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If you don’t know me yet, hey! My name is Emma and among other responsibilities, I’m the main editor of this here VINAzine. A very special job that includes a TON of writing and editing, so I like to think I’m getting pretty good at it.

Now that I’ve established my writing cred with y’all, let’s get talking Hey! VINA statuses. In the app, your status is like your bio – it’s the first thing potential friends will read about you and it’s the most customizable part of your profile! AKA this is where to let your personality shine.

Every status is automatically filled in as, “Hey! I’m new to VINA, and I am excited to start meeting new friends,” when you sign up. This way, no one’s profile is empty before they have a chance to update their status. But let’s be real – this is pretty boring. It’s generic by design, so it’s your job to make it YOURS!

If you have no clue what to say, that’s why I’m here. I’m going to use my own Hey! VINA profile to highlight some basic tips to optimize your status for ultimate friendship-finding, match-making, and ditto-guarenteeing power!

Here’s my current status:

IMG_6262 copy.png

And here’s my strategy:


“22 y/o. SF native but don’t call me a 🦄. Editorial here @ VINA (Check out the VINAzine in the ✌️ tab for all our amazing content.”

A lot of vinas want to know some basic info before they go deeper into your profile. How old are you exactly? Where are you from? Are you a student? Mom? Surveyer of the universe? Tell us!

These basic questions can tell a potential bestie soooooo much in very little words. They’re things a vina will want to know right away when deciding to swipe left or right, so they should be up front and center!


“Desperately seeking a roomie for a spacious 2bdrm!”

Looking for friends? A baby-sitter? A professional mentor? This is the information that should go next. Tell other vinas who you’re looking for, so everyone’s on the same page.

I’m currently looking for a roommate, so this was the perfect opportunity to put that out there. But (of course) I’m always looking for new friends too. Which brings me to my next point…


“In need of more cool girls to go to shows and museums and films with! (Also down for low key hangs or hikes at lands end or wine nights or etc etc etc)🌘🐉👁👽🍑🍷☕️🎤🎟🎫🎬🌌🌃♈️♈️♈️”

Next up – what do you want to do with your new vina? Elaborate on your profile quiz – do you live to work? You might prefer post-work drinks over a midday lunch. Prefer the outdoors? Suggest a hike or bike ride! If you, like me, couldn’t choose between wine and coffee, might I suggest this red wine hot chocolate? (Just make it a mocha!) Elaborating on your interests will ensure you and your potential vinas are even more compatible.

So, since I like going to museums, shows, and hiking at Land’s End (I use the term hiking loosely), I’ve made sure my vinas know it! Also, because my guilty pleasure is chronically over-using emojis, I’ve made sure my vinas know that, too 😉.

I hope this helps you improve your profile and get more matches! Do you have any tips and tricks for crafting the perfect status in your Hey! VINA profile? Tell us in the comments!



  1. Why do so many profiles have the same exact bio. The warm cup of coffee and wine, morning person, with exact emojis, like they copied it from somewhere?


    1. Hey!! We tested auto generating a bio based on your quiz responses for people who hadn’t written one. Turns out it feels super weird and confusing! Whelp! Now ya know!!! ❤


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