There is a sense of freedom of moving away and starting anew: a new job, a new apartment, a whole now location to adventure around and find yourself! But have you ever gotten to the point where journeying around a new place feels a bit lonely? Like you just wish you had someone to share it all with?

Our vina, Margaret can agree with that. After hearing about Hey! VINA through the Adulthood Made Easy podcast, Margaret readily signed up and started swiping! “I just moved to Atlanta and was looking for ways to make friends,” she recalls to VINAZINE. “I found it a bit difficult to make friends after college. When I returned home to Connecticut after graduating, I had friends in the area from high school and college; I didn’t think to venture until a few years later.” Excited to meet new people while leaving her comfort-cocoon of childhood friends behind, Margaret was hopeful about VINA.

Although moving to a new city and not knowing anyone is hard, getting out of a relationship and starting anew can be even harder. According to Saira, Hey! VINA was where she went looking for her “girl squad” after a breakup. That’s when she found her nature-loving vina, Margaret.


“Margaret and I have been there for each other since day 1!” Saira tells us. “Since meeting, we have both gone through our own personal struggles, whether it be dating or just being gals in our 20s. Margaret and I are there for each other and lift each other up to ensure we both are living our best lives!”

When we asked Saira and Margaret what advice they would give to vinas who are too shy to reach out, Saira responded: “The best piece of advice is to remember that the gals you meet are there for the same reason you are. Everyone I have met on Hey! VINA have been super sweet and personable. Start with just one friend date. Just one–that’s a victory in itself. Don’t put pressure on yourself or be critical if the friendship doesn’t pan out the way you expected it to. While it takes time, it is 100% worth it when you find a good gal pal! Building a good friendship with someone takes time and effort, but it feels so great to know that there is someone out there who is rooting for you at all times!”

And while one vina might be from out of town and one vina is a local, that totally makes for a great personal tour guide on your first vina-date!

“Our first VINA date was at my favorite bar in downtown Atlanta,” Saira recalls. “At the time, Margaret was new to Atlanta and didn’t know of a lot of places, so I suggested it (FoxTrot bar in Atlanta). We met up a few days before the New Year and just chatted about really everything. It turns out we had a lot in common. We had similar goals and interests. Our friendship is special because often times it feels like we are looking and talking into a mirror. We are similar in many aspects and it is nice to know that there is someone that understands me and knows what I am going through.”

Are you in the Atlanta, GA, area and looking for vinas to go hiking with? Well Saira & Margaret are looking to expand their nature-loving tribe! Start swiping and find them in your card deck! Click here to start👉

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International Friendship Day. A day we dedicate to the females who have been there through the heartbreaks, the Sex and the City marathons, the slumber parties on Friday nights, the much needed pep-talks during our moments of self-doubt, and the many other moments that make up this soulful sisterhood.

Some of us might be sitting at home, feeling a little bit lonely and wishing we had a vina to share our Saturday night with. In Austin, Texas, Hey! VINA user Nastassia recalled how she used to see exciting and cool activities going on in Austin, but she would let them pass her by. “Because however comfortable you are being on your own, some things are much more fun with someone else,” she explains.

Luckily, Nastassia swiped right on a vina named Mandy—and the rest is history.

“Meeting Mandy really helped get me out of my shell,” Nastassia says. “I’ve always been a person who would never start a conversation with anyone I didn’t know, but that has changed so much. We’ve had VINA dinner parties, went to a Buffy the Vampire Slayer dance party downtown, done craft nights, and even had a Golden Girls themed party.” Thanks to Hey! VINA, Nastassia, Mandy, Lindsay, and Amanda formed the ultimate #girlgang. “No matter what activity we do, we all manage to make it fun. I’m trying to convince everyone to hit up the 21+ roller skate night near my house, so that’s on the horizon!”

unnamed (1).png

Talk about fun. For Nastassia, she’s so thankful that VINA connected her to her new tribe.

“The best advice I’d have for people who are too shy to reach out on VINA is to remember the woman on the other end is probably just as nervous!” she shares. “And if you don’t immediately hit it off with everyone, that’s OK. I’ve met up with about half a dozen women on VINA and Mandy was the first one who turned into a close friend. Everyone isn’t going to be compatible with everyone and that doesn’t mean you’re a failure as a friend or a person. Just keep swiping and eventually you’ll find your tribe!”

Are you ready to form your girl gang? Start swiping!