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Seeing the world is a goal for many vinas, and we think it’s a great goal to have. Traveling with your vinas can be an amazing experience, but traveling alone can really be transformative. You don’t have go full Eat, Pray, Love, but here are some (very persuasive, we hope) reasons to do a solo trip at least once in your life:


Okay, don’t roll your eyes just yet. It’s cliché for a reason – there’s some truth and value to traveling to “find yourself”. When you’re constantly surrounded by other people, it can be hard to be introspective. Traveling alone gets you out of your normal routine, away from your normal social circle and into a new head-space. Even if it’s just discovering a new interest in a new place, it’s worth exploring what kind of person you are outside of your everyday life.



You’re an adult! Alone! You can literally do any (legal) thing you want! How exciting. When I lived in London, I took a solo weekend trip to Copenhagen and got to go to all the museums and galleries I wanted to (even one across the water in Malmo, Sweden). If I had been with my friends, they would’ve been bored by the fourth art museum, and I might’ve missed out on seeing some incredible Danish art. When you don’t have to please an entire group, you can experience exactly what you want to experience throughout your travels.

SAVE $$$

You might think traveling with other people will save you money, but in reality, it’s actually quite the opposite. Communal dinners will start to add up, not to mention the drinks. Plus, you can opt for cheaper flights or trains when your itinerary doesn’t rely on anyone else (red-eyes aren’t ideal for most people, but when you’re traveling alone you can more readily make little sacrifices like this). Your lodging will probably end up being cheaper. For example, renting a private room on AirBnb is cheaper than renting an entire apartment, or choosing to stay in a hostel can lower a trip’s cost dramatically. The fact that you are the only one who decides what is and is not worth the money will end up saving you a lot of cash. Choosing to walk instead of taking a taxi, skipping out on the pricey guided tour for a self-guided one, or buying groceries instead of every meal out are all little ways that you’ll save when you go solo. Instead splurge on some nice souvenirs for your vinas back home!

sanfrancisco_girls_unsplash copy


Groups or pairs of tourists can be intimidating to some people. As a group, you may be less likely to meet locals. But when you’re going solo, you can be more outgoing and spontaneous, which can lend itself to new friendships with locals. Use apps like Hey! VINA to meet local vinas who can show you around their fave spots. It’s much easier to make lasting connections one-on-one. You’re sure to find a new global bestie!

Do you prefer to travel alone or with your vinas? Let us know in the comments!

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