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Plus, 4 other TV shows that are serving serious friendship #goals.

Literally all we want in life is to find the Abbi to our Ilana (or vice versa). Plus, these 4 other TV shows have us totally friend-envious.



If you haven’t seen Broad City, you’re seriously missing out. The show stars Abbi and Ilana, two besties who get into all sorts of shenanigans in NYC.  If Ilana is doing something stupid, Abbi is right there with her.  Broad City is awesome because it really portrays an accurate view of life after college – everything isn’t always pretty, but if you have a bestie by your side, you can get through anything.



While the main storyline in this throw-back Netflix series is between ex-friends, the rest of the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling are true friendship #goals. The ladies learn how to trust and respect each other while flipping each other and bouncing off ropes, it’s pretty epic.  GLOW is a great example of how hard friendship break-ups can be, but how new experiences can open you up to amazing people you would never had met before.

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If you like strong female leads, mystery, and murder, this show is for you.  Big Little Lies does an excellent job of portraying women’s friendships at every stage – through new meetings, conflicts, and everything in between. Plus, the killer soundtrack (no pun intended) will have you and your friends dancing while you watch.



This break-out Hulu show might hit closer to home than you would’ve originally thought. The women in this series band together for more than just friendship – they’re fighting for their basic human rights. Nothing promotes true friendship better than a common goal of survival, am I right?

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While the main theme of this show is a gal trying to win back a lost childhood love, it also has some pretty amazing friendship moments.  The female friendships in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are ride-or-die, and extremely protective. Even the fights they get into are realistic.  And, the show is a musical so all the best friendship moments come in song form! Who doesn’t love that?

What’s your fave TV duo? Tell us in the comments! And don’t forget to Download Hey! VINA for iOS or Android to find the Abbi to your Ilana (or vice versa)!

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