You made your resolutions on December 31 with the temperament that 2019 would be the year you kept them. It’s mid-January, and those promises are long gone. Now what? The sun will still shine tomorrow.  Take a deep breath and repeat after me: “This is not the end of the world!”  Now repeat until you believe it. Your New Year’s resolution does not define you, girl.  You’re still in this.  It is just a matter of altering the plan.

Whatever your plans were to transform yourself into you 2.0, if you’ve failed, either the plan wasn’t tailored to you, or you didn’t really want to make the change. If it’s the former, take a step back and re-evaluate the whole plan.  Make a list and answer the following questions.  The only way you can make this work is if you invest good quality time in the plan.

estee-janssens-551011-unsplashFirst remember the most important thing: What is the goal? Write it in bold letters at the top of your journal. Think about what worked and what didn’t, and make a separate list – things like, “I didn’t wake up early enough” or “I didn’t plan my traveling properly” would be things that didn’t work. Things that worked would be, “I felt so much better 2-3 days in” or “I could control my feeling more.”  Build yourself up on this side of the list.  You deserve all the praise you give yourself.  You’ve done well up until now—give yourself the credit.

Think of ways to make what didn’t work better or more tangible and realistic.  Let’s say you did not fraction in how tired you would be after work; fix it by figuring out what tires you out during the day. Perhaps it is emotional fatigue, or maybe you are crashing after too much coffee or sugar.

Another way to go about it could be to change the wording of the goal. Your mind has already figured out that you did not stick to your resolution once.  It will be a lot harder to convince yourself that you can obtain the same goal again.  If you change the words, you can trick your mind into thinking it’s a different goal.

As a general rule while you try to get back on the saddle, set realistic targets. There’s no point in setting a goal to lose 10 pounds in a week if you know working out five times a week is an unrealistic target. Be practical and set expectations that you know are within your reach.

If you broke your promise to yourself because you weren’t committed to it in the first place, these are a couple of questions to ask yourself:

  1. What would you gain and what would you lose by not completing the task?
  2. Who would be the most disappointed that you didn’t complete it?
  3. What or who was the real reason you set the goal in the first place?
  4. In what ways will achieving the goal better your life?

If you find that you answered any of those questions with someone else in mind, whether it’s an actual person in your life or for a future someone (read: SO), you don’t really want it and should be shifting your vision from other people to yourself. Remember every dream can be made into a reality if you just set out a practical plan with steps to getting there.  And most of all, just keep going.  If you missed a day, don’t beat yourself up about it.

Good luck, stay focused, hopeful and believe in yourself.

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It’s that time of year. Everyone is all, “New Year, new me,” and here I am just trying to avoid all these posts from my friends and family. I hate the new year for this reason. Why do we need the new year to make us want to change?

Let’s be honest, January 1 is the day when everyone is declaring how they will be new and improved this year. As if the first day in January is any different than March 15 or August 2. Why does January 1 make everyone want to go crazy?

Personally, I stopped making resolutions a few years ago. I found myself setting unrealistic expectations for myself that I wouldn’t normally do. Instead, I made myself some goals and checked in on it a few times a year. Then, toward the latter half of the year, I would review what I had done, what I maybe could still do, and what I could just cross off. It put me in a better headspace. I felt more in control. It is the act of “failing better” – when you stop putting resolutions on yourself, it gives you an opportunity to fail and recover. Nothing is written in stone, which means you can get back on that horse and try again.

Let’s talk about some of the not-so-healthy things we do in the name of the New Year, and how to change that mindset!



Maybe you’re not aware, but there’s a movement for body positivity and loving yourself. Some of us have had to teach ourselves how to love the body we have. Many of us still struggle. I try to gas myself up, and gas up the women around me, because I want them to love themselves. I hate hearing my best friend talk about “when I’m down 30 more pounds I’ll be comfortable.” No sis! You’re gorgeous the way you are! If we keep telling ourselves that 30 pounds from now “I’ll be worth loving” or “I’ll be worth buying this dress” or “I’ll be worthy,” then we’re not doing ourselves any favors.

Diets and fads are the most harmful thing. Obviously, if you’re on a specific diet due to lifestyle, sure! Examples are vegan, gluten-free (for medical), etc. But to follow a diet because it’s trending is insane, in my opinion. Especially when there are many reputable articles out there telling us how harmful diet culture is.

Let’s not forget that we are showing our kids this. When we constantly go on fad diets, we’re showing our girls that we have to keep up with the Joneses (or the Kardashians) in order to be accepted in society. We’re telling them that their bodies aren’t okay the way they are.  

Instead, why not just try healthy eating rather than a fad diet? Why not try to love yourself? Make that your resolution to love yourself unconditionally.

Like Mama Ru says: “If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love someone else? Can I get an amen?” Amen, Mother Ru.


Why do you wait until the new year to join a gym? They count on all of us to want to rush to the gyms. They prey on you to get into this contract with them so that they can charge you for a whole year. And for some of these gyms, good luck getting out of that contract. I have seen in some gyms that you literally need a doctor to tell them why you are unable to work out. Then they will consider to let you out of your contract.

Instead of joining a gym, why not join your local rec center? How about the YMCA? A local fitness group that meets in a park? Or just watch The Fitness Marshall on YouTube and dance along with him. He’s amazing and you can get in a good workout. Also, there are tons of fitness apps you can download on your phone, tablet, or smart TV/device. Save some money and gas.



Yeah, that small of a number. Shocking isn’t it? Depending on the source, you can find numbers that range from 10% to 39% – but a lot of it has to do with the age demographic and the specific goals. But still, it’s not a lot!

It also doesn’t help that people tend to focus on the things about themselves they don’t like and the things they want to change. By doing this, you’re evoking these negative emotions in yourself. Generally speaking, these negative emotions aren’t going to motivate you.


The word resolution – close to resolute (read: unwavering) – sounds so final. As if it can’t be changed. Instead, try making goals! Some goals to try this year:

  • Join the ACLU

  • Meditate more

  • Enroll in school

  • Try to keep in touch with friends more often

  • Make time for yourself x times a week/month

  • Eat healthier, but don’t deny cravings

  • Be kinder to yourself

  • Read more books this year

 See? Aren’t those better goals than some of those resolutions?

Toward the end of the year, and for the first few weeks at the beginning of the year, the commercials are all aimed at “New year, new you”. I say bull****: New Year, same you. Maybe a better you, but not a new you. You’re already perfect. And if you don’t have a vina to tell you that, let me be it! I’m here to gas you up.

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Happy New Year to everyone reading this! As 2019 has arrived, it is a popular time for people to be making New Year’s resolutions. These are notoriously hard to stick to, but check out these tips and tricks to help follow your freshly-made goals! As an example, I’ll be sticking to going to the gym as our main goal—but they are easily applied to any and all objectives you may have in mind.


Don’t let the past control your present mind. The past is a series of moments which can never be relived. The future is moments which you can look forward to. Instead, to get yourself to stick to your gym plans (for example), you can look forward to how healthy you will feel after your workout or the fun of buying new gym clothes. This will keep you motivated to reach what you want.

I suggest using the SMARTER goal acronym. S: specific, M: measurable, A: attainable, R: realistic, T: time-bound, E: economical, and the final R stands for reward. An example of this would be losing 10 pounds in six months—this is specific. Measurable means how you will measure your success, for losing weight you would use a scale. For the goal to be attainable, you would have to make a plan. For example, starting a schedule to go to the gym five times a week, or setting aside Sundays as your day to prepare meals.

For the goal to be realistic, you must determine if it can actually be achieved. If the goal was to lose 10 pounds in 10 days, that wouldn’t be realistic. However, the time frame and goal is something that can actually happen with a plan. Time-bound is the time frame which you will try to achieve your goal, six months, for example. Economical refers to how much it will cost. If you are trying to lose weight and you hire a personal trainer, that will cost money. If this is too expensive for you, then it wouldn’t be economical. It is important for a goal to be within your budget or it will cause added stress, making your goal harder to achieve. Finally, you must reward yourself. You should plan the reward before you start trying to achieve your goal; this will give you something to look forward to. Setting realistic and achievable goals will help you stay true to your resolution.



This resolution is a new part of your life. You must let yourself ease into it while breaking an old habit and forming this new one. For example, if your goal is to go to the gym five times a week, start with once a week for the first week. Then go twice a week for the next two weeks. After this, go three times, four times and so on. Starting out at five times a week would be overwhelming and could make your resolution harder to keep.


What this means is you promise yourself that you are going to keep your resolution. It should be specific and realistic. I suggest writing it down and reading it every day. Vowing to yourself is an important step.

To go along with the SMARTER goals and making vows, writing them down and placing them in your everyday environment also helps. Write down your goals and promises on sticky notes and put them where you will see them as daily reminders to keep striving for the goal. Also, writing positive affirmations can create a positive environment, which makes keeping the resolution easier. My favorite positive affirmation is, “Everything I need comes effortlessly and naturally.” I have mine in my bathroom, bedroom and kitchen, as well as my screen saver on my phone and laptop. Some people like to put them in their wallet, car, or on something related to their goal, like a treadmill for example.


You can do this to whatever extent you want: telling just friends and family versus posting on social media. Or shouting it from your window, and filling your uber driver in on your way to work. Whatever works for you! Either way, making your goals known will hold you accountable for keeping your resolution.

Let’s face it. New Year’s resolutions are not easy to keep, because they are often about changing something big in your life. My greatest piece of advice is to use these tips for any and every change you want to make, and don’t wait until the next new year. 2020 is far away, and you have a whole year to make your life amazing. Most importantly, live fearlessly and have a happy New Year!

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We know what you’re thinking: how to turn your dreams into reality might sound like a gimmick to some, but what if I told you that with a little bit of trust and belief, anyone can live their dreams? Yes, even you. Here’s how:


There are people who will project their fears and failures on to you. Maybe deep down they’re afraid of your magnificence or maybe they truly fear the “what if” factor. Whatever is the case, you need to believe in yourself and trust in your journey.


To achieve the things we desire in life, we must not allow any fear in our way. Of course, we all have nerves and that voice in the back of our minds going, “but-but-but!” But no, no more buts! Let’s leave the butts for our curves and the possibilities open to the curves of our path. There will be obstacles and there will be times when we want to curl up into our comfort zone of a bed, however we must keep rising. The higher we rise, the closer we are to our dreams.


The word “desire” comes from a Latin root (sidus) meaning “star.” Maybe our desires are stars guiding us from above? Maybe that’s why we so often hear the line, “Let go and let the universe guide you.” Our dreams and desires are a spiritual purpose.


What is your goal? What is your desire? Clarity comes from taking action and experience, so stop over-thinking and just go with it.



Take a few minutes to visualize what your dream life looks like. Maybe it’s moving to Venice Beach, CA and selling your art on the boardwalk, or working your way up at your current position to the director position, or traveling the world, or maybe living the life you’ve always dreamt of means being happy.

Close your eyes and imagine yourself living your dream life:
-What does it look like?
-What does it feel like?


If you’re up for a little project, create a vision board including images of your dream house, dream job, dream location. While visualizing your dream, what colors do you want surrounding you? Do you have a cat, a dog? Are you married or single? It’s important to be detailed-oriented during this exercise.


What in your life is holding you back from living your dreams? Becoming aware of the energy that is holding you back will make it easier to move forward in your future. When we work on ourselves and our insecurities, it sets our minds up to thinking more positively about our lives and leaves little room for the “but” voice.


Are you ready to commit yourself to the manifestation of your dreams?! What needs to happen for you to reach your desired life?

Well, here we challenge you to commit to your dreams. Print below, sign it and add it your dream board.



SIGNATURE:__________________________  DATE:_________________

Let’s start this journey together, my ethereal vinas! Cheers to living our best lives!

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Once in a while, you get lucky and meet the right person who makes a huge impact on your life. They’re a great leader, smart, respected, and most importantly, share one of your passions. Isn’t it fantastic to find that one person who you can look up to and hope to be like one day?

At the time I found my first mentor, I had no idea she was a mentor. She never presented herself as one and I certainly didn’t seek her out. She just happened to be my store manager when I was working in retail. She gave me the opportunity to be an assistant manager when I was only 18 with no experience. She coached me, and gave me ground rules and expectations of the retail management world. Was she easy-going and flexible? Heck no! She was tough as nails. She set the standard for everyone I encountered as an applicant for employment after that.

Before you look for a mentor, you need to know what you want a mentor to show you. Do you want to be a world famous coffee barista? Would you like to have those scribbled pages on your floor made into a book? Your latest investment just went belly up; now you need some financial guidance. Define your passion and end result. What do you want to achieve from doing what you love? Your mentor should be the person who is going to help you grow toward success.



  • Your mentor should be your friend. Your friend should not be your mentor. What this means is that she should be someone you want to be friends with. They possess the characteristics and attributes that you consider when you look for a friend. I’m not saying your BFF isn’t awesome in her own way, but maybe she isn’t the right person to be your mentor.
  • A mentor needs to be engaging. The whole point is having someone guide you. For example, you want someone who will give you the tools to learn how to achieve your goals. They should be able to provide you with resources so that you can take your next career steps on your own.
  • Trust is a big issue. Your mentor is going to hear the good, the bad, and the ugly. You need to feel confident with your conversations. Knowing that a mentor is not going to steal or trash your idea will allow you to feel more confident in talking with her.

A mentor/mentee relationship is never one-sided—your mentor will be teaching you vital things that you will need to know to be a success in your passion. You need to be prepared and receptive to the information you are receiving from them. After all, they are where you want to be in the future.

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Full, disclosure, I don’t believe in making resolutions. I’m more into making goals for the year ahead. What’s the difference, you ask? Well, resolutions are usually things we want to change cold turkey when the new year starts – stop drinking coffee, start working out all the time, etc. Setting goals for the year however, allows you to be more realistic about big (or small) lifestyle changes in reasonable amounts of time.

And I have a confession, even with “just making goals”, I’m not even halfway through my list yet. A week or two ago, I was shaming myself for not being further along, but then I remembered something someone told me once, “It’s a woman’s prerogative to change her mind.” 😉 Okay, I’m sort of kidding. But the point is, we shouldn’t be beating ourselves up for falling a little behind.

This year, my goals came with huge financial implications. I wanted to travel more, take some classes, and hit some exercise milestones. But life threw me some curve balls. I had just come home from my first vacation when I found out I needed to have emergency surgery. Not only was that rough on my emotional and physical state – but my bank account was looking pretttttttty sad.

I think when we’re making our resolutions for the year, we forget to account for all the things that inevitably come up while we’re just living our lives. In addition, we often don’t account for how much we, as people, can change in a year. And because we’re always changing, our goals and the direction of our lives can and will change, too.

Significant things can happen in a span of one whole year that can change the entire trajectory of our lives. I challenge you to sit and think about one thing that happened in the last six months that was totally unexpected? Did you get engaged? We’re you asked to be a bridesmaid in a dear friend’s wedding? Offered an important job? Whatever it was, it happened and it might not have been on your list.

So why is okay that you didn’t stick to your 2017 resolutions? Because you’re growing and learning. Those unexpected things that came up, whether good or bad, are propelling you closer to your destiny. Everything happens for a reason, and anytime you’re diverted from your plan, is a time for a divine lesson in preparation for your future. Besides, life isn’t as fun when everything goes exactly how we planned. Life likes to keep us on our toes. I encourage you, the next time you make resolutions, leave one blank for the unexpected and get excited because that is one resolution that you’re guaranteed to keep!

What were your 2017 resolutions? How ya doing on those? Tell us in the comments below!

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As someone whose weight fluctuates up and down about 15 pounds, I have tried many tactics to get it to stay at the low end of that spectrum. I am a big supporter of exercise, and have worked hard to get the best routine for myself over the past five years (another article!). But the thing that loomed over me like a giant (cotton candy) cloud that I could not get a grasp on is what I ate.

I have done many things to try to lose weight and gain control over what I eat including going days only drinking juice, and months not eating dairy. I have only recently started the ketogenic diet, which has had the best results for my body and is very easy for me to maintain (I can eat cheese!!!). I have a LOT of experience in this subject, so I would like to provide the vina community with my advice on finding the right diet.

Screen Shot 2017-07-25 at 2.22.14 PM

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Okay, first of all, before you even start, don’t think of it as a diet. The second you label the way you are eating as a diet, the stigma and stereotypes of one start. You’ve probably heard this term before, but I much prefer to think of it as a*lifestyle choice*. Other people may not see it that way, so if they judge you for eating differently, think to yourself, “It’s not a diet, it’s just a change in the way I am living my life!” (key word here is my). Also, if they do judge you for it, f*** them. (Check out our article on letting your friends know you’re changing your eating habits here).

Second, figure out your goals. And not just any goals, but practical, specific, non-superficial ones. If you start eating differently only to lose weight, then you will punish yourself internally for going off track, and the last thing you want is a contentious relationship with food. Eating carbs is not a sin (its actually necessary!) so do not hate yourself for it! Keep eating things you love, just in smaller amounts (Also, you absolutely do not have to eat anything you despise, just find a tastier substitute). Set goals such as, “I want to feel better after I eat and not bloated” or “I want to stay satisfied after meals for longer.” These are personally tailored to you, easy to track, and will remind you that you’re doing this for good, health-oriented reasons.

Next, do your research. I found the way I eat now by reading Fat for Fuel by Joseph Mercola. His book goes over how exactly food is processed in your body on a cellular level, and how that affects your health and functioning. He taught me that everything you eat has an impact on how your body works, so it’s immensely important to give it what it needs to perform at its best, regardless of weight. Read articles on nutrition and learn about macronutrients and intermittent fasting (for example) and assess if the benefits of the lifestyle outweigh the costs in your life. Biology is so important, and is the best subject to learn about in order to find out what you should eat for your body and goals. Pick your eating choices off of science, not trendiness.

 barbra streisand food is love GIF

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Remember, your body needs food! You have to have nutrients and energy to survive, so think of this as finding the ones that best fit your body and goals. “Healthy” food is often delicious and easy to come by, so do not build it up as some big thing in your head. Most important of all, be nice to yourselves, vinas, because the most important part of living a healthy lifestyle is self-love. Here are some more tips to successful eating!

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Hey vinas! Remember earlier this year when we all told ourselves we would stop doing this or start doing that or never eat this or stop smoking that? What are those called again? I forgot all about ‘em…


Oh yeah! New Year’s resolutions—hah, yeah I don’t even remember what mine were. Yikes. Here’s an idea, let’s refresh ourselves! The year’s not even halfway over and I’m sure most of you have given up—hey at least you’re not as bad as me, I don’t even remember what my resolutions were.

First of all, if you had some ridiculous resolution like, “lose twenty pounds by February”—I’m sorry, but that was never gonna happen. And yeah I just remembered mine. Vinas, since it sometimes seems like the point to set ourselves up for failure regarding resolutions, let’s actually set realistic goals! Who says March  isn’t the perfect time for resolutions?


Let me just give you some advice, because why wouldn’t you take advice on keeping resolutions from someone who completely forgot their resolutions, right?

For real though, if your goals were silly like mine, it’s really easy to fix them so we can actually follow through! Here are some updates to those ridiculous resolutions.


Well, it’s March—so that’s out the window.

Here’s my new plan: eat breakfast everyday and workout three times a week. See what I did there? It’s definitely doable, and I haven’t set an unrealistic time constraint!


I get it, being a shopaholic is a serious problem! But come on, you can’t just stop shopping, right?

New plan: Set monthly budget for splurging.


So this one’s not all bad–actually it’s great. The problem: it’s too vague! When it comes to monetary goals, you really need measurements.

New plan: Save ten bucks a week.


Again, this was a great idea—I really hope you haven’t failed at this resolution, but again, it’s too vague!

New plan: Meditate three times a week.

I think you’re all getting the gist. I know April is all about fooling others, but let’s stop fooling ourselves, vinas! We all know we set silly resolutions just to break them. Here’s to realistic and achievable goals!

How are you going to update your resolutions? Let us know in the comments below!

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Happy (almost) 2017 vinas! Whether you’re a fan of New Year’s Resolutions or not, I’m sure you’ve got a goal or two you are looking to achieve in 2017… you #bossbabe you 😉

Make sure you’re setting yourself up for success and smashing those 2017 goals using some of my favorite tips.


Take some time to journal and collect your thoughts on the past year. What were the highs? What were the lows? Did you follow through on the goals you set out for yourself? If not, what got in your way?


Ok I know this idea is a little new-agey but it WORKS. I’m serious… I’m a BIG believer that what you put out into the universe has a way of coming back to you. When I was in college in Boston (many years ago…), I created a vision board. On the board I had a picture of a boss babe (I wanted to own my own business), a Dubai landmark (I have always wanted to go there), a picture of the state of California (I knew I wanted to live there), and a handsome dude.

Well? I currently live in California, started my own biz, visited Dubai last year and I have a wonderful man in my life. Okay, okay, wait –let me preface this by saying…this didn’t happen overnight. In fact, it happened over the course of many years, and there were tons of hard times along the way (i.e. two lay-offs, heartbreak, and a loss of friendships, just to name a few), but the important thing is I kept believing and trusting the process.

I am a firm believer that we are the creators of our own destiny and the more you “put out” what you want in your life, the higher probability that it will come back. Plus, creating a vision board is such a fun project (psst – and a great one to do with a vina!).


  • Wellness goals: Fitness? Nutrition? Spiritual?
  • Career/business goals: Promotion? Pay raise? Start your own business? Education?
  • Friendship goals: Make new friends? Nurture current friendships? Spend more time with your vinas?
  • Self improvement: Learn a new skill? Travel to a new destination? Read more books?


First ask yourself:

  • When do you want to reach your goal by?
  • What habit needs to happen every month so that you reach your goal?
  • What habit needs to happen each week to make that “thing” happen each month?
  • What habit needs to happen each day to make that thing happen each month?

For example, let’s say your goal is to learn how to cook in 2017 (thank God my boyfriend doesn’t read this).

  • Goal: Learn how to cook in 2017.
    • (Habit) Every month: Commit to cooking for someone else 1x per month.
    • (Habit) Every week: Commit to cooking 3-5 meals at home from the recipes you collected.
    • (Habit) Everyday: Spend 5 minutes collecting new recipes.

Consistent action through habits is the key to reaching your goals and to making the intangible into tangible.


  • Are you on track? If you are, celebrate! If not, what is holding you back?
  • Do your goals feel *right* to you at this point in your life? If it doesn’t feel like the right time for this goal, or if it just feels wrong, get rid of it! It’s one thing to hold yourself accountable to goals you truly want, but it’s perfectly fine to nix the ones that just don’t serve you.
  • Do you have a new goal you want to add? Perhaps you realized you have a genuine interest to learn to code or learn a new language. If that’s the case, go for it!

What are your goals for 2017? Tweet us at @ilikevina or comment below!

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