When we think of exercise, we often think of waking up early for a run or hitting the gym, which sometimes can seem downright boring!

Thankfully, exercise is a lot more than weights and cardio—it can be any activity that gets you moving and your heart pumping. And lucky for you, we’ve got five brand-new fitness trends you have to try with your vina-crew!


Who didn’t watch The Little Mermaid and wish they could be part of that world? Mermaid swimming incorporates the physical benefits of doing laps with the fun of wearing a tail!

A quick google search of mermaid swimming in your area will bring up introductory classes you can try (make sure to ask beforehand if the tails are provided).


If some of your goals include getting in shape and making a contribution to the world, we recommend trying out plogging, a combination of jogging and picking up litter.

This workout can be done by picking up garbage during your run or simply dedicating 10 minutes after your run to do so.

Giving back to Earth while also giving back to our bodies—what a win-win!


Fun fact: While log rolling is usually seen in Saturday morning cartoons, this is actually a sport. Log rolling involves two competitors fighting to stay on a log the longest with the winner getting bragging rights.

Unlike the other entries on this list, this activity is harder to find unless you live in a city where lumberjack lessons and shows are common.


Aerial yoga is basic yoga with the use of a hammock, while aerial hoop uses a hoop, of course. However, both tend to fall in the acrobatic category and are simple variations of exercise you’ve probably done before.

This workout is offered in specialized gyms, studios, and the circus. Just be careful; the risk of injuries are higher with these workouts.


As seen on social media (and a recent episode of The Fosters), goat yoga is exactly what it sounds like: yoga with goats. Soon to become another cult fitness-trend, goat yoga can be found in any major city or farm.

While the idea of goats jumping around and nibbling on things sounds less than relaxing, various studies have shown the health benefits of being around animals. Plus, goats are super cute.

Like these ideas? Find a vina and start sweating it out! Swipe here.


Love Netflix, but hate the way you feel after sitting for an entire Saturday binging your favorite show? Me too, girl. Me too. But don’t worry – after scouring the internet (in between episodes, of course), I found something that can help us.

What if I told you we could work on our fitness without sacrificing that precious TV time? By using these couch exercises, you can keep your heart rate up and stay active. You might even be able to keep your mind off the snacking. Okay I can’t promise you still won’t want to snack, but at least you’ll hit your move goal for the day!

I hit up Google to see what I could find and the first thing I found was titled The Lazy Girl’s Workout. PERFECT. Even if you aren’t lazy, this is a great use of your couch time. Let’s start from the top.


Tone those arms using 2 to 5-pound weights while you watch episode after episode. No weights? No problem. Grab a couple of water bottles or cans of soup. Donna Hawley, a personal trainer based in Washington, D.C., tells us this workout helps the muscles in your shoulders. Bonus: you see results quickly with this one, so why not start now?

  1. Take your weights (or cans/bottles) and sit on the edge of the couch, with your arms at your sides (wrists should be lined up with or near your knees). Make sure you’re sitting up straight.
  2. Raise your arms – they should be level with your shoulder (wrists together in front of you). Extend them straight out to form a “T” position. Then bring them back down to your sides.
  3. Next, go in reverse – bring your arms back out to the “T” position, then move them straight in front of you, and finally back to your sides.
  4. Repeat 10 times.


Want your arms to look *amazing* in that cute tank you just bought? Then this one is for you! According to a celebrity trainer for The Real Housewives of New Jersey, Jolene Matthews, this is the one of the best ways to achieve toned arms and shoulders. No weights needed!

  1. Sit on the edge of the couch rest your feet on your toes, like you’re wearing heels.
  2. Place your hands on your sides, fingers pointed forward (palms down), then lift yourself off the seat of the couch.
  3. Lower yourself for 2 counts until your butt hits the couch, then rise back up so your arms are fully extended.

Matthews says “the key is to never sit back down on the couch until the set is complete” and she urges us to work up to three sets of 20. It will be tough but girl, just think about how great your arms will look!


Now this one is right up my alley and according to Tara Zimliki, a bootcamp instructor from New Jersey, it targets an area a lot of us feel insecure about – our bellies and our legs.

  1. Sit up straight on the edge of the couch.
  2. Extend your legs in front of you. Keep them straight and begin criss-crossing them back and forth (in a scissor motion). Repeat 50 times (or as many as you can manage).
  3. Go the extra mile and do the same motion with your arms, outstretched in front of your body.

Want more? Get the full workout here.

With these three, plus the rest listed in the workout, you’ll be able to keep your bod in decent shape, one show at a time. What’s your favorite couch workout? Share with us in the comments below!

(Featured image via Blogilates)


The best way to get and stay in shape this summer is by doing it with friends! Exercising with someone else keeps you accountable because skipping one gym day can lead to two, then three… (you know how it goes). You can check out more reasons to work out with your friends here. Without further ado, here are some different workouts to keep you and your vinas committed to your exercise goals that are much more exciting than the old, lonely elliptical:


There are many workout guides that provide a set week-by-week plan to become stronger and healthier. One of my favorites, Bikini Body Guide, gives you a twelve-week program with 30 minute sessions focused on resistance training, so it’s over fast (you’re welcome) but is a kick-ass workout. The creator’s Instagram, @kayla_itsines, is full of inspiring transformations and yummy, nutritious food. By committing to this program with another vina, you keep each other accountable for sticking with it (and you can split the cost)!


The best kind of workouts are free! Fitness programs can be expensive, so save that money by checking out these awesome partner workouts on Instagram. Best friends Josephine Shriver and Jasmine Tookes share their gym workouts through their Insta @joja. You can get exercise ideas from them and others, like @twicethehealth and @katieaustin, for fitness inspo and healthy lifestyle habits.




Grab your vinas and head to a high-intensity interval training class (HIIT)! This means intense short periods of hard work followed by steady cardio, which kicks your metabolism into gear and can continue burning calories for up to 24 hours afterwards. I recommend SoulCycle (I know, I’m basic) or Barry’s Bootcamp to get the most efficient workouts. These classes say that you can burn between 400 to 1000 calories in a single session so if someone asks you what you accomplished today, you can tell them you worked off two Happy Meals. Also, when you pay for a class, you feel doubly inclined to go, plus it’s always more fun and motivating to feel the good kind of burn with friends.


Ah, nothing better than the sounds of the forest, wildlife, and heavy breathing. On those days that I don’t want to drop $30 to feel like I am dying (but in a good way!), I head outside with my fellow vinas.  You can check out pet-friendly hikes and running trails in your area at alltrails.com, and find natural parks and beaches to explore this summer. Adventure (and exercise) is out there, vinas!



Find other vinas to get your sweat on with this summer using our app! Download it from the App Store here. What are your fave workouts to do with your friends? Tell us in the comments below!


There are so many fun, easy ways to get your daily dose of exercise without shelling out a ton of $$$ on equipment or gym memberships (like our Pokémon Go workout 😂). Find a vina, and try these 3 other equipment-free workouts:


I told you that these were going to be easy. Most towns have somewhere nearby where you and your vinas could go for a hike. I’m a fan of “hikes” that are really more like casual strolls through nature, but if climbing mountains is your thing, that’s great, too.


These vinas are working out at the new (fancier-than-most) fitness station in the Marina in SF (📸: National Fitness Campaign).


It only takes a quick Google search to find public fitness courses or training parks in your area. These are park trails and public areas that have free exercise stations that include things like pull-up bars, step-ups, and cushion-y mats that make outdoor sit-ups and planks a little more comfy. It’s basically an adult jungle gym.


Did you know there are a whole bunch of YouTubers making free workout videos for you to enjoy? From HIIT to yoga, you can find safe and fun workouts from professional trainers. My favorite is Blogilates – yoga, pilates, and other workouts that usually don’t need extra equipment. I especially like the Blogilates Song Challenge series where she gives us an amazing 3-minute workout to a catchy Top 40 song.

What are your fave equipment-free workouts to do with your vinas? Let us know in the comments below! 👯💪👟

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You already know that being active is essential for stress relief, health, and even confidence! But doing the same old routine on your own can get boring after a while. Sometimes there are days where you choose donuts over deadlifts (ain’t nothin’ wrong with that!)

Why not shake things up a bit and make your next workout a vina date? Not only is working out with a friend more enjoyable (#girltalk), but it increases your accountability, your motivation, and ultimately your results! After all, you are way less likely to bail on your workout if you already committed to it with your gal.

Here are 3 ideas to make your next vina-date an active one:


📸: @nagnata


I was recently on a vina-date with one of my new gal-pals (hey Anoo!), and she suggested that we try a trapeze class. At first I was skeptical, but the more I thought about it, the more I thought how cool it would be to try something totally different! One of the best parts about bonding with new vinas is being introduced to new/different activities that you wouldn’t normally try. Plus, who knows? Maybe I’ll be a natural trapeze artist… or fall flat on my face multiple times (the latter is more likely).


One of my favorite things to do with my vinas every Sunday is to map out an urban hike that leads to a fun brunch spot. To really feel like we earned those post-hike mimosas, we plan out a route that is at least 2 miles long and includes a coffee stop (or two), along the way. If you want to plan your own urban hike with your vinas, all you need to do is check out Yelp! Or Eater to find a fun, delicious brunch spot in your city that you and your vinas will like (make a rezzy if you can)! Decide on a meeting place, throw on your athleisure duds, and get hiking. Once you and your crew arrive to the brunch spot, enjoy it girl. #EarnedIt.



HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, is one of the most effective ways to torch a bunch of calories in a short amount of time. If you and your vina are looking for a quick, body sculpting workout that requires no equipment, I’ve got you covered. Check out this circuit I put together (above) just for busy vinas like you, who want to get the job done as efficiently as possible! Perform each exercise for 40 seconds and then rest for 20 seconds before moving to the next exercise. Do the circuit 4-5 times total, resting 1 minute between each full circuit. You’ve been warned, this circuit is not easy! Keep each other motivated and push each other to complete it as best you can!!


Make it a habit to share your wellness goals with your vina so that you can motivate each other and keep each other accountable. It’s safe to say that in one way or another, we all have wellness goals.  Whether your goal is to eat a little healthier, bench press your bodyweight, or run a marathon, achieving your goal will be that much easier when you have a support system around you.

What are your fave exercises to do with your vinas? Tell us in the comments!

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