So it’s Saturday night and you’re just not in the mood to go out – we’ve all been there. But that doesn’t mean staying in has to be a drag. That’s where your vinas come in. Keeping things super chill has major potential to be super fun! Check out these 8 ideas to make your gals night in a night to remember!


This is a classic for your vina’s night in. Maybe even pick a theme like rom-com night, or fright night flicks! Grab some wine or a batch of virgin cocktails (whatever you prefer), and get the corn popping! All that’s left to do is enjoy some good movies and laughs with your vinas. How can a girl say no?


Picture this: your nails are a mess, you’ve got a totally annoying breakout, and you’ve  had a crazy stressful week. No time to schedule a slot at the salon? No big! Call up the girls and get a spa night going! Nobody knows how to relieve your tension and cheer you up better than your vinas. Make this one a night complete with fluffy robes, nail equipment, face masks, hair braiding – the whole nine yards. If you’re feeling really spoiled, throw in a bottle of champs!

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Ok, this idea is not as complicated as it may sound. And no, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your living room. For those of us without a classic 2000’s era karaoke machine, it may seem a little over your head. But fear not! YouTube has a fix for everything. Look up your fav classics or current hits and tack on “karaoke version” and you’re in business. Play it from your laptop, TV, or even your phone. Crank the volume and sing out (on or off-key) in a judgement free zone!


This one can mean Monopoly and Twister, Super Mario Kart, Never Have I Ever and Cards Against Humanity, or even Call Of Duty and Mortal Kombat if you’ve got a group of serious gamers on your hands. And let’s not forget our classic card gamers. Gin, Rummy, even Uno! Or better yet, call up the vinas and get a poker night started. You can play for nickles and dimes, or make it high stakes with some bigger bets – whatever the group is willing to play for. Grab some chips and dip, a deck of cards, and put on your best poker face. Game on.


You don’t have to be a self-proclaimed psychic to get in on the fun of tarot cards. If no one in the group is experienced in reading tarot, do a quick Google search. Or if one of your vinas knows what she’s talking about, have her give the rest of you a crash course. Learning about it together doubles the fun! Grab your crystal ball and take a look into your BFF’s future for a night! This is bound to be one you won’t forget.



So if you haven’t heard of Mukbang, look up a couple videos and you will find that this is one of the hottest trends out right now. It’s basically eating food in front of a video camera, either alone or with a group. Fun right? And it’s totally sweeping the web, why not bring it to your girls night in? Mukbang videos gained their popularity in South Korea in the 2010’s and have since become a favorite in the US. The Mukbanger’s are seen recording themselves eating large portions of food while interacting with their viewers. Go live on Insta or Facebook, or record a video just for you and the girls to watch back! Pick a cuisine that all the vinas agree on, order several dishes off the menu, and stuff your faces while discussing various topics of interest! Fair warning: this one may have to be a sleepover considering the food coma you’re about to slip into.


I am all for the glamour, honey. I love to get dressed up, even if I’m just sitting around the house. Think about this, instead of getting glammed up for another club night, bring the nightlife to your place! Pool your fav makeup together, or head to the local drugstore and pick up some products to try your hand at that smokey eye you’ve been dying to rock! Get that LBD out of the back of your closet and prepare to get glam and dance all night, vinas! If you’re feeling daring, turn it into a photo-shoot, have fun with it!


I have at least 6 tattoos, but for those that want something a little more temporary, Henna is a great option! Plus it’s super fun to do with your vinas, and so easy to learn. Head to a craft store and grab some DIY henna kits, then draw up some beautiful henna designs for you and your friends. This is an inexpensive and super cute way to bond with your girls. Get yourself inked minus the pain and money!

A night in with your girls has never looked better. Each of these ideas vary in price, effort, and interest, but whatever you choose, it’ll totally be worth it! Let’s make staying in the new going out. All you need is a little creativity, some snacks, a bottle of something, and the will to have a great time! Oh, and your vinas, of course!

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With social media now documenting our every move, one could argue that Instagram itself is like a living and ever-changing time capsule. And sure, in a way it is. However, a real time capsule has more severity and is way more meaningful.

When I was in 7th grade, my best friends and I had a sleepover. That night we made a time capsule, which was to be opened the night before high school graduation. We found a box in the basement and decorated it. We each wrote our older self a letter. We made mix tapes of our favorite songs. We added our favorite t-shirts, pictures and memorabilia; whatever felt important to us at that time. We sealed it shut and stashed it under my friend Vanessa’s bed (she must have been the most reliable) and then we proceeded to forget about it.


Six years later, the night before graduation, the six of us weren’t all that close anymore (high school is weird like that and everyone grows at different paces). But just like we swore those many moons ago, we all got together and had a sleepover in order to open that old box.

All the years melted away and we were instantly those kids again; time had no bearing on the items in that box. While a little dusty, everything was still intact. We spent the entire night laughing, crying and reading our letters; wearing the shirt;, listening to mixtapes. The experience brought us all back together, and more than anything else, it was an absolute blast. It was fascinating to see the things that were once so vital and important to us.

So I call upon you and your vinas; make a time capsule together. We are never too old for something like this (seriously, even if you’re sixty). Invite them over, with the intention of the night stated clearly beforehand; they can come prepared with mementos that remind them of their current lives and the friendship you all share.


-concert ticket
-take-out menus
-printed photographs
-bar napkins
-favorite books
-favorite movie
-postcards from a trip you shared

And only you know what else has sentimental value. Be creative and be prepared to part with whatever you bring, at least for now.

As the host, you have the box, paper and pens; you and your vinas can write letters to yourselves in ten years (or fewer if you’re too eager). Have an old school sleepover and let this be the focused activity. Share with each other everything that goes in, write your letter in private if you desire and when it’s all sealed in the box, stow it away (or go super old-school and burry it somewhere safe). In a handful of years, who knows where or who you will be, but make an oath to come together and reopen the box.

The whole creation of the time capsule is just as memorable and important as the reopening will be. It’s a bonding ritual in which you can rediscover what is important to each other right now and where your best memories are held. Even if the whole thing goes up in flames or gets forgotten along the way, making it is more than half the fun.

Don’t feel limited to one box with one set of friends. If you cultivate more amazing friendships throughout the years, make more boxes! Download the Hey! VINA app to make new connections.

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There are some things we never really grow out of, and thankfully don’t have to (in my humble opinion). Just to name a few: sparklers, puppies, hugs from your mother, and sleepovers. Yep, right up there next to hugs from your mother is the holy grail of all weekend activities from your childhood: the much-coveted sleepover. My friends and I used to devise all sorts of ways to convince our parents to let us spend the night with each other. We wanted every moment together we could find. And then there was the most exclusive of all sleepovers, the school night sleepover.

Well, some things have changed, but a lot of them haven’t. We’re here to adult-ify your sleepover with your vinas by using some of the oldest tricks in the book. Don’t forget to RSVP!

Set a date and actually invite people. I pass out all the time at a friends house because I’ve had too much wine or getting across town at 10 PM seems entirely unreasonable. But, that’s not what we’re getting into here. This here is a planned sleepover event. Make it official with invites!

Ladies only. Sorry boys. There are some things that are too sacred to share with you. Maybe if you’re lucky we will sneak you in the basement window at 2 AM.

Make a cozy zone. It’s super fun if you all get to sleep together. Clear the furniture and turn your living room floor into a comfy soup. Drag the mattress out, and gather every cushion, pillow, blanket in the entire house. If you don’t have enough add BYOP (bring your own pilllow) to your invite.

Snacks on snacks. Always. I feel like I say this in every post at some point. But really snacks are life. I love the idea of going old school and buying Doritos and cheap beer, but if you’re going more healthy style then try La Croix and a crazy assortment of fruit, and if you want to be fancy about it get some catered sushi and your friends will never want to leave. Whatever you do, be sure you have chocolate on hand. Because no sleepover is complete without chocolate.

Wine. More wine. Feel free to add to the invite bring a bottle of wine.

Games. Remember the old ones – light as a feather, stiff as a board, and the classic Ouija. Well, I don’t recommend either. Ouija boards seriously freak me out. However, if you have a friend who reads tarot cards ask her to bring a deck, or consider hiring someone to come over and give readings to everyone. Board games are also a great way to structure the evening. Favorites are: Cards of Humanity, Boggle tournament, and Poker (if you know how to play).

Attire. Make sure you add on the invite that your guest should come with their pajama game strong. You got a flannel two piece last year for christmas? Perfect, bust it out.

Pick a theme for the movies. Eventually after all the fun and games wind down, it becomes movie time. Pick either romance, horror, old school 90’s, or your fave actress and watch her whole library. A Reese Witherspoon marathon is always a good idea. Movie time will chill everyone out and you’ll all pass out one by one.

A last and final thought, be sure you’ve already considered breakfast. Don’t go crazy, keep it simple, make sure there is coffee to be made and lots of it. If you want to stock up on eggs and toast it’s guaranteed someone will feel inclined to jump in there and whip it up. And if I’m coming over, seriously consider having doughnuts on lockdown. Happy sleeping ladies!

How about inviting some new friends to your next sleepover?

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