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The key to finding a job, is knowing the right people, and talking up a big game.


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In today’s world, “the job hunt” is an all too familiar phrase that may or may not feel like a punch in the gut.  Never ending job applications, résumés, phone/skype interviews, dressing up and hiking over to an IRL interview, just to be turned down. The list goes on and on, and it is all exhausting.  How do we set ourselves apart from the masses of applicants who probably have just as much experience and talent?


Talk. Talk. Talk. Talk to friends, family, even your dentist. Ask them questions about their career, and how they got their first jobs. Aquire information and inspiration from people who have been successful in this department. Take the opportunity to expose yourself to as many different people, from as many different backgrounds as you can.  Get ideas, get inspired, and learn from their successes and also from their failures.


When I say socialize, I mean socialize. Be the star of the cocktail party, connect with old friends, make new friends, meet the friends of your friends.  Nowadays, just sending in a résumé usually isn’t enough; who you know is almost as important as what you know. Make those connections when you talk to people and take advantage of them, because, for the most part, people want to help!

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Sometimes a little motivation can change everything. Your own personal success comes 50% from within, and 50% from the people you interact with.  Surround yourself with strong, independent vinas who will motivate you, inspire you to reach further than you normally would, and set equally higher expectations for what you get in return. If your vinas are supportive of what you do, they will expect nothing less than excellence from you, and always try to help guide you in the right direction.


Always be sure of yourself and your talents. The interviewer can smell your fear and/or sense your confidence from a mile away. When in close proximity, the best way to convince them that you are the best candidate, is to make yourself truly believe it first. Now this tactic does not guarantee success, but it shouldn’t hurt either. As long as you remain humble throughout the process and remember to ask questions, and don’t pretend to be an absolute expert in any subject. Just be confident.

The bottom line: the job hunt doesn’t always have to consist of endless applications and google searches.  Sometimes, socializing can be just as productive, and generate something even more beneficial in the long run.

Download the Hey! VINA app if you want to meet other boss vinas in your area. 

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