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The Hulu series is chillingly current, and its underlying feminist message can't be missed

If you’ve watched The Handmaid’s Tale, you’ll have immediately noticed how phenomenal it looks— staged and shot to perfection. The soundtrack alone is perfectly tuned to my emotions and enhances the drama within the series. The television series takes place in the dystopian, totalitarian-ruled society of the former United States in the near future. The female citizens of this society are brutally discriminated against and have no rights whatsoever. The population has decreased, so a few women are subjected to becoming handmaids, servants whose sole purposes are to give birth in order to augment the decreasing population. The Hulu series is based on the novel The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood.

Via Los Angeles Times

In this display of unprecedented feminine power, which takes place within a dystopian world ruled by men, friendships reign supreme. Without giving away any specific spoilers in this review, this series is chillingly reflective of the current political scene in the US. The series emphasizes how female friendship is essential and relied upon, but can be rare. It is an exaggerated example of how important it is for us vinas to stick together, regardless of our different interests or our varying personalities and walks of life.

Elizabeth Moss, one of the stars of The Handmaid’s Tale, sums up a message modern-day America would do well to remember: “If women get together and form a resistance, you can’t stop them.”

Atwood, the author of The Handmaid’s Tale, makes a cameo in one of the first episodes. She slaps the main character, Offred’s (played by Elizabeth Moss) head while she is being indoctrinated as a handmaid. It’s seemingly a sign for us to wake up and take notice. We vinas cannot leave each other behind, for when we don’t stand up together, we are easier to push down.

Have you tried watching The Handmaid’s Tale? Don’t forget to download Hey! VINA to find some girlfriends to form a resistance with!

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