It’s not news that New York City is crazy expensive, but I was still shocked when, this year, as I was planning my birthday, I could not find a single way to get all my friends together without breaking my bank! After a little research and the wise and (seemingly obvious) solutions were presented to me by others, I have gathered some tips on how to celebrate in NYC without having to simultaneously throw yourself a going-away party because you can no longer afford rent.


Invite all your friends to a trendy bar and take over. The only downsides to this are that you can’t put up decorations and you never know how full it will be. But the upside is that you don’t have to rent out a place for a bajillion dollars. There are a bunch of cool bars that aren’t super popular, yet have a chic and classy (or whatever vibe you’re going for) feel to them. Plus, everyone only needs to spend as much money as they’re willing to, especially if there’s no cover!


When it’s nice out, head outside to WSP or Central Park, and throw a picnic party. Set up balloons or whatever cheap decorations please you. Make sure you grab a boombox and pop that bubbly! Do the whole potluck style so you’re not stuck with a large food budget!


Roof parties are a thing for a reason. Basically everyone in NYC has an incredible view from their roof, and maybe even some choice furniture! If yours or a friend’s is accessible, hit it up for a cheap and easy celebration! Just like the picnic – make it potluck style (and BYOB).
Where do you like to celebrate in the city? Tag a vina and comment below!
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Let’s be real, one of the best parts of traveling is getting to take photos of beautiful destinations… and then posting them on Instagram so all our vinas can be jealous of our sense of wanderlust. 😉 Check out our list of the top insta-worthy destinations you MUST travel to in your lifetime (or at least until the next-best photo-sharing app pops up).


London has so much more to offer than just its iconic telephone booths. What I love most about it is the clash between the old and new. Who would’ve thought that a glass building next to an old brick house would look so stunning?

Moreover, London has an amazing skyline! This picture taken from the dome of St. Pauls Cathedral requires no editing. The sun is about to set and it looks like it’s kissing London good night. Seriously, #nofilterneeded!


Alicia Keys was not lying when she sang, These streets will make you feel brand new! Big lights will inspire you! My bad for getting that song stuck in your head, but these lyrics just perfectly describe the Big Apple. There are lights literally everywhere! Passing Times Square at night will definitely throw off your inner clock but hey-you’ll get some great shots!

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If you prefer nature to skylines, Scotland is your destination. It’s freezing out there, but it’s definitely worth it to take in the calm vibes of the hills and the glorious reflections in the water. And if you’re lucky enough, you might even catch a glance of the Northern Lights.


It’s difficult to pick only one city, or island, or region in Thailand that stands out for the perfect snap. The whole of Thailand is so photogenic, that you need to make a tour across the country. Take pictures of the Doi Suthep in Chiang Mai or visit the amazing temples in Bangkok. Wat Arun, Wat Phra Kaeo and many more are posing for you. Or head over to the beaches and capture the stunning turquoise water and islands.


When your goal is to capture great architecture, your go-to place is Vienna. If you’re impressed by the outside of the buildings, wait until you see the from inside. It will take your breath away. Check out the Opera, the Schönbrunn Palace or the Belvedere Museum just to name a view.

And for you Instafoodies out there: The city of Schnitzel and Strudel also offers a variety of Insta-worthy food. Try some Leberkäs-Semmel or Kaiserschmarr’n. My favourite is and always will be Mohnkuchen – make sure to check your teeth after that!


You can find so much to snap in the capital of Copenhagen. From captivating street art to colourful birdhouses or scenic gardens at Tivoli and bright house fronts at Nyhavn. Definitely worth a visit! And bring some extra batteries!

There are so many beautiful details to capture in this city. I could barely take my camera down because I felt like I’d be missing out on a great shot.


The canals in Amsterdam make the city so much fun to explore. There are so many cute spots, it’s every Instagrammer’s dream. Its crooked houses will look like they’re straight out of Alice in Wonderland. And a little bonus is that Amsterdam is a proper bike city, so just wait for a cyclist to rush through your image to give it a nice touch.

Now that you’ve got the list, which destination are you headed to? Tell us in the comments!


Oktoberfest is the world’s largest beer festival and celebration of Bavarian culture. The official Oktoberfest in Munich ends on October 3rd, so we’ve only got a few more days to take part in the celebrations with our vinas. If you’re not lucky enough to be in Munich for the festival of brews, we’ve rounded up some local spots you can visit to grab a pint (or three) with your vinas. So dust off your lederhosen and get drinking!


If you haven’t been to Biergarten in Hayes Valley, you’re missing out on yummy (and authentic) German eats. It’s a beer garden (obvs), but it also boasts delicious German-style bar food. Top tip: the grilled pretzel dumplings are to die for, but they sell out fast!

WILDFOX FW 13 photographed by Steven Meiers / The Cobrasnake

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The Little Bear Gastropub in the LA Arts District is technically a Belgian beer bar, but we won’t tell the Germans if you won’t. Bring your vinas here for their 17 beers on tap and 50 bottles that they keep in rotation (or check out weekend brunch – be prepared to wait a while for a table).


Home-brewer Jason Sehler has turned his at-home hobby into a legitimate brewery. Strong Rope Brewery is anything but amateur. The craft brewery offers tours and hosts a weekly game night! Take your vinas for some brewskis and test out your trivia chops at this Brooklyn spot.


For our neighbors across the pond, you gotta check out Bierschenke, the self-proclaimed only authentic “Munich Bierkeller” ✨ aka German beer bar ✨ in the city of London. With a name like that, no doubt it will provide an authentic Oktoberfest experience. Expect large beer steins and the best (*cough* only) Bavarian Oompah band for the night’s entertainment.


Beermiscuous in Lakeview is the place to be if you’re looking for a cold brew in the windy city. They serve local beers at their bar, or you can also grab a six-pack to go. On Wednesdays, food trucks camp out right in front, so you and your vinas can snack while you drink!


Bratwurst anyone? (📸: Southern Living)


Bier Markt is an eclectic bar that is part authentic German beer house, part sports bar, and part music venue. There’s something here for every vina whether she’s more into watching sports or listening to live music (or just really, really into beer). Plus, you can enjoy delish poutine with candied bacon while you slurp down your German ale!


Who would’ve thought you could get authentic German fare in Hotlanta? Well, you can at Der Biergarten, Atlanta’s premier German beer bar. If you live in this city, you and your vinas have more time to get your Oktoberfest drank on because Der Biergarten is doing festival celebrations all the way until October 22nd!


If you’re looking for a cool place to grab a pint in Sydney, look no further than Stone & Wood Brewery in Byron Bay. Boasting a hip atmosphere an awesome selection of local craft beers, it’s the perfect place to take your vinas for a cold one.

Of course, these are only a small portion of VINA cities. Where is the best place to grab a brew with your vinas in YOUR city? Tell us in the comments below!

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Manhattan is the iconic home for a lady date, as made popular by the iconic vina crew of Sex and the City. Carrie, Charlotte, Miranda, and Samantha showed us a more glamorous way to handle what life throws at you and your vinas and the true meaning of sticking it out together.

We’ve got a list of vina dates to inspire the  kind of rendezvous that might make our vinas in the city proud. Get together, get out there, and get to it. The world is waiting to meet you both.


This is a “never gets old, still love you to death, we just met” kind of date. A coffee date is for first-timers and hundredth-timers. It never loses its necessary, classic, and functional appeal. To get caffeinated with your vina, our fave Manhattan spots have options for any kind of coffee lover. They not only roast a proper bean but have a vibe that helps you nestle in: Box Kite, Third Rail Coffee (sunny and sip-able), Cafe Grumpy (we love the name, and you’ll leave feeling anything but), Irving Farm (love, love, love), Two Hands (minimalist and essential).


Some meals are so crucial that they span across several hours. Let’s be real: brunch has a special place in your heart. So naturally, wen picked out some of our local vina go-to eateries to keep your tummy and talk-time satisfied: Coco&Cru (an Aussie inspired haven of delish),  Chikarashi (poke bowls that are a total dream), Egg Shop (egg sandos at any time of day, thank you), Baz Bagel in Little Italy (they take this bagel thing serious).


The beauty of Central Park is that it is central to everything. 😏 It’s easy to forget in a concrete jungle just how essential it is to lay beneath a canopy of green every now and then. Plan a vina date. Pack some snacks, take a walk, and find yourself some quiet to get lost in for a bit. If you want to be active about it, rent some bikes. Take a ride, and earn those snacks.


You can’t not happy hour in Manhattan. I personally would also order a Manhattan, but I’ll let you make that call. Some of our fave spots infuse drink specials with the a surreal setting: Cienfuegos (makes us feel like we’re drinking inside Frida Khalo’s imagination), Russian Vodka Room (the live pianist makes you think that you’ve stepped into another world), Cask Bar and Kitchen (moody, delicious, and right up our alley).


It seems silly to overlook museums as a vina date option with some of the world’s best museums in this part of the city. Scope out museums that offer free admission, or treat your vina and buy her ticket. Some obvious and not-so-obvi favorites are: The MOMA, The Museum of Sex, American Museum of Natural History, Fashion Institute of Technology.


Commit to a day in this insanely unique part of town, and give yourselves a little Italian vacay. Sip espresso outside and watch people stroll by. Wander around and shop the markets. End the day with a slow lunch (how very European of us) filled with pastas and cannoli. Because why not? Our go-to spot is Lombardi’s, a Little Italy iconic eat that opened in 1905.


When in Rome, right? The debate for the best New York style pizza could be an ongoing affair for the two of you. Suggest a standing invitation, and try a new spot every weekend. Need recommendations to start this epic vina tradition? These places will have you saying “cheese, please”: Rubirosa in Little Italy, Koronet Pizzeria (slices the size of your face), Patsy’s Pizza (opened in 1933 and still a neighborhood staple), Vezzo (super thin crust and creative with the toppings), Zero Otto Nove (everything about this spot is everything).

We would love to hear what you think of these vina date spots. Show us your Vina dates on Instagram by tagging your picture with @ilikevina!

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CODE YELLOW!!  It’s apparently National Piña Colada Day, everyone! That means it is absolutely imperative that we quickly round up all our vinas and get the tropical drink before the day’s end. Just in case you weren’t sure where to grab one, we’ve rounded up the best of best in some of our vina cities just for you:


Palm House has coladas to DIE for. Grab your vinas and pick a spot outside. Get a mix of sweet and savory from their delicious Carribbean menu and enjoy!


If you’re craving a healthier option, Sage Vegan Bistro makes a delicious Piña Colada Smoothie that’s a must-try.  If you want to go even healthier, order the Greener Colada for some added green yumminess.


The Bonnie is home to some pretty killer cocktails.  Try the colada or one of their many other tropical drink delights.



For piña coladas of the frozen variety, Mija is the place to go.  Once you polish off your frozen treat, you also may want to explore their tequila menu – they have over 100 selections to choose from!


Philly, you’re up next. The highly acclaimed vegan spot, V Street Food Bar, not only has delicious piña coladas, but their Insta has us drooling! Be sure to check out the fun that is happening in the open kitchen setting!


We’ve heard great things about the piña coladas from one of Atlanta’s premier tiki bars, Trader Vics! Hit up this spot on a Thursday night for live music and tropical drinks to boot.


Need a fix for something a little more unique? We have a feeling the piña colada cupcakes from More Cupcakes might hit the spot. This chic cupcake boutique has loads of fancy cupcakes, but in the name of celebrating holidays, we’ll stick to the colada cake.


Rhum Corner‘s piña colada slushie is the perfect way to cool down from the summer heat, and if you’re in the mood for bar hopping the owner’s two other bars are conveniently located on the same block!


Barrio East makes a mean colada.  Plus, it’s in Shoreditch, which is arguably the coolest London borough! We’re also loving their style – be sure to take a peek at those teal, chevron floors. Gush!


They know just how to make ’em down under. Earl’s Juke Joint in the place to be in Sydney on National Piña Colada Day! Located in Newton, there’s lots of other fun spots to hit up before enjoying pineapple heaven. Grab a rooftop  drink at Zanzibar, enjoy dinner and dancing at Miss Peaches, and end here on a fabulous note with their classic coladas!

If you and your vinas indulged in some pinapple-y, coconut-y treats this weekend, don’t forget to take a pic and tag #NationalPiñaColadaDay and @ilikevina on instagram so we can drool over all the deliciousness!  Comment below and let us know where you’re fave place for tropical drinks is in your city!



Rooftop parties (with the possibility of meeting new friends) are as irresistible in NYC as in-unit washer/dryers or half-priced Uber rides. This proved true Wednesday night as we welcomed more than 200 vinas to Tumblr‘s beautiful Manhattan roof to eat, drink, and be merry.

Favorite spot in the house: The treats table. All the vinas gathered around to snag fresh fruit and sandwiches provided by Mangia, a gourmet farm-to-table catering service and dear friends of ours. EVINS stocked the bar with wines from their California vineyards which we poured into cute, emoji-adorned glasses.

Sounds of the nightThis playlist. Our very own Mo Kudeki (Lead iOS Engineer by day, DJ by night) curated these lovely beats for our enjoyment.

Best quote: Co-founder Olivia June Poole proclaiming that “…we’re going to have a Hey! VINA party on every rooftop in Manhattan!” We’ll see about that, won’t we?

We want to thank everyone who came out to support our first ever Hey! VINA party! Also, we owe a big thank you to Tumblr for the lovely rooftop setting, Mangia for the delicious nibbles, and EVINS for wonderful assortment of wine.

If you had a good time, or want us to have a party in your city, leave a comment below!