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Accept life as it is, in it’s naturalness, and live it in its totality.


I’ve often begun tasks or set goals with impressive enthusiasm only to end up losing motivation and never finishing. What are we supposed to do when we lose interest in finishing something we once deemed fulfilling or important? Trying new things or learning new skills unfolds the same way that life does. It is extremely unpredictable. However, we can learn to accept the journey in its naturalness. Here are some tips and motivation that keep me pushing and trying new things. 


It is quite normal for anyone to lose motivation after they begin any task. Fear may also come creeping in, in the midst of achieving a goal or a task. Fear can be tamed by assessing the inner dialogue that one has with themselves. When I have too many negative thoughts intruding or interrupting my progress of achieving a goal, I set aside time in my daily schedule to tackle the thoughts. I normally write down my negative thoughts in a journal and find ways to change the negative thoughts into something more positive. To get back my motivation, I normally take my mind off the goal I am trying to achieve and focus on a hobby or something that I enjoy doing. Doing something that I love sort of gives me the energy and mindset to work towards my goals. I always keep in mind that I have a balance between goals and hobbies. I try my best not overwork myself, as this may create a lot of strain and stress. Finding new hobbies can also be very helpful in putting myself out there, and, who knows? I may meet new people in the process. 


When you lose the motivation to achieve a goal or a task at hand, it may be easy to forget why you started in the first place. Getting to achieve a goal has its ups and downs, and it’s quite realistic to bear in mind that there will be challenges along the way. I normally speak to people I know, who understand how significant achieving that goal is whenever I find it difficult to remember that. It could be useful to ruminate on and evaluate how far I’ve come since I initially started working towards achieving that goal, so that I am constantly motivated and am fueled to continue working towards my goal(s).

girl jumping at top of mountain


In order for you to achieve a goal, you might need to break it down into smaller chunks. When I had issues meeting new people and putting myself out there, I broke down the goal into more manageable chunks. I used to struggle with crippling anxiety, and I worked on my anxiety in order for me to approach people. I practiced my social skills at random events. Despite how awkward I was when speaking to strangers, I still managed to learn from all the mistakes I made in the past and make progress from that. Putting oneself out there not only accounts for meeting people at social events, but even talking to strangers! You would be surprised at how that can boost your confidence. Today, I know how to articulate myself well with confidence, because I chose to learn from my mistakes and not let that stop me from growing. Mistakes are part of the process. I couldn’t get things right from the get-go, but when I fell, I got back up again. I am a human being, and mistakes are there to help teach and help me grow.


two professional women smiling and working together

Working with people who have similar goals has kept me on the right track. Surrounding myself with people who are accomplishing what I want to accomplish will provide constant motivation and inspiration.

Social media applications are a great way to meet new people with similar interests. Apps like Hey! VINA have helped me meet a whole lot of amazing friends. Speaking to people online made me feel less anxious about talking to them in person, too.


I thought it would be a good idea to reward myself every time I made progress in reaching my goal. I am not extrinsically motivated, but sometimes I reward myself with goodies or presents. I’m more intrinsically motivated, so it would be best to look at how achieving the goal adds to my personal values.


I always try to keep in mind that I should not compromise who I am for the sake of achieving a goal, meeting new people, or, even more so, putting myself out there. So I say: jump and take a leap of faith whilst trusting the process!

Inaction breeds doubt and fear. Action breeds confidence and courage. If you want to conquer fear, don’t sit at home and think about it. Go out and get busy. Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no hope at all.

Dale Carnegie

Sending love, light, joy and angel blessings your way. Let us rebuild a healthy state of mind!

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Every creative woman experiences blocks from time to time. Graphic designers, artists, chefs, writers and career women all suffer from the “banging my head against the desks until that next great idea hits” syndrome. As creatives, we identify with our ability to create. And when our creative abilities fail us, we think we are doing something wrong.

The good news is: you’re not doing it wrong and you don’t have to lose an entire day’s work due to a sucky creative block. Try out the tips below, and soon you’ll be able to tear down that dam and allow your creative juices to flow!


Or a hike. Or a simple walk around the block. As a student, creative, or career woman, you likely spend too much of your time cooped up in your studio or office. Break that habit by seeking inspiration in the beautiful gift of nature. The secret to abolishing your creative block for good is to get outside, girlfriend! Go into the great outdoors and get your adrenaline pumping. It’s amazing what some good ole fresh air can do for your body and mind.



Not talking dropping 🔥 fire bars 🎵 (unless that’s what you’re working on of course!) But did you ever consider you’re obstructing your creative process by being too rigid?  expecting too much too soon? or playing it by the book too much? When you do this 24/7, you send your creative juices into hideout indefinitely. Release the pressure and allow your mind to freely express itself.

A good example of this is stream-of-consciousness writing. It’s an exercise often used by writers as a means to get the “creative juices flowing.” Forget grammar, spelling and all that, just start writing your thoughts and feelings on paper. The key is to not second-guess anything you’re writing, and really not force the process; Write whatever is on your mind.


Every creative professional has an industry hero or a digital sweet spot that motivates them to create something awesome. For a wardrobe stylist, it may be self-taught stylist June Ambrose. If you’re a stationery designer, you may enjoy the work of founder Jen Gotch. Browse through your hero’s portfolio and become inspired to create your own work. Or jump on Pinterest and revisit some of your favorite inspiration and mood boards.


Worse comes to worst… simply ask for more time! No client likes to receive material beyond the deadline. However, many clients will understand an occasional delay. Timeliness is important, but sometimes an additional day or week will enable you to produce top-notch work.

Experiencing creative blocks are like pesky little summer gnats. You can put screens in your windows to keep them out, but they always find a way to break through the net. Lean in and stay resilient girlfriend! Even though you have little say in when or where your mental blocks appear, you can still work through them and strengthen your skills in the long run. Remember, inspiration doesn’t happen through your will alone. This is a period of rest for you. Take advantage of it, because your next creative surge is just around the corner!

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2018 was a tough and beautiful year for me. It brought painful life changes, valuable realizations and exciting new beginnings. Much of this was due to the support, insight, love and encouragement of the badass women in my life, who actively built me up and helped me recognize my self-worth. I have experienced firsthand the various ways surrounding yourself with such people can have an empowering impact, and I’m excited to share some of them with my VINA community!


There’s nothing quite like seeing the women in your life succeed and getting to celebrate those successes with them. In a society still heavily dominated by men, these successes are all the more meaningful and inspiring, because they remind us we are also capable of achieving our dreams.

Badass women don’t hide their successes; they share them and use them to remind other women not to hold back or be intimidated. They are not threatened by others’ achievements and excitedly share their valuable insight with those willing to listen.

I’m surrounded by countless renegade women who are actively crushing it professionally and personally. They always own their wins and encourage me to do the same–something that can be difficult in a society where men are often encouraged to boast about their achievements, while women are chided for it.

Part of what makes these women so inspiring is their tenacity and drive to go beyond dreaming of accomplishments and to actively pursue them. For example, if they tell you they want to learn a new language, they’ll take the necessary steps to do so, motivating you to do the same with your goals.


Badass women are quick to recognize when you’re down and all the quicker to remind you how valuable you are and how far you’ve come. They validate your experiences while helping you see the light at the end of the tunnel. They recognize the strength, resilience and potential within you and insist on helping you realize it.

After experiencing a difficult life change in 2018, I felt embarrassed, defeated, and valueless. During this time, I was living (temporarily) with two of the fiercest women I know. There were numerous nights I’d go home to their apartment feeling overwhelmed and depleted. They would immediately offer me warm hugs, hot tea and listening ears. When I doubted myself or my abilities, they pointed out what I’d already accomplished and helped me realize there was far more strength within me than I was giving myself credit for. Their love, kindness and wisdom helped me move forward and rebuild my confidence.



Badass women are too busy building each other up and getting sh** done to pass judgment on others. They cultivate healthy spaces for you to express yourself without feeling criticized. Do you love eating ice cream at 3 in the morning? No judgment. You’ve worn the same pair of jeans three days in a row? No judgment. You don’t see what all the fuss is about Meryl Streep? Okay, a little judgment, but they’ll still love you!
In judgment-free spaces like this, no topic is off limits.

While living with the powerful ladies mentioned above, I always felt safe opening up about my fears, insecurities and numerous vulnerable topics. Never once was I shut down or made to feel ashamed for what I shared. They encouraged me to be honest and open and made sure I always felt heard and validated.


A common thread I’ve noticed amongst the badass vinas in my life is how they value their time and care for themselves. They suffer zero fools because they don’t have time to waste on them. They prioritize self-care and eliminate anything/anyone toxic from their lives. Badass women encourage you to follow suit—not wasting energy on empty things or allowing unnecessary negativity into your life. They are aware of their mental, emotional and physical needs and make sure to take care of them.

One such strong woman in my life is incredible at recognizing when she needs time to rest, relax and refocus. She identifies what she needs and values herself enough to prioritize self-care. Watching her care for herself inspired me to do the same—whether it meant stepping away from an activity for some me time, taking a quick nap to reset, or treating myself to a movie or a substantial portion of chocolate chip ice cream.


Empowered women jump at the opportunity to celebrate your achievements. They’re excited to see you move forward and live your best life. They also come alongside you when you experience failure to share their own stories; They help you see where you can improve and what you can do to be successful in the future.

All throughout this past year, I’ve had a circle of vinas all around me to celebrate triumphs, big and small. They have cheered for me, affirmed me and made sure I took time to soak each one in. If things didn’t work out how I planned or turned into a complete mess, they offered me valuable insight and encouragement to help get me back on track.

The best thing about badass women? They’re everywhere! All around you are women taking sledgehammers to the glass ceiling and over-the-moon about equipping others to do the same. Empowered women empower women–they build each other up and help each other move forward. And, finally, badass vinas make sure you know you yourself are one badass woman.

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Well vinas, it’s 2019! A new year to learn new things about yourself. This year, challenge yourself to take on a new hobby. Learning a brand new thing will not only keep your brain healthy and strong, but it will also add to your tool belt. Here are five ideas to try, as well as some inspiring success story to help you get started:


My sister went off to college and very quickly realized that studying all day and all night was getting tiring. She was introduced to knitting by another friend and it was love from the on. Vinas, knitting is no longer your grandma’s pastime. My sister got so good at knitting, that she quickly learned to knit hats, headbands and scarves! She was offered an opportunity to make her own brand and even sell her items in a store.


For the more patient vinas. I recently watched a video of a girl who taught herself how to play the violin in two years. I know, I know, it’s not one year….but still. If you really dedicate your time and you see progress, I say keep at it!


This goes beyond the “selfie”. Give your dad’s old camera a try. Choose a subject and play with lighting. Research the types of photography out there, and find out which ones attract you. Don’t be scared to get creative. If you really want a challenge, look up photos and try to recreate them with your own style. A good starting-off point? Henry Carroll’s Read This If You Want to Take Great Photographs, an easy-to-read and understandable guide on the basics of seeing and photographic techniques. 



Remember in middle school, how you could read 3-5 books in a month? Start a book club with your bookworm vinas and converse every week about what you’ve read—wine glass in hand if that’s your preferred method. Dive into a different period in time, a romantic novel, or a good informative read. Watch your grammar improve and your knowledge expand! Win-win. 


This hobby for me is actually very relaxing. Before I got married, the kitchen was not my friend. I would look up videos of how to cook rice, or bake cookies—you know, the simple things. I found out I was actually pretty good at it; The more I would cook or bake, the more creative I would get. I realized that cutting up veggies or mixing up ingredients relaxed me and made me feel confident that my end result was going to be delicious. Trust me, your spouse will have no problem being the judge of your baking/cooking! Grab your bestie and create something together, all while helping each other improve.

Whatever you decide to do this year, give it your best shot and enjoy it. Remember that a hobby is not a chore, or that you are on a time limit to improve. It is your creative space, your “me” time. Don’t get frustrated if your first choice of hobby doesn’t work out or interests you. Find another hobby that makes you happy and motivated! Cheers to new skills!

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Vinas! It’s time to tackle that fall bucket list before the winter chills catch us all off guard. If you don’t have one yet – don’t fret. We’ve got you covered! Here are 10 seasonal activities that you can enjoy alone or plan with your vines! 🍂


On a cold and windy day, an art gallery is the perfect hideout from the harsh weather. It’s a great indoor activity if you wanna switch things up a little. Check out the newest exhibit at your local gallery and gain a new perspective on with world with your vinas!


It wouldn’t be an autumn to do list if this one wasn’t on it! It’s a universal truth that going to pumpkin patch is so much more fun than just buying a pumpkin at your local grocery store. There’s more of a variety and you get to create some wholesome memories! You can use your hand picked pumpkin to make pie or whip out that artist in you to carve whatever your heart desires! 🎃

fall fun 10 2


Sunsets are ALWAYS better in the fall. The oranges are more saturated and the yellows are more vibrant. Watching the sun go down is a MUST during this season. It’s so alluring, you may just shed a tear from all its beauty! Make sure to catch it before those dark winter days are thrust upon us!


This is a fun activity for you and your vinas! The best part about thrifting is the gems you find along the way. This can mean secondhand clothes, accessories, or home decor to spice things up this autumn. You never know what you might find, and even if nothing catches your eye, thrifting is always a great way to gain inspiration!


Instead of picking up a pumpkin-spice-something-or-other at Starbucks, try making one yourself! Pinterest has hundreds of fall recipes to choose from. You can bake a pie, make a pot of soup or keep things simple and enjoy a cup of hot chocolate! The options are endless!


Going for a hike in the fall is perfect. It’s not hot enough for you to feel like you’re going to faint, but it’s not so cold that you run back inside the second you set foot on the soil. Get out there in the crisp autumn air for a refreshing and rewarding experience!

nature red forest leaves


Throw on your jammies and get cozy on the couch! Classics that will put you in the autumn mood are films like “October Sky,” “The Night Before Christmas,” or my personal favorite rom-com: “You’ve Got Mail.” When Joe asks “Don’t you just love New York in the fall?” Ugh, yes! Yes we do, Joe!


This one needs its own spot on the list. Over the Garden Wall exudes all the elements of autumn. This Cartoon Network mini series is a dark fantasy adventure of two brothers traveling through a spooky forest to find their way home. From encountering a town of pumpkin people to rummaging through autumn leaves, fall is just the right time to watch this adorable, hilarious show. 


Flying is overrated. Grab your vinas and go on an impromptu road trip! It’s an opportunity to bond, and get some more of that fresh autumn air! Be spontaneous, soak up the changing leaves and dirt roads along the way!


Cats and coffee…do you need more convincing?

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The holidays are about celebrating friends, family, and the future. And of course, no celebration is complete without some delicious food! Do not deprive yourself from that turkey, pie, cookies, or any other delicacy you may find on the table. Instead, think of balancing it all out with exercise. With a little discipline, you can easily incorporate a 20-30 minute workout into your daily routine. Just remember that it’s a lot harder to start from scratch after a long period of inactivity than it is to maintain a constant flow of exercise.


Since many of us will be traveling during the holidays, it is safe to assume we will not all have access to a gym with weights. On top of that, the commute to the gym alone can be an additional hour taken away from family or friends. Fear not, your body weight is perfectly sufficient and you can stay right at home to workout. So let’s get to it, vinas!


Here’s a workout that will focus on your triceps, biceps, shoulders, core, and quads. Get into a plank position, hands directly below your shoulders, and bring one knee to your chest. Switch. Keep going as fast as you can for 45 seconds.


This exercise challenges multiple muscles: glutes, shoulders, chest, core, and legs. Get on all fours and lift your knees two inches off the ground. Crawl forward as many yards as you can (10 yards max), then crawl backwards. Keep going for 30 seconds.


Let’s get your heart rate up by getting into a squat position and jumping 180 degrees to land in another squat. This is a killer workout for your legs. Keep jumping for 45 seconds. If the jump is too hard on your knees, take it out and just do squats.


This one will work out your core and shoulders. Get into plank pose with your elbows on the ground and dip your hips on each side. Keep going for 30 seconds.


This is a great core workout. Lay down flat on your back and bring your hands behind your head in a crunch position. Crunch and simultaneously bring your knees to your elbows. Repeat 10 times.


If you want a little extra credit, you can always do the good ol’ burpees and jumping jacks for some quality cardio. After a good workout, you’ll feel so much less guilty about indulging this holiday season!

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I had always considered myself a pretty healthy eater. When I was growing up, my mother refused to keep anything junk food-related in the house. That meant no soda, no candy, no chips (which made it hard when I had friends over – fancy a glass of milk anyone?). But eating well is more than just eliminating junk food.

It wasn’t until 2014 that I started exploring a healthier lifestyle. This was at the height of the vegan, raw, paleo,  and gluten-free diet craze and I was curious to see how people with dietary restrictions cooked while substituting certain ingredients for others. That fall, I also discovered the documentary “Fat, Sick, and Nearly Dead” (available on Netflix) which promoted juicing fruits and vegetables to get your daily nutritional intake. I started juicing every morning and soon enough, I had more energy, was sleeping better and didn’t even put on the winter weight!


I have since been eating less meat and more vegetables and grains. I learned that it’s not about eliminating carbs altogether — it’s about eating good carbs (whole grains like quinoa, barley, oats…) instead of bad carbs (processed grains like white rice or pasta). I have cut out processed sugars, and learned to eat greens first and heavier foods last to avoid creating a “traffic jam” in my digestive system.

I also started intermittent fasting. It’s not so much a diet as much as it is a lifestyle choice that’s more about when you eat rather than what you eat. One way to do it is by fasting for 16 hours and eating during those remaining 8 hours. During the fasting state, your body attacks the stored fat in your body to use as its energy source. I choose to skip breakfast and fast between 7pm and 11am, since it includes the 8-9 hours of which I’ll be asleep and won’t be tempted to eat.


With my diet changing, my workout habits did too. They go hand in hand. You cannot expect a healthier body without eating properly and working out correctly at the same time. I have always been very active, but I admit that I mostly stayed away from the weights in the gym. I, like many girls, was afraid of bulking up. When I started weight training, I started to build muscle, and lose extra fat and soon enough my body was more sculpted and stronger than ever (and not bulky at all!). And you will keep burning calories not only during, but even AFTER the work out — yes, the wonders that muscles do!

By leading a healthier lifestyle, I managed to lose ten pounds within the first month. But I was less focused on the weight I had lost and more on how much my body fat percentage had decreased. My goal was to get to the athletic range (14-20%). After about 6 months of eating and exercising smarter, I went from 23% to 17% body fat. This was a huge win for me and although it may fluctuate a little, I do my best to maintain the level I am at.

So no, there was no magic fix or secret potion to getting in shape and feeling better. Just a lot of hard work and dedication, but that’s what being healthy is all about. Once you take that first step, you won’t regret it! Trust me.

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“What kind of a girly, hippie event is this?”

That was my first thought when I opened a flyer that I received from an Instagram influencer I had just met two weeks earlier. The flyer was a private invitation to experience Goddestry (Goddess Artistry) and promised a night of creative visioning, acts of self-care and sacred sisterhood. My eyes stopped on words such as “tribal markers,” “therapeutic grade essential oils,” “vegan hair care,” and “share circle.” I was intrigued. I had been going through a rough patch and had slowly closed myself up from the world. Knowing that it wasn’t healthy, I decided to try new things and say ‘yes’ more often. So, I accepted.

Upon arriving at the secret location, I was guided into a circle of flowers and within a few minutes, one host had drawn art on my body with tribal markers while the other saged my body to clear any negative energy. I then joined four other women in a circle around a centerpiece of different healing crystals, scented candles and statues of goddesses. It was clear none of us knew what to expect and as we started discussing what brought us here we realized we had more in common than we thought. Once the ice was broken we started the first exercise: pairing up and looking into each other’s eyes for three minutes.


The first minute was slightly uncomfortable but then I felt a shift. I fell deep into her soul and suddenly I could just feel everything she had been through. The pain. The sadness. The moments of joy. I felt connected to her with every atom of my being. She must have felt the same because tears started streaming down her cheeks. It’s unbelievable how much we can learn about a person by not just looking but really seeing them.

We then got back in a group to discuss self-care. How do you take care of yourself, both physically and mentally? Are you a giver or are you a receiver? Most women are givers which is a beautiful act of love. We do it so naturally but it is important that the love is returned, that we get taken care of too.

Our next exercise did exactly that. We paired up again, this time as giver and receiver. The giver massaged the receiver’s head and arms before washing her hair. In certain cultures, the cleansing of hair has a religious and symbolic meaning. In the glow of the candles and the rhythm of the meditation music, my maternal side came out and I found a certain peace in brushing her hair. There were muffled tears, signs of deep appreciation and as I, in turn, became the receiver, I realized how beautiful the kindness of strangers could be. I left the event with a new perspective and new friends.

As we grow older, we find ourselves settling into a certain orbit. And as much as the stability comforts us, it becomes harder and harder to  come across events that are extraordinary, that make our hearts pound in a faster beat. So does making new friends. Being open to new experiences is a great way to break that orbit and meet new people. So take a chance. Feel once again, the thrill of meeting new people. For some of life’s best experiences come from something unexpected.

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Despite the saying, “friends come and go but family is forever,” there’s a reason BFF is short for best friend forever, not best family forever. Think of it like this–everyone has a soulmate, right? Well, that doesn’t just stop at significant others, spouses and partners. We all have people out there that are so close to our hearts and souls that they’re permanently a part of us. We all have them and they usually come in the form of best friends–the forever kind.

These friends are the ones we’d do anything for, our “ride-or-dies.” As best friends, we want more than anything for them to be happy, and whatever we can do to make that happen is one of our major priorities. Here are some ways to put the “best” in best friend and be the best vina you can be.


Everyone lies. Our parents, our family, our friends, strangers, everyone. Without a doubt, we’ve all lied to the ones we love, but it’s important that we adhere to the truth as much as we can in all situations. If we can’t be true to the ones we love then we are, in a sense, saying they aren’t worth it (and they definitely are). They love us no matter what, no conditions and no exceptions; lying isn’t needed and it isn’t worth it. We can fake it until we make it all we want to the amalgam of strangers that surround us, but for the ones we love we should bare all and trust that they will be there through thick and thin.


Our best friends are the ones we rely on the most, besides our family and our significant others (maybe even more than those). We expect them as our best friends to pick us up when everything else is pushing us down. They’re our light in the dark, like a lighthouse calling us home from the abyss of the sea. If we expect anything from them we have to give just as much. Being a best friend is more than just knowing all of each other’s grossest habits and having inside jokes; it’s about supporting each other in the of ups and downs of life.



Empathy and compassion are what make us human, and we lend them most to those closest to us. Everybody makes mistakes, everybody has those days (sorry, not sorry for the Hannah Montana reference) and a best friend takes it all, the good and the bad, no matter what. We all have character flaws and they don’t only impact us; they can spread to our loved ones and affect them negatively. However, as William Faulkner wisely proposed, we don’t only love because, we also love despite. Those who love us most will love us despite our flaws. A best friend will always understand and always forgive. Sometimes we feel the need to judge others and project our sense of right and wrong onto them, but friendship doesn’t thrive when we try to control and change the other. If we accept the ones we love for their entire selves and forgive them no matter how screwed up things get, we inspire a love that will last a lifetime and forever after.

The most important thing to remember is that a relationship takes effort on both parts. It won’t always be easy, but if everything were easy, it wouldn’t be worth it. Finding your best friend and keeping them close is one of the most important things a person can do. Friends make life worth living and they’re more than worth the effort it takes to be the best friend you could be, day in and day out.

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