You made your resolutions on December 31 with the temperament that 2019 would be the year you kept them. It’s mid-January, and those promises are long gone. Now what? The sun will still shine tomorrow.  Take a deep breath and repeat after me: “This is not the end of the world!”  Now repeat until you believe it. Your New Year’s resolution does not define you, girl.  You’re still in this.  It is just a matter of altering the plan.

Whatever your plans were to transform yourself into you 2.0, if you’ve failed, either the plan wasn’t tailored to you, or you didn’t really want to make the change. If it’s the former, take a step back and re-evaluate the whole plan.  Make a list and answer the following questions.  The only way you can make this work is if you invest good quality time in the plan.

estee-janssens-551011-unsplashFirst remember the most important thing: What is the goal? Write it in bold letters at the top of your journal. Think about what worked and what didn’t, and make a separate list – things like, “I didn’t wake up early enough” or “I didn’t plan my traveling properly” would be things that didn’t work. Things that worked would be, “I felt so much better 2-3 days in” or “I could control my feeling more.”  Build yourself up on this side of the list.  You deserve all the praise you give yourself.  You’ve done well up until now—give yourself the credit.

Think of ways to make what didn’t work better or more tangible and realistic.  Let’s say you did not fraction in how tired you would be after work; fix it by figuring out what tires you out during the day. Perhaps it is emotional fatigue, or maybe you are crashing after too much coffee or sugar.

Another way to go about it could be to change the wording of the goal. Your mind has already figured out that you did not stick to your resolution once.  It will be a lot harder to convince yourself that you can obtain the same goal again.  If you change the words, you can trick your mind into thinking it’s a different goal.

As a general rule while you try to get back on the saddle, set realistic targets. There’s no point in setting a goal to lose 10 pounds in a week if you know working out five times a week is an unrealistic target. Be practical and set expectations that you know are within your reach.

If you broke your promise to yourself because you weren’t committed to it in the first place, these are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  1. What would you gain and what would you lose by not completing the task?
  2. Who would be the most disappointed that you didn’t complete it?
  3. What or who was the real reason you set the goal in the first place?
  4. In what ways will achieving the goal better your life?

If you find that you answered any of those questions with someone else in mind, whether it’s an actual person in your life or for a future someone (read: SO), you don’t really want it and should be shifting your vision from other people to yourself. Remember every dream can be made into a reality if you just set out a practical plan with steps to getting there.  And most of all, just keep going.  If you missed a day, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Good luck, stay focused, hopeful and believe in yourself.

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It’s that time of year. Everyone is all, “New Year, new me,” and here I am just trying to avoid all these posts from my friends and family. I hate the new year for this reason. Why do we need the new year to make us want to change?

Let’s be honest, January 1 is the day when everyone is declaring how they will be new and improved this year. As if the first day in January is any different than March 15 or August 2. Why does January 1 make everyone want to go crazy?

Personally, I stopped making resolutions a few years ago. I found myself setting unrealistic expectations for myself that I wouldn’t normally do. Instead, I made myself some goals and checked in on it a few times a year. Then, toward the latter half of the year, I would review what I had done, what I maybe could still do, and what I could just cross off. It put me in a better headspace. I felt more in control. It is the act of “failing better” – when you stop putting resolutions on yourself, it gives you an opportunity to fail and recover. Nothing is written in stone, which means you can get back on that horse and try again.

Let’s talk about some of the not-so-healthy things we do in the name of the New Year, and how to change that mindset!



Maybe you’re not aware, but there’s a movement for body positivity and loving yourself. Some of us have had to teach ourselves how to love the body we have. Many of us still struggle. I try to gas myself up, and gas up the women around me, because I want them to love themselves. I hate hearing my best friend talk about “when I’m down 30 more pounds I’ll be comfortable.” No sis! You’re gorgeous the way you are! If we keep telling ourselves that 30 pounds from now “I’ll be worth loving” or “I’ll be worth buying this dress” or “I’ll be worthy,” then we’re not doing ourselves any favors.

Diets and fads are the most harmful thing. Obviously, if you’re on a specific diet due to lifestyle, sure! Examples are vegan, gluten-free (for medical), etc. But to follow a diet because it’s trending is insane, in my opinion. Especially when there are many reputable articles out there telling us how harmful diet culture is.

Let’s not forget that we are showing our kids this. When we constantly go on fad diets, we’re showing our girls that we have to keep up with the Joneses (or the Kardashians) in order to be accepted in society. We’re telling them that their bodies aren’t okay the way they are.  

Instead, why not just try healthy eating rather than a fad diet? Why not try to love yourself? Make that your resolution to love yourself unconditionally.

Like Mama Ru says: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love someone else? Can I get an amen?” Amen, Mother Ru.


Why do you wait until the new year to join a gym? They count on all of us to want to rush to the gyms. They prey on you to get into this contract with them so that they can charge you for a whole year. And for some of these gyms, good luck getting out of that contract. I have seen in some gyms that you literally need a doctor to tell them why you are unable to work out. Then they will consider to let you out of your contract.

Instead of joining a gym, why not join your local rec center? How about the YMCA? A local fitness group that meets in a park? Or just watch The Fitness Marshall on YouTube and dance along with him. He’s amazing and you can get in a good workout. Also, there are tons of fitness apps you can download on your phone, tablet, or smart TV/device. Save some money and gas.



Yeah, that small of a number. Shocking isn’t it? Depending on the source, you can find numbers that range from 10% to 39% – but a lot of it has to do with the age demographic and the specific goals. But still, it’s not a lot!

It also doesn’t help that people tend to focus on the things about themselves they don’t like and the things they want to change. By doing this, you’re evoking these negative emotions in yourself. Generally speaking, these negative emotions aren’t going to motivate you.


The word resolution – close to resolute (read: unwavering) – sounds so final. As if it can’t be changed. Instead, try making goals! Some goals to try this year:

  • Join the ACLU

  • Meditate more

  • Enroll in school

  • Try to keep in touch with friends more often

  • Make time for yourself x times a week/month

  • Eat healthier, but don’t deny cravings

  • Be kinder to yourself

  • Read more books this year

 See? Aren’t those better goals than some of those resolutions?

Toward the end of the year, and for the first few weeks at the beginning of the year, the commercials are all aimed at “New year, new you”. I say bull****: New Year, same you. Maybe a better you, but not a new you. You’re already perfect. And if you don’t have a vina to tell you that, let me be it! I’m here to gas you up.

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Happy New Year to everyone reading this! As 2019 has arrived, it is a popular time for people to be making New Year’s resolutions. These are notoriously hard to stick to, but check out these tips and tricks to help follow your freshly-made goals! As an example, I’ll be sticking to going to the gym as our main goal—but they are easily applied to any and all objectives you may have in mind.


Don’t let the past control your present mind. The past is a series of moments which can never be relived. The future is moments which you can look forward to. Instead, to get yourself to stick to your gym plans (for example), you can look forward to how healthy you will feel after your workout or the fun of buying new gym clothes. This will keep you motivated to reach what you want.

I suggest using the SMARTER goal acronym. S: specific, M: measurable, A: attainable, R: realistic, T: time-bound, E: economical, and the final R stands for reward. An example of this would be losing 10 pounds in six months—this is specific. Measurable means how you will measure your success, for losing weight you would use a scale. For the goal to be attainable, you would have to make a plan. For example, starting a schedule to go to the gym five times a week, or setting aside Sundays as your day to prepare meals.

For the goal to be realistic, you must determine if it can actually be achieved. If the goal was to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, that wouldn’t be realistic. However, the time frame and goal is something that can actually happen with a plan. Time-bound is the time frame which you will try to achieve your goal, six months, for example. Economical refers to how much it will cost. If you are trying to lose weight and you hire a personal trainer, that will cost money. If this is too expensive for you, then it wouldn’t be economical. It is important for a goal to be within your budget or it will cause added stress, making your goal harder to achieve. Finally, you must reward yourself. You should plan the reward before you start trying to achieve your goal; this will give you something to look forward to. Setting realistic and achievable goals will help you stay true to your resolution.



This resolution is a new part of your life. You must let yourself ease into it while breaking an old habit and forming this new one. For example, if your goal is to go to the gym five times a week, start with once a week for the first week. Then go twice a week for the next two weeks. After this, go three times, four times and so on. Starting out at five times a week would be overwhelming and could make your resolution harder to keep.


What this means is you promise yourself that you are going to keep your resolution. It should be specific and realistic. I suggest writing it down and reading it every day. Vowing to yourself is an important step.

To go along with the SMARTER goals and making vows, writing them down and placing them in your everyday environment also helps. Write down your goals and promises on sticky notes and put them where you will see them as daily reminders to keep striving for the goal. Also, writing positive affirmations can create a positive environment, which makes keeping the resolution easier. My favorite positive affirmation is, “Everything I need comes effortlessly and naturally.” I have mine in my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, as well as my screen saver on my phone and laptop. Some people like to put them in their wallet, car, or on something related to their goal, like a treadmill for example.


You can do this to whatever extent you want: telling just friends and family versus posting on social media. Or shouting it from your window, and filling your uber driver in on your way to work. Whatever works for you! Either way, making your goals known will hold you accountable for keeping your resolution.

Let’s face it. New Year’s resolutions are not easy to keep, because they are often about changing something big in your life. My greatest piece of advice is to use these tips for any and every change you want to make, and don’t wait until the next new year. 2020 is far away, and you have a whole year to make your life amazing. Most importantly, live fearlessly and have a happy New Year!

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It’s January which means “new year, new me”—right?

Every year my New Year’s Resolutions are all about self-improvement. I make a plan to read more books, go to the gym more often, or finally find a haircut that won’t make my hair look so frizzy all the time… things like that.

And while these resolutions generally help me set good goals for the year, last January I realized that none of my recent self-improvement resolutions helped me to improve my social life. So, last year I decided that my new year’s resolution should be to try new things, get out of my comfort zone and even gain some new life experiences. And that’s when I set a goal to branch out. Boy oh boy, did I do it. I found myself making new friends, trying new things, and learning a lot about myself along the way.

While your new year’s resolution may already be underway, you can use these four tips to branch out this month and see where it takes you.


It didn’t take long for me to realize one of the easiest ways to start branching out is to simply break your routine. It’s so easy to get into daily habits, especially when you’re so busy with work and mundane chores that you don’t have the energy to do anything else. You find yourself doing the same thing every single day, never giving yourself the opportunity to change it up.

I started small and took baby steps. Every night, I would come home from work feeling exhausted, eat dinner and go straight to bed. I thought it was about time I changed things up. I set a goal to go out with friends to a new place at least once a week. It wasn’t a big change—going out with some friends for sushi or going bowling, but it was just enough to make a difference to my routine. It helped me go to new places, meet new people and I had a lot of fun.

You can do this, too, by finding a spot in your day that you have room to switch up. Maybe it’s changing your path on your evening jog or watching a different news channel in the morning. Changing your routine can open your mind to new things and give you an opportunity for new experiences!

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I’ve always been a bit of a picky eater. I know what I like and always find myself sticking to the safe option at a restaurant, something I know I like or I’ve had before. I even find myself going to the same restaurants over and over because I know the food will be good, and I knew that in my quest to branch out this had to change.

I ended up making a sort of game out of it with one particular friend. Whenever we’d go out to eat, we’d try to find a place we’d both never been to before. This was pretty easy to do in my city, as there are always new places popping up. Or, when I was alone, I’d go online and look up places to eat.

Some of the restaurants I went to were amazing, while others I’d for sure never go back. But either way, I was so excited to learn more about food and about what I like. I always thought I was a picky eater, but it turns out that there is a lot of food I like. I love shabu shabu, all kinds of Indian food, and even squash on pizza. It broadened my palate, expanded my culinary interests and even opened my mind.

It’s amazing what a change of scenery (and menu) can do.


I found that one of the best ways to branch out is to take a class. If you’re having flashbacks to math tests from high school, don’t panic. These classes don’t have to be hard. In fact, they should be fun.

I had a great time taking a ballroom dance class at the local junior college and took an oil painting class at a community center near my house. While I loved learning about painting, my favorite part was talking to the other students in the class. We had a lot in common because we lived in the same area (and liked to paint), and I ended up learning something new and making friends at the same time.

Think of something you’re interested in (and would like to know more about) and find a class near you. Maybe you’re interested in cooking or scrapbook making. Maybe you’re interested in taking a philosophy course, gardening, or vinyasa yoga. Make a list of classes you’d like to take and do a quick internet search in your area. You’ll probably be surprised at how much you find!


Volunteering is a great way to branch out because, not only is it a great excuse to meet new people and help others, but it might also help you try something new and put you out of your comfort zone.


Recently I signed up to help plant trees and had such a great time. I’m not usually one to garden—I don’t have a backyard and am used to living in a suburban area, so I don’t often find myself out with nature. But it was so fun to be outside with my hands in the soil. Not only did I get to feel good for helping out with a great cause, but I got to try something new and learn that I really do enjoy being out in nature. Maybe one day I’ll even find myself moving into a house with a yard and tending my own garden.

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Happy New Year’s Eve, vinas! While I’m not into traditional New Year’s resolutions (I only set myself up for success) attention must be paid! It’s in our nature to hold on to things, especially if they make us feel comfortable. Most of us just really don’t like change, even if what’s comfortable is hurting us. Who wants to be hurt or stagnant? NO ONE! Here are five key things we need to kiss goodbye in 2018 to fully rock out in 2019.


With all us women have to conquer these days, in order to destroy that glass ceiling, we need supportive ladies around us. If you question a friend’s motives more than you’d like to admit, it’s time to let her go. We’re only stronger if we surround ourselves with vinas who support us and who we can support.


Yes, we all have responsibilities, but that extra-curricular that is leaving you half empty instead of half full, needs to go! Life is too short to be unhappy. Stop doing activities you dread, get rid of unnecessary material possessions, and de-clutter a bit!


Stop putting off that thing that you’ve been wanting to do forever. Is it a vacation, getting in shape, running that 5K? Stop putting it off until next year and do it now! We always think there’s time until there’s not. Don’t let that happen, start to conquer your goals now!


Your worth is not determined by anyone else. Constructive criticism is great but always consider the source. Even if the advice is coming from your friend, take everything with a grain of salt!


People don’t know how to value you if you don’t show them how. If you speak negatively about yourself, that shows them that it’s okay to treat to just as bad as you treat yourself. Be your biggest fan and set the tone for how you expect to be treated. Also, it doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with women who guide you to do this themselves!

2019 should be all about being good to yourself and others. Let go any and all behavior that negates positive vibes with the help of some kickass vinas on Hey! VINA!


Hey vinas! So, the holidays are around the corner and it’s almost time to write out those resolutions! Don’t have any in mind yet? It’s okay. The current year is still here, and you still have time to make things right and accomplish your goals. But what is the real secret to finishing out the year strong, before the new year? Well, go out and experience life!


As humans, we get the most out of experience, so that will always be number one. How were you best able to grow? Well, you were pushing yourself out there into the world, experiencing life itself. I can make all the vision boards I want to, but some of the best life-changing experiences and catalysts for true self-growth are the pictures that aren’t on the board. Mistakes will be made, vinas, but it’s okay. Sometimes we want to carefully plan out our every step. That is totally fine, but there is a plan B – Z, that we always make, ladies. And why? We all know the famous excuse, “Just in case, plan A, doesn’t work” Now, a second way to make things work and finish the year strong would be to visualize and attract what we want, which is what some people set out to do and achieve their dreams. Also, a third way to finish 2018 strong is to never give up. Life is hard sometimes, but perseverance ensures that the fire will always burn deep within you.


We all say that life is full of ups and downs. That is because the statement is truer than ever before, vinas. We can never wait and plan too much, because life will go on, with or without you. I never want you to go out into the world aimlessly, so yes, have a plan, but don’t think it is the end of the world if you don’t achieve your goals right away. There are little side roads that may appear, but they are there to teach a lesson. Know that you’ll always get back onto the main road again, so live your life, vina!


This powerful duo goes hand in hand. We all know to “attract what we want,” but how can we do so? There are various books on the subject. This is an essential key to getting what we want. The mind is a powerful thing, so why not use it to your advantage? We can have what we want if we simply believe. I am definitely using this method, and it has given some amazing opportunities, so put this on your list, vinas!



Yes, vinas, I still want you to make that vision board and write those resolutions down. Do not think that your plans will not happen. They will. The key among many, is persistence. My point of life being full of ups and downs, applies greatly with this key point, because many give up when life throws them a curveball. You can not give up, if you really want to manifest and make your dreams a reality. Never, ever give up vinas.
I know that all of the essential keys in this list will take you far, in not only accomplishing goals for this year, but for yourselves moving forward. To really finish this year strong, visualize yourself and where you want to be in your life. There’s no better time than the present, to grab life by the reins and enjoy the ride, uniquely built for you, vinas!

Happy holidays and a happy new year to all you vinas!

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We’re a month into 2017, and you may not be where you wanted to be. Face it. You only went to the gym six times, and you wrote, like, one page of that novel you’ve been talking about. But no worries! There’s no time like the present to recommit to your New Year’s resolutions. We’ve got a few tricks to get you back on track.


Guilt is the worst! It makes you mean, it makes you judgmental, but, most importantly, it inhibits you from recommitting. Forget that you haven’t been at your goal since the first of the year, and look forward. The past is in the past, so leave it there.


Like you’re in high school English class all over again, jot down an outline of the steps needed to make your goals a reality. Go as in-depth as possible, predicting any potential obstacles and accounting for necessary smaller steps. Mapping it all out will prevent the unforeseen roadblocks that usually knock people off track.


There is a reason reward systems are in place, and it’s because we respond really well to incentives. Promise to give yourself a reward a month or two out for getting however many steps closer to (or fully achieving) your goal. Make it something you really want—a pair of shoes, a steak dinner, a facial. Sometimes, looking at the big picture can be a little too overwhelming and force us to cheat, give up, or stray. Little rewards can drive big results.


If your goal is to volunteer, then take the small step of setting aside a day to research local charities. If your goal is to stop eating gluten, then clean out your cupboards, and donate the food. If you want a new job, redo your résumé. Think of it like the prep work for the real work. Breaking things down into manageable tasks will help you get a move on.


This is a fun activity that can get you jazzed about the changes you’re making. Plus, if you feel like straying, you can revisit your mood board to remind yourself of the importance of recommitting. Tack some things to the board that will inspire you, save you from cheating, or remind you why this is something you want for yourself. Get collaging!

Making changes is not easy, but it is worth it. Recommit, show up, and see this thing through!

Have you kept up with your New Year’s resolutions so far? Let us know! 

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We officially have only four days to decide what our 2017 resolutions will be and if you’re anything like me, you probably haven’t begun thinking about yours yet. It can be sort of stressful, because we all know the cliché – no one keeps up the facade of health and morality very long into the new year. And well, most clichés stem from some sort of truth.

The appeal of making resolutions is strong. New year, new me and all that jazz. But there’s really no point if we’re not going to follow through and really change our habits and lifestyles for the better.

So, what can we do?


I really think the #1 reason most resolutions fail is because they just aren’t realistic. One year in college, I swore to myself that I would stop buying coffee because I could get it as part of my food plan in the dining hall. But since we weren’t allowed to take anything to go (and I couldn’t be bothered to wake up early enough to sit down and drink my coffee before class), it wasn’t really a realistic goal for me at the time.

You have to choose goals that you know are achievable. I’m not saying you shouldn’t push yourself a little bit – in fact, I think you should! But don’t set yourself up for guaranteed failure by choosing something currently impossible for you.


If you do something for 21 days straight, it will become habit. I’m too lazy to Google this, but I’m pretty sure that it’s a thing. Let’s say you want to start drinking more water. If you commit to drinking a certain amount every day for 21 days, after that it will feel like a part of your normal routine. There will probably be some sort of hump to get over in the midst of that first month where you think I will never take a another sip of this horrid hydrating drink EVER again! But after you get past that, you’ll wonder why you didn’t start hydrating your body sooner.


It’s easy to be very laissez faire about the whole resolutions thing. I get it. In the long run, you’re only accountable to yourself. And we’ve already seen what that can mean for motivation. But I implore you (and myself!) to take your 2017 goals seriously! Really think about what you want and can achieve in the new year, and give it all you’ve got. Make a monthly plan with tangible steps to achieve your goals, and track your progress. This way, come January 1st, 2018, you’ll have some real improvements to be proud of!

I hope these tips help you craft resolutions you feel good about sticking to next year. Now if you excuse me, I’m going to go start thinking about mine! Tweet us your resolutions or comment below, we’d love to hear them!


Happy (almost) 2017 vinas! Whether you’re a fan of New Year’s Resolutions or not, I’m sure you’ve got a goal or two you are looking to achieve in 2017… you #bossbabe you 😉

Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success and smashing those 2017 goals using some of my favorite tips.


Take some time to journal and collect your thoughts on the past year. What were the highs? What were the lows? Did you follow through on the goals you set out for yourself? If not, what got in your way?


Ok I know this idea is a little new-agey but it WORKS. I’m serious… I’m a BIG believer that what you put out into the universe has a way of coming back to you. When I was in college in Boston (many years ago…), I created a vision board. On the board I had a picture of a boss babe (I wanted to own my own business), a Dubai landmark (I have always wanted to go there), a picture of the state of California (I knew I wanted to live there), and a handsome dude.

Well? I currently live in California, started my own biz, visited Dubai last year and I have a wonderful man in my life. Okay, okay, wait –let me preface this by saying…this didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it happened over the course of many years, and there were tons of hard times along the way (i.e. two lay-offs, heartbreak, and a loss of friendships, just to name a few), but the important thing is I kept believing and trusting the process.

I am a firm believer that we are the creators of our own destiny and the more you “put out” what you want in your life, the higher probability that it will come back. Plus, creating a vision board is such a fun project (psst – and a great one to do with a vina!).


  • Wellness goals: Fitness? Nutrition? Spiritual?
  • Career/business goals: Promotion? Pay raise? Start your own business? Education?
  • Friendship goals: Make new friends? Nurture current friendships? Spend more time with your vinas?
  • Self improvement: Learn a new skill? Travel to a new destination? Read more books?


First ask yourself:

  • When do you want to reach your goal by?
  • What habit needs to happen every month so that you reach your goal?
  • What habit needs to happen each week to make that “thing” happen each month?
  • What habit needs to happen each day to make that thing happen each month?

For example, let’s say your goal is to learn how to cook in 2017 (thank God my boyfriend doesn’t read this).

  • Goal: Learn how to cook in 2017.
    • (Habit) Every month: Commit to cooking for someone else 1x per month.
    • (Habit) Every week: Commit to cooking 3-5 meals at home from the recipes you collected.
    • (Habit) Everyday: Spend 5 minutes collecting new recipes.

Consistent action through habits is the key to reaching your goals and to making the intangible into tangible.


  • Are you on track? If you are, celebrate! If not, what is holding you back?
  • Do your goals feel *right* to you at this point in your life? If it doesn’t feel like the right time for this goal, or if it just feels wrong, get rid of it! It’s one thing to hold yourself accountable to goals you truly want, but it’s perfectly fine to nix the ones that just don’t serve you.
  • Do you have a new goal you want to add? Perhaps you realized you have a genuine interest to learn to code or learn a new language. If that’s the case, go for it!

What are your goals for 2017? Tweet us at @ilikevina or comment below!

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