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Introducing Cheap vs. Treat where we offer wallet-friendly and over-the-top vina-date ideas. Whether you’re itching to treat yo’self or wanting to be as thrifty as possible, there’s a vina-date for you. Have an idea for a Cheap vs. Treat? Tweet us @ilikevina!

Grabbing coffee is to friend-dating as dinner and a movie is to romantic dating. It’s a classic for a reason. Coffee is a great way to do something low-key and have time to talk it out with your potential new bestie.

Coffee can be experienced in a number of ways and across price points. Don’t suggest Starbucks just because you’re running low on creativity. You have a number of options that are high and low brow, so choose to either treat yourself or get thrifty.

Our philosophy is “If you want to treat yourself, really treat yourself. And if you want to be thrifty – don’t compromise quality!”

Here’s how:

📸: Tant Johanna


Like most thrifty tips, this one relies on a little bit of DIY. Skip the coffee shop, and make your own (cheap but fancy) drip coffee at home! All you need are some ground beans. Buying wholesale is less expensive than buying individual cups out every day. You don’t have to sacrifice quality just because you’re being budget friendly.

📸: @yngdew


If you’re looking to go all out, you simply need to do is find the swankiest, trendiest coffee shop in your area. Trust me: even if you live in the middle of nowhere, a hipster coffee bar can’t be that far away. Trendy coffee bards have invaded, and we’ve accepted our coffee fate. At VINA, we are ob-sessed with Vive la Tarte (adorably nicknamed VINA la Tarte 😂) for whenever we need a morning…or midday…or evening…coffee and fancy pastry fix.

What are your favorite swanky or budget-friendly places to buy coffee? Tell us where you’ll be taking your next vina-date in the comments below! (Feature image via The Glamourai)

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