start studying, especially with Mars in your first house. Career is at the forefront, so meeting vinas who are likely to come through work, travel and learning connections is a must! An altruist by nature, link with vinas who inspire your world vision, push you intellectually and drive you to be a better person. Through your friendships you’ll expand your life in so many ways.


The sun cycles your eighth house during late September and into October. This may feel like a heavy time for you, Pisces, as you may be sorting out things you’ve put off or dealing with issues around joint resources, finances and taxes. You may also be considering investing with a partner or pooling together in some way. Once these areas are in check, it’s also a great time of year to plan a getaway, near or far; a break is well starred for you. How about a weekend away with your fave vinas? Luck is on your side with travel, so perhaps you’ll meet likeminded vinas on your voyage!


Matters of the heart are the focus of the Sun’s transit to your seventh house of partnerships. And this means partnerships of all kinds. If you’re in a relationship, romance is on the cards–this is a great time to switch off your cell phones and enjoy some precious time together, or book yourselves a table at your fave restaurant and indulge in a romantic meal. Or how about a couples’ date with your vina and her S/O? You might be talking about pooling joint resources – that house you’ve seen? Go for it! If you’re single, time to get out and mingle! An introduction from a vina could be the start of something special. It’s also a great time for vinas to come together and plan joint ventures together.


Are you feeling a little run down and in need of a bit of R&R, Taurus? If you’ve been busy being there for everyone but yourself, or if social butterfly syndrome has taken its toll on your health, then it’s probably because of the Sun’s transit to your sixth house. Time to focus on good nutrition, sleep and a new exercise regime. Although things may still feel a bit unsettled and you will still need to be of service to that special someone or even a troubled vina in your life (they could be your main source of worry), come late October/November things should ease up and you’ll be able to enjoy some much-needed relaxation time!


The fifth house is the star of the show from September 24th for you, Gemini. The good news is that this house is about being yourself and enjoying life to the fullest! Self-expression and hobbies are key, and when the fun is shared with vinas (double trouble, perfect for a dual sign), even better! Whatever you’ve been putting off doing, now is a great time to enjoy it. But be careful of over indulgence with food and drink – heart-centred entertainment is the key here. Find something that heals your soul and get that fun planned with your favorite vinas. Be sure not to overdo it, and as with so many planets in Scorpio keep a check on any niggling health issues. Make sure you’re looking out for yourself.



The sun’s move into Libra on September 24th is lighting up your fourth house of home, family and roots. Perhaps there’s a family celebration or anniversary on the cards, it certainly seems family matters are on your mind. If you’re in need of advice where family is concerned, vinas will be happy to help. Make time for your family whether they are close or far, for their friendship and support is what you need. In lending an ear for them you’ll be enriched. This can be a light-hearted time with luck on your side, as Venus in Scorpio highlights your fifth house of creativity and entertainment.


On September 24th, the Sun moved into your third house meaning that short journeys, communication, schools and siblings are all themes coming to the forefront. If you have children, perhaps there’s a heightened buzz of activity around school clubs and groups. This could be the perfect place to meet with like-minded vinas and moms with big ambitions for their kids – a fabulous match for your Lioness pride! If children don’t figure in your life, perhaps you’re planning something with siblings – communications are starred with Venus in your fourth house of home, so this is the time of year to reminisce. It’s also the perfect opportunity to kick-start your plans for a fabulous family get together this coming season!


With the Sun’s arrival in the sign of the scales, Libra, your focus has shifted to the things you own, including money and possessions. Where are things out of balance in your life? The focus is on your hidden talents, self-esteem and worth. It’s a great time to re-assess what you have and where you’d like to be, with 2019 just around the corner. What help do you need to get where you want to be? Remember to search inside as well as out. Seek advice of vinas close to you on direction and planning – Venus and Jupiter highlight your third house, so short journeys, groups and communications via social media will also provide much-needed inspiration and luck.

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October. A month full of tricks, treats and spooky beliefs! It’s a month where the veil between the living and the dead is lifted and where we are free to celebrate by wearing life’s many different masks.

Yes, sometimes being someone else for the day is exciting, but as Venus sets in retrograde from the October 5 to November 15, it’s not all that it seems. Since Venus is the ruler of all things love, beauty and finance, it is best to handle these subjects with TLC this month. Who knows, we might just have some ghosts from our own past pay us a visit to reflect, make amends, set goals and above all, remind us of our self-worth.


Independent, optimistic and resourceful- October is a month that might strike up some tense energy for you and your love life, but is a great time to focus your mind on business relationships, career ventures and spending some time with your dear vinas to lighten the mood! Though your love life might be a bit testy this month, it could be a indicator you need to spend a little time attending to your garden within before giving yourself to another.


Communication is always key! Let your partner know how you are feeling, rather than pushing them away. If they care enough, they’ll give you the space needed to attend to yourself and your needs. Practice some self-love with a lavender infused bubble-bath or grab a bite with a vina who makes you laugh! Since we’re in Libra season, it is important time to create a healthy balance of your love life, life and friendships.



Reliable, patient and warm-hearted- Your ruling planet, Venus may be in retrograde but this could actually be a great thing for you Taurus! Grabbing the bull by its horns could be your motto this month, as you start taking initiative in what in your life needs to be organized and maintaining the balance needed to accomplish your current goals. New journeys and new beginnings are in store for you- so keep the hard-work up!


As you reflect on past relationships, you might want to rekindle old flames or vice-versa, your blast from your past may contact you. However, as appealing as it sounds to revisit the past, your future is calling and you have other things to put in to order. It could be a great idea to create a vision board or write out your goals for the upcoming months. Alone time could do you well, but don’t forget about your vinas! Call up your vinas, grab your journals and head to nature to enjoy the scenic changing of the leaves – some mindfulness and reflection could do you all well.


Enthusiastic, intellectual, communicative – this month could be a bit pushy for you Gemini. A master of communication, your limits of what others have to say may can cause you some irritability over the next few weeks, but by practicing your listening skills you might benefit from another’s advice, it might even spark up some inspiration for you and your creative endeavors! Any obstacles during this month are actually a blessing in disguise for your future, so take them as they come and reap in their life-long lessons!


October is a great month to go within dear Gemini and a embrace the creativity you’re looking to express. Reflect on your goals, but don’t go overboard. Be patient. Everything will fall into place without trying to accomplish everything all at once.



Loyal, adaptable, compassionate – With your mothering energy, Cancer-vinas may be taking on a lot as of lately, whether it be absorbing yourself in your work or family life. So, it’s only right for the month of October’s balancing energy- you need to take some time to absorb yourself in a little YOU time. For vinas in a relationship, self-love could be very beneficial for you and your partner to practice. For our single vinas, this is a charming time for you. Keep focusing on your endeavors- you’ll be soaring in no time!


This retrograde, book yourself a sensual massage! Your hard-work will be paying off sooner than you think, but don’t overwhelm yourself. Take each step as it comes and remember to appreciate how far you’ve come.


Influential, passionate, courageous – Oh, what a great month we have here! Leo, use that charming, fiery energy and network your way to your dream job! Leos in a relationship, this could be a good time to unwind and spend an intimate weekend reflecting on your relationship’s goals. Leos who are single and ready to mingle, the social energy is on your side! Call up your vinas because this girl is ready to dance the night away.


Though this is a social month for you, Leo, it’s also a great time to reflect on all areas of your life. What career path will fill you with joy? What are the next steps in your relationship? Are you thinking about taking up a new hobby? Make a list of your top 5 goals for the next few months and reflect on how you can get closer to accomplishing each. You deserve to live the life you desire.


Trustworthy, hardworking, attentive – For our usually conservative Virgos, October is a groovy month for you! Watch out world because Virgos are feeling pretty daring this month and when these ladies desire something… Well, we know how that ends. Dare to be unapologetically YOU, Virgo! You have a lot to offer the world, so use this month to show off your stuff.


October may bring up some indecisiveness for you so it’s best not to make any rash decisions! It’s ok to not have it all together this month, but rather use this month to let loose and enjoy! Be spontaneous! Spend time with your loved ones whether it’s with your significant other or enjoy a vina-date with your best gal-friends.


Diplomatic, idealistic, affectionate – The sun is shining in your sign for most of the month making you feel very energetic and confident! This is your time to get out and set sail on the dream boat! Manifest those desires that have been floating around your over-thinking mind. As the symbol of the libra scale, overly weighing out your pros and cons can interrupt actually experiencing your journey. As your ruling planet is heading backwards for the next few weeks, this could be a good time to ponder about your own past. Whether it be your love-life, career, financial or home-life. Be thankful for your past and enthusiastic about your future.


Libra, always focusing your time on pleasing others and creating harmony in another’s life can distract you from your own serenity and pleasure. Use this month to rejuvenate your inner-self so you can be there for your loved ones – but don’t get too caught up in it! Practice mindfulness and become aware of what areas currently need boundaries and stability in your life.



Assertive, attractive, sensual – As unpredictable as you may be, this month may be more uncertain than you- but don’t fret! With Venus setting in retrograde in your sign on the 5th, this time might actually be just want you need to move forward! The areas that once felt stagnant in your life are now being challenged and you will come out wiser and more sure of your path all because of it. So sit back and enjoy this life lesson of a ride!


Love, finances and desires will be tested this month- so it’s best to not make any sudden moves or big decisions! Ride the waves and go with the flow, but be open to any opportunities that come your way. The New Moon on the 8th is a great time to reflect on any creative endeavors. Surround yourself with your best vinas and do something artistic and fun to take your mind off of things.


Ambitious, cheerful, sincere – Maybe this Autumn season as been off to a bumpy start for you, dear Sagg, but as optimistic as you are, nothing can keep you down for long! Certain tensions may be high in your personal relationships or partnerships, however it is important to know – it’s not the end the world and don’t spend too much time sulking about it. But we do have some good news for you! As the full moon sets on the 24th, there will be an opportunity for something new, possibly in your career area! Keep your natural optimistic energy open!


Take some much needed alone time to figure out what’s best for you- which relationships no longer are benefiting you? Whether it be work relationships, friendships, or romantic. And know that you deserve to feel appreciated. If anyone makes you feel otherwise, it might be time to move on and make room for new.


Determined, dependable, realistic – Lingering tension in your life love? Career? Friends or family? Well, you’re sure not alone! This month will shine a bright light on areas you’ve been ignoring and hoping certain issues blow-over. As easy as that might sound, some things need to come to an end or at least, some things just need to be communicated in order to move forward. This autumn season is actually a positive time for your awareness and will help in making the right decisions of your future. Things you were uncertain of before will now become more clear to you.


It’s time for some energy rebooting! The next few weeks might deliver some news, so instead of freaking out and overwhelming yourself, trust in your path that this is indeed needed for growth! Book a much needed spa day and relax while contemplating the peaceful way to go about things.



Innovative, spontaneous, honest – Things are starting to look up for you, Aquarian goddess. All your hard work and dedication is being noticed- so pat yourself on the back! Though Venus is in retrograde, you may experience some minor bumpiness, but this is beneficial. Address any obstacles and have confidence in knowing your future is looking bright. Whoever doesn’t support you during this fruitful time, doesn’t deserve you. The new moon on the 8th is going to surprise you with something new! Take the time to appreciate how far you’ve come and get excited about the opportunities that lie ahead.


Treat yourself with some fun! Grab your vinas and head to the pumpkin patch for apple-picking! Time spend in nature will be very beneficial for you to take time to relax and get a little away from the hustle bustle, but do remember to take care of your finances AKA don’t go overboard with your spending habits.


Flexible, imaginative, considerate – The dreamer in you seems to be daydreaming more than usual as of lately! And that’s ok. Sometimes we outgrow the things that were once were our main focus. The tensions in your career, love-life, family or friendships, or the things you seem to be desiring (but fearing at the same time)– need to be contemplated; which is why your mind may be distancing itself from reality and steering you into your daydreams because you’re not looking to confront it… But with the universe on your side, by mid to late October, you will have a bit of clarity when it comes to your career and finances! Life adjustments are in order and you will benefit from the change.


Serenity on your mind? Treating yourself to a spa day or taking a hike through the autumn elements will do your mind and spirit well! There’s been a lot on your mind and some weight on your shoulders- alone time to help relax your sensitive senses are in order. Your future self will thank you.

So as it goes Zodiac-vinas, this month might get a little tricky! But stay in your magic and enjoy the changing of the leaves and the shedding of some of your own skin. Everything will fall into place!

Happy birthday to our Libras & Scorpios! Interested in some fall fun for your special day? Start swiping to see what plans are going on in your area!