We can all pretty much agree that the Hey! VINA app is AWESOME, right?! The whole concept of meeting new friends in your area with similar interests, hobbies, family lives, etc. what’s better than that?! Just having someone to grab a glass of wine with is honestly everything.

As all strong women do, we crave a sense of community and quality relationships. But even with all the technology out there designed to help us “connect,” it’s still easier than ever to feel lonelier than ever. I mean, come on. Making new friends is hard enough without having to make the first move. Nobody wants to be the one to send the “Hey! Let’s be besties!” text.


Since I’ve joined the VINA community, I’ve found myself more open to finding those new vina connections through all of the groups and personality quizzes the platform offers. It makes it so much easier and comfortable to get out there and find your vina gang! Check out these 5 tricks to get more swipes and find that gang even faster!


I know this sounds insanely cheesy, and maybe a bit obvious, but it makes a big difference! Your profile picture is the first thing potential besties will see, so you want to make sure it’s unapologetically you. And of course, a good smile never hurts. It brightens up your face, radiates positivity, and everyone loves a friendly face! I would also recommend a pic of you doing something you love; hiking, sipping on coffee, or just chilling in your living room with a glass of wine. Other vinas love seeing someone they can relate to, and are more likely to swipe right on someone they feel is a fellow soul sista!


Yes, the whole thing! Besides the basics like your name and birthday, you have the option to expand the radius of vinas that can see your profile, and that you can connect with. Giving yourself and extra 25 miles will add a whole new group of vinas to your possibility pool! Beyond that, choose your age range, and describe yourself in 5 emojis, who doesn’t love that?! The more you fill out your profile, the more vinas you’ll attract, which equals the best friend jackpot!


Everyone is using this app to meet friends, so you can leave that part out. Tell us about your love of dancing to Ariana Grande in your bath robe, how you collect Golden Girls memorabilia, or how you whip up big Sunday dinners with the whole fam every weekend. Those are the things that make you unique and help your profile stand out, so be as specific as possible. You are an original, tell the world about what makes you special!


This is a space where you can let people know what you like to do, who you are interested in hanging out with, what activities you’re most likely to be found doing, or what new groups you wanna explore. This allows other vinas to relate to you on multiple levels, and get to know a little more about your interests that weren’t included in your “about me” rant.


This option does cost money, but so does that Starbucks pumpkin spice latte you just bought, and having unlimited access to a community of women to make connections with and relate to is worth way more. VINA VIP allows you to get instant matches from your “hey list” so that you can get dittos faster. You can undo your skips in case you want a second look, or your interests and hobbies change, and you have the ability to use the teleport option to change your location to anywhere in the world and meet vinas outside of your local area too! Plus, you get all kinds of new badass features. It’s totally worth the buy!

What are you waiting for?! Download the Hey! VINA app now and start swiping!✌️


WARNING: This is not a list of Christmas carols and Mariah Carey throwbacks.

Every good trip needs a bag of jerky, a shotgun rider, and the soundtrack of the season.  And traveling for the holidays can be one of the most stressful, anxiety-inducing, exciting, or peaceful trips of them all! Whether it’s a plane to San Francisco or a pickup truck to Providence, these are the top 18 perfect additions to your mile long or mile high trip.

“American Pie” BY DON MCLEAN

The perfect place to start your trip: a little pie! Starting with dessert is always better, right? Don McLean has given us so many words to live by, and this song is 8 minutes of pure food for thought…and lyrics to scream your heart out to.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “Oh, and there we were all in one place, a generation lost in space.” Oh Donny, it’s like you could see our future all the from 1971.


Of course baby Cyrus has killer pipes and the writing chops to match. She’s a Cyrus, duh! If this song doesn’t make you feel like you should own a car where the top comes off, then I don’t know what will.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “Like a map faded in time, like an old forgotten tomb. I know love has been unkind for the two of us.”

“11 Blocks” BY WRABEL

If you’re thinking about a casual drop in at your ex’s this holiday season, you’re not alone. Wrabel is a pop artist who was recently featured on “One’s to Watch” so, put this on the aux so you can say you liked him before it was cool.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “My mind won’t stop it’s just eleven blocks, I know that you’re home.”


So this song is originally done by Ryan Adams, but being from the era of One Tree Hill, I’m a sucker for this cover by the stars of the show. This song is the perfect mix of romance and heartbreak to fuel your trip.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “Where do you go when you’re lonely? Where do you go when you’re blue? Where do you go when you’re lonely, I’ll follow you when the stars go blue.”


This bad boy just so happens to be featured on the greatest holiday film ever made, that’s right, Jack Frost with Michael Keaton himself. So if the road trip vibe doesn’t quite hit you, let the holidays get your soul on this one.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “I didn’t come this far for you to make this hard for me.” (could also apply to that one aunt who wont stop asking you about your nonexistent S/O, plans after college, and recent weight gain.)


Do I even have to explain myself on this one?

Iconic holiday road trip line: “Time makes you bolder even children get older, and I’m gettin’ older too.”


Sometimes all we need is a little glimpse of the past to remind us what we want out of the future. And almost every time, that involves a person. Oscar Isaac is out here bringing us to our knees with this 2012 classic that totally deserves a hand out the window.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “I’ve been gone for so long now chasing everything that’s new. I’ve forgotten how I got here but I have not forgotten you.”


This one is a brand new baby song by an up and comer and guys, click play. This Nashville artist is in the process of releasing his FIRST album and this single just dropped late September. It’s a serious windows down/heat up jam.

Iconic holiday road trip lines: “I wasn’t made for this town, I was made to drive” and “Every time I go back home I want a ghost that I can use.”


I think we all know by now that there is a Taylor Swift song for every moment of life, and the song All Too Well pretty much covers all the emotions. Here’s a tune for the moment you find the one you wanna bring home to meet the family, and then when you get back into town and see your high school boyfriend at the local quick stop.

Iconic holiday road trip lines: “We’re singin’ in the car gettin’ lost upstate, autumn leaves falling down like pieces into place” and “There we are again on that little town street, you almost ran the red cause you were lookin’ over at me.”

“Never on the Day You Leave” BY JOHN MAYER

Mr. Mayer is also guilty of having a song lyric for life’s biggest moments, he and Swift even wrote a few about each other. But this sentimental tribute to a love lost will have you all in your feels before you even start the engine.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “No it’s never on the day you leave that you remember Christmas eve, and all the things you miss about her crazy family.”

“I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)” BY THE PROCLAIMERS 

Ok, it’s not a road trip unless you’re screaming “BA DA DA DA, BA DA DA DA” all the way to your destination like its 1988 and Ted Mosby is in your front seat. This is a must have no matter the weather, occasion, or means of transportation.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “When I come home, yes I know I’m gonna be I’m gonna be the man who comes back home with you, I’m gonna be the man who’s coming home with you.”

“She Used To Be Mine” BY SARA BAREILLES 

As if Sara Bareilles wasn’t already a triple threat, she wrote a musical you guys! And the songs are obviously hits, both on and off broadway. This charming, empowering track is my personal favorite from the playwright’s collection. Oh, and she slips in a line about pie which is fitting being that the play is “Waitress,” but even better for our holiday playlist!

Iconic holiday road trip line: “It’s not what I asked for, sometimes life just slips in through a back door and carves out a person, and makes you believe it’s all true.”


You may know Tarver better for her recurring role in the hit Nickelodeon series “Big Time Rush,” but that is all about to change. Her lyrics are fun, flirty, and totally worthy of a road trip singalong with 6 vinas piled into a 5 seater.

Iconic holiday road trip: “I could put you in the mile high club, what’s up let’s take a trip. Have you ever read the world is yours on a blimp?”

“Somewhere In My Car” BY KEITH URBAN

Oh, Keith. You had us at car. While I have often referred to this as “the song of the summer,” don’t be mistaken, this one will make you believe you’re a Grammy nominated rock star somewhere in your car, winter, spring, summer, or fall.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “In my mind we’re somewhere in my car and it’s rainin’ hard on the streetlight glow.”

“Nashville” BY DAVID MEAD

Whether you’re goin’ back to Nashville for a plate of turkey, or heading north for some holiday snow, this will bring all the scenery from your childhood to life as you pass those old road signs and traffic lights.

Iconic holiday road trip lines: “On a childhood highway through a night alone, I was barely breathing, I was crawling home” and “You’re a distant memory, you’re an exit sign, I was talking crazy on the driver’s side.”

“Hard Feelings/Loveless” BY LORDE

One of the hardest things to do is let go, especially of summer and all the memories you made during the most iconic season. But, there’s no better way to grieve than to crank up some Lorde and let your heart be free as it’s whisked away into the magic of Autumn.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “It’s time to let go of this endless summer afternoon.”

“Mistake Of My Life” BY CAEDMON’S CALL 

We’ve all made a mistake or two in our lives, and sometimes those mistakes make us wanna turn around and crawl right back into our childhood beds and call it a day. This song will make you feel a little less alone in the biggest of your life’s mistakes, even the nostalgic meltdowns and not-quite-mid-life crises.

Iconic holiday road trip line: “I’ll leave the car running and I’ll leave half the boxes packed, for the slim chance I’ll go right back.”

“Always Remember Us This Way” BY LADY GAGA

Last, but MOST certainly not least, one of the many hits heard on the latest version of the film “A Star Is Born.” If you have yet to hear this song on the big screen, do yourself a favor and get to the theater. Lady G and Bradley Cooper have broken the cinema with the most gut wrenching, revolutionary performances. A must see, and a must hear.

Iconic holiday road trip lines: “So when I’m all choked up but I can’t find the words, every time we say goodbye baby it hurts” and “All I really know, you’re where I wanna go. The part of me that’s you will never die.”

Try adding some of these songs to your playlist to have new music to listen to, and download Hey! VINA to find new friends to share it with! 


Thanksgiving is for spending time with friends. If you’re inviting your vina to a Thanksgiving dinner hosted by someone else, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, you should obtain permission from the host. Call your host, and ask if you can bring your new friend. If your host is less than welcoming to your guest, then you shouldn’t invite them to that party. Instead, you could host your own!

Now, I know what you’re thinking; that is a lot of work! Well, it doesn’t have to be. First things first, what kind of an event will your new vina like best? There are a couple options that I’ll lay out below: a formal dessert and beverage get together, a laid back Turkey Day dinner, and a leftover smorgasbord complete with family are a few options.


This works best for a new vina that you want to get to know better or for a group of new friends who don’t know each other yet. The best way to invite your vina to this party is with a cool invite. Zazzle has some super cute paper invites. Mail your invite to your vina or hand it to her when you go on a Vina date. If you give it to her in person, tell her that you are hoping to have a fun Thanksgiving event, and you are going for a glamorous and fun vibe!

Have lots of pie on hand, all your Thanksgiving favorites should be there. If your family has an unusual favorite, have that too. My family is obsessed with Mincemeat. Also, make sure you have plenty of vanilla ice cream and whipped cream to go with your goodies!


Serve your pie with fantastic coffee, and if you and your friends drink, a mulled wine or other fall cocktails are a great option! You can be as simple or as sophisticated as you would like with this part of the evening.

Decorate with candles, maize, and miniature pumpkins.


Tell your vina that you are having dinner by yourself or with a small group of friends for Thanksgiving. Ask her to come by sending her the date/time/address via email or text.

Pinterest has a host of recipes that are easy to prep and cook. For Friendsgiving last year, I made a turkey breast with gravy recipe in a crockpot. Green beans can be roasted in the oven, and mashed potatoes can be made ahead of time (or even made instant!). Whole pies can be picked up from bakeries or the frozen food aisle. Remember, this is fun! Don’t stress too much.


This one is the easiest to manage. After Thanksgiving dinner with the fam, call your vina and tell her that you can’t wait to compare family holiday sagas. Ask her if she was sent home with mountains of leftovers and if she would like to do a middle-school-style food swap. Tell her you’ll provide drinks (again, whatever you and your vina enjoy), and you can both provide dessert! The more pie, the better.

Then, eat, drink, and be merry while gossiping about all your family drama. Tell your new bestie all about how your dad keeps asking you when you’ll get a promotion, your mom wants to hear about your bae, and your crazy cousins keep bringing up all the embarrassing stuff you posted on Facebook circa 2008. Nothing sparks a new friendship like good old fashioned family drama!

Happy Turkey Day, vinas!

Want to host your own vina-giving? Of course you do!! Download the Hey! VINA app and create an open plan in your area now!


I’m the type of person who messages back embarrassingly fast or doesn’t respond for 3 days. There is no in-between. I tend to err on the side of not responding because I just have no idea what to message back at the moment. Then one day of not responding becomes a week, and eventually, I feel like it’s too late.

For all you vinas like me, who need a little help in the messaging department, I asked around and got some tips from the Hey! VINA pros at VINA HQ.

200 (6).gif


The cool thing about friend-dating is that if you’re friends on paper (or based on your profiles), you’ll probably be friends IRL. The easiest way to find out is by meeting up and proving it! This is “first message” gold: suggest to meet in person and ask them what they’d enjoy doing. Simple as that.

puppy questions.gif


If you’re still in chat mode with your new potential vina and the conversation lulls, another good tactic is to ask a question. Questions are what keep conversations going. Look at their profile, and use that information to ask about their job, their neighborhood, or even their emojis 😉!

200 (5).gif


Did you know you can send photos and gifs in messages on the app? That’s right! If you’re not sure how to respond to a message, send a fun gif instead! It takes the pressure of you and will at least prompt an “LOL” from the other end. All you have to do is click the photo icon when you’re in the message screen and choose a gif from your camera roll.


There is hardly nothing more exciting than the unknown, right? The anticipation, the mystery, and the great feeling that something amazing is about to happen! Perhaps you are moving to a new country for a while to do some specific training for your job or an internship abroad. Maybe you decided to take your studies a bit further and attend an European university. Perhaps, you are even planning to do the big jump: purchase a one-way ticket to a foreign country that has always on your mind.

Congratulations, you won’t regret this magic journey. But as always, if you do it well! 🙂

As a Spanish girl who has lived in London and is now a permanent resident in Germany, I know how to overcome culture shock. Despite the great beauty of discovering a new country, the whole process at times can be harsh. Our roots carve our personality way more than we are aware of. And you will surprise yourself finding that you are actually more patriotic than you thought.

For starters, if you find yourself moving to a “colder” country, let’s say from a Mediterranean country to a Scandinavian country or simply from America to Europe, you will find a change in the general character of people. Here are three essential keys to learning a new culture:

Have an open mind

Peoples’ face expressions at the groceries, small talk at the elevator, the “please and thank you’s, and greetings such as a kiss on the cheek, a hug, or just a ‘hey how are you?’ are all so different. Since you’re not used to another countries’ customs, it’s important to have an open mind and I really mean not to take things personally! Yes, you will feel awkward most of the times but just remember you are a brand new resident.

Learn the language

I highly recommend to read in advance as much as you can about the new country you will be living in. Read about its habits, social protocols, how they eat their food, what is OK and not OK to talk about. If you are more informed, you will be better prepared facing unexpected situations. This will ultimately help to reduce anxiety if you are someone that prefers to have things under control.

culture shock graph

Major key for to reduce our anxiety via Smacken Grenoble

Learning the foreign language might be hard but extremely rewarding: it helps you to understand better your surroundings and indeed locals really appreciate you trying even if your sentences don’t make any sense! Even when you are embarrassed, don’t worry too much! They will think you are cute and brave for just trying. Also, it will definitely lead you to situations where you’ll have the chance to meet more locals. Win-win!

Do not underestimate neither because both will lead you to the third and foremost key! This one will make the most difference in your stay.

Making local friends

How do we get to meet locals? Well, this is a tricky one. You have to be patient, determined, and have a little bit of luck. Sign up for group activities in your city that interests you. Great ideas to start are yoga and DIY workshops where you’ll find people that fits with you. There are great social platforms out there that will help you to meet new people, so do not fear using Hey! Vina to meet new ladies even when the language might not be so fluent. Remember.. if they are on the app, it is because they want to meet you too!

(Featured Image via Makenna Alyse


If you don’t know me yet, hey! My name is Emma and among other responsibilities, I’m the main editor of this here VINAzine. A very special job that includes a TON of writing and editing, so I like to think I’m getting pretty good at it.

Now that I’ve established my writing cred with y’all, let’s get talking Hey! VINA statuses. In the app, your status is like your bio – it’s the first thing potential friends will read about you and it’s the most customizable part of your profile! AKA this is where to let your personality shine.

Every status is automatically filled in as, “Hey! I’m new to VINA, and I am excited to start meeting new friends,” when you sign up. This way, no one’s profile is empty before they have a chance to update their status. But let’s be real – this is pretty boring. It’s generic by design, so it’s your job to make it YOURS!

If you have no clue what to say, that’s why I’m here. I’m going to use my own Hey! VINA profile to highlight some basic tips to optimize your status for ultimate friendship-finding, match-making, and ditto-guarenteeing power!

Here’s my current status:

IMG_6262 copy.png

And here’s my strategy:


“22 y/o. SF native but don’t call me a 🦄. Editorial here @ VINA (Check out the VINAzine in the ✌️ tab for all our amazing content.”

A lot of vinas want to know some basic info before they go deeper into your profile. How old are you exactly? Where are you from? Are you a student? Mom? Surveyer of the universe? Tell us!

These basic questions can tell a potential bestie soooooo much in very little words. They’re things a vina will want to know right away when deciding to swipe left or right, so they should be up front and center!


“Desperately seeking a roomie for a spacious 2bdrm!”

Looking for friends? A baby-sitter? A professional mentor? This is the information that should go next. Tell other vinas who you’re looking for, so everyone’s on the same page.

I’m currently looking for a roommate, so this was the perfect opportunity to put that out there. But (of course) I’m always looking for new friends too. Which brings me to my next point…


“In need of more cool girls to go to shows and museums and films with! (Also down for low key hangs or hikes at lands end or wine nights or etc etc etc)🌘🐉👁👽🍑🍷☕️🎤🎟🎫🎬🌌🌃♈️♈️♈️”

Next up – what do you want to do with your new vina? Elaborate on your profile quiz – do you live to work? You might prefer post-work drinks over a midday lunch. Prefer the outdoors? Suggest a hike or bike ride! If you, like me, couldn’t choose between wine and coffee, might I suggest this red wine hot chocolate? (Just make it a mocha!) Elaborating on your interests will ensure you and your potential vinas are even more compatible.

So, since I like going to museums, shows, and hiking at Land’s End (I use the term hiking loosely), I’ve made sure my vinas know it! Also, because my guilty pleasure is chronically over-using emojis, I’ve made sure my vinas know that, too 😉.

I hope this helps you improve your profile and get more matches! Do you have any tips and tricks for crafting the perfect status in your Hey! VINA profile? Tell us in the comments!



Here at VINA, we’re always working to bring you awesome new features to make it easier to connect with amazing women! Some of these newer features you may not know about, but can make your hunt for friends SO much better. Read on to find out how to optimize your swipe to find the perfect friend:

ezgif-com-4e33ace789AGE AND LOCATION FILTERS

Did you know you can filter your card stack for vinas in a specific age range? If you’re open to vinas of all ages, great! But if you’re looking for someone in a similar life stage, this could be a great way to find her. If you’re really picky about the age of your vinas, make sure you uncheck the other menu options!

You can also set a location range to find vinas as close as next door! Helpful tip though – if there aren’t a lot of vinas in your area yet (AKA in your card stack), you may want to try making your age and location ranges a little bigger! You might have to meet in the middle – but a vina a town over is still a potential new bestie!!



Now it’s easier than ever to find women who love what you love and do what you do. Our Communities feature allows you to join specific groups of vinas based on your interests, profession, or personality traits! You can join Working Moms, SciFi Sisters, LGBTQI, and/or New in Town (and many more!) and find others who have also joined that Community. Just tap the triangle at the top of the page, tap the Communities you want to add, and then tap one more time to start swiping in the Community of your choice!


pin me!

Find these and more account settings by clicking your profile picture on the bottom bar menu! Also, find more tips HERE!



We get asked all the time: What should I say to that woman I matched with on Hey! VINALuckily, it’s easier than ever to communicate with your vinas, and we’ve got some tips for you right here:


To create the perfectly personalized first message, you may need to look around your new vina’s profile a little bit. Read her bio again, check out her quiz results, and read her answers to the 3 essential VINA questions. You’re bound to discover something interesting about her that you’re genuinely curious about or find something that you didn’t realize you had in common! Both are fodder for a great first message. 😊


There’s no reason to get fancy with it! Just say hey, introduce yourself, and ask her meet up. Chatting through the platform forever won’t get you your new best friend. You have to meet up IRL. The best way to do that is just to make plans right away!

Screen Shot 2016-09-26 at 2.32.38 PM.png


pin me!

Lucky for you there a ton of new-ish features you might not have taken advantage of yet, but that can definitely help you craft the perfect first message to your new vina!

  • Communities – Swiping in a Community guarantees you have something in common with your match! Simply tap the “VINA” on the top of the profile swiping page and choose your Community. Your stack will be updated with vinas in that Community! Matched with a vina while swiping in the Yogi Community? Ask her to try out that new class with you.
  • Personalized introduction messages – Your introduction message from Olivia at VINA is now personalized! The message now takes you and your match’s quiz answers into account. She’ll tell you what you have in common and take the guesswork out of choosing a first vina-date!
  • New quizzes – Hallelujah! We are now rolling out new quizzes so you can get to know your vinas even better through our app and have something to do while you wait at the dentist. 😉 Now you can message your vina about her results (are you a Venus or a Saturn?) and compare answers.

Hope these tips help! Now go forth and message all the vinas!


As of last week, we are open globally. That means that no matter where you are in the world, you can now use Hey! VINA. No more waitlist, so you can start meeting new friends NOW.

Here’s how to get started:


📲 Download the latest version ⬅️  THIS IS ESSENTIAL, OR YOU’LL STILL BE ON THE LIST!


Get better matches with vinas with common interests and see who’s nearby!


Describe yourself in emojis! Add your Instagram, or even shake up your profile picture weekly (just tap your photo to choose a new one).


Swipe right to say “Hey!” or swipe left to skip a user and keep browsing.

Happy swiping!



We recently found out that some ambitious and wonderful vinas have been organizing group meet-ups through our app, and we love it! For those of you who like the idea but don’t know where to start, we decided to put together this little guide:

DSC_0388 (1)

Assuming you’ve been swiping away and have received a few Dittos!, gauge the general level of interest your matches have for participating in a group meet-up. If they’re more interested on one-on-one’s, meet plans with them individually, and keep swiping for your more social babes!


Once you find a group of vinas interested, it’s time to figure out a way for you all to communicate so you don’t have to play telephone to all interested parties. Anything from a group text message to a Facebook event page will work to get everyone talking in one place!


This is probably the hardest part. As most vinas are busy bees, it can be difficult to find a time where everyone’s available, but it’s not impossible. Once you have a group together, suggest a time and a place (or a few), and cross your fingers that one of them works for everyone. If not, try again! You’ll find a good time soon.


We love the idea of a bunch of vinas being proactive and meeting up in group settings. It’s a great way to meet people and turn your city into the most social hotspot ever. Next time you’re organizing one in San Francisco, feel free to send along an invite to the team… just sayin’. 😉

(Featured image via