Art is an ineffable thing. That little word attempts to describe so many different mediums of the creative mind. Most of us are artists in our own way; even if we are not, there are many different types of art out in the world to be appreciated by all.

A few weekends ago I attended a Makers Mart in Sacramento, both as a vendor and consumer. I, myself, was not selling any of my own creations; however, I was assisting my friend sell her film photography prints. The Makers Market is held twice a year and the vendors sell everything from paintings to jewelry, cool metal mobiles to vegan gelato! Equipped with live music, beer and food, a person could spend an entire day there (as I did).

There were so many female creatives there, it was baffling. As I perused the items for sale, I interrogated a couple of the vendors. Below, I highlighted three of the merchants. I asked each of them one question pertaining to the market and all their answers shared a similar theme of community, support and persistence (all the best attributes of a feminist attitude).


Screen Shot 2017-07-05 at 2.50.13 PM

Emily Baedeker wearing Young’s Rainbow Fiber Earrings, via @leblondewhisperer

Roxanne Young is a jewelry designer based in San Francisco. She specializes in textile jewelry and wearable art. When asked if she has a “nine to five” in addition to her jewelry business, her response was authentic and unintentionally humorous. She rolled her eyes (just slightly) and said, “kind of… I have a four year old son.” So you can say, without hesitation, she definitely has another full time job; and he probably monopolizes her time during all hours of the day (not just nine to five).

Young has participated in many markets like this and she asserts that there is never a guarantee that one will break even. The best way to utilize a market is to network. There was one particular market that Young was a participant in a few years ago, at which she actually lost money. However, she met a business owner who started selling her jewelry in their brick-and-mortar store where Young’s jewelry has been sold ever since. Two key takeaways here are: don’t lose hope if you do not find immediate results, and make as many friends as possible.


I swear I possess no bias because she is my friend… Jenna Rae Gundelach is an uber talented photographer. As a California native, she currently resides in Oakland and like any good photographer, she always has her camera ready. Gundelach can make some of the most uptight and unphotogenic people look très chic (i.e. my mom).


This market was her first (ever) attempt at selling her prints in a public venue. Her set up was laid-back and inviting, with the hope of enticing the passive shoppers to step under her tent and take a gander at her selection of entirely film photography prints.

Gundelach’s advice to other artists looking to dip their toes into the market of artist markets: bring some of your friends to be advocates for your art. It can be really difficult to sell yourself, for no one wants to come across narcissistic. So have some of your more talkative and supportive friends with you in order to brag to perspective buyers about how amazing you are at whatever it is you do. I talked her up to a someone from Sunset Magazine, a local barber who is looking for a photographer to collaborate on a cool look-book for his business, and many more potentially life-altering networking opportunities. It helps, of course, that her prints are truly breathtaking.


One of the youngest vendors present, at twenty-three, Savannah Nicholson is already able to support herself solely on her jewelry business, Anahata Rae. She has a bright smile and a beautiful soul, maintaining that each item she designs is “intended to bring joy and beauty into the world.” How sweet is that? Her jewelry is trendy (in the best way), and beautifully presented.

Nicholson was able to become fully dependent on Anahata Rae in January of this year. Having lived in Sacramento, the Bay Area, and now San Luis Obispo, she has participated in many markets. She upholds that there is a definite learning curve when it comes to selling in a market setting. The first couple of times are not guaranteed success, but after one figures out the best way for their products to draw people in, one will see a steady increase in sales.

After spending all day in the ninety-something degree heat, I left having only made one purchase (besides the vegan gelato, twice), and it was the Luna Necklace from Anahata Rae.

All of these artists held a common sentiment about the Makers Mart. At marts like these, there is always a chance of a competitive atmosphere; however, all of the vendors seemed to be happy to come together as a community of artists in order to build each other up. I saw multiple vendors buying from each other, making business connections, and becoming friends.

Always support your vinas in their creative endeavors and make sure you have vinas who will do so for you. If not (or if you just want more), download the Hey! VINA app to meet more great gals in your area.

If you are looking for a market like this to attend or sell at, here are a few that are coming up:

Renegade Craft Fair
San Francisco: July 15 + 16 (this weekend)
Chicago: July 14-16
Seattle: July 22 + 23
Portland (OR): July 29 + 30
(additional locations/dates can be found by following the link above)

Artists and Fleas
Williamsburg: every Sat-Sun
Soho: All week, every week!
LA- Venice: Every 2nd and 4th Saturday

And if you don’t reside near a big city, google your local flea markets to support the creatives in your area!

Comment below your favorite markets to attend and/or the coolest thing you ever bought at a market. 

(Feature image via @rstreetblockparty)





So you’ve matched with a Vina on the Hey! VINA app and fast forward through the introductions, it’s time to plan your first hang out! Here is an extensive list of free and inexpensive music inclined activities to get to know your new Vina(s).


You could work out alone but why not make the first hang out a date with a group class exercise? Find a sport that’s not overly demanding or challenging on the body so you can enjoy the new lifestyle changes you’re making together. Plus by challenging each other to reach lifestyle goals, you can meet new people together and discover new music.


Cycling with warriors via Courier Paper

It’s a 50-minute stationary bike workout that’s perfect for biking enthusiasts and Vinas who love artist-themed classes featuring hits from Beyonce, Taylor Swift, and Katy Perry. (Whose side are you on?) $32~ 


For a revitalizing environment, step away from the typical yoga room and take a class with Outdoor Yoga SF. Set in the beautiful location of Baker Beach, this group class is different from the norm. Listen to tropical house music with headphones during this silent activity while you focus on your breathing. What a peaceful way to say goodbye to Friday and hello to the weekend! $14.50-$29


Enjoy the breeze at Baker Beach via OUTDOOR YOGA SF


Practice your Virabhadrasana I (Warrior I) pose at Public Works via LA Weekly














On the same spectrum of yoga, try a class at a music venue like Public Works for a tantalizing experience with Deep House Yoga SF. $25



Ned Schneebly shredding the gnar via Plugged In

Sometimes San Francisco weather can surprise the city with a rainy day which doesn’t leave many activities to do; however, a perfect day doesn’t have to consist of going out! Have you learned a new song that you want to teach? Or heard a new song you want to cover but need vocals? Get together and jam to your hearts’ content then practice your singing skills at the karaoke bar! It’s a definite fun way to get the creative juices flowin’. Priceless.



Enjoy the sun and live music via Stern Grove Festival

Want to go to an admission-free concert outdoors on Sunday’s? Celebrating its 80th year, Stern Grove Festival is happening on June 25 to August 27, 2017. Artists performing include Kool and the Gang, Moon Hooch, San Francisco Ballet, and GRAMMY-nominated singer Ximena Sarinana. It’s a lovely and relaxing event to host a picnic with your Vinas and enjoy some live music especially in the summer! Priceless.


It’s Thirsty Thursday and you and your Vina are feeling spontaneous and social. Every Thursday night, California Academy of Sciences Nightlife opens the museum for adults who enjoy live music and creature exhibits. With various themed weeks, enjoy the butterflies, penguins, and an albino alligator named Clyde. Don’t forget #SHARKWEEK and the Osher Rainforest. In addition, cocktails are available (cash only) to give your night a 360 degree fun turn for a night at the museum. $12 member, $15 non-member



Mezzanine is a popular dance and music venue for live music and DJ’s located in South of Market via SF New Years

Do you and your Vina share a similar taste in music? Maybe your favorite musician or DJ/producer is coming to town. How about attending a concert together! And for a cheaper fix, make your way to Dance Yourself Clean (An Indie Pop Dance Party); they play tunes by LCD Soundsystem, Phantogram, Miike Snow, and more. $20+~ 

In a city where female musicians often visit, Vinas will find any of the music-based activities to be perfect for a first Vina date. Check listings on Songkick, Bandsintown, Resident Advisor, and for a fun mix of indie, rock, and electronic shows. Worthy venues to check out in San Francisco include The Independent, The Fillmore, Mezzanine, and 1015 Folsom.

Which one of these first date options are you planning to attend? Tell us in the comment section or Instagram your memories at @ilikevina

(Feature Image Via THE HEUREKA)



This Labor Day weekend, bring your vinas on a #ladydate they’ll never forget.

Let’s be honest: FOMO is high for Labor Day as friends take to the desert or fly off on some end-of-summer excursion. But never fear, vinas ! Here is your invite to the fashion event of the year.

Supermodel Madeline Stuart is coming to San Francisco to be featured in a first-of-its-kind silent fashion show, fittingly titled “Love without Words.” You probably saw Madeline all over your Facebook wall when she went viral as the first professional model with Down Syndrome. She’s walked down the runways of New York Fashion Week twice (swoon), and Buzzfeed, Cosmopolitan, and The Today Show could not stop talking about Madeline. Talk about a lady brag!

What’s a wordless fashion show? As a reflection of the communication challenges faced by children with Autism and other disabilities, attendees will be challenged to communicate without words. Don’t fret, you’ll be given picture cards and other tools to help you connect in unique ways.

The event will benefit a non-profit, founded by one of our very own vinas, Christa Preston, and her organization embraceKulture, working for children affected by Autism, Down Syndrome and other disabilities in Africa.

Love without Words will take place at the SF Institute of Possibility – an incredible circus- inspired venue – on Sunday, September 4 from 1PM to 4PM.


Tickets are limited, so don’t hesitate! Available on Eventbrite now. Admission includes high tea (ooh la la) and hors d’oeuvres.

So grab your vinas for an epic lady date. Be apart of an experience that everyone will be talking about while giving back! What could be better?

(Featured image by @madelinesmodelling_)


We’ve just passed our 3 month mark of the Hey! VINA app being live in the App Store, and we couldn’t be more excited to say that there are vinas making new friends in 9 metropolitan areas! That’s a total of 195 cities!

As of today, you if you live in or are visiting the following places, you can use Hey! VINA:

  1. San Francisco Bay Area
  2. New York City Metro Area
  3. Los Angeles County
  4. Boston, Massachusetts 
  5. Washington D.C.
  6. Chicago Metro Area
  7. Austin, Texas
  8. Toronto, Canada
  9. AmyGrayPhotography-84

    Photo: of LA vinas Linda & Christina

    London, England

If you’re currently in one of these cities and still getting an “You’re on the list!” screen, try going to your location settings, and toggling between your Facebook location and “Use my current location,” to make sure we have your current location up to date!

For those of you who are patiently waiting in other places around the world, know that we’re coming for you very soon! 

xx Olivia