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Hey! VINA is not just for finding your next best friend. It’s a social networking app for women with endless possibilities. One of which is professional networking. By utilizing some of our new features and crafting the perfect bio, you’ll find your new professional mentor in no time.


Grab the attention of potential professional mentors, connections, and employers by noting your current job (or previous job if you’re in-between opportunities) and some notable professional achievements. Lead with those, but don’t forget to include aspects of your unique personality and interests, too. Be bold and ask for what you’re looking for in your bio. Whether it’s a mentor, a job opportunity, or a collab, you’ll never get what you want if you don’t ask!


If you haven’t used our Communities feature yet, this is a great way to start! Tap the “VINA” at the top of the friend stack page, and you’ll be able to add all sorts of Communities that you may belong to. This will allow you to swipe on other vinas in the same community. Let’s say you’re an iOS Developer. You could add the Women Who Code Community, and start swiping on other ladies in tech. You’ll match with a new professional connection in no time. We’re always adding new Communities. If you don’t see your industry or interests represented, tweet @ilikevina or contact us here. Let us know what you’d like to see!

(Featured image by Crowning Daughters)

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