Okay, so it might seem pretty self-explanatory why you’d want to spend 4/20 stoned as a mark of celebration, but there are tons of other ways to partake in the holiday. You can keep it simple and simply smoke, or you can throw the best event ever for your fave stoner vinas. For the sake of shaking things up, here’s a list of cool vina date ideas for any vinas looking to celebrate 4/20!


Marijuana is legal in multiple states. California, Colorado, and Massachusetts are just a few places where you can legally light up. Grab your 21-and-up vinas, and take a trip. Pun definitely intended.


In keeping with the tradition of Halloween and Christmas, it makes sense to gorge yourself on holiday-related films. So in this instance, watch movies that put marijuana at the center. How HighUp In SmokePineapple ExpressHarold & Kumar Go To White Castle, and Half Baked are just a few ideas of holiday classics. (Don’t forget snacks, trust me.)


You can invite your stoner vinas over for a weed infused bake-off, or maybe just have everyone bring snacks to pig out after you spark one!


If you can’t make it to one on 4/20, create your own festival. Head to a plain wall, grab a projector, and compile a YouTube playlist of your favorite artists. Blast music, smoke and enjoy. (Don’t forget the Rihanna!) 

These are just a few ideas for stoner vinas to celebrate 4/20. Maybe you can start a new tradition. Above all else, be sure to indulge responsibly, there is a such thing as too much. Have fun, but be safe!

How do you plan to celebrate? Let us know in the comments!


The sun is coming out, the weather is warming up…what better way to celebrate the start of spring than with a new book?

Maybe you’ve been wanting to start reading something new for a while, but just don’t know where to start. After all, it feels like the lists of new releases are nearly endless! Or maybe you just finished something fabulous and you’re looking for something just as amazing! No need to stress about it — we’ve got you covered. Here’s a list of new releases by female authors for you and your vinas to devour.

DAISY JONES & THE SIX by Taylor Jenkins Reid

Image via Goodreads.

Released on March 5th, Daisy Jones & The Six is the fascinating story of a fictional seventies rock band and their rise to fame…and their downfall. If you love Fleetwood Mac and the wild stories that came out about the recording of their 1977 album Rumours, this one is for you. It’s also told in the format an oral history, which makes it a fast read — but one that will still break your heart.


Image via Goodreads.

Amy Hempel, a renowned short story author, is back with a new collection for the first time in a decade. Sing To It (published March 26th) features fifteen short stories about loneliness and the search for connection, and it’s perfect for those of us feeling lost and in need of some dazzling prose.

YOU KNOW YOU WANT THIS by Kristen Roupenian 

Image via Goodreads.

If you missed out on reading “Cat Person,” the short story published in The New Yorker that took the Internet by storm in December of 2017, never fear: it’s included in author Kristen Roupenian’s short story collection. Featuring stories about sex, guilt, anger, and pain, this is one you won’t want to miss (out January 15th).

THE PROPOSAL by Jasmine Guillory

Image via Goodreads.

This fun romance novel was Reese Witherspoon’s book club pick for the month of February, and it’s perfect for the start of spring. Pick it up and follow the excitement of a failed Dodger’s stadium scoreboard marriage proposal and a rebound relationship with all its twists and turns!

RED, WHITE & ROYAL BLUE by Casey McQuiston

Image via Goodreads.

Is there anything better than an enemies-to-lovers trope in a story? Nope, unless it includes a fake relationship that turns into something more…which this one totally does. McQuiston’s debut novel, out on May 14th, tells the story of what happens when the son of the American President falls in love with the Prince of Wales. Big-hearted and a lot of fun, be sure to check this one out when it’s released!

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We have been graced with our favorite six friends once again, all thanks to good ol’ Netflix. For me, it was a chance to binge-watch all 10 seasons (instead of catching the odd re-run here and there), of the story of lifelong “F•R•I•E•N•D•S” and all the growing pains that come along with it.

By the end of the ten seasons I felt attached to these characters, and I wasn’t ready for them to go, but, sadly, those keys were left on that counter one last time and they broke my heart (oh, my bad, I should say spoiler alert!)

After going through some hectic withdrawal symptoms, don’t act like you don’t have them, I was able to reflect on what I got out of spending all of those hours of watching Ross scream: “We were on a break!” and Joey not willing to share his food with anyone. These were the results:



The biggest turning point in this character is when Chandler decides to take the leap and start in advertising from the bottom. This is something not a lot people are willing or event able to do. This made me think about what I do: is this what I want to do for the rest of my life? I need to make the move now and build my experience before I no longer have the chance to move (because of houses, kids etc.) Chandler teaches us to always follow our dreams, no matter where you are in your life. If you leave it for tomorrow, tomorrow will become today and today you have already made an excuse.



Ross… ROss… ROSS… His high pitched reactions really shows you what over reacting looks like. Event after everything with Carol finding her partner, watching Rachel jump from man to man, if there is anything we can take away from Ross, it’s resilience. No matter what was thrown his way, even when one of his best friends dated Rachel, Ross always had his sight set on her. He always remained a good friend, a present father even if it meant dressing up as the Christmas armadillo to make his point. This man has resilience that we can all apply in our everyday life and towards our passions. Remember that you may take two steps back now so that you can take four steps forward in the future.



Phoebe’s definitely my favorite character of the entire show; she’s a slight outsider, yet is so part of the family. What I learned from Phoebe was that tenacity & authenticity are the keys to life. Phoebe was legit her own person in her own way with a little bit of spunk. I’d probably say I wish I was like that, but that wouldn’t be the Phoebe-way, now would it? Take no shame in who you are: embrace it, love it, adore it! That is crucial, even more so in today than ever before. Even if it means sitting in a coffee house, singing a song about a smelly cat; if that is who you are–BE IT!



How you doin’? (You definitely read that with Joey’s voice in your head.) If you didn’t, you probably haven’t watched enough Friends. Clearly Joey was never one of the smartest friends. At first, he didn’t earn the most money, but that never dampened Joey’s spirit. The positive energy his character carries is one of my favorites; that is something I believe the whole world could do more with. Less negative thoughts or trying to better the next person – just being the true you, a happy you. If we were all a little happier here, I think everything would be a whole lot easier.



If it were true, I would say Monica is my weight loss idol, but it’s too unrealistic to relate to. What I can take away from Monica, though, is the way her home was everyone’s home. I wish I had that: a house where my friends would just come in, uninvited, helping themselves to the contents of my fridge and watching my TV. Her home is everyone’s home, even to the viewer. I definitely aim to have this with my friends one day. I want my home to be everyone’s home where they come and go even if I’m not home. I know my dogs would really appreciate the constant company.



Hmmm… Rachel was the hardest one for me. To be honest, her character wasn’t one of my favorites, but if there was something that I learned from her, it would be that it’s okay to be scared. It’s okay to be unsure, that is how you grow as a person and become a better person. If you compare the Rachel that ran into the coffee shop in her wedding dress and the Rachel that boarded the flight to Paris, her character definitely grew the most. She grew because she was scared of losing Daddy’s money and whatever other perks, but she channeled that feeling into serving coffee, even though she was really bad at it.



One last noteworthy mention, Janice, oh Janice. The one thing I learned from this loud, laughing, crazy lady was how to be an expert in personal branding. No matter where you go or where you are from, you will always remember the voice of Janice when you see the words: ‘Oh. My. God. Chandler Bing!’ It’s as iconic as the Central Perk itself.

What are some of the things you have taken away from a series that you recently binge-watched? Chat about it with your binge-watching vinas on Hey! VINA!


Every girl needs to be able to binge-watch a FIRE show with a ton of strong female leads that make you feel fierce AF. And there will always be people who don’t agree with how things are displayed in shows that many describe as feminist, but there’s nothing better than some hella fierce female leads to make you forget all about the haters.


“One Day at a Time” is an old-school sitcom in the best way possible. It centers on an Army veteran named Penelope (Justina Machado) and her day-to-day family life, but the show does an exquisite job of weaving in social issues like coming out, dealing with PTSD, and the threat of deportation. Add in a star turn from the legendary Rita Moreno as a proud, sexually active 70-something, and you have a comedy with heart and a whole lot to say.


“Orphan Black” is about a group of clones all played by Tatiana Maslany – a truly amazing actress! One of its main themes is rights women have to their bodies – through the lens of the ethics of cloning – and it showcases so many diverse female characters, from a con artist to a scientist to a suburban soccer mom.


“Supergirl” is the rare superhero series that focuses on hope. As Supergirl, Melissa Benoist imbues Kara with a sense of wonder and optimism that is uplifting without being cloying. If you’re looking for a hero who still believes in the goodness of people, then Kara Danvers is here for you!


Every woman should take the time to watch this one. Agent Peggy Carter leads the way as the only female agent in a secret spy agency right after World War II, where she proved her worth in many ways. The show tackles how she handles being a woman in a “man’s world” with grace, and she kicks ass while she’s at it. Not only is she a great role model, but she’s played by actress Hayley Atwell, who is a gift to humankind!


Where would this world be without Leslie Knope? The Pawnee legend is what every politician should be: tough but innately good with an unstoppable drive to make the world a better place. The comedy is also absolutely hilarious, but now more than ever before, Leslie’s boundless ambition — portrayed brilliantly by Amy Poehler — is a total inspiration.


“Jane the Virgin” follows three generations of Hispanic women all living under the same roof, but at its heart, the series is a coming-of-age tale centered on Jane (Gina Rodriguez). After going in for a routine checkup, Jane is accidentally artificially inseminated, which changes her life forever. Watching Jane grow with the support of the amazing women in her life is an absolute joy that just gets better with every season.


Fantasy and sci-fi shows still sometimes struggle when it comes to female representation, but that’s not the case with “Wynonna Earp.” This fast-paced, fun show includes LGBTQ+ characters, a hero with a unique backstory, and a whole lot of demon hunting. Her show may be flying under the radar, but trust us, you need Wynonna in your life.

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Most people don’t need a reason to shower an adorable puppy with love. However, if you are one of the few who do need a reason, you’re in luck! International Puppy Day is today. 🐶💖

To help usher in the day, here are a few celebrities that enjoy the companionship of these lovable, wet nosed, furry animals.


Not only is Chelsea Handler a comedian, actress, and television host but she is also an avid dog lover. Chelsea recently adopted two new fur babies, named Bert & Bernice, after her two previous dogs passed away. Bert & Bernice are both chow breed dogs and are super adorable and look very cuddle worthy.  I suggest following Chelsea on Instagram for her frequent posts featuring her furry pups.

Photo via @chelseahandler on Instagram


It’s hard to imagine the Winter Olympics and not think of Lindsey Vonn.  It’s also hard to find Lindsey without her canine bestie, Lucy Vonn.  Lucy goes everywhere with the gold medalist.  And that includes hitting the slopes.  When home, Lucy joins her fellow shelter rescued brothers Leo and Bear.  Lindsey is so passionate about her dogs, she even created an Instagram account just for them with the handle vonndogs.  With over 38k followers, it’s easy to see that Lindsey isn’t the only one in love with this trio.


Is there anything cuter than a tea cup poodle?  How about a tea cup poodle with the name Nugget?  And to top it off the person who named that tea cup poodle, Nugget, is the one and only pop star, Katy Perry.  Nugget is always included in the daily grind of being a celebrity.  From photo shoots-to-paparazzi photo ops, Nugget doesn’t seem to mind being in the spotlight.  One look at Nugget and your heart is sure to melt. I’m not kidding!

Photo via @officialnuggetperry on Instagram

This day is all about pouring love into your furry friends.  Without a doubt you’ll get unconditional love in return.

  • Adopt a puppy from a shelter
  • Donate money or food to a shelter or animal rescue
  • Buy your puppy a new toy
  • Do a DIY photoshoot with you and your puppy
  • Spread the word on social media about local shelters and animal rescues
  • Indulge your puppy with its favorite treat

Your puppy may not be known worldwide or have thousands of social media followers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate International Puppy Day with your babes on Hey! VINA! Download it today and join the Dog Moms community!!


Let me set the scene:

I’m in an aesthetic coffee shop as I type out my last passion-filled sentence and close my laptop. The first draft of an article I’m writing is complete, and I’m basking in the glow of the cleansing feeling I now have. My skin is clear, my crops are growing, the sun is shining, and it’s all thanks to blogging.  

Of course, this is the ideal scenario. Usually it’s more like I start with a half baked idea, play with it in my mind for a week or two until I finally put pen to paper (or, more likely, fingers to keyboard) a couple days before my deadline and crank something out. This process isn’t one I’ve always had, but I am thankful I get to experience now.   

I started writing as soon as I could hold a pencil (I’m not exaggerating). I was inspired by Lemony Snicket and Barbara Park’s stories that were gripping, sassy, and self-aware. I would spend recess on a bench writing pages and pages of stories in an attempt to replicate good dialogue and spunky characters. Any “quiet time” was used to ask my teachers how to spell big words like “unfortunate.”

As I grew older, I started struggling with mental health, and, before a therapist could tell me that writing was a good coping mechanism, I was pouring myself into stories. My darkest times spurred my interest in sharing my experiences. I was admittedly shy about my writing, mostly keeping it to myself, but what I did put out into the world made me feel good and in control of my life.

In college, I went through a phase where I wanted to do anything except what was expected of me, which meant that being known as “the writer” inspired me to enter college as a Business major, change to a Nursing major, and then finally coming back around to Communication when I realized I wasn’t doing anyone any favors by not following my heart (as cheesy as that sounds). Letting myself really write led to me starting an online magazine where I got to interview amazing women and work with international companies and organizations. It didn’t last, however — I was only a Business major for a hot second — but I did use my final year of college to be the Editor-in-Chief of my school’s newspaper.

My goal in all of this? Making hard conversations possible and accessible. Conversations about Black Lives Matter or the systematic influences on mental health or ways that all genders can have good sex weren’t being had, but my staff and I made it happen.

For me, blogging and writing in general has always been cathartic. I can process and come to terms with my emotions, making me a better communicator and friend. I can talk about serious matters in a way that’s palatable to the everyday person and even, at times, fun! I can express myself in my most authentic voice and have my experiences be relatable to readers. I know I’m not alone, and someone else gets to know they aren’t alone either. Where’s the downside in that? That feeling you get when you read an article and wonder if the author spied on you to be able to write such similar experiences? It’s a two-way street. Though sometimes it feels like I’m shouting into the void, I often feel like I’m talking to a bunch of my favorite vinas.

Whether it’s been for needing to cope with the stresses of life, having the opportunity to meet amazingly inspiring people, or engaging with my vina community of the internet, writing has always been there for me. As I finish this blog post not in a coffee shop with a great aesthetic, I know that blogging really has changed my life and made me a better person.

Want to start blogging or writing for an online publication? VINAZINE is the place for you! Check out Hey! VINA to swipe and find your writing soulmates.


So, you and your vinas are finally free on the same day, and can hang out! Super, exciting! What will you wear? But most importantly, where will you go? Check out this list of fun hang out spots in L.A. Share the list in your group chat, and move on to watching YouTube videos. Yay! Or, you can be awesome and host an event at any of the places below:  

Do you love food? Bond over a delicious meal at any of the amazing eatery options in Los Angeles.


Courtesy of dtlawanderer Instagram

Check out this cute restaurant located on the 69th floor of InterContinental Los Angeles Downtown, which is the tallest building on the west coast! Whether you want to try the sky view buffet or brunch the delicious meals and beautiful views are sure to make for a memorable day. Call ahead and make a reservation. Prices range from $35 and up.  


Courtesy of novellanikita Instagram

Do bottomless mimosas for $8.00 sound even better to you? Yeah, me too! Head on over to Barbrix or Market Provisions ($5.00 bottomless mimosas) this weekend. It’s a small place but it’s great for groups. Brunch ends at 3 pm. The food is delicious.   


Next, for all you sushi lovers (after all the California roll was invented in Los Angeles). Go to Sushi Stop in Hollywood or Pasadena. You can order small portions and all the menu items range from $3 to $8. So have fun and order away! By the way, the salads are great too.  

If you prefer an all you can eat spot try Sushi by Jin. The fish is always fresh and you can’t beat all you can eat sushi for the low price of $30. Oh, and free green tea ice-cream! 

 If you are in Glendale stop by Octopus Restaurant. They are not all you can eat, but they have great desserts. If you stop by during happy hour you can get an amazing deal. Their happy hour is almost as amazing as their dynamite roll.  


Bring along at least one vina and visit Castle BBQ, an all you can eat Korean BBQ restaurant a few minutes away from Los Angeles City College. The food is great and only costs $12 per person for all you can eat. They literally have a sign at the door that says they won’t serve you food unless you’re a party of 2 or more. Also, there is always a line so be prepared to wait 10-30 minutes. You will be more than grateful to have your vinas! 

Although I can go on and on about all the amazing food places in L.A., let’s move on to a 4.20 friendly event. 

If your already high and that’s the only reason you read this far, let me tell you about the “Magic Bus Experience.” A general admission ticket costs $35 and includes free arcade games, a hot box disco, a pillow fort, Karaoke, a cosmic temple, a living coloring room, a bubble wrap bathroom, a Play-Doh kitchen among other multi-sensory experiences. Imagine being stoned while falling down a rabbit hole into an Alice in Wonderland themed black light mini golf course. Just in case your Maryjane vinas are not convinced yet, there’s also an unlimited CBD tea and an unlimited tater tot bar!  


Feeling adventurous? Take a cooking class with your vinas at Hip Cooks in East L.A. or West L.A. The classes are 3 hours long and cost $75. Make sure to sign up ahead of time because they don’t accept walk-ins. On March 14th they have “Thai One On” class and on March 17th they have “Dim Sum and then Some” class. They also have “Don’t cry for me Argentina,” “The Mo’rockin (Morrocan) spice trail,” “The cheesecake whiz,” “Jamaican me crazy,” and other fun classes.  


Melrose Rooftop Theatre
Courtesy of melroserooftoptheatre Instagram

If you and your vinas have been wanting to go out for a movie, this outdoor cinema is perfect. Have dinner and order cocktails while watching the movie, or stop by L.P. the rooftop bar adjacent to the theatre before the movie. Plan ahead and buy tickets for this April the calendar is out now!  


Calling all dancing queens! Arena K-town is a free entry club. Thursdays is 18+ and the rest of the days are 21+. Don’t forget to take a selfie next to their “We do it for the ratchets” sign. There is usually a long line so come early. The AvalonLit LAElevate Lounge and Electric pussycat are also great picks. Because who doesn’t love to dance?  


Los Angeles has so many amazing museums and some of them are free on certain days. Stop by Moca, they are offering multiple unique exhibitions this spring in celebration of their 40th anniversary.  


Courtesy of themuseumofselfies Instagram

Stop by the museum of selfies in Hollywood and take the most epic selfie in the group. Speaking of groups, they do offer group discounts if you email them ahead of time. They are a pop-up museum so if they are no longer in your area you can always stop by The Museum of Illusions which has a permanent location in Los Angeles. This is such a fun interactive experience and you are sure to have some awesome Instagram worthy photos. 


This place is beautiful! Entrance is still free and you can take turns looking through the telescopes. A starry night is sure to be a memorable experience. For vinas hanging out in the day time, Griffith Park is a great place to go hiking and see the Hollywood sign. You can also have a picnic or even go horseback riding. The scenery is wonderful.  

There are so many amazing things to do in the City of Angeles, and even more angels in the city to do them with. Find your angel squad on Hey! VINA today and plan your L.A. adventure!


March–the month of “Come in like a lion and go out like a lamb”–for sure lives up to that phrase the next 31 days, especially with Mercury stirring up for retrograde on March 5th. For those of you who are unsure, Mercury is the planet known to be the messenger, directing the ways we think, communicate and share information. Being the planet that’s closest to the Sun, this makes a whole lotta sense! And once this planet goes in retrograde, which she does three times a year for a good three weeks each time, communication, information and our thinking gets a little interrupted by universal forces! Just know, this month’s shenanigans aren’t totally your fault, but it’s for sure a time to reflect, be patient with your thoughts and words and take responsibility for the things we need to reconcile or grow from.

Here is a little guide on how to make it through:

april friendship horoscope zodiacs5


We know you’re eager to get your goals started, business agreements signed, keeping your eye open for a possible new love interest… but the time isn’t now to be impulsive with your wants. Instead, look back to last month–was there anything you started you haven’t finished? Are you idea-jumping and not staying solid with one goal? Are you ready for a commitment or are you looking to just have some fun? Be aware of needs, rather than desires. Reflect deeply on your emotions, instincts and spirituality this month.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs4


This could be a month full of misread actions and confused communications for you dear vina, but don’t fret! This is truly a time for you to use your grounding skills, think before you speak, appreciate the simple things you have and the wonderful people around you and practice concentration. March presents you with a month that is dedicated to your self-development and you should most definitely own it and commit 100% to that! Key words for you this month: opportunity, community, connections–don’t pass up any experiences that will get you closer to your goals.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs2


Things may seem a bit overwhelming for you this month, and with Mercury being your ruling planet, it could seem as though everything and everyone is conspiring against you, but know that everyone is dealing with communication dead-ends just like you, and like everyone else, you have the power to uplift and transform those chaotic energies! Don’t lose sight of who you are and don’t take things too personal. Express yourself the best way you can through writing, dance, the arts or just leaning on a good friend to help support you could be a wonderful remedy. Keywords: friendships, reputation, organization.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs


Not everyone is a mind reader or has the intuitive depth as you do, dear Cancer, so it’s up to you to put into words how you are truly feeling inside. Crave more time with your partner? Tell them. Don’t feel appreciated? Say it. Feeling a bit insecure? Talk to someone close about it and focus on communicating with inner clarity. By the end of the month, while others may be feeling a bit introverted, you might feel quite opposite, and crave company. This is a good time to head out on vina date with the vinas who support you and make you feel appreciated. Have fun and let loose! Key words: Clarity, insights, expression.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs3


Your creative ideas have been flourishing, but getting the ideas into action has been sort of an obstacle for you. With Mercury shaking things up in the communication realm, you might feel roadblock for your goals and creativity, but what most of us don’t realize is retrogrades are actually very beneficial for our growth. In fact, it’s especially a great time for us to get deep within, reflect and plan out your goal strategy. Remain self-assured, good things are coming! Key words: Transformation, attraction, projects.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs7


Obsessing over the little things, the big things, the faults of others, your irritations–this all must come to an end for the month of March. Dear Virgo, we know you mean well, but with your ruling planet heading into retrograde, there’s no point in throwing gas on the fire and have others misinterpret every word, your advice, opinions (or nitpick ;)) you say. Use that energy to head within–has your mind been feeling a bit chaotic or on overload? Letting go of the things that don’t include you (meaning taking on other’s issues) could be the best remedy for you this month. Key words: Partnerships, relationships, break free.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs10


You work so hard to keep the peace, and lately it seems like more of a job for you, Libra lady. Certain energies this month may interfere with your tranquil energies in your love life and relationships, but by remaining patient with yourself, it can help keep the balance. Remember to be there for your own needs! This retrograde might start out with a bit of chaos, so stay organized and double check career deliverables. Work on staying on top of your business and career this month. Key words: Self-care, routines, service to others.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs11


Energies are intense! You can feel it a mile away. Maybe it’s affecting you in your love life, career, friendships–but either way, be careful not to lash out on impulse because you will regret it later. This is a good time to slow down and take some private time to yourself. Maybe take a mental health day, a car ride through nature, a day full of Netflix and chill. Whatever it is, keep your energies balanced and focus on slowly pursuing your goals. No rush to the finish line! Key words: Creativity, sexuality, reflection.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs9


You might be craving some fun this month, whether that’s in the bedroom or out with your best vinas, and the universe is on your side with your desire! Hit the streets with your vinas or hit the sheets with some new positions with your partner. While others are juggling the obstacles of Mercury’s retrograde, you’re loving every minute of it! But what’s new? Sagittarius’ are always open to transforming and learning new things. So have fun this month and let your natural charm radiate. Key words: Empathy, pursuits, knowledge.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs8


You seem to be stirring the pot this month, anxious Capricorn! With your desire to show off at work, your need for extra attention and spice with your partner, plus your craving of something new–you may piss certain people off this month. Starting with your S.O. If you seem bored in your relationship, make some time for romance this week. Light some candles and remind yourself why you decided to be in this commitment. For our single Caps, around the 20th, you might have your eyes on a certain someone who could be a lifetime mate! Instead of boiling up your energy at work and causing some tension, head to the gym or a yoga class and start a new regimen. Key words: Intentions, romance, mindfulness.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs6


We know you love your alone time and while this is a great month to practice some solitude, remembering to balance out the time you give can also be beneficial. To our committed vinas in a relationship, remember to schedule some cuddle time with your partner, and to our single vinas, head to a coffee shop with an artistic friend to collab on some creative ideas! You’ll desire to delve into self-development or esoteric learnings, which will lead you into some emotional healing needs this month. Key words: Values, enlightenment, partnerships.

april friendship horoscope zodiacs12


Your spiritual side is calling this month and truthfully, it could be the best thing for you! As energies become intense, it best for you to focus on serenity and ways to keep your emotions balanced. You feel a need to deepen your understanding of yourself and the world, and the more time you spend focusing on this need, you might find your creativity is sparked! Remember to be mindful of other’s feelings. Being as sensitive you are, you might find you close yourself off to certain energies (which is okay, as boundaries are needed!), but remember to be there for those who love you and need you. Key words: Dream work, self-love, compassion.

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No one wants to be the one who looks like they just stumbled out of a time capsule. However, some of the must-have fashion trends for 2019 look like a blast from the past.  These trends have been resurrected to bring us fashion life! Here are the 5 fashion staples you have to add to your closet this year.



Yes honey, they’re back! Fanny packs have been slowly reemerging on the fashion scene. You can blame celebrities like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner for bringing this trend back to the forefront. In the past, the common reasoning for looking like a human kangaroo was that fanny packs were so practical. However, with the latest fanny pack designs, it’s easy to see that they can be just as cute as they are useful.



When I think of tie-dye I immediately think of braces and summer camp.  Who knew the trend would appear on catwalks across the globe one day.  You can choose any hue from the color spectrum to find the right statement piece.  One great thing about the tie-dye trend is that it lends itself to DIY projects.  So, if a designer tie-dye shirt is outside your budget you can always make your own. We love us an artsy vina!


Paola shared a drawing with you 32

A statement hair clip can add the right amount of flare to your #ootd. Whether heavily embellished in jewels or covered in a textured material, a hair clip adds a layer of (stylish) interest to even the simplest of ensembles.  You can also use the “fashion statement” excuse for wearing a hair clip on those days when it is simply a lazy hair day.


Paola shared a drawing with you 30

Nothing makes a statement quite like neon. Now just imagine combining neon with animal print. Talk about an outfit made for the runway.  The neon trend is flourishing in places like Japan. Don’t know if you’re ready to invest in a neon coat or pair of pants? The trend isn’t limited to clothing! Neon hair is also a movement that is on the rise, so, if you’re bold enough to rock hot pink, bright green, or fluorescent orange, now is the time!



Fringe is all about movement. It draws the eye to a piece of clothing.  Fringe could make an otherwise simple bottom or jacket pop. If a fringed jacket is too flashy for you, consider a bag, or a pair of shoes with a fringed adornment.

With these pieces, you are sure to make an entrance wherever you go.  Adding one or two of these trends to your closet will ensure that your look is current, while also creating a retro feel.

Which trend are you looking forward to adding to your closet?

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With careers, friends, family, and school, we vinas are beyond busy! It’s hard to find time to even eat. Fast food is well, fast. This affordable alternative to a nutritious meal is many times unhealthy and a wallet drainer if eaten too often. Instead, try these delicious meal combos that are good for you and your wallet both and are even Instagram-worthy!


As a chocolate advocate, I recommend trying a chocolate quinoa breakfast bowl. Quinoa is known for its multitude of health benefits. It’s also one of the only plant foods with all 9 essential amino acids. This meal is filling with a protein-rich base—and tossing in bananas and berries gives you a tasty serving of fruit.


Dijon chicken and veggies are easy to make and customize with different seasonings for different tastes. The versatility allows freedom to please every taste palette. I like to complement this dish with asparagus and potatoes for a nutritious and filling meal.



A staple of my childhood instantly became one of my favorite meals as I grew up. Red rice and beans with veggies and a hint of lime is just asking for a fiesta in your mouth. This simple dish can even be spiced up with a hint of cilantro.


Perhaps the most important meal of the day—try mini ice cream sandwiches. Putting frozen yogurt with chocolate bits or almond grinds in between two vanilla wafer cookies is my go-to for a cute and simple healthy dessert.

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