With social media now documenting our every move, one could argue that Instagram itself is like a living and ever-changing time capsule. And sure, in a way it is. However, a real time capsule has more severity and is way more meaningful.

When I was in 7th grade, my best friends and I had a sleepover. That night we made a time capsule, which was to be opened the night before high school graduation. We found a box in the basement and decorated it. We each wrote our older self a letter. We made mix tapes of our favorite songs. We added our favorite t-shirts, pictures and memorabilia; whatever felt important to us at that time. We sealed it shut and stashed it under my friend Vanessa’s bed (she must have been the most reliable) and then we proceeded to forget about it.


Six years later, the night before graduation, the six of us weren’t all that close anymore (high school is weird like that and everyone grows at different paces). But just like we swore those many moons ago, we all got together and had a sleepover in order to open that old box.

All the years melted away and we were instantly those kids again; time had no bearing on the items in that box. While a little dusty, everything was still intact. We spent the entire night laughing, crying and reading our letters; wearing the shirt;, listening to mixtapes. The experience brought us all back together, and more than anything else, it was an absolute blast. It was fascinating to see the things that were once so vital and important to us.

So I call upon you and your vinas; make a time capsule together. We are never too old for something like this (seriously, even if you’re sixty). Invite them over, with the intention of the night stated clearly beforehand; they can come prepared with mementos that remind them of their current lives and the friendship you all share.


-concert ticket
-take-out menus
-printed photographs
-bar napkins
-favorite books
-favorite movie
-postcards from a trip you shared

And only you know what else has sentimental value. Be creative and be prepared to part with whatever you bring, at least for now.

As the host, you have the box, paper and pens; you and your vinas can write letters to yourselves in ten years (or fewer if you’re too eager). Have an old school sleepover and let this be the focused activity. Share with each other everything that goes in, write your letter in private if you desire and when it’s all sealed in the box, stow it away (or go super old-school and burry it somewhere safe). In a handful of years, who knows where or who you will be, but make an oath to come together and reopen the box.

The whole creation of the time capsule is just as memorable and important as the reopening will be. It’s a bonding ritual in which you can rediscover what is important to each other right now and where your best memories are held. Even if the whole thing goes up in flames or gets forgotten along the way, making it is more than half the fun.

Don’t feel limited to one box with one set of friends. If you cultivate more amazing friendships throughout the years, make more boxes! Download the Hey! VINA app to make new connections.

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I LOVE to throw a party. I always have. Once I spent a week hand-making the banner for my fourth grade birthday party and carefully selecting each item that went into every individualized gift bag. Love it, still love it.


Terrariums and potting are two creative ways to celebrate a planting party. Photo by Neslihan Gunaydin

A planting party is a fun and kind of quirky way to ring in these summer months. They say any time after Mother’s Day is a good time to plant because one won’t have to worry about a late freeze. A planting party is just like any other party except you can plant any greenery you wish. Think colorful succulents, textured mini cacti, vegetable or fruit seeds, and beautiful flowers. Before you plan your first planting party, here are a few questions to think about…

1. Do you have an outdoor space?

It’s not essential but since this activity can get dirty, outside is ideal. With summer in season, planting and tanning makes a great combo. You can still plant pots in your kitchen or even bathtub if you don’t have a large outdoor space.


The perfect little outdoor space for your planting festivities via Apartment Therapy


2. Organize a potluck!

The summertime screams “potluck” and there are tons of easy foods your Vinas can bring to the table. It can be a little overwhelming and pricy to cater a potluck and prepare the planting festivities, so it helps to send out a checklist for hydrating drinks, various salads, cool desserts, and etc. If you are going to cook for others, then keep it simple with tasty sandwiches and bowls of fruit because you won’t need to use many plates!

3. The little plants themselves are the goody bags for grown-ups. Head to your nearest gardening store and stock up on these much needed items:

Plastic terraniums and small red little clay pots (these are super cheap!). If you want to get creative, you can paint them too.
Soil or cactus potting mix
Seeds, herbs, flowers, starter plants, or succulents (any all or one is great)
Little shovels… Honestly, I always just end up using my hands and spoons from the kitchen

4. Refreshments are key as well as a good summertime playlist. Wine spritzers are my fave for something relaxing like this because you only need three ingredients and guests can easily refill as they choose. (White wine+ club soda+ fruit= delish). For music, I lean towards country or oldies. You can also ask your guests to add their favorite songs to the playlist!

5. A friendly trick: You can also use this as a bribe to goad your friends into redoing your backyard and garden area with you. Of course, let them know what’s up, but it can be fun if you all do it together. The more helping hands, the faster it goes. Plus, it’s a great bonding activity.

*BONUS* This is also the type of event that’s open to everyone! Invite your friends with young children and they will happily join the activity. An approachable event especially during daylight hours will keep the kids busy too.

For the comfort vibes, spread a few blankets around the yard or throughout your apartment, get those wine spritzers flowing and turn up the tunes. It’s both positively therapeutic and rewarding to plant, and just a darn good excuse to get together with your Vinas.


Getting those drinks flowin’ Via Oleander + Palm

And if who knows, maybe by the end of the afternoon, you’ll have a whole new garden patch! If it is your own backyard, then set a date for another party in which you can all enjoy the gorgeous garden and eat the rewards. Happy planting!

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Picture this, vinas: you’re at a killer networking event with influential people in your industry. You’re shaking hands, having inspiring conversations with total game changers and sharing the latest with your new networking circle. Just as you’re finishing a totally stellar conversation, they ask for your business card. Your heart skips because you haven’t updated your business card in a while. They hand over their totally innovative card. Here’s how to beat the anxiety and wow them back with your stellar stationary!


The basic weight of a business card is expected. Yawn. But you can chose a business card that is a bit heavier than normal. When you hand over the card, you’ll leave the impression that you are willing to go the extra mile with even the smallest details.

Image result for thick business card

Photo via Template.net


The texture of a business card can also make a difference. Incorporating as many senses as possible really helps. You can get a business card that is textured or sleek. There are even business cards that are textured in a special way so that they are eco-friendly and grow into flowers! Don’t be afraid to get creative!


The ho-hum standard rectangle is out. Triangles, circles, or stars are a fun way to make your business card stand out. You could even have cutouts of different shapes on your business card. If you’re a musician, you could make your card in the shape of a music note. If you are a stylist, you could make a card in the shape of a hanger! It’s totally adorable and also shows you know how to brand your business well.

Image result for circle business card

Photo via Got Print


If there’s something that Lisa Frank knows…it’s how to make use of color! White backgrounds have been used over and over, again. Some colors that stand out are silver, gold, neon or transparent. If your business or service is already associated with a particular color, go for that one! Don’t forget to add your logo if you have one that identifies your product or service.


With the tech-savvy world that we live in, today, it is completely beneficial to include your social media information on your business cards. This has two benefits: people can see that you are a total pro at managing your social media accounts and they can be led directly your website or to purchase your product or service (or learn more about you)!

Image result for social media business card

Photo via Dribbble


The days of the one-sided business card are over, vinas! Make use of your creative space by using both side of the business card for your information. For example, if you’re an artist, you could use one side of the business card to display your contact and social media information. On the other side of the business card you could show off your latest piece.

Image result for double sided business card

Photo via Pintrest


The best way to leave a lasting impression when you hand over your business card is to use open body language, flash a killer smile, and let them know you would love to follow up with them by “x” date. Let the awesome person you are giving your business card to know that this isn’t just a piece of paper with information on it, but a opportunity to create an awesome new relationship!

So, next time someone asks for your contact information, you can proudly hand over your killer business card with confidence! Now go out there and rock your new social networks, vinas!

What’s your fave business card design? Tag a vina and comment below! 

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We’ve all had those moments at the bar where we stop and think, What is going on? This is the precise moment your alter drunk girl ego decides to make her appearance. We all have one. Soon enough, you’re dancing on a table to a song you didn’t know the words to at the beginning of the night or consuming far more calories of fast food than you drank. So when you’re a few drinks deep, what’s your drunk girl personality?


No matter how much movies and shows try to shove the crying-over-your-ex trope down our throats, the truth of the matter is most drunk girls are crying over this: absolute nothing. Are you tired? Who knows. Hungry? Probably.  Watch a cute corgi video on Facebook? Maybe! But whatever happened, you’re now in an Uber home while covered in mascara. Sometimes you just need to let it out, vina!


The Muncher is my favorite drunk personality! After a few drinks, this vina is getting hungry. You will probably order some mozzarella sticks and a pretzel

from the bar. And while you’re waiting, you’ll bring out the leftover Flaming Hot Cheetos from your purse. There’s also a 90 percent chance that you request that your Uber driver make a pit stop at the Taco Bell drive-thru on the way home. It’s probably best to take home an extra quesadilla, right? And maybe a Crunchwrap too.


Have you ever been standing at the bar with your bestie to order drinks, turn around and poof, she’s magically disappeared? Then you’ve got a drifter on your hands. This vina is constantly on the move.  Although you want her to stay out of trouble for the night, it’s hard to keep an eye on her long enough to ensure that she is. One minute she’s chatting up friends; the next, she’s gone. But no matter how far she drifts, she always finds her way back to you.


This girl is the life of the party. When you walk into the bar, your hands are up and ready to wave around for the night. You show your excitement by “wooing” at everyone and everything. Favorite song comes on. “WOO!” You take a shot. “WOO!” You watched a cute corgi video on Facebook! Double “WOO!” Once you’re out and in your element, everything is exciting and fresh, and you are going to make sure the whole club knows it.

Find some vinas to “WOO!” with on the Hey! VINA app. Download it here.

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When you’re on a budget, eating out isn’t exactly a part of your menu. Rather than constantly rain-checking on dinner plans, here are some easy & cheap recipes for you to make for your vinas:


Start by cooking your favorite linguini or pasta (my fav is spinach and chive linguine from Trader Joe’s), enough for 2-2 people. then add:

  • 2 tbs of butter
  • 2/3 cup of heavy cream
  • 3-4 tbs of pesto sauce (or more for taste)
  • 1& 1/2 cups of parmesan cheese (again, more or less to your liking)
  • 1 bunch of broccoli- trim off the tops (should look like confetti)

Mix all of these ingredients in with the pasta with the heat on low until everything is melted. Put it in a bowl and enjoy!


Might not sound like an entire meal, but add some rice and black beans on the side, and this guac is guaranteed to fill you up! Here’s what you’ll need:

  • 2 avocados
  • 1/2 cup of sweet corn (fresh)
  • 1 cup of diced tomatoes (more/less to your liking)
  • 1/4 cup of red onion
  • 2 limes
  • 2 tsp of salt

Grab some chips and you have a healthy meal. Have some left over? Squeeze some extra lime and place the avocado seed in the center of the bowl. Cover with plastic, and the guacamole shouldn’t be brown the next day.


Don’t read shrimp and get intimidated-–this is a delicious way to get your hands dirty. Get yourself about a pound of shrimp (feeds 2-3 people), peel, and rinse them. In a large sauce pan, heat about 2 tablespoons of coconut oil. Add 1/2 cup of white onion, and 2 cloves of garlic. Sprinkle in some paprika, black pepper, and cumin. After 2 minutes, add the shrimp. When one side is pinkish, flip the shrimp until the other side is, too (about 2-3 minutes per side- longer if you like it crispy).

In another pan, head sunflower oil (or whatever oil you have in your cabinet). Sauté 2 cups of spinach, half of a yellow bell pepper, and half of a red one. Add some tomatoes and onions if you’d like. Throw all that on a plate and top it off with your shrimp. Dinner is served.

Stop bailing on your vinas and invite them over for dinner. Have any other easy recipes? Let us know or post the link in the comments! 

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It’s not news that New York City is crazy expensive, but I was still shocked when, this year, as I was planning my birthday, I could not find a single way to get all my friends together without breaking my bank! After a little research and the wise and (seemingly obvious) solutions were presented to me by others, I have gathered some tips on how to celebrate in NYC without having to simultaneously throw yourself a going-away party because you can no longer afford rent.


Invite all your friends to a trendy bar and take over. The only downsides to this are that you can’t put up decorations and you never know how full it will be. But the upside is that you don’t have to rent out a place for a bajillion dollars. There are a bunch of cool bars that aren’t super popular, yet have a chic and classy (or whatever vibe you’re going for) feel to them. Plus, everyone only needs to spend as much money as they’re willing to, especially if there’s no cover!


When it’s nice out, head outside to WSP or Central Park, and throw a picnic party. Set up balloons or whatever cheap decorations please you. Make sure you grab a boombox and pop that bubbly! Do the whole potluck style so you’re not stuck with a large food budget!


Roof parties are a thing for a reason. Basically everyone in NYC has an incredible view from their roof, and maybe even some choice furniture! If yours or a friend’s is accessible, hit it up for a cheap and easy celebration! Just like the picnic – make it potluck style (and BYOB).
Where do you like to celebrate in the city? Tag a vina and comment below!
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Anyone who has hosted a dinner party for their vinas knows it’s a tricky balancing act between pleasing your pals and having fun of your own. We say, why not do both? Follow these helpful hints, and before you know it, you’ll be the hostess with the mostest.


This sounds harsh, but essentially, only invite people whom know each other well and get along. The last thing you want while finishing meal prep is feeling like you took the conversation with you when you entered the kitchen. With partygoers who can entertain each other, you’ll have time to focus on the main event—dinner.


Although it may seem tempting to try and master the dish you just saw on Master Chef, it’s best to go with what you know. How about the delicious casserole you’ve been making since college? Or the cake you’ve been baking with your mom since childhood? If you’ve kept these dishes in your recipe book for that long, there must be a good reason why.


It seems like everyone is vegetarian, gluten-free, lactose intolerant, or some variation these days. Yes, it’s important to be conscientious of your guests’ unique needs—if your vina has celiac disease, maybe don’t serve pasta as the main course. But if you try too hard to please everyone, you’ll end up making as many dishes as there are guests. Plus, people with dietary restrictions are used to making adjustments when eating out.


Prepare as much as you can before the event even begins. Strategically select recipes that include instructions on how to “plan ahead” and indicate the dish can be made a day or two in advance. Also, desserts, such as cheesecake, can be made the night before, which checks a whole course off of your to-do list. The less time you spend in the kitchen during the party is more time you’ll get to spend around the table with your vinas.


Got a bunch of kiddos who are sure to cause chaos? Hire a sitter, or promise a friend an IOU and plan a sleepover at their house. Pups that won’t quit begging at the table? Drop them off at doggie daycare for the evening. An S.O. who’s going to infringe on girl’s night? Suggest alternative plans, such as going out to dinner with their own group of friends. You’ll be so much more at ease knowing it’s just you and your besties.

How do you throw a to-die-for dinner party? Let us know in the comments!

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As recreational marijuana is legalized in more and more states, events surrounding 4/20 are becoming more commonplace. Whether its going to a concert or protesting the criminalization of marijuana, there are plenty of ways to keep busy while blazed. We’ve broken it down by city:



Enjoy food, music, and entertainment at the 420Fest in Seattle. This event is put on by Hempfest: a “protestival” that advocates for the reform of cannabis laws in the United States and is held in the city each August. Have a good time for a good cause!

Cannabis and Sex for Beginners

Don’t be intimidated by the name. Attendees will simply learn about the ways in which cannabis can enhance their sex life. Come alone, in a group, or with your S.O. Plus, free champagne!

Gateway Show

Watch four hilarious comedians who, let’s face it, will probably be even more hilarious when you’re high, perform at the Broadway Performance Hall in Seattle. To add to the laughs, they will each perform two sets—one sober and one stoned.


Puff, Pass & POTtery

For $75 a pop, you and your stoner sisters can create your own cannabis-inspired accessories. Seriously, how many people do you know who can say they made their own piece?! This two-hour class is a guaranteed good time.


The Hemp & Cannabis Fair

Exactly what it sounds like, The Hemp & Cannabis Fair is your one stop shop for everything weed-related. From edibles to hemp products to information about marijuana laws, this event surely has what you’re looking for.


Snoop Dogg & Wiz Khalifa Concert

Stop what you’re doing, and mark your calendars for April 23. Snoop Dogg and Wiz Khalifa are doing a joint (LOL) concert at the iconic Red Rocks Ampitheatre to celebrate the dopest day of the year.

Denver 4/20 Rally 

This event is free, and if that’s not enticing enough, 2 Chainz is performing. Come to Civic Center Park for one of the largest gatherings of weed lovers in the world. There will be tons of good music, good food, and obviously, good fun.


Boston Baked Buds 420 After Party

Looking for a wild 4/20 rather than a mild 4/20? Ward 6, a club in Lawrence, Massachusetts, is hosting the first ever Boston Baked Buds After Party. Partygoers will get access to three bars as well as their VIP sections, food, live entertainment, and more.


Puff, Pass & Paint 

Held all over the country, Puff, Pass & Paint art classes are cannabis-friendly and one of a kind. All supplies are included in the class fee. Enjoy the upcoming holiday over a glass of complimentary wine and a blunt (it’s important to note the class is B.Y.O.C.).

Where are you and your vinas headed on 4/20? Let us know in the comments!

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We’ve all been there: that place of soul crushing disappointment where your birthday expectations don’t meet up with your reality. The truth is, adult birthdays are a lot of responsibility. No parent is planning your bash or buying you a cake anymore.
Yet, somehow, we hold this unwavering belief that someone is going to plan our perfect day without us saying anything at all! Or we do plan things… and they always seem to go very, very wrong. Here are some tips for overcoming birthday disappointment.


If you want a party… throw yourself a party! I can’t count the amount of times I’ve decided to hold low expectations and make zero plans in an attempt to avoid disappointment. Let’s just see what happens, blah blah blah, and then… surprise! Nothing happens. As adults we need to take our birthdays into our own hands. The key here is to not stress too much about people showing up or other nitty gritty details. Recruit a friend to be your party planner. Your vinas want to make your birthday great, but chances are no one is going to plan you a party unless you ask them to.


Take yourself shopping and buy yourself a present. Plan a nice dinner for yourself and your vinas, or (if you can) take the day off of work and treat yourself to a spa day. Eat a lot of birthday cake! You don’t need a huge bash to make yourself feel special. When you let the world know that you are celebrating, it will rally and celebrate with you.


Don’t tell people your birthday doesn’t matter to you if it does. They will (surprise) actually think it doesn’t matter. Or even if they see through you, they won’t know what you want from them. Tell people what you want! You don’t have to be demanding or greedy, just clearly mention what you hope to gain from the day. Disappointment is not a softer blow when you don’t speak up, but it is more likely to happen.


Write a journal entry on your birthday! Reflect on the past year and the year to come. Make resolutions. Your birthday can be a lot more therapeutic and productive than New Years when it comes to starting fresh. Regardless of the celebration (or lack thereof) you will still get meaning out of your special day.


Spend the whole week celebrating. This is helpful because not so much hangs on one day or gathering. You don’t have to have a whole bunch of activities planned, but enjoy the whole week in a cloud of birthday specialness.
What do you do to enjoy your birthday? Tag a vina and comment below! 
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Growing older doesn’t have to mean growing out of sleepovers. In fact, having a sleepover with your vinas can be a great way to feel young and rejuvenated. Here are some classic sleepover games that are bound to strengthen the bond between you and your vinas:


This might seem pointless when you aren’t on a bus full of kids daring one of them to eat a piece of gum from under the seat (or was that just me…?). While we might never run out of “truths”, it seems harder to come up with dares as we age- or maybe we aren’t getting creative enough! Depending on how brave (or crazy) you’re feeling, you can dare your vina to dye her hair platinum blonde, or to clear her weekend calendar and take a road trip! You could of course keep it classic and dare her to call her crush, or text her ex. Even if the game is short lived, it is bound to bring up old memories and spark some new ones!


This game never gets old no matter how old you get. There is always something to choose between (even when there isn’t necessarily a better choice). The harder the decision, the better the question. Having a hard time thinking of what to ask? There are plenty of free apps that are full of user submitted content (some people come up with messed up stuff, so consider yourself warned). You are guaranteed to make your friends uncomfortable, but laugh your ass off at the same time.


The best part about this game is that now it can double as a drinking game! Get a bottle of wine and get ready to inadvertently confess your deepest, darkest secrets. Ever wondered what your vina did during her semester abroad? Now’s the time to find out! Be forewarned: some of the stuff you hear might be TMI, but nothing strengthens a friendship like sharing a secret.


Old school charades can still be fun, but it’s 2017! Do yourself a favor and download  Heads Up! from the app store (the best $0.99 you will ever spend). From humming songs to acting out movie titles, this new and fun spin on the game will have you and your vinas occupied for hours.


Who would have thought thinking of nouns to fit an adjective would ever be fun? Not me–and yet Apples to Apples is still my favorite game. This one can also be turned into a drinking game for the vinas over 21; anytime someone gains a green card, that person takes a sip! Still sounds too tame? Cards Against Humanity is the same premise of Apples to Apples, but is not for the faint of heart. These inappropriate prompts will bring out a side of your vinas you have never seen. Both are fun ways to combine laughter and competition in a never-ending night of guessing who put down which card.

Call up your vinas, pull out your sleeping bags, and pop some popcorn-–these games call for a sleepover! What are some of your favorite games to play at sleepovers? Let us know in the comments! 

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