Millennial pink is that pretty, pastel, dusty-rose pink that is everywhere nowadays. We see this color in fashion, decor, media. Brands are trying everything to get this pink incorporated into their brand tone and all over their products (Glossier being the leader in establishing this color as their color).

I have to admit, I recently became obsessed with both rose gold and millennial pink. I absolutely LOVE seeing it everywhere. Here are our fave millennial pink products that your should buy, ASAP. This color isn’t going anywhere anytime soon.


Polaroid pictures give a retro vibe are always fun to have and to hold, and to watch them develop. You can hang them around your room or stuff them in a box, either way they are tangible memories. And you can take cute instagram pic of pics.



Perfect for adding color to an otherwise drab office outfit. I wear a pink blazer to work at least once a week. This powder pink blazer from Charlotte Russe blazer is a cute and affordable addition to your wardrobe. It’s an excellent way to look professional, with a fun colorful twist.




Eco-friendly and sustainable, and bkr has been the front runner for cute glass bottles since 2011. They come in 3 sizes, and with a colored silicone sleeve, the best millennial pink color being “tutu.”



I am always looking for the perfect pink polish. This one is a pale (but still bright) pink that is a little flirty, and totally perfect for summer. Essie always has such cute names for their polishes; I love telling people that I’m wearing “Tying The Knotie.”





Converse never go out of style when it comes to skaters and middle schoolers, but adding a pair of pink hightop to your fancy ensemble will add a dash of cool that will amp up your cool-girl reputation. An added pro is that you can easily run to your destination in the event that you are late (always).







These bracelets have been trendy in the health and wellness community for a few years now. The limited edition pink lokai bracelets are sold out on the website (très popular) but still available via Amazon. These bracelets are said to help you find/keep balance in your life, and they are only $18!





You might as well jump on the Glossier bandwagon (if you haven’t already). If the meaning of millennial pink could be attached to a brand, or if a brand’s tone perfectly matched the color’s concept, it is totally Glossier. Start off with their Balm Dotcom. Best used for the lips, this salve is a game changer. Go for the classic because the packaging is the perfect millennial pink; or the rose flavor if you want to turn your lips slightly pinker and totally glossy-er.


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One can never have too many accessories. The perfect millennial pink highlight to your collection is this macbook pro case (if you don’t have a mac, fear not, there are many more to choose from on the wide world of Amazon). Perfect for protection and decoration (with stickers). And in certain lights, can fool others into thinking you have to new pink macbook.


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Whether you’re going on a hike, heading to class, or just packing a bag for a weekend (preferably near a beach), there is always a need for a good backpack. This Victoria’s Secret backpack is called “Perfectly Pink,” and for good reason.






Because a vina can never have too many… This little cutie functions doubly as a cross body purse, and a camera bag! Lightweight and great for traveling, this bag adds a pop of millennial pink to every outfit.



Let’s just add one (or two) of everything. Put it on my card.

Comment below your favorite millennial pink products. And download the Hey! VINA app to meet other vinas near you!

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Where to spend your week or two off this summer can be a nerve-wracking challenge.  You want to pick the right spot, but it’s hard to decide where to go, what to do, and ensure you are going to like it. So this summer, I’ve rounded up some of the best places for you to go, based on your zodiac sign! Because duh, we should make all our life decisions based on that, right? …Right?


Take us to the Azores Islands pls n thank u (📸: Away We Went)


Aries: Get your adventure fix and lead by example in Portugal’s Azores Islands this summer.  Aries is the type of person that is destined to visit this unspoiled gem in the heart of the ocean with two UNESCO World Heritage Sites among the nine islands.  An abundance of off-the-map adventures for the fitness-and-thrill seeking explorers, from whale watching to dolphin swimming.

Leo: The most infamous zodiac sign should head to Negril, and enjoy Hedonism II for a few days.  This destination allows them to be their bold selves, capture the spotlight, and dance the night away.

Sagittarius: For the “easy-going” fire sign, a trip to Bucks County, Pennsylvania is the perfect place to get away and relax.  Explore the Delaware River waterfront and shopping in antique shops, before heading to the Peace Valley Lavender farm. Can you say, ahhhh?


Casa de Uco, yes PLEASE! (📸: Casa de Uco)


Taurus: A drool-worthy setting fit for the self-indulgent Taurus,  Casa de Uco is situated across a 790-acre estate and vineyard in Argentina’s Uco Valley. Guests can learn the sector de fuego (fire pit) barbecue cooking technique, enjoy one-of-a-kind wine parcel tasting through the vineyards with the sommelier and chef, and design their personal wine labels and brand via the Wine Barrel Program.

Virgo:  Take your schedule and your goals down to Nevis and check-in at Paradise Beach Resort to get into the ultimate shape of your life.  With customizable fitness plans based on your fitness level, you can choose to climb Nevis peak or hike to the waterfalls.

Capricorn:  Getting out in nature is the perfect place for Cap ladies to relax.  St. Kitt’s is where nature abounds, and the Marriott Resort and Royal Beach Casino will make you feel right at home with the beautiful honey brown beaches.


No matter where you go, don’t forget to bring a friend!  (photo source)


Gemini:  Head across the pond, to London.  From there stay at The Distillery, which has two sides to appeal to the “twins”.  Create your own Portobello Road Gin, and get as crazy, or stay as tame, as either of your sides need to be.

Aquarius: Take a walk on the wild side with a visit to Cuba! This air sign tends to be fiercely independent, so navigating the island without wi-fi and relying on the native hospitality will give you some thrills.  For ideas in planning the perfect Cuba vacation visit Cuba Travel.

Libra:  Libra’s love beauty and balance, so venturing out a bit and heading to NYC to visit W Hotel’s new “Tattoo Suite” and take part in TLC Miami Ink’s inaugural tattoo series is a must do for this reserved sign.


How about riding the gondola in Vail? (📸: concierge.com)


Cancer: It’s no secret that Crabs love the beach, and in Nantucket, you can crab-walk to the newest boutique hotel, the Graydon House, enjoying an amazing dinner by a Michelin starred chef.

Scorpio: This sign tends to enjoy a balance of active adventure and relaxing bliss.  Spend some time at Collective Retreats either on a remote ranch in Vail, Colorado or along the serene Moonlight Basin in Yellowstone, Montana where you can enjoy heated tents, fully functional bathrooms and 1,500 thread count sheets with the option of an in-tent massage.

Pisces: This sign is drawn to water and nature, so seeking out a beautiful destination that is remote, like Secret Bay, is essential. It’s an eco-luxury boutique hotel in Dominica, a remote Caribbean Island, and would be the perfect destination.  Endless activities await the nature lover who will be able to hike some of the world’s best trails.

Tell us all about your summer travel plans in the comments below!

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The best way to get and stay in shape this summer is by doing it with friends! Exercising with someone else keeps you accountable because skipping one gym day can lead to two, then three… (you know how it goes). You can check out more reasons to work out with your friends here. Without further ado, here are some different workouts to keep you and your vinas committed to your exercise goals that are much more exciting than the old, lonely elliptical:


There are many workout guides that provide a set week-by-week plan to become stronger and healthier. One of my favorites, Bikini Body Guide, gives you a twelve-week program with 30 minute sessions focused on resistance training, so it’s over fast (you’re welcome) but is a kick-ass workout. The creator’s Instagram, @kayla_itsines, is full of inspiring transformations and yummy, nutritious food. By committing to this program with another vina, you keep each other accountable for sticking with it (and you can split the cost)!


The best kind of workouts are free! Fitness programs can be expensive, so save that money by checking out these awesome partner workouts on Instagram. Best friends Josephine Shriver and Jasmine Tookes share their gym workouts through their Insta @joja. You can get exercise ideas from them and others, like @twicethehealth and @katieaustin, for fitness inspo and healthy lifestyle habits.




Grab your vinas and head to a high-intensity interval training class (HIIT)! This means intense short periods of hard work followed by steady cardio, which kicks your metabolism into gear and can continue burning calories for up to 24 hours afterwards. I recommend SoulCycle (I know, I’m basic) or Barry’s Bootcamp to get the most efficient workouts. These classes say that you can burn between 400 to 1000 calories in a single session so if someone asks you what you accomplished today, you can tell them you worked off two Happy Meals. Also, when you pay for a class, you feel doubly inclined to go, plus it’s always more fun and motivating to feel the good kind of burn with friends.


Ah, nothing better than the sounds of the forest, wildlife, and heavy breathing. On those days that I don’t want to drop $30 to feel like I am dying (but in a good way!), I head outside with my fellow vinas.  You can check out pet-friendly hikes and running trails in your area at alltrails.com, and find natural parks and beaches to explore this summer. Adventure (and exercise) is out there, vinas!



Find other vinas to get your sweat on with this summer using our app! Download it from the App Store here. What are your fave workouts to do with your friends? Tell us in the comments below!


“It’s already been a month?” Yep, for those of us with uteruses, nothing like your period reminds you how quickly time goes by. Even though the time in between periods can fly by, the time you spend having your period can feel like a never-ending quest of wondering when the pain, cravings, and unnecessary emotions will end. But fear not, we have 5 tips to help you have a healthier, more pleasant period!



Use organic feminine hygiene products. You may not know this, but the FDA doesn’t require brands to disclose what’s actually in their tampons, so mainstream brands have ingredients like chlorine, bleach, and pesticides. Yuck! The vaginal wall is the most absorbent part of your body. Use 100% organic cotton or tampon alternatives because you deserve better!


Some of you are thinking, “Are you serious, the last thing I feel like doing is exercising.” But don’t worry – we aren’t saying you have to summit Mt. Everest, but light to moderate exercise can help soothe cramps, boost your mood, and alleviate stress! Thinking of driving up to the grocery store to pick up some much-needed mint chocolate chip ice cream? Why not walk instead?


Spend some time with friends or family. It will boost your happiness! Grab a cup of herbal tea and have a conversation with those who mean the most to you. That Netflix series can wait.


Foods to eat and to avoid: Try eating more leafy greens, they are a great choice to eat during your period because they are filled with iron. Don’t forget about chocolate either, but make sure it is dark chocolate (less sugar, more antioxidants.) There are certain food stressors, irritants and stimulants that can make PMS worse. Try avoiding processed foods, foods high in sugar and high salt foods.


Turn that “Ugh” into “Yay.” On average, you’ll have 500 periods in your lifetime, so instead of dreading it each month, why not make it a routine to do something nice for yourself or someone else (or both)… because your period will be a natural monthly reminder!

Now WE wanna do something nice for YOU! We’ve partnered with Ellebox to do a giveaway! Ellebox is a monthly subscription box full of everything to make your period the best one yet. The box comes with organic pads and tampons, along with a few extra treats to make your time of the month a little more enjoyable. Wanna win one?


1️⃣ Follow @elleboxco + @ilikevina on Instagram
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6 months subscription to Ellebox for you AND a friend! THAT’S HUGE!! The comfort box includes your choice of organic tampons and/or pads, chocolate, tea, and two wellness gifts!

We will draw and announce the winner on Friday, June 30th! Good luck!

👉🏼Must be following both accounts at the time of drawing
👉🏽Must be 18 years or older + live in the US
👉🏾Must respond to winning notification DM within 24 hours or prize will be awarded to another participant.
👉🏿 This contest is not associated with Instagram.

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I am a pretty kind and considerate vina, but not always when it comes to myself. My level of self-esteem over the years has been like that of Pacific Ocean: ebbing & flowing, climaxing & crashing.

For the sake of my own sanity, I have gotten pretty good at forgetting my appearance throughout the day. Avoiding mirrors at all costs (besides the occasional hair touch up that accompanies a fringe style cut). If I do find myself staring at my reflection, I try to say something nice.

“Your top really compliments your eyes.”
“Today is going really well! Keep up the good work.”

I know it seems a little crazy to talk to yourself in the second person, but try it! It makes such a difference; a compliment directed by you and for you can really pack a punch (almost as if it was said by a stranger).

If you wouldn’t hold someone else to high beauty standards, give yourself the same break. I know I’m not ugly, but only lately have I been able to accept the way I look for just that: the way I look. I try not to focus on how I could look better, and simply be happy with the way that I am. Some of the features that used to be the absolute bane of my existence are now my favorite.

I do feel that if I am able to ignore my own vanity, I am better situated for focusing on the important things in life. More important things like friendship, school, career positioning, etc. So when I am out of the presence of a mirror, I put all of that out of my mind.

Do you suffer from imposter syndrome? Meaning, do you feel as though you are not good enough; whether it be in terms of beauty, socializing skills, or even writing competency? Even when we should be proud of ourselves, our inner dialogue is often still pretty negative. The best thing we can do for ourselves in situations like these is to manually change the conversation in our head. Crank that positivity up until your ears start ringing.

Even supermodels have tough days. Although their “gross days” are still probably exceedingly better than our “most days.” We all [humans] have struggles with our image that we have to work through. So take notes from the best and tell yourself what you want to hear.

Tell yourself relevant compliments, affirmations and mantras. Pick from the two examples above or the short list below, and carry it with you wherever you go. Whenever you need a little emotional pick-me-up, please refer here:

-I am a badass.
-I am an intelligent and capable person.
-I haven’t hit a wall; keep pushing through it.
-I am beautiful.
-I am stronger than I think; I can handle this.
-I will stay open-minded.
-I am worth it.
-I love you.

And if today is just really hard (maybe it’s that time of the month, or your cat died, or you are just not having it), call someone who loves you and ask them to build you up. Your mom, your bff, your fairy godmother. Their job is to tell you all of your greatest qualities, and your job is to believe them.

If you do not have a person like this, download the Hey! VINA app and start your search. Find someone who can tell you how great you are, and do the same for them.

Please, please, please be kind to yourself.

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Situationship (noun): 

A relationship with no clear boundaries, expectations, or definition. 

Remember that pair of shoes you bought for your friend’s wedding that you swore you’d wear again? Every time an appropriate event pops up again, you try them on only to end up deciding to wear something else. You think of outfits in your head all the time that they’d go great with…But they’ve been collecting dust in your closet since the wedding last summer.

Okay, the shoes are a metaphor. Are you in a situationship with someone who’s sort of your friend, but also sort of not? Maybe you talk about hanging out all the time, but never actually do. Maybe you’re each other’s last choice for an invite when you have an extra ticket to something. And maybe the thought of sitting down and talking one-on-one terrifies you. So, are you even really friends?

We shouldn’t let friends become the shoes in our closet we only wear once. Having acquaintances is great, but it’s nothing compared to the benefits of having best friends you love and care about.  A situationship never goes anywhere, never gets deeper, and can be hurtful or confusing if one person feels more strongly about the friendship than the other.

If you’re stuck in a situationship with someone you’d really like to be real friends with, it may be time to DTR. I know, it can be scary to be vulnerable, but that’s what friendship is all about.

Are you in a situationship with a gal you’d like to get to know better? Tell us in the comments!

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With summer fast approaching, it’s the perfect time to visit friends around the country (or the world)! Staying with friends or family is cheaper than a hotel, but don’t let yourself get too relaxed. When someone invites you to stay with them, your primary responsibility is not to burden the host(ess). Don’t get lazy and become an albatross, otherwise you’ll never get invited back – which is your ultimate goal! Ensure plenty of future guest rooms for yourself by following these steps for modern houseguests.


Make your host aware of your concert tickets, reservations and sightseeing ahead of time. This is crucial information for a host because it helps them schedule their personal lives, work and meal prep around spending time with you. Take it an extra step and get your host’s schedule so you can be aware of their routine and not take them out late the night before an early meeting.


Have some rough ideas about sights you’d like to see and places you want to visit so you’re not reliant on your host. They agreed to host you, not play tour guide. Plus, if you’ve got some ideas in mind, getting their perspective will help narrow down your choices. Being an independent houseguest takes a lot of pressure off the host which they’ll appreciate.


Don’t leave toiletries and towels strewn around the bathroom in the morning. Pick up after yourself (more vigilantly than at home), make your bed, keep your room tidy, put your dishes in the dishwasher and wipe down the counters after a meal. Cleaning up and being proactive are the small details that catapult you from a good guest to a great guest.


Some hosts would never accept money to cover your expenses, so if that’s the case, one option is to take them to dinner to express your gratitude. Find a hidden neighborhood gem or hit up their favorite local spot. Bringing a small gift is another creative option that delights many hosts. For me, I like to pay attention to what they need around their house. For example, when I stayed with friends two weeks ago, they were complaining about their oven mitts. I’m a silicone oven mitt convert so I grabbed them while we were out shopping. The oven mitts weren’t expensive but resulted in a thrilled hostess with less arm burns!

We hope this helps you be the best guest you can be! Don’t forget to use Hey! VINA next time you’re on a trip to meet some locals to show you around!

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When you think of Botox, you might think of the Real Housewives of… anywhere, or anyone else you know that has taken things A Bit Too Far. But did you know that Botox was originally called “sausage poison” and was first cultivated (and is still used for) a wide variety of legit, non-cosmetic medical purposes?

The name Botox is abbreviated from its clinical term “Botulinum Toxin”, and yes, it’s toxic! It was first discovered in Germany in the 1800s when people were falling ill after eating contaminated meat. Since then, scientists have found a way to harness the paralysing effect of the toxin, initially to treat eye spasms in the 70’s and subsequently a wide range of other medical conditions, including;

Basically, it’s used for lots of conditions where there are some hyperactive nerves or muscles interfering with someone’s life that need to just chill the eff outA botox injection treats these ailments by temporarily paralysing the nerve or muscle, so the effect isn’t permanent and usually only lasts 3-6 months.

Although it is a toxin, Botox is actually pretty safe when administered by a licensed professional, but standards vary between countries and states so it is essential to do your homework, as with any medical procedure. And of course, if you want to use it for cosmetic purposes, more power to ya.

Who would have thought that something touted primarily as a cosmetic procedure could have had a long history of so many other uses! What are your thoughts? Too taboo or worth a look?

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So it’s the beginning of a new month! And just like the rest of the world, we cannot believe it’s already June. The VINA team is busy AF, but we always have time for a dance party (or two). Want to get to know us a little better? Here’s what’s on our office playlist this month:


Our CEO Olivia Poole is currently jamming to this tune! She says, “I can’t get enough of On + Off by Maggie Rogers! This song is uplifting, sexy, and smoooooth. And I totally want to be/hangout with her backup dancers in this video. These dance moves are totally up my ally, and I love how real she keeps it! It makes me feel like I need to throw a slumber party and choreograph dances all night with my girlfriends.”


VINAZINE Editor Emma Olswing has Vagabon on repeat. This is why she loves this upcoming artist: “Vagabon is my current obsession and has been for months, with no sign of slowing down. If you like sad, raw, powerful women musicians (think: Mitski, Frankie Cosmos, or Big Thief), you’ll luurrrvvveeee Vagabon. I literally cannot stop listening to her. Check out her live performance for Do The Bay and help me pray she returns to SF soon!!”


Lead Designer Maggie Jurow loves this haunting Zoë Kravtiz cover of a classic Elvis track. “I’ve got a soft spot for unusual covers, but this one I found particularly brilliant because it puts a completely different spin on this hit by Elvis and gives it so much tenderness.”


Our IOS Lead Engineer Mo Kudeki’s kicking it back and bringing back the 80’s with this fun dance tune. “I’m obsessed with everything about this!!!!!” she says.


For our  vinas who appreciate tunes from the Baroque music period, our VP of Engineering Axel Molina recommends 18th century composer/musician’s Bach’s lute pieces, “Bach’s compositions for Lute are fun because they’re seductive, mysterious, and emphasize his romantic aspect. The sound is at once intimate and mysterious.”


The newest addition to our team, Executive Assistant & Special Projects Manager Daniel Nahan’s go to artist at the moment is grammy-nominated artist Sofi Tukker. “I am really digging Sofi Tukkers’ beat-driven sound. Their jungle-house percussion has this magical way of keeping me moving on a busy day while calming me with the sensation of being on a tropical island.”


As for me, the team’s Social Media Consultant, I actually came across this track on Twitter and am now high-key obsessed with the video and the artist as well. This track just speaks to me, it’s a very millennial themed track, give it a listen you’ll know what I mean. Also the video features all these badass folks of color from all over the world, and that kind of representation speaks to me.

Which one of these tracks speaks to you the most? Tell us in the comment section or tweet at us @ilikevina.

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Summer is upon us, and college students everywhere are preparing themselves to answer the age-old question from family and friends: “What are you going to do until fall?” For some, the answer will come with ease, as they’ve mapped out every detail of their summers and are ready to conquer what comes their way. Others will give a nonchalant response, but are optimistic as to what the next few months will bring.

If your response sounds like more of the latter, don’t fret. Check out this list that will help you remain productive while school is out.


Behind every vina is a toolbox consisting of her greatest assets and traits. What’s better than adding a new skill to your resume? Whether its learning a new language or learning to code (which are basically the same thing), you can use this skill to your advantage. Who knows what it’ll lead to!


Some see summer as a way to let their minds relax before the hectic return of the fall semester. However, others use this time to their advantage by taking summer classes. Yes, the duration of the class is significantly shorter, but you have the ability to breeze through a course and will ultimately relieve yourself of some stress a few semesters down the road. Why not knock some classes out while you have the opportunity?


Summer is a great time for employers to hire, and they’re always looking for college students who are strapped for cash during seasonal periods. Retail stores and restaurants are great for students because of their flexible scheduling and pay. Internships offer students hands-on experience in their field, and also allow them to build connections with fellow interns and potential employers. If you want to intern but you’re worried about cash, a paid internship is the way to go.


Even if you’re busy chillin’, you can stay on track with your summer goals in your bullet journal! It’s never too late to start one, and it’s a great way to pass the time, as well as find a goal and task tracking system that works for you. Even if you don’t use it much in the summer, getting one set up for fall will save you a lot of time when school rolls around again!

How will you stay productive this summer? Let us know in the comments! Want another great way to pass the time? Find some new friends to spend the summer with!

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