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Hit the friendship jackpot with the help of Hey! VINA!

When you hear the term 🌟VIP🌟, we bet a few words come to mind, like special, important, and powerful. Maybe you rocked your first VIP backstage pass at a JoBros concert back in the day (don’t worry–we’re not judging) or always got the VIP treatment on your birthday, and you can still feel that exciting, tingly feeling in your chest when you think about it. I mean, let’s be real: Who doesn’t want to be a total VIP in all aspects of their life??

Which is why when I thought up Hey! VINA’s premium VIP packages, I had vinas just like you in mind. So I wanted to explain ALL the VIP benefits for you–check out this video!


IMG_3D25B7AF69F8-1To recap, being a VINA VIP unlocks all these amaze features within the app, like seeing ALL the vinas who have viewed your profile or swiped right on you, and having the ability to instant match with a vina you want to be friends with!

And perhaps most important (besides you, of course) is the fact that signing up as a VINA VIP supports the future of tech for women, by women. Every 💸counts in our small (but mighty) start-up company and your VIP status means that the VINA team gets to continue building this awesome VINA community for women around the world–and aim even bigger.

Are you convinced yet? Good! Go check out the VINA VIP offerings in your Hey! VINA app and sign up now!

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