To all our amazing vinas,

Since launching the concept of the Hey! VINA app (only 8 months ago!) in January 2016, our platform for connecting women in a fun and safe way has been celebrated by millions of women around the world.

Without a doubt, this year has proven to be THE year for friendship. With 17,000+ global cities on our waitlist, large-scale media coverage in 25 countries, over 100,000 users in the first two weeks of our launch, and more than 5,000 requests for an Android version (we’re on it) – we’ve heard your demand loud and clear.

So here comes the major news: Hey! VINA is now available globally!

This wouldn’t have been possible without a few big champions of VINA’s ambitious and worthy dream to connect and empower women around the world. We’re excited to share who we’ve recently swiped right on – Tinder! They’ve joined us as an investor and partner to build the future of VINA.

Tinder Announcement 2.jpg

Beyond a shared mission to connect people around the world, Tinder is uniquely equipped to mentor our tiny startup team of four to become a leading tech platform at scale. Alongside the support of the top VCs in Silicon Valley (NEA, Greylock and Wildcat Venture Partners – to name a few), Tinder’s investment and mentorship have made it possible for us to grow our team, expand our technology, and launch our platform globally. #squadgoals

I would also like to celebrate our engineering team. These ladies tackled the challenge of going from several markets to 💯  in only a few months. Women can and will code a new world, vinas.

Finally, I’d like to thank you. You are the best friend we needed when the hustle was hard. You are the cheerleader who was always on our team and have empowered us time and time again to make this platform a reality.

It’s been a whirlwind of confetti, sleepless nights, dance breaks, hackathons, vina dates, and near daily press about VINA on almost every major publication. Together, we are creating a better world for women everywhere and at all stages of life. Fueled by community over competition, we are loving you and our partners for your help in building a bright future for VINA.  🎉

Cheers & hugs,
Olivia June

P.S. We also just released a MAJOR app update that includes a new quiz (!!) and the VINA Communities feature – you can now meet friends around shared interests. Download the latest update now.

P.P.S. Oh yeah! In case you are wondering… VINA and all of our products are still totally separate from Tinder. For more details, dive into our FAQ.


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