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Want to learn how you can balance your Vina's and friends when you have to many? Read this article


Making new friends can be scary and when you’re meeting up with tons of different vinas, it can be hard to tell who is your new best friend, and who’s better off as a casual acquaintance. But don’t worry! We have some tips for how to tell your new vina is the real deal:


After you meet a vina for the first time, and before you decide to meet up with her again, you need to evaluate whether you two clicked. In order to find balance with a vina, consider the non-negotiable values you require of your acquaintances before you decide to pursue the friendship and incorporate them into your inner circle. These values can include things like faith, distance from where you live, career and life goals, or even something smaller like watching anime. Once you establish your list, you are ready to take on the next step.


If you’ve met tons of cool vinas that all pass your friendship test, get them together to see if you all click as a group! Be the leader and send out a group invite in order to give your fellow vinas a chance to meet one another. Chances are, if you’ve clicked with all these vinas, they’ll like each other, too. Try a group dinner or weekend hike – you’ll be #SquadGoals in no time.


One of the challenges you may face after discovering new friends is incorporating them into your existing friend-group. It may seem daunting for your new friend (or for you), but just start by inviting your new vina to hang with your OG group. Chances are, they’ll get along and you’ll have introduced your friends to an awesome new gal.

I hope that these ideas were helpful. Remember, we are all in this together — to meet people, make friends, and broaden our circle!

How to do you tell when you’ve met your new best friend? Tell us in the comments! (Feature image via @brandyusa)

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