Sisterhood Thrive


So you’ve been on your first vina-date, you bonded over bubble tea (or any other combination of delicious beverages), shared some good laughs, and are now sending #ladybrag texts at least once a week.

Underneath all the fun of firing up your Hey! VINA app, describing yourself in 5 emojis or less, meeting new friends, and swapping stories, comes something much deeper – a need for connection, our collective need to empower each other, share, and grow.

Here are three ways you can make the most out of your vina-dates, and make sure you’re learning from your new connections, as well as sharing your passions with your vinas:


Maybe it won’t be on your first meeting, but as you get to know your vinas, make sure you’re asking them what’s important to them. What do they care about? What is their biggest goal at this stage in their life? What do they dream of doing?

Not only will this help you gain a more holistic understanding of your new friend, but it will expand your worldview, giving you more vantage points from which you can view the world.

vina_created_menakaandfondaDON’T BE AFRAID TO SHARE

Do you love philosophy? Love to read? Love learning to draw in your spare time?

Hold up. Does your new vina know any of this?

Sharing information about ourselves, no matter how small, is the fundamental way we connect as human beings. We become relatable, and give our fellow vinas a better understanding of who we are, and how we shine, which may make them feel more comfortable in sharing deeply and authentically with you in return.


In the world we live in, it is so easy to find ourselves divided due to differing belief systems.

But differences are beautiful. Differences make us unique. When you talk to your vina about a situation she’s involved in, ask her how she handles things. Maybe she has a technique for de-stressing that you’ve never tried, a diet hack that would make your life a thousand times easier, or an uncanny ability to diffuse negativity when she is confronted with it.

Learning how vinas see the world and interact with it is one of the most expansive, awesome things you can do! Explore your differences, and be glad you are both unique. After all, you’re both awesome, unique vinas and you both have a lot of learn from each other.

How do you learn from your vinas?

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