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Hey, girl, hey!! We've expanded!

aug2017-7127Everyone! Today is HUGE! Hey! VINA for Android is finally here.

With more than 500,000 women around the world clamoring around the web for our expansion to Android, we couldn’t be more thrilled to make your favorite friendship app available to women all around the world regardless of your device! Hooray!

Two years ago, Hey! VINA was just a dream to help people feel more connected and engaged with the communities of people around them. And, I set of to build this network to help myself, my friends, and all the women in the world to create their dream social life anywhere they are in life. Founded on an ethos of inclusivity, prioritizing community over competition, and knowing that when women come together to support one another, amazing things happen. Speaking of powerful teams of women, shout out to the amazing VINA team who’s been working around the clock (literally) to make this happen. We think you’ll be thrilled to find all the features in the original Hey! VINA app, plus a whole lot more.

You now have an Account Dashboard, where you can see your social stats, create a vina list friend list, take quizzes, and join/edit your Community memberships (like Party Girls, Working Moms, Party Girls, Single Ladies, DIY Enthusiasts, and more!). Plus, we totally revamped Messaging. You can now send group messages! Since the average vina has over 10 matches, we added a way for everyone to communicate more easily! We hope this brings a better sense of community.

aug2017-6342For everyone already using Hey! VINA on iOS, this expansion is also great news for you, too! Our dream is to be able to empower, celebrate, and connect hundreds of millions of vinas all around the world, and with the launch of Hey! VINA for Android we’re so much closer to making that a reality. Now, you can meet SO many more vinas near you, whether they’re on iOS or Android!

So, welcome to the gang, Android vinas! We hope you love it and meet tons of new friends.  We’re ready and excited to hear your feedback!

Download Hey! VINA for Android HERE.

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