Fun Humor


P.S. you're all hot.

Do you feel like the Velma to her Daphne? The mild cheddar to her gouda? It’s fine, in fact it’s actually better than fine, going out with your super hot friend is actually amazing, and here’s a few reasons why…

For starters, need we remind you that you, are you? And you’re about as good as it gets. Whether or not your friend is scoring higher on the proverbial hot list than you, really doesn’t matter. Carry yourself with the confidence you deserve, and that’s the hottest thing one can ever do.

Take notes from her. If she’s the kind of lady that stereotypically gets all the attention, and she’s your bestie, then she’s got to be quite the woman. Channel her power vibes and take some notes for yourself. How can you absorb some of this clearly magnetic energy?

I don’t know where along the line getting free drinks at bars from thirsty dudes made you an anti-feminist, but we’re all about equal opportunities here, and that means accepting free drinks when she/you is offered them.

If your hot friend is that particular breed of hot-yet-shy (they come in all kinds) then you can use this as an opportunity to help her shine. Be the leader, and take her to your favorite places, show her just how much fun being hot can be, because we know that you already know alllllll about that.

The trick to going out with your hot friend is to realize that she’s just your friend, stop labeling her and particularly stop counting it against her. There is a reason she’s in your life and we’re guessing it’s not because she’s hot. Have fun the way you would anyone else in your life, and that is in itself, is actually amazing!

Don’t have a hot friend? Then you might her. Find other cute babes to hang with on Hey! VINA.


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