If you’ve been keeping up with our amazing VINA success stories, you know we’ve connected roommates, bridesmaids, girl bosses, brunch squads, dog mamas, and crafty girl gangs together … and now, it’s Audrey and Glo’s turn to take the spotlight!

After moving to NYC from Sydney, Australia, Glo found it hard to make friends in her new city.

“My husband I moved to New York from Sydney in December 2014 and I knew no one (besides my husband),” she tells VINAZINE. “I worked remotely in my first job and therefore did not have the typical opportunities to make friends or socialize with colleagues, unlike my husband. However, I was determined to make some friends!”

After reading about Hey! VINA in a 2016 Time Out article, she decided to download the app and start swiping. She was eventually able to connect with Audrey, who confessed that her cousin had gone through a similar experience to Glo’s!

“I joined VINA when it was first taking off,” Audrey tells us. “It was a time when my current friends were busy with work, life, and I just wanted to meet new people. I initially swiped right because Glo reminded me so much of my cousin—both were Australian, lived in UK, and even looked similar! We ended up meeting at Bibble & Sip and walked around the neighborhood. She invited me over to her apartment for lunch and we ended up talking for awhile.”

Following their first date, the two continued to establish their friendship. Audrey was particularly excited by her newfound VINA match. “I feel like I connected well because we had things in common (both of us have cats, sometimes we’re homebodies, and we watch similar shows on Netflix),” she shares. “Glo has a welcoming vibe about her that made me feel comfortable to open up and feel like I can trust her, and I still do to this day!”


Glo felt an immediate connection as well: “I instantly liked Audrey and conversation came easily to us. I felt like I’d known her my whole life. We talked openly about our lives, husbands, favorite TV shows and our cats. Audrey was exactly the type of friend I needed in my life at that moment—someone like-minded I could call/text, someone I could openly talk to without being judged, someone with patience and compassion.
And as the years went on, Audrey continued to always be there to listen to me vent over usual life dramas.”

Both Audrey and Glo feel lucky to have downloaded Hey! VINA when they did, even if some of the connections they made weren’t as long-lasting as their own. Glo told us that, “Through VINA, I actually made three incredible friends for life. I know I am very fortunate and I would have been grateful to have made only one!”

Audrey agreed, saying, “I’ve met a couple of people on VINA, some of those matches faded into just fellow Instagram followers. But I’m so happy I stumbled onto VINA when I did because I would have never met Glo who has become a true life-long friend (that is SO hard to find even with people I already know). Even though she recently moved to Abu Dhabi, I see us staying in touch and planning visits. We’ve even talked about planning future vacations together. I miss her so much in NY, but we still keep in touch often via Whatsapp.”


When asked if they had any advice to give to their fellow vinas, the vinas were happy to chime in. “Just go for it and ask someone you swiped right with to go on a coffee date right away. Skip messaging beforehand. The other person is also on the app, probably looking for new friends and new connections too so you don’t have anything to lose,” offered Audrey.

Glo agreed: “If you are willing and wanting to meet new people and ready to take a leap of faith—I can’t think of anything that should stop you from joining or reaching out on VINA because as long as you are honest to yourself and profile, it is likely there is someone out there who will be similar to you, or will appreciate how different you are. The worst case scenario would be for you to miss that opportunity to make a fulfilling friendship.”

We love this vina-ship, Glo and Audrey! Thank you for sharing your story with VINAZINE. Looking for a friendship like theirs? Get swiping in Hey! VINA today!




So it’s Saturday night and you’re just not in the mood to go out – we’ve all been there. But that doesn’t mean staying in has to be a drag. That’s where your vinas come in. Keeping things super chill has major potential to be super fun! Check out these 8 ideas to make your gals night in a night to remember!


This is a classic for your vina’s night in. Maybe even pick a theme like rom-com night, or fright night flicks! Grab some wine or a batch of virgin cocktails (whatever you prefer), and get the corn popping! All that’s left to do is enjoy some good movies and laughs with your vinas. How can a girl say no?


Picture this: your nails are a mess, you’ve got a totally annoying breakout, and you’ve  had a crazy stressful week. No time to schedule a slot at the salon? No big! Call up the girls and get a spa night going! Nobody knows how to relieve your tension and cheer you up better than your vinas. Make this one a night complete with fluffy robes, nail equipment, face masks, hair braiding – the whole nine yards. If you’re feeling really spoiled, throw in a bottle of champs!

Champagne from Unsplash


Ok, this idea is not as complicated as it may sound. And no, you don’t have to leave the comfort of your living room. For those of us without a classic 2000’s era karaoke machine, it may seem a little over your head. But fear not! YouTube has a fix for everything. Look up your fav classics or current hits and tack on “karaoke version” and you’re in business. Play it from your laptop, TV, or even your phone. Crank the volume and sing out (on or off-key) in a judgement free zone!


This one can mean Monopoly and Twister, Super Mario Kart, Never Have I Ever and Cards Against Humanity, or even Call Of Duty and Mortal Kombat if you’ve got a group of serious gamers on your hands. And let’s not forget our classic card gamers. Gin, Rummy, even Uno! Or better yet, call up the vinas and get a poker night started. You can play for nickles and dimes, or make it high stakes with some bigger bets – whatever the group is willing to play for. Grab some chips and dip, a deck of cards, and put on your best poker face. Game on.


You don’t have to be a self-proclaimed psychic to get in on the fun of tarot cards. If no one in the group is experienced in reading tarot, do a quick Google search. Or if one of your vinas knows what she’s talking about, have her give the rest of you a crash course. Learning about it together doubles the fun! Grab your crystal ball and take a look into your BFF’s future for a night! This is bound to be one you won’t forget.



So if you haven’t heard of Mukbang, look up a couple videos and you will find that this is one of the hottest trends out right now. It’s basically eating food in front of a video camera, either alone or with a group. Fun right? And it’s totally sweeping the web, why not bring it to your girls night in? Mukbang videos gained their popularity in South Korea in the 2010’s and have since become a favorite in the US. The Mukbanger’s are seen recording themselves eating large portions of food while interacting with their viewers. Go live on Insta or Facebook, or record a video just for you and the girls to watch back! Pick a cuisine that all the vinas agree on, order several dishes off the menu, and stuff your faces while discussing various topics of interest! Fair warning: this one may have to be a sleepover considering the food coma you’re about to slip into.


I am all for the glamour, honey. I love to get dressed up, even if I’m just sitting around the house. Think about this, instead of getting glammed up for another club night, bring the nightlife to your place! Pool your fav makeup together, or head to the local drugstore and pick up some products to try your hand at that smokey eye you’ve been dying to rock! Get that LBD out of the back of your closet and prepare to get glam and dance all night, vinas! If you’re feeling daring, turn it into a photo-shoot, have fun with it!


I have at least 6 tattoos, but for those that want something a little more temporary, Henna is a great option! Plus it’s super fun to do with your vinas, and so easy to learn. Head to a craft store and grab some DIY henna kits, then draw up some beautiful henna designs for you and your friends. This is an inexpensive and super cute way to bond with your girls. Get yourself inked minus the pain and money!

A night in with your girls has never looked better. Each of these ideas vary in price, effort, and interest, but whatever you choose, it’ll totally be worth it! Let’s make staying in the new going out. All you need is a little creativity, some snacks, a bottle of something, and the will to have a great time! Oh, and your vinas, of course!

Download Hey! VINA and find your group of gal pals to take on girls night in!


We get a lot of questions asking where the company name VINA came from, why we named it that, and why we call our social app Hey! VINA, so here’s the *FULL* history!

Four years ago, I haphazardly co-founded a women’s social club, and off the cuff, we named our first event Ladies Who Vino. Christina (my cofounder of the group) simply threw it on a Facebook event invite, and I loved it. I was like, “Ooh, it sounds like ladies who we know,” which is essentially what it was, but the primary activity was that we were drinking wine, and that name just stuck! On an average month, we bring together ~100 women at a wine bar somewhere in SF, and this became the foundation for the passion and inspiration behind VINA.

Fastforward a bit. Three-ish years later, I start thinking about building a platform to help women find friends anywhere…

When we were brainstorming, the name VINA came up as an iteration on Ladies Who Vino. It was pithy, didn’t have a whole lot of meaning in the US, and it had a lot of great feminine qualities to it – vines/connectedness, Venus, and wine. I liked it. But the really good reasons to name it vina were what I discovered after.


pin me!

Vina is a Scottish girls name that means beloved or friend.

Vina also is the Icelandic word that means female friend.

And that’s simply perfection.

We hope vina becomes the word used around the world to represent someone who is in your network of women – she could be a friend, colleague, or mentor.

We hope vina becomes the word used around the world to represent someone who is in your network of women – she could be a friend, colleague, or mentor. It’s a word that more widely covers that special (platonic) bond between women, better and more inclusive than our usual “she’s my girlfriend.” And it allows us to return the word “girlfriend” to its original definition: a regular female companion with whom a person has a romantic or sexual relationship.

We can’t wait to help you meet new vinas, make new memories, and take new adventures with the infinite possibilities that lay ahead of you with on the Hey! VINA app.


It’s big sprawling mess of a city but, damn we love you LA. For this very reason though, it’s particularly tricky to nail down the right lady-date idea. Fear not, we are here with our newest installment of Hey! VINA dates. Scroll through our ideas and find something that will both match your budget and your lifestyle.


We’re a lucky bunch in LA with a plethora of free museums to wander through. A go-to fave is The Getty, it’s easy to get to and rather centrally located if your new bestie is coming from the other side of town. Just hop on the 5 for a while and take exit 59 following alongside the 405 until you see signs for the Getty Center. And it’s free free free. There is also an adorable open air cafe in the center that serves wine, so there’s that. The view is epic and the exhibits change throughout the year so we never get tired of visiting. The garden is spectacular and so Instagram worthy. Our other new fave free free spot, The Broad. This place is nothing short of drool worthy beauty. It just opened in fall of 2015 and has met rave reviews from just about everyone, ever.



For how close we live to the ocean it’s a damn shame how little time most LA-ians spend at the waters edge. Perhaps the two of you are already beachy people, the kind that cut out on lunch to get a surf in. If you are those kind of Californians then you already get it. Water is healing and essential and the perfect way to spend an afternoon. So pack some snacks, a big blanket, spf 70 (we want to protect those gorgeous faces), and take a drive down to Venice beach. It might be a bit out of the way depending on where you are coming from, but trust us the beaches that way are far more pristine. It’s worth the wander.



LA is the mecca for pretty much all actors and musicians so you can pretty much find any style of music you want. But it has to be said, the best place to catch cheap/free live music in a mellow setting is The Hotel Cafe. It’s small and intimate. It’s red lit. It’s got these cute cafe tables. This place is breeding ground for new musicians and break through talent. I’ve seen some of the best shows of my life here in the company of only a few other people. It’s incredible. Another wonderful option is to go old school and channel your inner groupie: hit up the Sunset Strip and see a live show at The Roxy. It’s a part of our history here, embrace it.



I feel like anyone who lives in LA has a deep appreciation for tacos. Trust me, other places do not throw down like we do when it comes to this major food group. There is no comparison to an LA street taco anywhere east of TX or north of CA. You can find them just about everywhere in la la land, so pick your fave local spot or go on a hunt for some of ours: Ricky’s Fish Tacos (taco truck that appears like a miracle for a few hours a day usually on Virgil Ave.), La Flor Yucatan (this spot is a bakery that serves some seriously authentic tacos), Kogi BBQ Truck (I can’t even talk about these without getting hungry, find them now), Komodo Venice (these Korean infused little nuggets are pure heaven and you could literally never tire of their menu.


I love this option because it makes me feel like a high roller, even when I’m not. Seek out some happy hour spots that do dollar oysters and you can eat your body weight in those heavenly sea creatures. Some of the best spots in town are: EMC Seafood and Raw Bar in Korea Town (7 days a week from 4-7, they knows what’s up), Ace Hotel in Downtown LA (upstairs and weekdays, sit pool side and slang oysters from noon-5), The Hungry Cat  in Santa Monica (it’s only a Monday thing, but it’s a damn good way to start the week.) Enjoy!!


We love classics. Meeting for coffee is one of the easiest, cheapest, and most convenient ways to link up with anyone in your life. It’s a low stakes kind of affair. It can last hours or just fifteen minutes. It’s kind of amazing how much we can accomplish over a cup of jo. A few of our fave spots across town for both excellent brew and A+ ambience: Verve in West Hollywood, Copa Vida in Pasadena, Caffe Vita in Silver Lake, Demitasse Cafe in Santa Monica (try their lavender liquid hot chocolate, it’s ridiculous.) Pinkies out ladies.


We saved the best for last. I even love the word, brunch; someone somewhere was too lazy to make up a new word for this meal, they just smushed the other two together. And I think it really embodies the laid back vibe we bring to the table. It was made for sleeping in, chillin out, and stuffing your face. It’s heaven. If you’re in the area brunch it here: Culver Hotel in Culver City (eating brunch in this historic hotel will make you feel ultra swanky, plus their bar is amazeballs), Eclectic Cafe in North Hollywood (endless mimosas and an entree for $25, winning), Gjusta in Venice (a bit crowded but well worth the wait), Malibu Farm Pier Cafe obviously in Malibu (brunch with a view and all organic eats, yes please), Sqirl in Silver Lake (this tiny spot is crushing the toast game with some open faced plates I literally want to face plant into.) Now, I’m hungry.

We wish we could join you on all these adventures! We’re eager to hear back from you. Let us know if you like our choices, or any other local spots we should add to our list. And don’t forget to download the Hey! VINA app so you can meet the vinas to go out with!

(Feature image via Harper’s Bazaar)


Living with your best friend is both hilarious and amazing:



Yes, you become completely comfortable leaving the bathroom door open with them around. Mostly because you’re too busy venting to each other to take a break.



You know these are the best.



You get to catch up on gossip and also have someone to give you feedback on your OOTD.



And you’ve made your peace with that.


giphy (3).gif

Sunday night groceries will never be boring again!


giphy (6).gif

You always have a partner-in-crime for the pre-game, or any adventure.


giphy (4)

Zero judgement.


giphy (7)

Their closet is basically your closet. It’s totally fine to share clothes because you know where to find them if she doesn’t return it back to you.


giphy (5).gif

It’s scary going through important things like breast cancer screenings alone, having your bestie around difficult times like these is definitely a plus!



Neither of you can talk about the idea of NOT living together without starting to cry.

(Feature Image 📸: @society19)


We all know the feeling. You’re dying to see your vinas, but it’s been raining for two weeks straight. When you love spring, warm weather, and the flowers it brings, it can be hard to figure out fun dates when the weather is so awful. Thankfully, there are lots of activities you can do indoors to get in your bonding time. We’ve made a list of some of our favorite ideas:


Grab a few of your vinas and a handful of fab nail polish. Turn on a YouTube tutorial, and try some of the fun tricks and tips you’ve been meaning to try. Want watercolor nails or a cool geometric design? Go for it! With your gal pals by your side, it’s the perfect time to give it a try!


There are few things more satisfying on a rainy day than eating warm treats right out of the oven. Have a friend or two join you for a baking party à la Taylor Swift and her squad. This might be a good time to try a bigger project, such as a fancy cheesecake, or you can always stick to your go-to cookie recipe.


If you’re anything like me, you probably need to clean out your closet. Take some time to organize a clothing swap between you and your vinas. Everyone brings the clothes, shoes, and accessories that they’re over but think their friends might love. This is a great way breathe some fresh air into all of your closets for the new season while saving money and the planet!


We can’t forget the always classic movie night when talking about indoor dates! Pick some snacks and movies, and hunker down on your comfiest couch with your vinas for the evening.  This easy idea can even be combined with the other inside dates, such as nail painting or baking. For the most fun, pick a theme for your movies. Twilight marathon, anyone?


Similar to movie night, game night merely replaces the movies with card and boardgames. Every vina is encouraged to bring her favorite game and snack for the most fun! Just make sure you have enough players. Now, roll those dice. 

When the rain comes around, do you and your besties hole up or head out? Let us know in the comments!

(Featured image via florarmos.tumblr.com)


Whether it’s Xo and Jane from Jane the Virgin or Lorelai and Rory from Gilmore Girls, it seems like there are enviable mother-daughter relationships everywhere we look! Yeah, the actresses on the screen may seem like besties, but chances are, your mom is a pretty amazing friend to you already. Here are five things that make your mom the best best friend:


The words, “You’re my mom, so you have to say that,” have come out of all of our mouths at one point or another. But the truth is, she meant it, whatever it was. To your mom, you’re the most beautiful, intelligent, capable woman in the world. You’re the apple of her eye. You don’t find a vina everyday that feels that way about you.


Roomies pestering you? S.O. troubles? Feel like staying in? Mom’s your go-to gal. No one is as dependable or as comforting as your mom. Whether you’re having a Fixer Upper marathon or getting manis, she’ll be right there with ya. (Facetimes and phone calls definitely count for those vinas with far away mamas.)


Everyone knows that if they cross you, they have to cross your mom, too. It doesn’t matter if you got an unfair grade on a term paper or if your S.O. broke your heart, she’ll be Team You through and through.


To picture your mom at your age going through what you’re going through is at best, odd and at worst, downright scary. But the truth of the matter is she was your age, and she does know what you’re feeling. Moms have some pretty sage advice that vinas your age don’t. Hey, the saying “mother knows best” had to come from somewhere!


She loved you through the terrible twos and puberty. She loved you when you had braces and that botched haircut. She loved you when you missed curfew and got that piercing without her permission. She loved you after you got dumped and didn’t shower for four days. She loved you then, just like she’ll love you always.

Are you and your mama best mates? Let us know in the comments!

(Featured image via @anehigley)


After a while, a bestie can start to feel like an extension of yourself. You don’t thank your right hand for being a hand, do you? We often fall into the same trap with the people we keep close. There are probably tons of things you regularly forget to thank your best vina for, and here are just a few:

  • Wearing sweatpants when you need to wear sweatpants. She might be able to conquer the world that day, but you can’t, and she’s totally willing to get on your level.
  • Memorizing your triple-shot-hemp-milk-latte-with-no-sugar-added order by heart.
  • Having your back. Allegiance goes a long way, and we often take that for granted.
  • Reading the rough draft.
  • Eating the extra fries, so you can’t.
  • Listening to rehash for months and months after the breakup.
  • Openly judging when you do it again.
  • Telling you the first outfit was cuter.
  • Giving you her hair tie even though she needs it.
  • Committing a whole day to watching Netflix, even though she isn’t the hungover one.
  • Having the bottle of wine open when you get there.
  • Being your biggest cheerleader.


What sweet things does your vina do that deserve a thank you?

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There’s an old saying that love is friendship lit on fire, and isn’t that the truth? The only real diff between your platonic BFF and your romantic interest basically comes down to sexy time. So when we were recently reading up on the languages of love, a book released in the ’90s that talks about how we all communicate our feelings of affection and acceptance SO DIFFERENTLY, it hit us — these totally apply to our friendships, too!

How you show love to someone or how you know someone loves you back (in a platonic or romantic way) might be so lost in translation that we decided we need to get talking about this.

There are basically 2 steps to making this work wonders for your relationships:

  1. Ask your friends what their love language is.
  2. Start delivering.


There are five main styles: gifts, quality time, words of affirmation, acts of service, and physical touch.

Of course the communication and delivery of each of these is a bit different between best friends and love interests, we decided to give you a little guide to how to care for your friends in their love languages.

Gifts. The rad thing about giving gifts is that they don’t have to equate to a monetary value. Yes, every gift lover loves a sentimental piece of jewelry, a souvenir from your latest travels, a bouquet of flowers, or when their favorite hot beverage shows up at their doorstep. But a gift can come in the form of a note or running out to pay the meter or bringing a shell home from some distant beach or just down the street. A gift is only a gift because there is a thought behind the token.

Quality time. This is a big one for maintaining and fostering a healthy vibrant friendship. Quality of time not quantity. For us this means be there when you are there most importantly. Put your phone down at the table. Have conversation in the car. Give eye contact, thoughtful questions, and give and take in equal measure. Do you find yourself controlling the conversations? Do you ask questions and actually want to hear the answers? Are you just passing the time in each others company or really making something special out of it?

Words of Affirmation. Say it out loud. We so often times assume the people close to us know why they are close to us. But saying it out loud will surprise you by how good it feels for both of you. Tell them they are awesome, that you are lucky to have this kind of friend, that you admire them and what they are making of their life, that you appreciate what they bring to the table in your friendship. A few words go a long way.

Acts of Service. This one is particular to helpful acts, a chance for you to go out of your way to show that you care. My mother always told me that you will know who your real friends are because they show up to help you move. I’ve noticed over the years this is always true. Other things that come to mind, airport rides, and breakup vigils (when your friend gets dumped and you simply don’t leave their side), and picking up the wine on the way home from work.

Physical Touch. We recommend getting to know your new friend a bit before employing this one because it’s just true that some people do not like to be touched. But a good hug, a real hug, can go a long way. Just sayin’.

Love languages suggest that although everyone is different, a certain degree of each is expected in most relationships. There is a learning curve in every friendship and being aware of how your friends communicate and show their own appreciation will help you understand how to make them feel loved. Because after all that’s what this is all about, the love.

What’s your friendship language? Tell us in the comments!

Illustration by Nicholle Kobi


There is a reason Brooklyn has absolutely blown up in the last half decade. It’s amazing. It’s a breeding ground of cool, a jungle of well-made, curated, and created fashion, food, and drink. One can wander around any of the several boroughs and find place upon place to pass the time no matter your lifestyle or budget.
But sometimes so many choices can be a little overwhelming. So, we’ve done some of the work for you and created, Hey! VINA first dates: Brooklyn. Our hopes are that this helps push you to take that final step in meeting your new bestie in person. Pick a place, and see you there!! (Oh! And don’t forget to check out our other vina date suggestions – we might’ve featured your city already!)


Meeting for coffee is always a simple go to and Brooklyn’s boroughs has more organic, fair trade, fantastic coffee than hot guys. (Well, maybe not, but you get it.) We’ve got our eye on a few spots for you already: Wyckoff-Star Coffee Shop in Bushwick (their iced Americano is uhhhh-mazing), Cafe Pedlar (so adorable), Blue Bottle Coffee in Williamsburg, Parlor Coffee in Williamsburg (located inside The Person Of Interest Barbershop), Bien Cuit (this bakery is home to one of the best croissants in the area.)
Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.45.14 AM.png

These ladies are enjoying brunch at Buttermilk Channel! (via @itsmetlc)


The joy of brunching is the joy of life itself. There is a reason the saying break bread has been around for all of time. It’s how we make peace, share love, and dish about what happened over the weekend. There is no shortage of brunchable spots in Brooklyn. Check these out: The General Greene (everything is amazing, but the Cubano sandwich is guaranteed to cure any hangover), Cafe Luluc in Cobble Hill (classic diner breakfast served all day and most of the night. Pancakes are a must here), Buttermilk Channel in Cobble Hill (I feel like the name says it all. Their french toast is the best in all the land), James (their brunch menu is impeccable, but really what is calling my name is their famous bloody mary made with jalapeño infused tequila. I’ll have another.)


Brooklyn is a mecca of craft cocktail euphoria. You can stumble around almost any corner and find yourself a watering hole that’s making a serious art out of serving serious drinks. Try tipping back a few at these lovely locations: The Narrows in Bushwick, Weather Up (love the white tile and speak easy style vibe), Clover Club (a damn fine and proper place to get a drink with some seriously good looking folks making them), Tooker Alley (old school, done right, and for sure worth the wait.)
Screen Shot 2017-01-01 at 10.47.40 AM.png

The food’s so good at Marlow & Sons, no one can remember to snap a pic before digging in (via @marlowandsons)


Eating brings us together. That’s probably why almost half this list is comprised of things to consume. So, just one more. These are our fave, and rather random, good eats around town: Fish Tacos at Gran Electrica, Pies ‘n’ Thighs for fried chicken in Williamsburg, Mexican fare at Fonda, do sushi at Gen. If you’re doing lunch be sure to wander into Marlow & Sons in Williamsburg, their menu changes daily and it’s always delish. And if you’re vegan, find your way to Wild Ginger.


Get in with the poets in town and snap your fingers beatnik style. Greenlight Bookstore has a regular series of events of readings with local and traveling writers. Most are in the evening but if you’re doing a day date they’ve got story time every Saturday at 11 am. Head on over after grabbing coffee and get your literary on.


This is a cheap and easy way to spend some time. I like to grab coffee before doing a just browse afternoon. In this you literally just wander around a gorgeous store and look at things, allow it to spark a conversation, imagine what you might want. Sprout Home is a plant store, but oh so much more. It is heavenly. The space is so well designed and taken care of it feels more like you’re wandering through a botanical garden in the middle of Brooklyn. And you pretty much are.


It’s always open season in this neck of the woods. Whether you are looking for something in particular or open to the wonders of the discovery you and your new gal pal will have plenty to pick through around town. A few gold mines: Awoke in Williamsburg (this place has the perfect kind of range, some high-end pieces but also a stellar 2 for $25 rack that will send you home satisfied), Antoinette (a lovely space with a nice measure of vintage and new. All new items come from local designers), Friends in Bushwik (a buy-sell-trade kind of place that is wonderfully curated), Miss Master’s Closet in Bed-Stuy (a killer $15 rack that we cannot get enough of). Happy hunting ladies!!
We love creating this list of places for you to check out, thinking about all of you out there meeting for the first time brings us serious joy! Don’t forget to check out our other vina date suggestions, and if y0u don’t see your city, request it in the comments!