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My arrival at first, for a five week solo trek through Indonesia was a rocky one.

I like this picture above because it was taken during my first week on the island and I remember it being one of the first days I felt settled in a way. My arrival at first, for a five week solo trek through Indonesia was a rocky one. Read, my tips on traveling solo to get an idea about what I mean. But, when this picture was taken I remember thinking, I can do this. And that’s that I am going to talk about. The next five week unraveled and spun out and brought me to some of the highest highs and the lowest lows that I’ve ever found. And the reason I was able to do it, was because of the girl taking this picture.

Monette was wife to the cousin of the guy I sat next to on the plane. I know, but that’s how traveling is, you meet people if you’re willing. The three of them traveled south and after a few days alone I followed and met them in the surf haven of Uluwatu. While the boys went chasing waves Monette and I did as girls do. We sought out a yoga studio overlooking the ocean, we had an epic spa day, we found smoothie bowls, and oceanside cocktails, we went shopping and played by the pool. I was beyond relieved to find a partner in crime for a few days.

It was in those few days I also learned how to ride a scooter on the Bali streets, withdraw money from an ATM, talk to the cops, order at a restaurant, and avoid certain foods. I learned how to survive. And yes,I probably would have otherwise, but there was a confidence and comfort in doing it with a Vina that propelled me forward. I gathered my basic skills in her company, and when the time came, I set off on my own for the next month.

The road led me far from that little surf village, high into the mountains and far off to sea, to tiny islands and big cities. But, everywhere I went the skills remained the same: find a scooter, get money, feed yourself, go to yoga, find a hotel, and go to the spa. Thus, my next few weeks played out in this same fashion in every city I went. Stay tuned for my next installment of what I found of there…


(Feature image via @lenamirisola)

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