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Saving money never looked so green.

So we all know the saying, “reduce, reuse, and recycle.” It was taught to all of us during elementary school and a few lucky schools also hosted “Green Week.” If you’re like me, you completely forgot the rules of recycling the next week. I honestly do try my best to recycle, but it’s just so confusing sometimes! Wait. . . you can’t recycle pizza boxes?? I have to flatten all of my Amazon boxes before recycling?

There’s just so many rules to recycling that it gets discouraging. I feel like I’m not making an impact on the waste crisis! Especially after learning about a pile of trash three times the size of TEXAS (!) just floating around in the ocean. But, since becoming a recent broke college student, I have come to realize that there are numerous ways that going green can save you a ton of money.


Bars of handmade soap on a platterFirst thing’s first: they last up to 80 to 100 washes! One bar is equivalent to three medium sized shampoo bottles and eliminates the need for plastic packaging, while still maintaining great quality. Lush Cosmetics sells great shampoo bars that are good for every hair type and are made with all natural products.


This is a simple one. Having a reusable water bottle saves so much plastic waste! You can find great (and inexpensive) bottles online that’ll keep your water cold for days. And while buying bottled water may sound cheap at $1-2 a bottle usually, that money adds up! So save the Earth, save some money and just get a reusable water bottle.


Straws. Who knew these little suckers could create such a huge impact on plastic waste! It’s great that Starbucks and a handful of restaurants decided to go straw-less, but a lot of damage has already been done to the environment. So, what you can to do to help is find bulk paper straws or inexpensive metal reusable straws and use those instead. Some straws include cleaners that keep your straw fresh and sanitary!


Going digital is a great way to save paper. Utility bills, rent, and magazines are all available to you online so you can cancel getting the paper versions. You can pay your bills or catch up on world news and celebrity gossip all at the convenience of going online and you’re saving the planet while you do it!


Why spend money on plane tickets, gas, hotels, and car rentals when you can be a tourist in your own city? Not only will this save you money, but it will also eliminates potential carbon footprints. Plus, it’s always fun to explore new parts of your town.


On the note of doing staycations, why not treat yourself to a bath? Baths actually use less water than showers do which also saves you money! Not to mention, baths are way more relaxing and soothing. Add some bubbles, candles, and wine and treat yourself!


There’s a good chance that you will find some awesome treasures if you go thrift shopping. Recycling, donating, or selling your clothes is a great alternative to throwing them out and having them end up in landfills. Another little clothing tip: an alternative way to recycle your old clothing is by making rags out of your old t-shirts. Instead of using paper towels to clean the kitchen, rags are a great alternative!


I know not every mom has the time to wash and clean cloth diapers and that disposable diapers are more convenient to most, but at least using a combination of both kinds helps the environment and saves you money. One cloth diaper a day is equivalent to 365 fewer disposables in landfills each year. Buying disposables add up to a big hole in the wallet too!

There are a lot of easy ways to save the environment as well as save your money. All you gotta do is think frugal, vina!

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