From an employee’s mouth to God’s ears. What your employees love… and what they loathe. Here are simple rules for #bossbabes vinas in management!


Do: Motivate your team and incentivize. Remember, it’s not always about the money.  Some of us are in the career we are in because we love it!

Don’t: Try to assert your authority by forcing employees to do menial things that you don’t have the energy for. It comes across as useless and needy and the bottom line is that it’s humiliating. Instead of demanding them to do your dirty work for you, make them understand that they are important to you.

Do: Get to know your people, and be known to them by doing things together. Fun team building experiences are always a great way to get to know people. Nobody is the same.  We may have some traits which remind us of each other but each one of us is unique.

Don’t: Expect your employees to be robots with no personal lives. It is unbecoming of a professional person in management to expect a person to not give heed to feelings brought on by personal issues. We are all human beings here and we all have good days and bad days. Acknowledging that a subordinate has feelings is extremely important for good management skills.

Do: Give your people time off. It’s so important to rest. Yes, the company rests on your shoulders but it does on theirs too. Just because they have lesser responsibilities does not mean they have fewer things to care for. No matter what anybody says, each one who is there is dependent on that job for some reason or another. Just because you don’t know what it is, doesn’t mean it’s not important to them.


Don’t: Set bad examples. With great power comes great responsibility. Need I say more?

Do: Keep your word. Give the people what you promised.

Don’t: Never ever discuss gossip about your coworkers. If you or any other person feels comfortable enough to tell someone you spoke about them, it IS gossip.

Do: Be a good person. Re-evaluate your decisions afterwards. It’s tough to do in a management position because you can’t let people walk all over you. But you don’t have to be a horrible person to be a good manager.

Don’t: Be a nag. If you’re a good manager, you shouldn’t have to ask twice in the first place. Now if they are the problem, what are you doing to improve their skills?

Do: Research good management skills. There’s plenty of material on the market and it’s easy to fall into old, outdated ways of management. Attend a seminar. Take your team leaders with you. It’s important for your people to know that you, as well as them, are constant students of life.

Lastly, make sure to build your girl gang with other #bossbabes. It really does take a village!

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Imagine starting as an intern at one of your favorite magazines, and then years later, returning as editor in chief? Lindsay Peoples Wagner knows exactly how that feels like. In October, she was named the editor in chief of Teen Vogue, solidifying a lifelong dream come true. Peoples Wagner (who is busy prepping the final details for Teen Vogue Summit, which takes place Nov. 30 and Dec. 1 in LA!), talked to VINAZINE about her career tips, why it can feel lonely on top, her tribe and more. Check it out!

Q: Thanks so much for talking to VINAZINE, Lindsay. What’s it like to be named editor in chief of one of your favorite magazines, and a magazine where you started as an intern?
A: Very surreal! I think it’s been a long journey for me in figuring out what exactly I want to do in the fashion industry that will bring about change and now that I’m finally in a position to uplift a lot of voices that may not have been part of the conversation, I’m just excited to get to work!

Q: If you could go back and tell yourself one thing when you were intern, what would it be?
A: Just to keep my head down and work. I think in fashion it can be almost too easy to get distracted by the haze of glitz and glamour, and I always felt a bit out of place in those kinds of spaces but it took me a long time to be okay with that.

Q: What in your career prepared you for this moment?
A: The fact that I’ve always been hungry for the work instead of being thirsty for the fading elements of fashion.

Screen Shot 2018-11-28 at 9.02.22 PM

Photo courtesy of Lindsay Peoples Wagner’s Instagram

Q: Why is Teen Vogue Summit important to you and the brand?
A: The Summit is really important to me because as a former Teen Vogue intern and assistant, it’s a dream come true to meet our readers and people who have loved this brand as much as I have. I’m from the midwest, so I’m looking forward to meeting people from all over the world and expanding our reach.

Q: Tell us about your tribe. Who are the people you lean on when times get tough?
A: Since I’m not from here, I’ve had to be selective about who is in my tribe because they’re essentially my family. So for me, it’s honestly people that have been in my life for a long time that I know that I can trust.

Q: Who is your bestest friend and what impact has she had on your life?
A: Her name is Jessie and we actually interned at Teen Vogue together! I would without a doubt say she is one of the main driving forces in me staying sane and making me laugh everyday.

Q: Was there ever a time in your life when you felt lonely? Tell us about it.
A: I think being in this kind of position can oddly be lonely! When you are at an executive top level job, it can be hard to make friends or find connections with people because it does tend to seem like everyone wants something from you.

Q: If you could swipe right on any women on Hey! VINA, who would it be and why?
A: If you get Michelle Obama on Hey! VINA, I will swipe right with all my might!

Q: If you had a VINA profile, you’re asked to describe yourself in 5 emojis. Which ones would you choose?
A: 👊🏿❤️🌟🙏🏾 🙄

Q: What is the best career advice that you’ve ever been told?
A: My mother once told me to be what I needed when I was younger, and here I am.

Thanks for talking to VINAZINE, Lindsay!

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Have you been working at a job you enjoy, but feel like your compensation doesn’t match your work quality? We’ve been there, vinas! Luckily, we’ve compiled the best tips to getting the salary you deserve. You got this, #bossbabe!


Always ask to speak with your superior in-person or via video chat for a performance view if they are not available. To start, send them an email asking them when you can talk about your performance in a meeting or video call. If you don’t ask, you’ll never get the meeting, so just send the email! First step: Done.


Have a list of things in your head (and on paper) from most important to least important to share with your superior proving why you deserve a higher salary. Don’t overwhelm your superior with all of these points, however. Use your strongest points in the beginning and then save a few for later to reiterate why you deserve this particular salary. In other words, you have to prove your value and worth to the company, so have real evidence to how your work has improved the company for the better. Practice saying these points out load to your vina or your partner so you’re prepared with the facts.



Ask for a higher number you were going to ask for so that you can negotiate it to where you want it to be. If the answer is still no, ask to get a salary that is close to the number you want. Check out similar salaries on to see what comparable pay range people are getting in your field, and go from there.


Confidence is key! You’re asking for a higher salary because you deserve it. This is a conversation, not a war. Be polite and respectful and take your time to make your points. Be sure to practice your conversation beforehand so you have all your bases covered.


If they say no, it’s not the end of the world. Take what you have learned and move on! Use this as a way to learn in the future to ask for what you deserve from the start.

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Some people wake up dreading the fact that they have to go to work, but what if you went to work to actually meet up with your friends? Even better, what if your friends worked with you? I found some of my best friends at work and the truth is, it wasn’t as hard as you might think. Here’s how to make it happen!


Whether you work in an office, shoe store, pizza place, or anything in between, you and your coworker both decided to work for the same business for a reason. With just a little mingling or small talk, you can easily find out what made them start working at the same place as you. Conversations can spiral from there, but it’s an even better idea to arrange some time together. It can be as simple as walking over a cup of coffee to their desk for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up or you can make plans to eat lunch together. Easy as that!



I would never suggest talking poorly about your boss, a fellow coworker, or a project you’re working on, but talking productively about these topics can snag you a new best friend. Your work vina is someone you can bounce ideas off of. Discussing how to handle a sticky situation or what your vina thinks of it can be extremely beneficial to you. Listening to your work friend and her concerns may also open up other ideas for you to be more productive or even happier at work!


The golden rule is never to mix business with pleasure, and it’s true. Once you and your work vina establish a comfortable ground of friendship, it’s imperative that you set boundaries. If you work in a position that holds command, you need to let your work friend know when it’s strictly business and not about the friendship. Once, I had to terminate my best friend’s employment. We didn’t talk for a few days, and I messaged her asking if she was OK and if we were still friends. She said, “just because we don’t work together doesn’t mean we aren’t best friends.” Having the security of a good friendship will make your job a lot easier. Friends can be found in the least likely places, but never rule out the workplace. Sure going to work every day can be a drag, but having a work vina that becomes your best vina is truly satisfying!

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Vinas, 2018 has been our year. Never before have women been more active in the political arena, more prominent in the business world and more present on social media platforms. We are striving to break through all of the ceilings that once held us back. We have become more independent than ever before and we know we’re not planning on slowing down any time soon!

The best way to keep this momentum going is to be a monumental force in the workplace. And that means shooting your professional shot.

For those who may not know, “shoot your shot” comes from the concept that basketball players should just shoot the ball, even if they don’t know if they’ll make the shot or not. It is about having enough faith in themselves to believe that although the odds are against them, they will still make that shot anyways. We cheer on our vinas as they shoot their shots in relationships, but when they are shooting for their professional goals, we are more hesitant. Why is that?

Perhaps it’s because we are too afraid of falling into the never ending stereotype that a woman is “demanding” or “bossy” in the workplace. But here’s a reality check: going after what you want doesn’t equate you to any of those terms. It makes you a go-getter in a society that expects you to accept what is given to you with a cute smile and a polite “thank you.”

Thankfully for us, this isn’t the 1940s. Women today aren’t doing the bare minimum anymore and neither should you. Men are moving forward in this world because they have no fear of backlash from others and we need to rid ourselves of that fear as well. Women are making room for other women to move up in the world, and to shy away from opportunities out of fear of what others will have to say would be unfair to ourselves.


Don’t believe me? Think of any of the boss vinas you look up to and you’ll see all of them had to brazenly chase what they wanted to get it. Thanks to women like Michelle Obama, Serena Williams, and Cardi B, we have proof that having a strong work ethic and accepting nothing but greatness is the new standards all vinas should be setting.

It’s time for us to shoot our professional shot–even if it’s from half court and we aren’t really sure we’ll make it. Because you never know if that shot will be the one that wins the game.

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We live in a world where other people are constantly telling us what we should and should not do. We’re told we will regret getting that Fleetwood Mac tattoo or chopping our hair off or double texting the person we like. But in all honesty, does it even matter in the grand scheme of things?

There are a number of things that we might regret … but there are so many things that you’ll never regret doing. Here are five of them:


It’s 2018. Toxic relationships have got to go. This goes for both romantic relationships and friendships, y’all. It doesn’t matter how long you have been with that person or what history you have—no one should have to suffer through a relationship that brings them down. Take back your life and phase the toxic people out. It might be hard at the beginning, but you won’t regret it in the long run. You’ll feel free and lighter in no time.


One of the best things about traveling is immersing yourself in a world that’s entirely different from your own. Whether you take an international trip or visit a different area of your zip code, traveling allows you to try new foods, learn new things, and connect with new people. You’ll have uniquely new memories, and you can count on the fact that you won’t be the same afterwards.



Making career moves in general can seem scary, but in the long run, you won’t regret them. Whether you think you are unqualified or you’re jumping into a new industry, just do it. Make that move, girl. Even if the job doesn’t pan out how you planned, you will end up leaving with a better understanding of yourself and what you want for your future. Hated the job? Now you know what you don’t want in a job or in a certain company culture.


Donna and Tom on Parks and Recreation had it right, but instead of having just one day to Treat Yo’ Self, do it often. Self-care is incredibly important and can have a significant impact on your life. It can be challenging to set aside time for yourself in this era of demanding jobs and stressful environments, but you will never regret taking that time for yourself or getting yourself a fro-yo when you really need it.


When living our best “Boss B” lives, it can be hard to remember that we also need to let other people in. We are trained to keep our guard up and protect ourselves, but you won’t get far by doing that. It’s a lonely life when you’re guarded and alone in your fortress. Let other people in and allow them to break down your walls, even if you need it to happen slowly. Reach out to new people by joining different communities and swiping right on Hey! VINA, and you never know what new vinas you’ll meet. But we bet they will be as incredible as you.

Overall, remember to take chances while still taking care of yourself. Because who wants a life filled of regret? Not you!

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Want to ask for that big promotion? Dying to take that dream vacation? Curious about skydiving? Or maybe you want to just ask that special someone out? 

There are many things that “live fearlessly” can be attributed to. We all wish we could just make those big jumps that some people seem to do. But sometimes living fearlessly is just getting out there and making friends.

Here are some of the best tips I’ve heard when it comes to living fearlessly. Hopefully, it will help you take that next big leap.


Tell yourself you are worth it. Because, vina, you are worth it. Don’t let anyone tell you that you don’t deserve that raise, or that you can’t ask that person out. Go for it. 


And that is 100% OK. Sometimes you’re going to fail. It’s a part of life. At least you can say you tried, and that’s all that matters sometimes! 

adult-beach-hat-beautiful-1070967STAY OPEN TO ALL POSSIBILITIES

And let go of all the possible outcomes. You don’t want to focus on how things will end. You want to focus on actually doing the thing that you are afraid of doing.


Like Nike: Just do it. Sometimes that alone will be all you need to get the courage. Just tell yourself to do it.

Let me tell you my story, and how these tips helped me:

I am afraid of being out in the ocean. I’ll play on the beach, and I’ll play in the waves, but going too far out, it scares the crap out of me. No jet skis for me. No little paddle boats or paddle boards. Probably never will even try to surf. Hell, I even got stung by a jellyfish in the ocean.

Ever since 2010, we’ve been going to Rocky Point in Puerto Penasco, Mexico every year. We go with a large group of friends and family. Literally like 30+ people. I live in Phoenix, and it’s about a four-hour drive. Well, in 2016, some of the group wanted to go on a Banana Boat. Normally, I would have chickened out. But I decided I wanted to do it. I wanted to have that story. I want to look back and say “Yea, I was scared. Yes, my face in the photos shows that I was scared. But I did it anyways!” Even my own sister couldn’t believe I actually went through with it. I did actually have fun, and I’m so glad I went through with it.

Now it’s your turn. Tell me, what did you overcome recently? What have you done fearlessly? Tell me in the comments. I’ll be watching! 😉

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Walking into work on Monday morning is always a struggle, but what never fails to put a smile on my face is finding my work wife already there, smiling, and ready to take on the day with me.

A work wife, according to Urban Dictionary, is “a woman with whom you work, whose proximity and frequent interaction leads to her becoming your primary female companion during work hours.” Basically, she’s your BFF once you clock in.

I can’t imagine what my life would be like without the supportive work wives I’ve had the pleasure of meeting. From retail work to office work, I’ve always managed to find another vina at my job that makes me laugh while also inspiring me to work harder. They were the ones who helped me learn difficult procedures and gave me the heads up on tough managers. The point is: they’ve always had my back and looked out for me — in and outside of work. Without them, my experiences at those jobs wouldn’t have been the same.


Work wives are an irreplaceable treasure. They’re the ones that make even the most boring of days bearable. They’ll support you in your new endeavors and be your biggest cheerleader when you take on a new project. Not only will you share inside jokes about your boss’s ridiculous ties, but they’ll be there for you when you clock out too.

Some of the best friendships in my life have come from vinas at the workplace. Their friendship became so strong that the idea of not working together during the weekends made us sad. And even though we may not work together anymore, they are still genuine friends to this day.

Female relationships in the workplace are meaningful now more than ever because in so many fields, women are the minority in their workplaces. In a world that pits us against each other, it’s refreshing when we build each other up instead. So if you’re heading into a new job, find yourself a work wife. I promise you won’t regret it.

Connect with other work wife vinas to make the workplace more like a scene from “The Office” than “Horrible Bosses.” 






Navigating the workforce can be super intimidating, especially if you’re unsure of what your true calling is. When I graduated from college in 2014, I was positive that I’d land my dream job and jump straight into the world of public relations, but life had a different path for me.

Throughout my journey, I’ve learned many gems that have helped me get where I am today, and I couldn’t be happier. Here’s my four top tips for getting there:


Many of us are multifaceted unicorns who can take on just about anything, so there’s no harm in exploring various roles or career options. I landed my current position by taking on new responsibilities at my current job…and I happened to be hella good at it. You might fall flat on your face, but at least you know that path isn’t for you.


From the moment I started at my first internship to now, I valued the relationships I built with the #bossbabes I’ve worked with over the years. They’ve provided me with tons of career insight and I’m forever grateful for their support because I wouldn’t be here without them.


No matter what field you’re in, it’s always important to stay abreast of industry trends. Professionals are super impressed with newbies who are knowledgeable about the industry, and it shows that you’re invested in your craft. A lasting impression goes a long way, and this is a sure way to let leaders know you’re a valuable asset to their organization.



Your network truly is your net worth, so it’s important that you stay in contact with those that you’ve built work relationships with. Staying in contact with past employers, colleagues and recruiters shows that you care about what’s going on in their lives. You never know what opportunities may arise by simply sending a quick message.

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Interviewing is no walk in the park for most of us. Between the nerves and the need to impress the person on the other side of the table (or on the other end of the phone), it can be hard to stay in control of the situation — but it’s important that you do!

You have to remember you are interviewing the person and company just as much as they are interviewing you. By doing your homework ahead of time, you’ll be able to start off with the upper hand. Some things you can do ahead of time:

  • Look into the company culture and check out reviews on Glassdoor (a fantastic resource that not only gives you salary and job information, but reviews from employees and how the interview process went for candidates who applied previously).
  • Have a number in mind when it comes to salary. Know your worth, vina!
  • Be ready to ask them questions about their culture and future as a company, and how they see you fitting into the mix.

So, now you’ve done your homework and it’s time for the phone or in-person interview. How do you stay in control?

For starters, don’t be afraid to ask the interviewer why they were interested in speaking with you about the position. Say something like, “What about my resume interested you?” or “What about my background caught your eye?”  This will help set you up as a power player for the interview.

It will also prompt the interviewer to answer with specific skills that are likely needed, which in turn prompts you to respond with a confirmation statement, acknowledging they have a solid understanding of your background/skills.

Asking those questions in the beginning leads straight into the thing no one wants to talk about, but it’s important to discuss immediately: salary. I’m going to be frank — it’s important to get this out of the way as quickly as possible because no one wants their time wasted — not you, and most certainly not your interviewer. It’s not a fun dance, but a necessary one. You can start by saying simply, “What salary do you have budgeted for this role? I’d like to make sure we’re on the same page.”

If they come back with a range, awesome. If it’s in your desired range, that’s even better! But don’t be surprised if they try to dodge the question or tell you they cannot disclose that information yet. If they turn it back around on you by asking you what you currently make, you don’t have to tell them (in fact, it’s a law in several states that employers can’t ask prospective employees their current salary). Be polite and firm. You can say “my previous employers have always considered that to be confidential information…” and add one of the following to the end of that statement:

  • “…but I’m open to your thoughts on this because I believe you will be consistent with the current market.”
  • “…but I’m open and somewhat flexible as I appreciate the opportunity to add value. Can you share how you value this position and what the budget is for the role?”

The idea here is to be polite, firm, and show your genuine interest in the opportunity. After all, you’re interviewing each other for a reason!

rawpixel-570908-unsplashAnother way to stay in control is to remind them that they called you. Ask them questions that reflect on your skills. “Can you tell me what a typical week looks like in this position?” or “what kind of projects will I be working on for your company?”

Last but certainly not least, be transparent about the fact you’re interviewing with other companies. It’s not something that should hinder your chances for landing the job, but rather help give you an advantage. You can simply tell the interviewer that you are speaking with other companies and you’d love to continue the conversation, but make sure you ask when you’ll hear back from them. If they don’t give you a definite time frame, don’t be afraid to request one. You don’t want to hang out forever waiting to hear back, especially if other opportunities arise in the meantime.

For 10 career tips from real vinas, click here! And if you want to practice your interview skills with new vinas, get swiping.