The weather may be cold right now, but we’re thinking two steps ahead and gearing up for spring! Paris Fashion Week came and went, so we’re giving you a refresher on the top trends hitting in the next few months. Check them out, vinas!✌🏽


screen shot 2019-01-05 at 11.52.41 amNo equipment needed to don this getup. Pair it with some kitten heels and a low-cut bodysuit to dress it up, or hit the streets in them with a sweatshirt and Stan Smiths for a casual weekend vibe.

Pictured: ASOS DESIGN disco legging short, $19,





Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 12.06.44 PM.pngThe little sexy dress meets retro sass. Let out your playful side with this trend—anything with sequins, polka dots, frills, or pleats will do the trick. Make sure to bring the funk with it.

Pictured: Let’s Groove Satin Dress, $40,




3653101330_1_1_1.jpgThink of it as if your artistic roomie went nuts in your closet. The runways showcased apparel sprinkled with patchwork, embroidery, fringing, fabric bundles and hand-painting for a DIY kind of look. No cookie-cutter outfits here.






Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 3.28.10 PM.pngThis trend is easily incorporated into any outfit. Whether it be office-wear, dresses, or sporty looks, pastels are a must this season. Grab your favorite color and envelop yourself in this versatile garb!

Pictured: River Island sleeveless blouse with tie waist in pale blue, $45,





Screen Shot 2019-01-05 at 3.41.40 PM.pngDesigners went pleat-crazy in their Spring 2019 shows, like Valentino’s latest Red Valentino Collection inspired by the Adelitas of the Mexican Revolution. While you may not have a need for the more dramatic designs in your everyday life, take a note out of their book and add one pleated staple to your closet (with a pop of color, if you’re looking to experiment). It’ll add a chic flair to go along with the changing winds of spring.

Pictured: Boohoo pleated midi skirt in color block, $44,


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Hailed as a “storytelling guru” by the Wall Street Journal, Brooklyn-based Kate Tellers knows a thing or two about captivating an audience and relating to others. Finding her voice through the narrative podcast The Moth, she is now host and director of MothWorks, a program of workshops geared to harness the power of storytelling as a communication tool for business solutions. Her clients can range from stand up comedians to Fortune 500 CEOs, but they all have one thing in common: Once she’s done working with them, they understand the power of a strong narrative.

She sat down with VINAZINE to offer advice on role models, leadership, how to be a better communicator, as well as facing hard losses.

Q: Thanks for talking to VINAZINE! From your experience, what is the most important thing in creating genuine relationships with other people?
A: I think the answer is in the question: A genuine relationship is one that’s honest. Where each person accepts the other for who they truly are, and sometimes that person is messy, or can’t stop accidentally sharing spoilers for Big Little Lies, and that’s fine. That total acceptance lifts up the good stuff, too, because it just makes it easier to celebrate each others’ wins and leave competitiveness aside. That’s my friend, I know them inside and out and they damn well deserve that.

Q: For the novice, what is the key to being a good communicator and what steps can you take to become one?
A: So much about being a good communicator is about creating an authentic connection with an audience and making them care. The best thing you can do is consider what it is that you’re trying to communicate and why you, personally, care about it. If you care, then your audience has a reason to and the inspiration to lean forward and listen. We’re constantly being communicated at; The best communicators can get to the heart of the message, the big why underneath, and connect to that.

Q: What do you think is the most significant barrier to women leadership?
A: I think there is still inherent discomfort in the world with the experience of being a woman. We default to men in leadership because that’s what we know, because those are the stories that have always been told, and they’re familiar and predictable. So that has to change. We need to acknowledge our discomfort with what is different and less known, and truly commit to being aware of making choices that make things better, even if we’re moving into uncharted territory. Diversity, and this goes beyond gender, is essential. Challenging the norm doesn’t always feel easy or good, but new ideas and perspectives are the only way to progress.

Q: Your Moth story, “But Also Bring Cheese,” touches on losing perhaps the most important relationship in a woman’s life—that with her mother. In times of loneliness, where have you found your support system, and what would you say to others that are dealing with similar feelings?
A: After my mother passed away, we, her family and close friends, sat in her living room and told stories about her. My aunt told me about watching my mother dive down to roll around on the floor with me and my sister when we were little kids, and how it was so obvious how much she loved us. That memory has always stuck with me, and now that I have children of my own, I’ll have moments when I’m on the floor with them and I’ll remember how much I was loved and how I can show my love to my children in a way that sticks around longer than I might.

kate tellers

Kate Tellers, courtesy of The Moth

A few months after she died, I went to a Moth event, and the act of listening to and telling stories has become fundamental to who I am. Telling a story about someone is the one real way that we have to bring them into the present, and it reminds us that the people and events that have come before us matter, and that part of them can live on forever.

So I’d say find a place where you can tell your stories. It could be on-stage with thousands of people, maybe it’s the regular practice of writing in a journal. Maybe you’ll find people who will listen and that will feel right; Maybe in thinking about your stories, a memory will pop up and feel like a visit. Perhaps you’ll notice similarities between the two of you that you never saw before, or maybe you’ll remind yourself of something she taught you, and that can be a way that she guides you into the future without her.

Also, every year on the day that she passed away, I do a toast. One year my husband, who never met her, learned how to make our family’s Lebanese spinach pies and we threw a party. Other years it’s just been us taking a moment to mark the passage of time without one spectacular woman. I find the act of remembering to be very healing.

Q: Give the younger you – the woman just barely beginning her career – the top three pieces of advice you’ve gained in retrospect.
A: One—Working with people means spending time with human beings. Take care of yourself so that you can be your best self with your colleagues, and treat them with genuine interest and respect. Two—More often than not, your managers and mentors care about your happiness. That doesn’t mean that it’s their job to give you only assignments that will spark full-blown joy, but they’re likely spending more time than you think considering how to make your work worthwhile, not only for your org. but for you, too. Three—Give your time to the things that make you happy, even if there isn’t an obvious direct route to a job. At the very least you’re setting yourself up should an opportunity arise, and you’re growing as a person who is more qualified to be in the spaces that move you.

Q: What is your definition of happiness?
A: I experience true happiness when I feel like everything that has happened in my life has led me to the moment I am living in right now.

Q: What woman inspires you and why?
A: Chicago’s first Commissioner of Cultural Affairs and subject of the wildly popular Malcolm Gladwell piece in the New Yorker, “Six Degrees of Lois Weisberg.” She was described in the New York Times as “a whirlwind of civic enthusiasm.” Lois had friends in social circles across Chicago and, as a “connector,” brought people together to better communities and bring art to new spaces. I admire that she maintained a diverse friend circle, and she was able to see the potential in those friends to come together and do great good.

Featured picture by Jason Falchook for The Moth.

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This year’s lead-up to the Women’s March was filled with great controversy, as leaders of The National Women’s March—an organization that derived out of the original 2017 march—faced anti-Semitic allegations.

In the face of this, two separate marches were held in NYC on January 19, 2019. The Women’s March Alliance held the original 2018 route, beginning on the Upper West Side going toward Trump Tower in Midtown Manhattan. The National Women’s March, having no permit to march, held a rally in Foley Square.

Amidst the divide, newly-elected Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez attended both events, wishing to bring unity to the greater issues through her speech.

“It is so incredibly important to uplift all of our voices. And to make sure the least among us advocated the most,” she said. “That means we will not be quiet when it comes to the rights of black women. That means we will not be quiet when it comes to the rights of trans women. That means we will not be quiet when it comes to the rights of poor women. And middle-class women. And working-class women. And all women in the United States and in the world.”

“Last year we brought the power to the polls, and this year we need to make sure we translate that power into policy,” Ocasio-Cortez added. “That means we will not let anyone take our rights away. In fact, we will expand them.”

image from ios (7)

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez at the Women’s March in NYC. Photograph by Corey Torpie © 2019

In Washington D.C., women and supporters in the thousands gathered, although amassing a significantly lesser number than the half a million people in the original 2017 march. Speakers from Black Lives Matter, Woman on Piscataway, Standing Rock Sioux Nation and union leaders shared their sentiments.

Dozens of U.S. cities participated with marches of their own, including L.A., Denver, Chicago and Boston, among others. More than 100 marches were scheduled worldwide.

As the years go on, it seems people are growing less attuned to showing up, due to several factors such as the aforementioned controversy, activist burnout and success in the debated topics.

In an article for the New York Times, Jo Reger, professor of sociology at Oakland University of Michigan, stated that “marches or movements can lose some momentum when people see some of their issues being addressed. With the recent midterm elections, some may feel like the country is going in a different direction after the Trump election and that may lower the numbers participating.”

Let’s show that women are here to fight for the long run and continue voicing our needs. There are 364 days left before the next Women’s March—what will YOU do to show up?

Featured image by Kisha Bari for Women’s March

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Happy New Year’s Eve, vinas! While I’m not into traditional New Year’s resolutions (I only set myself up for success) attention must be paid! It’s in our nature to hold on to things, especially if they make us feel comfortable. Most of us just really don’t like change, even if what’s comfortable is hurting us. Who wants to be hurt or stagnant? NO ONE! Here are five key things we need to kiss goodbye in 2018 to fully rock out in 2019.


With all us women have to conquer these days, in order to destroy that glass ceiling, we need supportive ladies around us. If you question a friend’s motives more than you’d like to admit, it’s time to let her go. We’re only stronger if we surround ourselves with vinas who support us and who we can support.


Yes, we all have responsibilities, but that extra-curricular that is leaving you half empty instead of half full, needs to go! Life is too short to be unhappy. Stop doing activities you dread, get rid of unnecessary material possessions, and de-clutter a bit!


Stop putting off that thing that you’ve been wanting to do forever. Is it a vacation, getting in shape, running that 5K? Stop putting it off until next year and do it now! We always think there’s time until there’s not. Don’t let that happen, start to conquer your goals now!


Your worth is not determined by anyone else. Constructive criticism is great but always consider the source. Even if the advice is coming from your friend, take everything with a grain of salt!


People don’t know how to value you if you don’t show them how. If you speak negatively about yourself, that shows them that it’s okay to treat to just as bad as you treat yourself. Be your biggest fan and set the tone for how you expect to be treated. Also, it doesn’t hurt to surround yourself with women who guide you to do this themselves!

2019 should be all about being good to yourself and others. Let go any and all behavior that negates positive vibes with the help of some kickass vinas on Hey! VINA!


Have you considered changing up your diet in the new year? Well, Dr. Caroline Hartridge, an osteopathy doctor trained in whole foods plant-based medicine, knows a thing or two about alternative evidence-based approaches for a healthier lifestyle. Whether it’s a diet based on plants and veggies, or treating conditions through organic solutions, she guides VINAZINE readers through all-things natural in this exclusive interview. Read on! 🌱🥗

Q: For someone who’s never heard of a plant-based diet, what are some easy ways to incorporate it into their daily routine?
A: It’s quite easy to do and doesn’t take much effort. Put some lemons in your hot water in the a.m. When you’re building your smoothie in the morning, try dropping in some fresh produce in there for more nutrition. Warm grains are also perfect for an easy breakfast and give you quite a boost of energy. The basic thought should be: Think about whole, identifiable foods from the earth – like a baked potato instead of french fries. Also, switch to plant-based dairy options!

Q: Can you explain osteopathy for those who aren’t familiar with it?
A: There are two types of fully licensed physicians in the U.S.: Medical Doctors (MD) and Doctors of Osteopathy (DO). The DO’s physician study is guided in the thought that the human body is a unit of the body, mind, and energy, soul or spirit. The body is constantly striving toward healing, and structure and function are interrelated. The way osteopathist doctors work is that they take these previous statements into consideration for rational treatment. In addition to thinking about disease differently, osteopaths spend extra time in school learning about the diagnosis and treatment of all tissues using touch.

Q: What is the biggest health or diet mistake you see happening right now?
A: That would be the myth surrounding protein — the gorilla isn’t worried about protein and neither should you. If you eat your plants, the nourishment is already present in perfect proportions. So just keep on eating them and be happy!

Q: If you could give one piece of health advice, what would it be and why?
A: My advice would center around dairy for bone health; dairy is actually acidic and removes calcium and magnesium from your bones. If you want to build your bone health for sustainability, reproduction and beyond, give your body some plants! Period.

Q: What is your favorite easy go-to recipe?
A: Kale salad – raw and finely chopped – with warm quinoa, any veggies I have in the fridge, tahini, lemon and garlic, as well as a dash of pink salt and lots of black pepper. In the amount of time my quinoa cooks (pro tip: I like to toast it in the dry, hot pan before adding the water for another layer of flavor), I can chop and assemble the salad. This is my go-to and happy place.


Dr. Caroline Hartridge

Q: We have a Vegan and Vegetarian community on Hey! VINA, as well as a Foodies community. How is it helpful to connect with other vegans when you are adapting to a lifestyle/diet change?
A: I think it is essential to have easy access to a positive community. Finding like-minded foodies can be a challenge and good food is a good quality of life. We are all on our own journey to wellness and plant-based living. The Hey! VINA community provides space to share our perceived barriers and successes!

Q: What is the benefit of joining a healthy community in your opinion?
A: Manifest the life you want. What you put in your body, on your body and around your body matters significantly! You are awake. Take responsibility. Surround yourself with energy that is consistent with your greatest good. When we take time to reflect on these points, the benefit of joining a healthy community like the one on Hey! VINA is a kind, compassionate loving choice for yourself and others.

Q: Why should more people explore alternative medicine to cure certain illnesses? What evidence-based examples can you provide of women you’ve helped?
A: I love my practice and patients! They inspire me to learn. I can think of several patients who have used plant-based medicine, osteopathy, talk therapy and medical cannabis to develop a whole new level of health and quality of life. One in particular, a young woman in her 30s, was using a walker and in severe pain from a work injury in polypharmacy, or the simultaneous use of multiple drugs by a single patient for one or more conditions. After over a year of working together, she is off all medications, doing yoga and pursuing a new education and career. Holding space for these types of sustainable changes is an absolute privilege. If you’d like more info about what I do, you can head over to

Q: How can other people work with you?
A: I offer personal, family and corporate wellness experiences catered to each individual or group. One of them is in Playa Chiquita, Costa Rica or there’s a Dealer’s Choice – I work with Four Seasons Hotels and Resorts in the destination of your choosing to create a relaxing, wellness-centered vacation. Spots are still open for 2019 – all trips include accommodation, food, one-on-one’s with myself, cooking lessons and access to an array of on-site services.

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The year is winding down to an end, and we’re taking a look back. This fall brought some amazing marketing and editorial interns our way; their game was fierce and most definitely encapsulated the VINA mission of empowered women empowering women. Before saying goodbye, we’ve asked them to share an insider look at what defines them – check it out!

Mackenzie McHugh


What is your guilty pleasure?

My guilty pleasure is binge-watching my favorite shows on Netflix even though I’ve already seen them all from start to finish a good 264 times.

Which five emojis best describe you?

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.35.59 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.37.55 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.38.32 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.30.08 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.39.32 PM.png

Which famous vinas — from history or pop culture — would you swipe right on?

A few famous gal pals that I would TOTALLY swipe right on and add to my VINA gang are, first and foremost: Taylor Swift, the goddess of writing and all things music. Nina Dobrev, Ellen Degeneres, Jackie Kennedy, Princess Diana and Marge Piercy, to name a few! All of those women have, in one way or another, impacted both society and culture, as well as my personal life monumentally.

What has been your favorite thing about working for VINA?

It has been the sense of community and friendship within the workplace that you just don’t get to experience everywhere, especially in professional settings. People often forget that we’re all just people; it’s nice to be a part of something that puts humanity first. We’re all literally “hyping each other up” 24/7. Plus it’s loads of fun! Writing, editing, searching for that perfect photo to make your story pop, and feeling like your words mean something. It’s what I love to doit’s my happy place.

Ladybrag! What is something you’re proud of?

Something I’m proud of is my perseverance. I try my hardest at everything I do, whether that be baking a pie or writing an essay that counts for half the semester’s grade. I’m not where I want to be yet in life, but I’m having fun getting there, and I’m doing it to the best of my abilityand that’s all a gal can ask for. Life’s a climb, but the view is great.

Grace Graham


What is your guilty pleasure?

“Vanderpump Rules.” Can’t wait for the next season!

Which five emojis best describe you?

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.25.46 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.27.13 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.27.56 PM.png Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.30.08 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.30.49 PM.png

Which famous vinas — from history or pop culture — would you swipe right on?

I would definitely swipe right on Kate Chastain, hands down. Michelle Obama and Ruth Bader Ginsburg would also be hard right swipes.

What has been your favorite thing about working for VINA?

As an editorial intern, my favorite thing about working for VINA has been reading all of the articles written by VINA users! They always cover a wide range of topics and always have something interesting to say.

 Ladybrag! What’s something you’re proud of?

Something I’m proud of is balancing my course load, internship, work/study job and DIII tennis schedule while maintaining a stellar GPA! It’s not easy, but it’s worth it.



What is your guilty pleasure?

Shopping. I shop for fun, when I’m sad or angry, to commemorate a happy occasion, or just when I’m bored. It could be anything from groceries, clothes, books or beddings. Lately, I’ve been hunting for holiday decor and having the guiltiest and most pleasurable time.

Which five emojis best describe you?

Screen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.32.42 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.34.24 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.35.05 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.35.59 PM.pngScreen Shot 2018-12-04 at 5.36.39 PM.png

Which famous vinas — from history or pop culture — would you swipe right on?

Phoebe from Friends – I think she was hugely undermined for such a unique character that had so much potential. But I don’t know if I would have had the guts to swipe right on her – her bio would have looked very sketchy or psychic, or both.

What has been your favorite thing about working for VINAZINE?

Being constantly exposed to all that women have to share. I appreciated that we were not only about accomplishments, happiness and fun, but also about being able to share our experiences of overcoming our darkest times and hold out a hand for others that are going through hardships. When I look at the monthly story sheet and realize that so many are willing to share so much, I take a moment to savor how endearing that is. Just being constantly reminded of all this was a kind of a triumph for me working at VINA.

Ladybrag! What is something you’re proud of?

The year 2018. 2018 has been a year full of changes, achievements, and failures for me. I moved to a new country, to the other side of the globe where I knew literally no one. I re-learned how to get by around the town, how to do laundry, and how to talk and act like the people around me. I took a chance and finally tapped into my creative side, starting with photography and then onto drafting and painting, all of which I was too afraid to do in the past. I started playing a new sport through which I made some of the most valuable memories and even more valuable friendships. I also learned how to express frustration and anger, and not hold onto it and wait for it to just disappear. It taught me how to acknowledge my feelings, positive or negative, and now I know that that’s how I respect and cherish myself. And through all that, I learned what it feels like to own and live my best life. So I’m proud of all the ups and downs of my journey this amazing year, and cannot wait for what more is on its way!