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One of my favorite things about this time of year: not only are my favorite holiday drinks back, but so are the holiday movies! *insert happy dance* Channels on Hallmark and Freeform’s “25 Days of Christmas” and even streaming sites like Hulu and Netflix break out the holiday-themed movies and shows. However, there will always be certain movies that are a must-watch every, single, time.

So, grab your vinas, make some popcorn or holiday treats, sit back, and relax with a few of these must-watch holiday movies.


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Arthur Claus is the odd one out in the family. His older brother, Steve, is the favorite and is expected to take over as the Santa Claus when his father retires. However, his father decides to hold off on retirement for another year. When Santa and Arthur are too busy thinking about themselves, they find out they missed delivering a gift to a single child – but neither Santa Claus or Steve want to deliver the present. Therefore, Arthur takes it into his own hands to ensure the child wakes up on Christmas morning with her gift from Santa.

This movie shows that the holidays are more than just presents and what you want for yourself. They are about family, togetherness, and not leaving anyone behind.


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Luther and Nora Krank decide to forgo celebrating Christmas in exchange for a Caribbean cruise due to the absence of their daughter, Blair, but the local stores who depend on their purchases and the neighbors who hold the celebration of Christmas to high esteem do not approve of them simply “skipping out” on Christmas.

They all try to reason with the Kranks and ask for them to at least put out decorations, but Luther refuses, causing the neighbors and kids to protest outside their home. In the very last minute, they receive a call from Blair saying that she would be able to make it home for Christmas after all. This puts Nora in a frenzy; she now has to quickly throw their annual Christmas Eve party with help from their fellow neighbors.


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Buddy the Elf, played by infamous comedian, Will Ferrell, crawls into Santa’s red bag of toys and gets brought back to the North Pole. They take him in as one of their own and educate him as one of their elves. When he reaches adulthood, and isn’t efficient in the elf-ish work, he knows something was different about him.

His “adoptive father” tells him the truth about who he really is and where his biological father is, leading to Buddy’s journey to New York. In the movie run-time, he goes through trying to adjust to human life, falls in love, and brings the city of New York the joy of Christmas.

Zooey Deschanel’s melodic singing voice and contrasting personality to Ferrell’s character makes this a Christmas movie worth watching. Plus, seeing Buddy decorate the toy store and down a plate of spaghetti and sugar should not be missed.


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The list would not be complete without the first two “Home Alone” movies. The third installment, although not bad, doesn’t compare to the originals with Kevin McAllister and the Wet Bandits.

In the first installment, we see Kevin as the least favorite of the McAllister clan. He gets punished by spending the night in the attic, and the family forgets he’s up there as they’re running late and rushing to leave the house to make their flight on time, thus, leaving Kevin home alone. At first, he enjoys his time in the big house alone as he can do wahtever he wants. Surprisingly, he even knew how to go to the nearest supermarket and buy himself food, laundry detergent, and other necessities. But soon, the Wet Bandits stake out Kevin’s neighborhood, knowing which houses are empty and which house is safe for them to break into to steal their belongings. Unfortunately for them, Kevin outsmarts the two as they try to break into his home and he lets them fall into his innovative booby traps.

The second installment is pretty much the same concept, except instead of being home alone, he is alone in a whole different city from his family. He got separated at the airport– he followed another man wearing similar clothing to his father onto a different airline. In New York, we find that the Wet Bandits have escaped from prison and are in hiding while plotting to rob a children’s toy store. Kevin finds out their plan and is able to ruin it. The Wet Bandits try to get revenge on him, but in turn, they once again fall into his infamous traps.

Both of these movies will bring on some great laughs and will make you appreciate your loved ones and how lucky you are to have those who love and cherish you in your life.

It’s A Wonderful Life

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George Bailey has hit a rough patch in his life and in the opening scene, we are shown he is considering suicide. He is sent a guardian angel and from his point of view do we see George’s life from his past to his present. We see how fortunate he has been until the one incident that leads to a warrant for his arrest. His guardian angel, Clarence, intervenes, rescuing George and shows him how life of those around him would look like if he never existed. Seeing how fortunate his life and the fortunes lives of those around him, he wishes for his life back. He is given a second chance and the end shows how truly wonderful his life is.

This movie shows that even though there will be times that are tough or obstacles along the way, we must not let that get us down. We must overcome them to not only better ourselves, but also better those around us. We only have one life and we shouldn’t waste it or take it for granted.


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The first two The Santa Clause movies will always be my favorite. In the first movie, we’re introduced to Scott Calvin, a divorced father working in the advertising industry who gets to spend Christmas Eve with his son, Charlie. On the night of Christmas Eve, they both hear noises up on the roof, leading them to check it out. Scott sees a man on his roof and startles him, causing him to fall. However, the man somehow vanishes, leaving behind his red suit, sleigh, and reindeers. As a joke, Scott puts on the red suit, inadvertently locking himself up to a contractual clause to replace and takeover the responsibilities as Santa Claus.

In the second movie, Charlie is all grown up, and Scott has adjusted to life as being Santa Claus. Charlie gets into trouble at school as he starts misbehaving: spray painting school property and even breaking into the school. Scott returns to check in on Charlie, but is also dealing with his own problems back in the North Pole due to a second clause that he was unaware of: to find a wife.

Both of these movies make me wish there was truly a Santa Claus out there. Additionally, Comet and Lucy in the second movie are too adorable to ignore.

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