Every girl needs to be able to binge-watch a FIRE show with a ton of strong female leads that make you feel fierce AF. And there will always be people who don’t agree with how things are displayed in shows that many describe as feminist, but there’s nothing better than some hella fierce female leads to make you forget all about the haters.


“One Day at a Time” is an old-school sitcom in the best way possible. It centers on an Army veteran named Penelope (Justina Machado) and her day-to-day family life, but the show does an exquisite job of weaving in social issues like coming out, dealing with PTSD, and the threat of deportation. Add in a star turn from the legendary Rita Moreno as a proud, sexually active 70-something, and you have a comedy with heart and a whole lot to say.


“Orphan Black” is about a group of clones all played by Tatiana Maslany – a truly amazing actress! One of its main themes is rights women have to their bodies – through the lens of the ethics of cloning – and it showcases so many diverse female characters, from a con artist to a scientist to a suburban soccer mom.


“Supergirl” is the rare superhero series that focuses on hope. As Supergirl, Melissa Benoist imbues Kara with a sense of wonder and optimism that is uplifting without being cloying. If you’re looking for a hero who still believes in the goodness of people, then Kara Danvers is here for you!


Every woman should take the time to watch this one. Agent Peggy Carter leads the way as the only female agent in a secret spy agency right after World War II, where she proved her worth in many ways. The show tackles how she handles being a woman in a “man’s world” with grace, and she kicks ass while she’s at it. Not only is she a great role model, but she’s played by actress Hayley Atwell, who is a gift to humankind!


Where would this world be without Leslie Knope? The Pawnee legend is what every politician should be: tough but innately good with an unstoppable drive to make the world a better place. The comedy is also absolutely hilarious, but now more than ever before, Leslie’s boundless ambition — portrayed brilliantly by Amy Poehler — is a total inspiration.


“Jane the Virgin” follows three generations of Hispanic women all living under the same roof, but at its heart, the series is a coming-of-age tale centered on Jane (Gina Rodriguez). After going in for a routine checkup, Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated, which changes her life forever. Watching Jane grow with the support of the amazing women in her life is an absolute joy that just gets better with every season.


Fantasy and sci-fi shows still sometimes struggle when it comes to female representation, but that’s not the case with “Wynonna Earp.” This fast-paced, fun show includes LGBTQ+ characters, a hero with a unique backstory, and a whole lot of demon hunting. Her show may be flying under the radar, but trust us, you need Wynonna in your life.

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The best way to prepare for the holidays is to curl up with your vinas and hit play on the TV theme that brought us the most drama, laughs, and heartbreaks: Thanksgiving! Don’t know where to start? Here’s a list of the most iconic moments in holiday TV history.

And for any shows not listed, here’s a tip: the Thanksgiving episodes generally tend to fall on the 8th-11th episode of a season (mid-season, give or take), so if you’re wondering if your favorite show has any holiday spirit, now you know where to look first!


Friends is kind of the king of Thanksgiving episodes. With the exception of season 2 (which technically mentions Thanksgiving in episode 9, but barely) each season has a dedicated episode centering around what it’s like to celebrate a holiday with the 6 best friends that anyone could have.

Season 1 Episode 9: The one where underdog gets away

Season 3 Episode 9: The one with the football (return of the Geller cup)

Season 4 Episode 8: The one with Chandler in a box

Season 5 Episode 8: The one with all the Thanksgivings

Season 6 Episode 9: The one where Ross got high (the infamous half trifle half shepherds pie is created)

Season 7 Episode 8: The one where Chandler doesn’t like dogs (and Ross hates ice cream)

Season 8 Episode 9: The one with the rumor

Season 9 Episode 8: The one with Rachel’s other sister (crazy plate lady is born)

Season 10 Episode 8: The one with the late Thanksgiving


Coming in at a close second to Friends in the Thanksgiving department, HIMYM gave us some pretty incredible holiday memorabilia. They feature a dedicated TG episode in 5 of the 9 seasons and none of them disappoint us even a little. Here are the top moments:

Season 1 Episode 9: Belly Full of Turkey

Season 3 Episode 9: Slapsgiving (the episode that gave us “You Just Got Slapped,” lyrical moment of the century)

Season 5 Episode 9: Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the slaps

Season 6 Episode 10: Blitzgiving (the turturkeykey is invented)

Season 9 Episode 14: Slapsgiving 3: Slappointment in Slapmarra

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Nobody serves up just desserts better than GG, especially if it’s Thanksgiving and someones checking into the Ostroff Center. Whether it’s a Van Der Woodsen inviting a “bump in,” or a Humphrey screwing everyone over, secrets will come out. Check out our top picks:

Season 1 Episode 9: Blair Waldorf must pie!

Season 2 Episode 11: The Magnificent Archibalds

Season 3 Episode 11: The Treasure of Serena Madre (the episode that gave us the greatest dinner scene in television history, and the most memorable 4 minutes: 19:34-23:11)

Season 6 Episode 8: It’s Really Complicated (the one where Nate punches Dan in the face…FINALLY)


Vinas, New Girl kind of came out of nowhere and unexpectedly gave us one of the most heartwarming and hilarious shows in television history. When it aired in 2011, I don’t think anybody had any idea that this show was going to produce 5 TG episodes that give Friends a run for its money. Ok, nobody can outdo Friends, we know, but this is a pretty good attempt.

Season 1 Episode 6: Thanksgiving (the one that gave us a play within a show, “Big Time”)

Season 2 Episode 8: Parents

Season 3 Episode 10: Thanksgiving III

Season 4 Episode 9: Thanksgiving IV (or otherwise known as “bangsgiving”)

Season 6 Episode 7: Last Thanksgiving


It’s been 12 years and I think we’re all still crying about the ending of The OC. But in the haze of Chrismukkah, some of the most eventful TG moments got swept away. Yep, that’s right! The OC actually does have holiday episodes that don’t revolve around Seth Cohen’s made up (none the less iconic) celebration.

Season 1 Episode 11: The Homecoming

Season 4 Episode 3: The Cold Turkey

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While these shows don’t have a laundry list of Thanksgiving gold like the aforementioned, we think their holiday moments are still totally worth the watch.

One Tree Hill Season 8 Episode 9: Between Raising Hell and Amazing Grace

90210 Season 4 Episode 10: Smoked Turkey

Pretty Little Liars Season 5 Episode 12: Taking This One to the Grave

The Office Season 7 Episode 9:

Full House Season 1 Episode 9: The Miracle of Thanksgiving

The Vampire Diaries Season 6 Episode 8: Fade Into You

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Literally all we want in life is to find the Abbi to our Ilana (or vice versa). Plus, these 4 other TV shows have us totally friend-envious.



If you haven’t seen Broad City, you’re seriously missing out. The show stars Abbi and Ilana, two besties who get into all sorts of shenanigans in NYC.  If Ilana is doing something stupid, Abbi is right there with her.  Broad City is awesome because it really portrays an accurate view of life after college – everything isn’t always pretty, but if you have a bestie by your side, you can get through anything.



While the main storyline in this throw-back Netflix series is between ex-friends, the rest of the Glorious Ladies of Wrestling are true friendship #goals. The ladies learn how to trust and respect each other while flipping each other and bouncing off ropes, it’s pretty epic.  GLOW is a great example of how hard friendship break-ups can be, but how new experiences can open you up to amazing people you would never had met before.

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If you like strong female leads, mystery, and murder, this show is for you.  Big Little Lies does an excellent job of portraying women’s friendships at every stage – through new meetings, conflicts, and everything in between. Plus, the killer soundtrack (no pun intended) will have you and your friends dancing while you watch.



This break-out Hulu show might hit closer to home than you would’ve originally thought. The women in this series band together for more than just friendship – they’re fighting for their basic human rights. Nothing promotes true friendship better than a common goal of survival, am I right?

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While the main theme of this show is a gal trying to win back a lost childhood love, it also has some pretty amazing friendship moments.  The female friendships in Crazy Ex-Girlfriend are ride-or-die, and extremely protective. Even the fights they get into are realistic.  And, the show is a musical so all the best friendship moments come in song form! Who doesn’t love that?

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Each friendship is nuanced, made special by its history, secrets, and traditions. But this doesn’t mean you and your bestie can’t still learn a thing or two from famous TV friends to better your bond. Here are five on-screen friendships worth emulating:



Leslie is famous for her quirky compliments about Ann ( I’ve been known to use land-mermaid à la Leslie), but this friendship wasn’t totally one-sided. You’d be hard pressed to find a more supportive, loving pair of pals on TV. Right from the get-go, they’re loyal, honest, and non-judgmental with each other. Take notes!



Rory and Lane’s friendship is proof that two women with completely different lives can still be best friends. Even from the start, Lane and Rory grew up in virtually opposite households and attended different high schools. By the end, Rory was a single, budding journalist and Lane was a married mother of two, pursuing a career in music. But their relationships remained. There’s some #inspo for you and your vina at different stages in life.



Before you come at me, no, I did not forget the fighting, backstabbery and all-around pettiness by these two. But the important thing is that they prevailed. Not many real life friends can say their relationship has endured despite multiple love triangles, the death of a parent, a run-in with a vengeful stalker, and more. Although I’d never wish these trials upon you and your bestie, you can still admire their ability to forgive and forget.



Some things change, but some things stay the same—the anthem of Jess and Cece’s relationship. The two have been friends since elementary school, and despite leading completely different lives, much like Rory and Lane, they remain inseparable. Even as a newlywed, Cece is sure to look out for Jess and include her in her new life, a task that’s not always easy to do. Whatever you’ve got going on in your life, you should always make time for your vinas.



According to these women, they are more than best friends; in fact, they are soul mates. Even in the hustle and bustle of New York City, they remained constant priorities in one another’s lives. Whether it was a pregnant Miranda supporting Charlotte in her fertility struggles or Charlotte loaning Carrie money for an apartment, these four were always there. Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and Samantha serve as reminders that your friends come first. Always.

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It’s no secret that the everyday vina enjoys a good television show binge, and every expert binger knows the agony of a #showhole – that sinking feeling when you’ve finished a great show and have nothing new to watch. Have no fear! VINA has you covered with this list of women-led, boss babe T.V shows to fulfill your binge-ing needs.



This show has every thing a good binge needs: drama, drive, and great leads. Golden Globe-winner Gina Rodriguez stars in the CW’s hit show, and if you know anything about the actress, it’s that she’s a girl power icon! Not to mention her lovable character Jane is one with relatable faults and mistakes.

6360173288556684991816740756_66895c0b05ca71902706533e17320217490e4533.jpgUNBREAKABLE KIMMY SCHMIDT

“Unbreakable! They alive, dammit! It’s a miracle. These females are strong as hell.”

Yes, yes they are. Even from the catchy theme song, “Unbreakable” is about staying tough and defeating the odds. Produced by hilarious #bosslady Tina Fey, the show is filled with laughs and is an easy watch – perfect for a distraction.


What can we say? You’ve gotta love Mindy Kaling.

Her show “The Mindy Project,” follows the life of hilarious, if somewhat self-centered, Mindy Lahiri. The show gets better as it goes on, and soon enough you’ll find yourself invested in Mindy, rooting for her to become a better person and for her dreams to succeed.


Welcome to the twisting, turning, plot-shock world of Shonda Rhimes and Peter Nowalk, vinas. This show is a good binge for the suspense and oh-my-gosh-that-didn’t-just-happen loving gals.

The women on this show are powerful, tough, and know how to get what they want. Suspend your disbelief and go on a three season binge.

What are your favorite #girlpower T.V. shows? Share in the comments below!

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May I be honest with my vinas? I could seriously write a whole listicle about what “Insecure” has taught me about friendship. Mainly, I could discuss how overjoyed I was to watch Issa Rae on television after watching her on YouTube for years.

This show was necessary because it tells the story of young, progressive African-American women and men. People of other cultures and backgrounds can relate to Issa because we have all been the awkward friend. We’ve also been in tough relationships- long or short.

However, what I learned most about friendship from this show is that friendship gets ugly. Yes, friends can be an outlet and a shoulder to lean on during rough times.

We all tell our vinas what they don’t want to hear sometimes. How many times has your vina rolled her eyes at the guys you’ve hooked up with on Tinder? Or maybe she suggested you skip a party to finish your dissertation that’s due in two weeks. Whatever the situation, no matter how deep it gets, no friendship is peachy keen.

Remember the last episode, “Broken as F*ck”? Molly lets her guard down and gives Issa a ride back to Los Angeles in hopes that she can salvage her relationship. Even though they had gotten into the biggest argument of their friendship, she let love be the reason to stand up for her friend.

When Issa came home to Lawrence’s absence, Molly was right there to catch her when she was at her lowest. That is the moment they both realized that although their disagreement was harsh, they were both right about each other. We are comfortable being vulnerable with our friends because they remind us who we are during the times we forget.

It’s healthy to release your thoughts and emotions with friends so that you never have to wonder how they feel. You can argue, get to the root of the problem, and agree to never act that way again. It’s a process that should be practiced in all relationships in order to heal and thrive.

I’m glad “Insecure” is on the big screen to ensure to me that my vinas and I aren’t the only ones who sit on the couch, pig out, and wonder when we’ll get the passionate, dope love that our hearts desire. I am Issa, and she is me.

If you haven’t gotten the chance to watch “Insecure” yet, it can be streamed on HBOGo and Amazon.

What lessons did you learn from the show? Let us know in the comments below!

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When you don’t feel like heading to the club, movies, or bar with your vinas, a TV binge is the perfect thing to do. If you’re having trouble convincing them to skip the club, remind them a Girl’s Night In will save them money on over-priced drinks, they can can their comfy sweatpants on, and you’ll get some QT together 👯. So invite your vinas over to your place and pull out the snacks and blankets!

There are plenty of shows that can empower you and embody the sisterhood we consistently need in the world. We chose these three in particular because we know they will have you and your vinas laughing, crying, and bonding. Count how many times you think SAME while watching:



Gina Rodriguez, the lead actress in Jane the Virgin, won a Golden Globe for Best Actress in a Television Series Comedy shortly after the first season aired, because she’s just THAT good. In the show, Jane and her mom Xo are close in age, so their relationship mirrors a sisterhood more than it does a standard mother-daughter connection. Xo is always there to get Jane out of trouble (just as quickly as she gets her into it). If you and your vinas are looking for something sweet and funny, this is the show for you!

200 (2)


New Girl has a dominant male cast, but we also get a dose of some awesome vina love. Jess and CiCi are two loving, intelligent, hilarious characters that constantly balance out the goofiness and ‘man-splaining’ that Winston, Nick, Schmidt, and Coach have to offer. These vinas support each other while holding their own, and that’s type of friendship we should all strive for.


Vinas, we needed a show like OITNB, and I’m so happy we have it. It’s about struggle, perseverance, and most importantly, sisterhood. It helps us look into the perspectives of vinas from all backgrounds and shows us that everything won’t always be easy, but there will always be vinas to boost your confidence, offer a shoulder to lean on…or help you hide contraband (just kidding!).

What are your favorite TV shows with powerful messages of sisterhood? Tell us in the comments!

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If you aren’t familiar withParks and Recreation or Leslie Knope, played by the insanely talented Amy Poehler, then I highly suggest that you clear your evening schedule, have a seat, and start streaming. Not only is the series itself side-splitting hilarious, Leslie has also taught me the P’s and Q’s of being a straight-up #bosslady.

In any given episode, you can find Leslie:

Bucking the status quo and going after what she really wants. She is constantly trying to dismember the “good old boys club” and tackle patriarchy from inside the system. We all cried a tear of joy when she made it onto the City Council.

Dressing to impress. Leslie never shows up without the proper get-up to get her going.

Screen Shot 2016-08-16 at 9.28.20 AM.png


Assuming responsibility and respecting accountability. Leslie has a cheeky and affective way of getting right to the heart of this issue. Because it’s not someone else’s problem, it’s already yours.

Keeping priorities in check. 



Killing em’ with kindness. The best mode for communication is to always be the bigger person in any conflict. Being petty won’t get you anywhere.

Believing that a woman can do it all just as well. Just because it might feel like a man’s world doesn’t mean a woman can’t do it just as well (or even better). Leslie is constantly reminding us that she’s in a man’s world and that Parks and Recreation is typically a male-oriented profession. Sometimes, she works twice as hard to prove it, but prove it she always does.

leslie knope 4.png


Placing her best self forward. Nothing goes further than a good attitude. If you can keep a smile on your face, you can tackle anything, and you can inspire anyone around you to jump your (albeit insane) awesome bandwagon. Pull your self up by the bootstraps, and flex those smile lines.

Having big goals and big dreams. Do you remember that entire season she wanted to build a park and fill in that huge hole? She never gave up, no matter how crazy everyone else thought she was. Leslie was determined to see that hole filled in.

Supporting and celebrating her fellow women. Leslie Knope brought Galentine’s Day to the mainstream and reminded us that there’s no greater love than female friendships.

galetines day.png


Leslie Knope is an inspiration to us all. We salute you.

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