“Girls Supporting Girls.” A phrase you might have heard a lot lately on most social media platforms. This social media movement is changing the way that girls interact with each other in this fourth-wave feminist era that we are currently in. The growing popularity of the “Girls Supporting Girls” mantra has turned into the #GirlsSupportingGirls hashtag trend, where women are not only showing how they shine, but how bright all of the women in their lives shine, too.

#GirlsSupportingGirls is an online movement that fosters a community of powerful girlbosses who support each other in all of their endeavors. In an effort to totally subvert the past (when creative and professional women may have otherwise been pitted against each other and female relationships been poisoned by jealousy and competition), #GirlsSupportingGirls eliminates all the petty nonsense and makes way for change towards acceptance and love. Women are now realizing that turning against one another is not an option.

YouTuber Adelaine Morin‘s line of (yellow) merch is a good example of how it’s done. The recently launched merchandise line includes shorts, t-shirts, hoodies, backpacks, notebooks, planners, hats, and blankets with the motto “Girls Supporting Girls” printed on it, which many Youtubers and influencers have shown support of through various postings. Big bonus: Proceeds from the hoodies in particular go to different charities that support women’s empowerment! (For example in July, it was donated to help fight ovarian cancer.) We are lovin’ that so much, vinas!

Aside from cool merchandise that supports this cause, there are also tons of platforms and hashtags all over the internet where girls can love and support each other. #GirlsSupportingGirls has over 63,000 posts on Instagram and the other hashtag, #GirlsSupportGirls, has over 110,000 posts. Add to the numbers, girl!


Taking part in #GirlsSupportingGirls is another way of expressing self-love along with the love of fellow women, finding the worth in them as well as in yourself, and becoming powerful together as one. Instead of being catty and dragging each other down like society has long expected us to, #GirlsSupportingGirls is all about being kind, being proud of each other, and being the best version of ourself that we can be.

So how do we do it? It can be anything from vouching for a coworker who’s doing a great job at work, complimenting a random girl you just met, doing unexpected nice things for the women in your life, or not shaming girls for what they choose to post online even if some think it is ‘not ladylike.’ It can also be endorsing that connection of yours for her social media skills on LinkedIn, helping that random girl who’s drunk in the bar get home safe (or at least holding her hair back), and telling your vinas how much you appreciate them. It’s basically just endlessly supporting your soul sisters—on and offline. Get out there and support the vinas in your life!

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Vinas, as you know, we are beings that crave visual stimulation. For many of us, the life we lead reflects our immediate environment. If there is chaos happening around us, there is chaos happening inside of us. If there is complacency surrounding us physically, there is complacency surrounding us mentally. Add to that this crazy society that constantly tells us we will never be good enough, and life gets as dry and brittle as my ends when I skip getting a trim. Yikes! I mean, in this social climate, how is anyone supposed to get their lives together?

Well….what if I told you inspiration is always at your fingertips? Literally! All you need to do is just open your Instagram. Instead of following accounts that preach to alter who you, follow accounts that help inspire you to unlock that badass that already exists within you.

Here’s a few accounts you need to hit the follow button on:

Just Livin’ Baby (@jstlbby)
With nails for days, Just Livin’ Baby is the best friend you never knew you needed. She is a genuine soul that praises imperfection and the room for growth in all of us. The advice she gives is so honest and universal; people from all walks of life can find wisdom in her words. On a day where you may be feeling like you don’t even want to get out of bed, one of her videos is sure to get you back to being the boss vina you know you are. With the flick of a wrist, Just Livin’ Baby encourages her followers to recognize their strength and limitless capacity for resilience like they never have before.

Amina Mucciolo (@StudioMucci)

Amina Mucciolo leads a life so colorful that even Grumpy Cat couldn’t resist smiling. This body positive, femme forward YouTuber brightens the rainiest day with her sunny disposition and positive outlook on life. Amina’s feed radiates with a celebration of self. She embraces every inch of her body, and every quirk of her personality. She inspires people everyday to be proud of who they are—regardless of how anyone else feels about it. Amina personifies the saying “only rainbows after rain.”


Baddie Winkle (@Baddiewinkle)

You’re never too old to be a bad bitch vina. At 89 years young, Baddie Winkle is slaying the girls look after look and post after post. When it comes to being bad and boujee, Baddie Winkle is the OG. You know the stigma that claims women lose their sexy after a certain age? She shuts that down real quick. Ms. Winkle will steal your man and your grandpa if you’re not careful. Baddie pays the haters dust, and they are sick! #UnbotheredQueen!

Britney Spears (@BritneySpears)

She is the one, the only, the iconic… Britney Spears! After facing much adversity in the past, it is nice to see Britney living her best life. From the cute posts about her man and kids to the electrifying dance videos that leave us wanting a ticket to her show, Britney proves time and time again that she remains carefree and happy. She got her groove back, and so can you. Our girl Britney still knows how to break it down. She is just as lovable as she has always been.

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls (@amypoehlersmartgirls)

Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls is an organization tailored for eccentric vinas that aren’t afraid to flaunt their intellect. This type of vina isn’t necessarily the vina everyone wants to be– she’s the girl everyone should be, the girl that is true to herself no matter what the social norms call for. The Smart Girls account shares the stories of vinas around the world who are using their “authentic selves” to make the world a better place. Amy Poehler’s Smart Girls makes sure to “emphasize intelligence and imagination over fitting in,” in the words of the organization itself. Smart Girls is informative, clever, humorous, and inviting. All vinas are welcome. All stories are inspiring.

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Over the last decade, it’s no secret that social media has wildly grown and become an essential piece of our daily lives. There are SO many pros to using a social media network, like connecting with friends, co-workers, family, or meeting awesome new friends (hello, Hey! VINA). We can make connections around the globe and aren’t limited to the people who live in our vicinity. It’s truly a beautiful thing, when used correctly.

For me, Facebook became a site I logged into out of habit and rarely enjoyed my visit. I would endlessly scroll through the timeline and became increasingly annoyed at most of the posts I read. I got to a point where I would log in and think, “Why am I even here?”

Sure, I enjoyed seeing updates from friends and family about their happy lives, but i could no longer tolerate or scroll past the users who would blindly share incorrect information or misleading/fake news stories. I wanted to shake the person posting and scream, “Seriously, it takes 30 seconds to open Google and verify something these days!” I even texted a friend and said those exact words. Their response? They didn’t care or think it was a big deal. That did it for me—I reached a breaking point.

I decided to actually do something about it. I couldn’t continue correcting people in the comments (yeah, it’s fine, I was that person…). It was time for me to bid my adieus and bow out gracefully. But that isn’t the answer for everyone!

How do you know a social media detox, whether it’s in the form of deactivation or deletion, is right for you? Start by asking yourself these questions:

-Is this adding joy to my life, or is it simply a way to pass time?
-Would I miss it if I didn’t have it?
-Am I wasting too much time endlessly scrolling through a news feed, only to find myself annoyed or angry at the content I view?

That third question was a big YES for me and that’s how I knew it was time to detox. I ended up deleting my Facebook account in May after having it for 12 years. TWELVE YEARS! I mean, the archive this website had on me was insane (which, to be honest, was a great reason to delete it IMO). I was worried I would have a serious case of FOMO, but I don’t. Sure, I miss connecting with friends and family but deleting has (happily) forced me to make phone calls and send texts/emails to the people I love.


I still have Twitter and Instagram, but I’ve changed my habits on both of those platforms after this detox. I took a small break from posting anything on those networks and even deleted the apps off my iPhone for a couple of weeks. I missed those much more than Facebook, though. It didn’t take long to reinstall those and I didn’t have a sense of dread when I did. I kind of had the “first day of school” feeling—you know, when you’re excited to get back to see all your friends and hear about what they did during the break!

When I decided to end my detox with Twitter and Instagram, the first two questions I mentioned before were now easily answered: yes, these do bring joy to my life (but also to pass time when I am waiting for someone or something), and yes, I did miss it when I didn’t have it. That’s how I knew I took enough time away. Would I do it again? Absolutely. I think it’s healthy to take a break from everything in life every now and again—it’s just like taking a vacation from work. Sometimes you just need to unplug!

Have you ever gone on a social media sabbatical? Tell us why and how it worked out for you in the comments below! And if you’re looking for some vinas to have IRL experiences with, start swiping


Have you ever wondered how certain Instagram profiles have SO many followers, but you still have yet to see an increase in your own? You’ve might’ve spent time and energy engaging in conversations, creating the perfect posts, researching and using the best tags and still… nothing seems to stick!

Well, there are secrets to this Insta trade, BUT the most important of these secrets all come down to these six tips:


First and foremost, finding your niche is what separates your from the rest. Believe it or not, posting on social media is a form of blogging. Find what makes you, you! Personally, I focus on images with nature, stylish clothing, yoga and mindfulness. I also have a “pink” touch to most of my photos, with a dash of greenery from my indoor plants. Find what you love and build on it.


This is super simple to do, and even though Instagram asks you for a Facebook business page, just dummy it up and then set it on private! The statistics you receive are super handy to see which of your content is working well (story or post!), so have a play with it and learn about the powerful tool.


Yes, we all know this one very well! Maybe hashtagging hasn’t worked well for you in the past, but honing in on your audience and building connects are what will create your Instagram to thrive! Release that fear of judgement, of feeling stupid, of feeling like a try-hard. I had to deal with it myself and I came to realize, how am I supposed to connect with like-minded accounts and potential brands if I’m not putting myself out there? You’re the one building your future with this account and you have the tools to have thousands of followers, reach and connect with like-minded people, receive payments and products for your posts and more! You can use up to 30 hashtags on a single post, so start thinking about some relevant words for each post. Tip: Also think about your captions—I’ve received so much more engagement when I write a few sentences (spaced out nicely) showing my passion for what my post is about. Open up to your audience and people will feel like they can relate to you!


You wouldn’t believe the amount of accounts with over 500K followers who get 90% of their pics just by setting up the camera themselves! Utilize that self-timer on your phone or camera. When you start, be sure to clean the lens. Try to shoot on cloudy days since the light spreads out, which makes it so much easier to edit your photos when you’re done. Tip: Keep an eye out for cool walls as backdrops!



OK, here is where you can have fun and be creative. There’s a little secret about so many of those “insta-famous” accounts you are following or that pop-up in your newsfeed—they are all using special filters and effects to make their feed super attractive and stand out from your average account. Use VSCO, ColorStory and other apps with filters and stick with two or three certain filters. If you want to get a little more serious and really set your page alight, look into using Adobe Lightroom paired with presets. It’s the secret to all those amazing feeds out there. Take a look at these presets to start with—the before & afters are mesmerizing! You can use apps like UNUM to ensure a new post fits within your ‘theme’.


Allow half an hour each day (c’mon, we both know you spend way more time than 30 minutes stalking the gram) to focus on increasing engagement. This includes responding to every comment on your posts (increasing the chances of getting on the Explore page because the post is more popular!), following back the people who follow you (as if you don’t want to make more friends—after all, that’s what us vinas are best at!), aim to like 50-100 posts on the Explore page and comment REAL COMMENTS on peoples’ photos. (Not just 🔥🔥).

There you have it! We wish you all of the insta-success possible on your insta-increase journey. And don’t forget about us when you become insta-famous. Give us a shout-out @vinazine.

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Throw up the glitter, vinas, because we’re talking giveaways today! Nowadays, there are tons of giveaways and contests happening on social media. Brands large and small are taking advantage of the power of Instagram to connect with their followers and give away some pretty awesome prizes online.

Before you hop on the next giveaway train, here are three ways to tell if an Instagram giveaway is a fake:


Instagram is a wonderful visual platform, but it can be flooded with fake accounts and brands. The number one thing to look for before entering a Instagram contest is if the account sponsoring the giveaway is actually real. It helps if the account hosting the giveaway is a business, brand or influencer that you can trust. Verified accounts generally have that blue check-mark symbol, which lets you know that is confirmed by Instagram to be official. Non-verified but credible accounts are out there, though. Here are some characteristics of a credible account that is not a fake:

  • They only have a handful of followers.
  • There’s a blank or non-creditable bio link.
  • There’s no profile picture.
  • There is a lack of posts prior to the giveaway promotion.


Check out this giveaway from @ilikevina & @elleboxco


Not only are they required by Instagram, Rules & Terms make a giveaway safe and fair for everyone involved. A legit Instagram giveaway will always have entry rules and guidelines for contestants to follow in order to qualify for the prize. It should also include the details about what the prize is and how to redeem it if you’re the lucky winner.


A legit giveaway will only ask for minimal info before you can claim your new prize. It’s not a good idea to release your personal information until you have been confirmed and announced as the winner. At the very least, you may be asked for your name and shipping address, if the giveaway features physical products. If you’re asked by a content host to pay for your prize or share your banking info, run in the other direction, fast!

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(Featured Image via Pineapple Supply Co.)


It can be hard to keep it positive 24/7 especially when scrolling through Instagram and seeing friends lead seemingly perfect lives. While we’re stuffing our weeping faces full of Skinny Pop, wishing we could make more money, find love, and pursue our dreams,  they seem to have everything.

But wait! Before you go down this (very toxic) line of thinking, there are a couple important things to keep in mind. First, it’s important to remember that even the most “blessed” individuals have their own struggles. We must try to remind ourselves that our situation– while perhaps not as incandescently perfect as we would like it to be– could be much worse. Plus, room for improvement never hurt anyone.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.22.22 PM

Lunghi ft. her pups

One way that I am reminded of the positive effects of leading a positive life is through Rachael Ann Lunghi’s Instagram. She married young, and through the wedding process, realized that she was truly skilled in the wedding/event planning department (specifically in styling and floral design). She grew an amazing blog and acquired quite a following. Although the marriage did not last, the brand she created since then has only thrived.


Lunghi shares her beautiful soul and the things she creates through her blog and instagram handle @laceandlikes. With 33.2K followers, she has a solid platform for sharing whatever messages she would like to portray. She continuously chooses love, positivity and friendship. Some days, she shares her heart and soul, and others a simple #ootd. She is known to hashtag her posts #novel when she really gets into it words-wise. A few reasons why the positive Lunghi is positively amazing are listed below:

  1. Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.22.01 PM

    How dope is that hair & cute lil rooster?

    She is beautiful, but in a totally real and genuine way.

  2. Her hair is hella cool.
  3. She drives up and down the west coast for work.
  4. Her ear-to-ear smile will instantly brighten your day.
  5. Her style is to die for.
  6. She loves herself.
  7. Her words always seems to find the positive side of any situation.
  8. Did I mention her pet chicken that wanders through the house and chills on her mustard velour couch?!

Here are some of my favorite posts where she keeps it positive:

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.19.40 PM

Promoting sisterhood.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.05.45 PM

Love love love that paragraph! More from this post can be found here.

Screen Shot 2017-08-02 at 12.18.34 PM

More wise words from this post here.

We all need to mold our outlooks after Lunghi’s. Look for the brighter side, and love each other.

Follow Rachael Ann Lunghi, and comment below if you follow another amazingly positive vina on Insta. Download the Hey! VINA app to meet more loving and encouraging gals wherever you may be.

(All images via @laceandlikes)




Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 1.40.14 PM


Because energy, hard work, and spirituality can be just aesthetically gorgeous (if not more so) than your favorite travel insta.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 1.42.25 PM.png


Get inspiring quotes and relatable memes all in one place. From Sophia Amoruso, who also brought us Nasty Gal and Nasty Galaxy.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 1.43.58 PM.png


Famous cats are a long-time trend but chickens are giving them a run for their…eggs? Fill your timeline with some cute chick-a-dees! 🐣

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.37.52 PM.png


My best friend says she never gets bored of this insta and she has better taste than me, so you bet your next glass of champagne I followed them too! Fashion inspo for days!

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.39.13 PM.png


Shawna Ayoub Ainslie is a writing coach and on her ‘gram you’ll find prompts, inspiration, and more. She believes writing is the way to recovery and I can say, within my own experience, this is true.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.40.30 PM.png


For more adorable chickens plus fancy adult beverages please look no further. I swear I’m not just obsessed with chickens (okay, I might be), but this Instagram is full of yummy cocktail recipes as well. Win-win!

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.42.20 PM.png


This girl’s taste and style is ON POINT. Her account is color overload in the best way possible, and I love it. Trust me, you will, too.

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.44.18 PM.png


Look no further for this year’s Halloween inspiration. As she says, Gina’s a Med student that does creepy clown makeup on the side…and by creepy she means drop dead gorgeous. Sure, you may find your make-up look for halloween, but some of her looks are great for every day, too!

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 2.49.28 PM.png


Vintage and retro crafts and collections. Need I say more? This kitsch makes my heart skip beats and it’s what I live for online!

Screen Shot 2017-09-20 at 4.11.54 PM.png


Shameless plug, but are you following Hey! VINA on Instagram yet? #Friendspo all over the place, plus fun giveaways and first looks at new app features! You really can’t go wrong.

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I think it’s safe to say that everyone loves puppies (and if you know someone who doesn’t, they’re probably/definitely inhuman). We can get a little excessive when it comes to expressing our love for our little furry friends, understandably so. Here are ten signs that say you’re an “extra” pet owner. Don’t worry, no judgements here!


You worry that your dog will get too lonely while you’re busy being a working parent (and we can’t all take our dogs to work); you hire a nanny for your pup to come walk ’em during the day. In my case, it’s my grandma; but if she isn’t available, there are a few backups on standby to race over and make sure my dog isn’t too lonely.


How many ensembles do they have? My dog, Skeeter, just has a bowtie (he wears it most every day), a red knitted scarf (we live in CA, so he really doesn’t need it), and a holiday sweater (only worn once). I’m not too bad; how many outfits does your pet have?


You bombard us with pictures of the, not only on your own Instagram, but there’s more. They have their own separate account, where they are personified as thinking (speaking) beings. It’s really cute, but definitely extra. I follow my fair share of famous Instagram pets. Who are your favorite celebrity animals?


puppy party

via Rover

With a party, cake, and pictures, their special day is jam-packed full of fun. They have no clue what’s happening; we all know the celebration is really for your benefit. But who’s going to complain about another excuse to eat cake and party? Not I.


Binge watching Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, talking to your pet (out loud), imagining their response, live-tweeting what they say (whatever you imagined it to be), and cracking up about it. Not to mention all the ice cream you’ll share; it’s true love. May or may not be based on personal experience.


Passerby’s and eavesdroppers are bound to be confused when they overhear your conversations with friends. They think, “wow, her body bounced back quickly” – although, why do bodies need to bounce back? That body just grew another in it and then pushed it out. Be proud of all the change that accompanies it… end mini rant– but they really are the only baby you have ever had, so it’s understandable.


Your phone is 1% selfie, 96% pictures of the ‘baby’ and 4% screenshots of memes (of other animals). It would almost be embarrassing if someone were to scroll through your camera roll, but you can’t help it; your little guy looks so cute in every picture. It’s totally justified!


You cook more for your pet than you do for yourself. “They have a sensitive tummy,” you say, “kibble is too hard for their teeth.” Whatever the reason, you slave away, grilling chicken, squash and rice for the little royal highness– so bougie. Next they’ll be sitting in a chair, fine dining avec toi. 




via ishine365

This goes beyond the outfits. Your space is overrun by their toys and tipis (a custom tipi is being designed for my Skeeter to lounge in). Your friends come by and wonder if the apartment is yours or the dog’s.


puppy pregnancy

via People

Backdrops, props and hired photographers. You document milestones like birthdays, adoption anniversaries, and even pregnancies. Yes, the dog’s pregnancy. It’s really curious, really cute and now it’s something you’re secretly wanting to do.

If you want to continue talking about your pet 24/7, download the Hey! VINA app to meet similarly “extra” pet owners in your neighborhood.

(Feature image via @marte_marie_forsberg)



Instagram is full of #fitso and fitness models who seems like they have perfect bodies and perfect lives. I prefer to get my workout motivation from women who are up front about the stress and superficiality of maintaining that image. Here are some empowering healthy lifestyle gurus who I encourage you to follow on Insta right away:


Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.21.50 PM

via @juliealedbetter

Julie reminds her followers that in this day and age, lighting and angles can make a photo look 100x better (and usually unrealistic). She is also super real about her struggle with fitness and dieting, and how unmanageable her previous ideas of exercise were. She shows you just how important it is to not look at the superficial side of working out, but really to maintain a program that works for you and makes you feel good.




Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 1.39.29 PM

via @allystone

An ex-bikini competitor, Ally now uses her Instagram to promote her healthier choices in diet and exercise. She implements her experience with weight-lifting, cardio, and food to give awesome (and attainable!) advice on getting better results. Not only that, but she has recently started her own bikini line because she couldn’t find any that fit her the way wanted. So, she made her own and geared it towards like-minded women. That is dope.






So this is technically a two-for-one, but that’s even better!

Screen Shot 2017-06-28 at 2.07.45 PM

via @any.body_co

Australian models and real-life BFF’s Kate Wasley and Georgia Gibbs share this Instagram account that’s all about loving yourself no matter what size your genetics predetermined you would be (because that’s all is it; biology)! They post motivational (and realistic) quotes, body positivity inspiration, and lifestyle tips to remind yourself that you are worthy! Can you say #bestfriendgoals? 😍 (Go get yourself a bestie like this using our app, Hey! VINA)



Vinas, I ask you to be kind to yourselves on your fitness and health journeys. Being healthy is great, but only if you keep it balanced. If you ever need some motivation/reassurance, head over to these awesome vinas’ Instagrams. 💕

(Feature image via @any.body_co)


You know those vinas on Instagram who appear as though they really have their shit together? They post beautiful selfie after beautiful selfie, buy pretty things, read tons of books, and still have a lively social life. A great insta profile can either inspire you to live better or make you analyze your very existence. I have a couple of favorite Instagram pages that frequently make me feel inadequate.

But remember that social media is curated in order to portray a certain something, and confidence on the Internet can be a disguise for lack there of IRL.

Even if it is unintentional, we all have a hidden agenda. Some people only ever post when they are out with their vinas; so they seem like they are out all the time. Others post their most stylish #ootds; so they seem like fashion gurus (even though they are probably wearing a ramen-stained t-shirt this very instant). Still others post about every single book they read; so they seem like elevated intellectuals (even though they can hardly speak coherent sentences after 6 pm).

My life certainly does not look like my Instagram 24/7. I do not wake up like this. I need to shower and put on makeup before I can even take the dog around the block!

I can admit that I have posted plenty of selfies that were definitely not taken the day I posted them. Some days you may be feeling icky and you need a couple hundred likes, and a handful of exuberant comments in order to get you out of that funk. Especially in our world dominated by likes and instant gratification; it can be a real rush to beat your previous number-of-likes record.


I know it is silly and I don’t mean to come across vain in any way, but I do worry sometimes about being that profile to someone else. I have some dedicated friends who unfailingly respond to my social media with an abundance of heart eyes emojis and lots of love. I’ll run into someone at the grocery store and they will say things like:

“It sure looks like you’re having the time of your life, according to your Instagram.”
“Boy do you tweet about the funniest things happening to you all the time.”

But in fact, my day to day is so boring it literally puts me to sleep (I’m big on naps). These posts could easily be compiled into the highlight reel of my life. Sure, most of us do not post about every single cool thing we do. However, the common phrase “pics or it didn’t happen” does seem to reign true for the millennial generation.

The moral of the story is: Social media can be an artfully crafted illusion. Do not get bogged down by beauty and success found on the internet. Assume that there is more than meets the eye, because there always is. Conversly, do not worry too much about how you appear to others on your own social media platforms. Chances are, not too many people are paying that close of attention to it; if they are, let them think your life is slightly cooler than your reality.

(Feature image via @misssuber)