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These vinas are making history!

Hey vinas! Welcome to our new series, Fearless Femme Fridays. Each week, we’ll be rounding up a list of badass women who gave us major inspo. We’re giving a huge 🙌 to these amazing females. Meet them below!



Most people know Piper Perabo as CIA operative, Annie Walker in the series Covert Affairs, but on September 4th, she was arrested in real life for protesting in the Kavanaugh hearings for ‘civil disobedience’.

Piper was one of 70 protestors arrested that day, some of whom took turns standing up to say why they were protesting. Piper was arrested before she even finished her second line, which was, “the President is an unindicted co-conspirator in a criminal investigation, and I don’t think a president should be able to appoint judges until that’s been resolved.”

Hundreds of people have been protesting Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh, who will determine the future of women’s rights, voting rights, gun safety, LGBTQIA rights, the environment, and the right to be free from discrimination in the USA. And we support each one of them! 👏🏽

Read more about Piper and other protestors here.

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Rachel Ettinger, founder and creator of Here for Her, grew up with a supportive mother that worked as a nurse who educated and helped young women. This provided Rachel with an open environment to discuss women’s health issues (which she has since realized is not always so widely accepted).

This sparked her passion project, Here for Her. It is a social enterprise that aims to reduce the awkwardness that surrounds talking about vaginas and periods. A percentage of the profits are donated back to various women’s health initiatives, which is so amazing!

Since its inception on July 25, 2017, Here for Her has held multiple pop-up shops and events, raised money for women’s health initiatives, and continues to encourage people to open up comfortably and confidently about women’s health issues.

To learn more about Rachel, click here now!



Twenty-six-year-old plus-size model Tess Holliday appeared on the October cover of Cosmopolitan UK, which has resulted in quite the controversy. On one side, many see this as a step forward for the body positivity movement. On the other side, some people said that it’s promoting an unhealthy weight.

Despite the backlash that Tess’s beautiful cover photo has received, she’s taken it in stride and with confidence! In fact, she even responded by posting this on Instagram: “People who think I’m glorifying obesity are glorifying stupidity. I am pretty glorious though” 👊 👊 👊

Read more about Tess Holliday here.



Ayanna Pressley, a 44-year-old Boston city councillor, is set to become the first black woman elected to the US Congress in Massachusetts after beating House veteran Michael Capuano to secure the Democratic nomination. WE CANNOT CONTAIN OUR EXCITEMENT! 🌟 

Ayanna is one of many progressive, young and minority candidates representing the Democrats. In fact, this year there has been a historic amount of female candidates running for nominations.

“Change is coming and the future belongs to all of us,” Ayanna said in her speech after her win.

Read more about Ayanna Pressley’s win here.



Susie Wolff: the first female driver in 22 years to participate in a Grand Prix meeting, the founder of Dare to be Different (an initiative with the aim of getting more women involved in motorsport) and now, the first female team principal in all of Formula E history, which is the very first ever all-electric racing series.

With that, came a “two-step problem,” Susie said. The first problem being that there are not enough visible female role models, which then results in not enough women entering the sport. She hopes taking on this new role will encourage young women to get involved in the industry, whether it’s behind the scenes or behind the wheel.

“To be successful in this sport you need to be talented–your gender is actually irrelevant,” she said. Ain’t that the truth, Susie!

Read more about Susie Wolff here.

Come back next Friday and meet more kickass femmes. Until then, check out Hey! VINA to meet awesome vinas in your area. 

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