No, not that kind of blood...

So, turns out women’s friendships are not solely centered around our modern-day understanding of them. Sisterhood generates way back to the ancient period of our ancestors!

Think about it – companionship between women was crucial in our tribal past. Women shared the care of their offspring alongside gathering and cooking food for their pack. Without sisterhood, life would prove to be extremely difficult. Women were reliant on each other and such strong connections for survival. If fact, a lack of female bonds could’ve been detrimental to the human race. That’s not dramatic, that’s fact.

So, what’s this got to do with us nowadays?

Well, luckily, today we are not so confined to simply tending to children and providing food. However, this marks the difference between our ancestor’s relationships between women compared to one’s today. Unlike our predecessors, we no longer head out in packs to provide food, but maybe we’ll take a trip to the store when we have time to grab some groceries. Obviously, times have changed. We’re not so reliant on each other, because we’re incredibly self-sufficient (well, some of us like to think we are anyway). We’re highly independent and rather preoccupied. And sadly, we can sometimes forfeit our crucial female friendships, pushing them down our list of priorities in exchange for focusing on our family, partners, and careers.

But the fact that forming communities of women goes all the way back to the very first human beings, means maybe we should focus a little more on that today. Turns out that female friendships are highly beneficial towards our health and wellbeing still. As much as Ben and Jerry try to help, nothing compares to the powerful tool of friendship. Naturally, our biology urges us to seek comfort by what is described as a ‘tend and befriend’ pattern in periods of stress. Gathering with women, as done so by our ancestors, is crucial here, calming the effects of stress by diminishing the stress hormones built up in our busy lives.

So, go on, take a leaf out of our ancestors’ books and grab a coffee with a fellow girlfriend and reap those health benefits!

(Feature image via @6eezus6)


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