Why you don't need a dick to have Big Dick Energy.

Over the past few days, you might’ve heard the phrase “Big Dick Energy.” What started as references on Twitter to Anthony Bourdain and Pete Davidson’s endowment has turned into everyone wondering where they rank on the Big Dick Energy scale.

So what does BDE mean exactly? As Twitter user @priya_ebooks tweeted, “‘big dick energy’ is confidence without cockiness. it is never misplaced, and it cannot be simulated. it is the sexual equivalent of writing a check for $10K knowing you got it in the bank account.”

In other words, having Big Dick Energy means you’ve got a certain way about you. People are drawn to you. People want to be around you. People see you coming from a mile away. And don’t worry vinas—you DON’T actually need to have a dick to have Big Dick Energy: “Anyone can have Big Dick Energy if he (or she!) exudes the BDE aura,” according to Urban Dictionary. 

There you have it. And while we love that Big Dick Energy is gender-neutral, let’s all hear it for Big Vagina Energy too. Now BVE is something we really can get behind this summer.

Looking for a vina who has BDE? Start swiping!

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