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Me and Mother Nature forever.

An introvert’s favorite past time is bonding with oneself. We shy away from being the center of attention and we love our own company especially at large gatherings. Being alone is instilled in an introverts‘ honest nature, but that does not mean it should send out standoffish vibes.

My favorite way to spend my alone time includes going to music concerts and exploring the great outdoors because that’s when I am having the most fun. Due to my character, I value the flexibility to slither wherever I please at my natural pace, detach from a group of friends’ demands, and make new acquaintances on my own time.

Here are a few activities and reasons why bonding with ourselves in the great outdoors can help us recharge our energy especially for future social situations.


Zoomin’ on the bike path via Amber Mozo

Recently, I bought a vintage commuter road bicycle on Craigslist. It’s red with top down bars and rides as smooth as butter. After sundown, I like to bike around my neighborhood as the wind acts as the world’s largest fan. I put on some music, usually not heavy rock bands, but a lo fi hip hop DJ/producer like Nujabes (RIP). With the day ending and my mood softening, the parallelism of changing times allows me to bike and chill.

Recommended: The Wiggle, along Highway 1, the suburbs


One of the plentiful hiking trails overlooking the ocean at The Presidio via Roots Rated

Now that the weather is getting hotter, going on hikes early morning/late night is in store for the introverts. Exploring trails is one of my favorite activities done to decompress. The quietness, lack of busy intersections, large crowds, and forced socialization during a hike is less demanding on your mental and physical state. Big ups to Mother Nature for creating a beautiful scenery of mini waterfalls and huge Redwood trees.

Recommended: The Presidio, Golden Gate Park, Bernal Heights Park


Celebrate the Endless Summer at Baker Beach via Time Out

Find a spot with a view away from heavily populated areas, sit on the sand or a bench or stay planted in your car. Watch the waves kiss the shore and disappear to only loop itself again. Put in your headphones or turn on the speakers in your car, wear your beanie or dad cap, and listen to your favorite album from start to finish (if you got time). Rest your eyes, take a nap, read a book, and let your body relax as you get your tan on. Even on a gloomy day, hanging out at the beach can feel nostalgic which is a prime feeling for the introverts.

Recommended: Baker Beach, Fort Funston, Pacifica State Beach

As you find new activities to spend your time outdoors, its important to practice your awareness for a healthy body and mind. Allow yourself to use your time wisely. Clear the many thoughts in your mind and focus on giving what your body needs while exploring the hidden treasures of Mother Nature.

Tag us @ilikevina to show us where you’re spending quality introvert time! And download the Hey! VINA app to make friends when you have gotten too good at dating yourself.

(Feature Image by Simon Schmitt via Unsplash





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