The air is crisp, crunchy leaves are falling to the ground and the afternoon light is a soft shade of orange. Fall is here! With the change in seasons comes a change in wardrobe – fluffy sweaters, scarves and boots are here

The Pacific Northwest is my home, so transitioning to fall means the addition of a raincoat and rainboots. Anyone dealing with lots of rain will appreciate the quality of LL Bean duck boots that have a lifetime warranty.


Groundbreaking? No. Useful? Very. Autumn layers are the most efficient way to survive the transition into winter and still look cute. Simply layering a chambray shirt under a light crewneck sweater will prevent you from needing a jacket for a few more weeks. My favorite layering staple for this time of year is actually my black blazer. I throw it over a tee because it’s chilly at night but warm during the day. Some accessories will keep this outfit looking fresh and very repeatable!

Strategic Styling

As of last year (I’m know I’m late to the party!) chelsea boots have become a go-to transition piece and even a winter staple. Ankle boots are incredibly versatile for days when the weather can’t make up its mind, and they’re easy to mix and match with skirts, dresses and pants. Don’t pack your summer dresses away yet. Add a cardigan, tights and ankle boots to any summer dress to prolong wearing them into the fall.

Colour Therapy

My Pavlovian response to orange, brown or anything resembling Halloween is to feel like the living embodiment of autumn. The simple act of wearing typical ‘autumn colours’ puts me in a fall state of mind, even if the sun is shining.

What’s your favorite fall transition tip?

(Feature image via @lushtoblush)

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