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Everything you'll need to throw the ultimate sleepover.

There are some things we never really grow out of, and thankfully don’t have to (in my humble opinion). Just to name a few: sparklers, puppies, hugs from your mother, and sleepovers. Yep, right up there next to hugs from your mother is the holy grail of all weekend activities from your childhood: the much-coveted sleepover. My friends and I used to devise all sorts of ways to convince our parents to let us spend the night with each other. We wanted every moment together we could find. And then there was the most exclusive of all sleepovers, the school night sleepover.

Well, some things have changed, but a lot of them haven’t. We’re here to adult-ify your sleepover with your vinas by using some of the oldest tricks in the book. Don’t forget to RSVP!

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Set a date and actually invite people. I pass out all the time at a friends house because I’ve had too much wine or getting across town at 10 PM seems entirely unreasonable. But, that’s not what we’re getting into here. This here is a planned sleepover event. Make it official with invites!

Ladies only. Sorry boys. There are some things that are too sacred to share with you. Maybe if you’re lucky we will sneak you in the basement window at 2 AM.

Make a cozy zone. It’s super fun if you all get to sleep together. Clear the furniture and turn your living room floor into a comfy soup. Drag the mattress out, and gather every cushion, pillow, blanket in the entire house. If you don’t have enough add BYOP (bring your own pilllow) to your invite.

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Snacks on snacks. Always. I feel like I say this in every post at some point. But really snacks are life. I love the idea of going old school and buying Doritos and cheap beer, but if you’re going more healthy style then try La Croix and a crazy assortment of fruit, and if you want to be fancy about it get some catered sushi and your friends will never want to leave. Whatever you do, be sure you have chocolate on hand. Because no sleepover is complete without chocolate.

Wine. More wine. Feel free to add to the invite bring a bottle of wine.

Games. Remember the old ones – light as a feather, stiff as a board, and the classic Ouija. Well, I don’t recommend either. Ouija boards seriously freak me out. However, if you have a friend who reads tarot cards ask her to bring a deck, or consider hiring someone to come over and give readings to everyone. Board games are also a great way to structure the evening. Favorites are: Cards of Humanity, Boggle tournament, and Poker (if you know how to play).

Attire. Make sure you add on the invite that your guest should come with their pajama game strong. You got a flannel two piece last year for christmas? Perfect, bust it out.

Pick a theme for the movies. Eventually after all the fun and games wind down, it becomes movie time. Pick either romance, horror, old school 90’s, or your fave actress and watch her whole library. A Reese Witherspoon marathon is always a good idea. Movie time will chill everyone out and you’ll all pass out one by one.

A last and final thought, be sure you’ve already considered breakfast. Don’t go crazy, keep it simple, make sure there is coffee to be made and lots of it. If you want to stock up on eggs and toast it’s guaranteed someone will feel inclined to jump in there and whip it up. And if I’m coming over, seriously consider having doughnuts on lockdown. Happy sleeping ladies!

How about inviting some new friends to your next sleepover?

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