Mom life often feels like rehash of the same ole stuff. Bottle, diaper, pacifier, breast pump, repeat, am I right? Well, over the past couple of years, some companies have decided that awesome moms don’t have time for that lather rinse repeat mindset; they have begun to come out with some really fantastic products that make the mom game a whole lot easier.


I love BumGenius Diapers. I used all three varieties (the all in the one, the pocket, and the covers) on my daughter and plan on busting them out of storage for my next little. They clean up quite nicely in the washing machine, and you can pop them in the dryer or put them in the sun. These diapers come in super cute colors/patterns that– especially in the summer– are comfy for kids sans clothes.

A few friends told me that they thought cloth diapers would be too much work; I’m here to tell you (and them) that I prefer an extra load of laundry over a stinky trash can any day– even those days when we were living in an apartment which required I haul all the dirty diapers to the laundromat. Plus you save tons of money in the long run (especially if you use them for more than one baby), and you’re putting a lot less garbage in the land fill.

I honestly want to sing all kinds of praises for these cloth diapers; I want to shout it from the rooftop. There are quite a few other brands, but based on personal experience you get for bang for your buck with BumGenius.


This can be a touchy subject. Some moms are very against pacifiers, while others consider them a mom’s best friend. I thought I might be anti-paci until my daughter met her WubbaNub.

We called him Rara and he is s a rainbow colored rabbit with a pacifier attached. The pacifier itself is a bite and teeth friendly design that claims it will not interfere with the development and alignment of future teeth or breastfeeding.

When it comes time to say goodbye to the pacifier you can cut that part off and your child will be left with the stuffed animal that was previously attached. This little familiar friend can still help to soothe them to sleep. It’s like magic. Added bonus, it is washing machine friendly! Rara is now three years old and it is still my daughters favorite lovey.


Want to wear any type of jewelry without your teething toddler gnawing on it? Insert Chewbeads here. There are tons of variations of colors and styles in this line of bracelets and necklaces for momma to wear and baby to chew. I’m more of a bracelet wearing kind of vina, and I would leave the house with three of four colorful bangles stacked up my arm. I had so many of these that I would color coordinate them with my outfits; giving off an illusion that I was some kind of super stylish mom who had it all together. In reality, the real draw for me was that I could slip one off and pass it to my daughter to chew to combat those massive meltdowns.

She could chew on the necklace around my neck while I was holding her in line at the grocery store or airport, without the worry of a toy hitting that dirty, stomped-on floor. And like the rest of the products mentioned above, you can wash it without any hassle. Throw it in the dishwasher and you’re set! It may sound odd, but once you see how cute and useful they are, you’ll be onboard too.


Now let’s get to my favorite one. This whole post should just be about The Willow Pump. If you’ve had to pump in the past, or if the impending dread of having those awkward bottles swinging from your chest at work keeps you up at night, then you can stand at ease soldier.

I pumped for a while and I was awful at it. I never got the dials turned the correct way and then I lost some pieces; I was just a hot mess. When I saw the reveal of The Willow, I had just discovered I was pregnant again! I got my name on the interest list fast.

The system was boasted as being a hands free, wire/tube free system that you pop on your boob inside your bra and then go about your business. The app tracks your milk and adjusts speed for you as it deems necessary; with fewer pieces to wash, you’re less likely to loose a tiny rubber circle in the garbage disposal. I wish I had a hands on review to give you, but when this piece of magic shows up on my doorstep, I’ll be sure to update!

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Baby showers can be cute throw backs to a quieter time, with baby food tasting games and safety pin diaper favors, but let’s be real – they’re pretty boring for everyone who isn’t the mama-to-be. Here are 4 baby shower party ideas that don’t suck!


Nine months or more without a good cocktail can be a challenge for many of us, and a very pregnant vina is no exception. Since drinking while pregnant is pretty frowned upon, you can celebrate the occasion with a unique and refreshing mocktail bar. Check out this site for a few ideas, but don’t be afraid to get creative. Pair some yummy snacks with your fizzy fruit concoctions and enjoy the early afternoon in some outdoor space. Instead of viewing the day as a baby centric party, help your bestie ring in this new phase of her life with good company and some sweet gifts.


Who says that a shower has to be at someone’s house? Tradition dictates that a friend hosts the get together, but aren’t we beyond that? No one really wants to subject their house to the mess and bustle of guests (no matter what they say), so getting out in the wild world is not only fun but it spares the hostess the stress. You can hit up the cafe of a local museum for almost nothing, enjoy a meal together, and then take in the exhibits. Present the momma to be with gifts over lunch and then share an afternoon of unique experiences!

I had my baby shower when I was pregnant with my daughter at a restaurant in the Grand California Hotel near Disneyland and then spent some time in the theme parks afterward, it was a blast! Be creative and get out of the house and you’re sure to have an amazing time.


If you’re throwing your bestie a baby shower than you probably have some ideas about her cravings and food must-haves. With my daughter, I had to eat blueberry muffins, day and night. This time around I am a sucker for any potato product (boil ’em, mash ’em, put ’em in a stew. I love taters).

Maybe the mom to be has a hankering for Mexican, or Pho, or she has constant dreams of ice cream. Your favorite pregnant lady will be absolutely giddy over a food spread that meets her food craving dreams and friends and family will love the novelty of a party that doesn’t boast a boring platter of deli sandwiches and grocery store cupcakes. An olive bar with paired snacks, crackers, cheeses, and the like – or a build your own ice cream cone station! These are fun and memorable ways to show your vina that you’ve been listening to her extol the virtues of her must have snacks.


…With a twist! You can always do the fun and games at home – either hosted by a friend or at the expectant vina’s house. Start with a theme that fits the momma. Some mommas want to go full Beyoncé and celebrate their inner maternal goddess, while others are just happy with a diaper cake and a few friends gathered ’round. Some of the games from this Buzzfeed list are worth a shot, just avoid anything that feels cliché (I see you Don’t Say Baby Game). I mean Pin the Sperm on the Egg, baby bottle bowling, and Playdough Babies just sound like plan old fun.

Big picture, when throwing a shower you want the your vina to feel comfortable. Not all pregnant ladies want their bellies touched, so pass on the measurements. Some of us aren’t real cool with the weight gain, so find games that don’t involve guessing our gained poundage (yikes!). Other women want to revel in the sheer amazingness of growing a human. A great baby shower celebrates this freaking unbelievable change with people who are loving and supportive. You hit that note with sincerity, and any baby shower you throw will be the best!

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Moving and being the new gal in town is never easy. There are a lot of exciting opportunities sure, but learning and remembering so many vinas’ names can be daunting. I’ve moved across the country twice (California to Maryland and Maryland to Colorado) so in this arena, I’ve got your back. Here are some of my favorite foolproof tips on remembering names!


I’ve met some people who swap business cards, which is rad when it happens. One time, a woman gave me her calling card (a business card minus the business), and I thought that was pretty cool. Most of the time you’ll swap info via text message. What I’m getting at here is that one of the best ways to remember someone’s name is to get it in writing as soon as possible. With a text you get names and numbers while you’re still face to face, giving you a better shot at committing it to memory.



The best way to remember anything-seriously anything-is to write it down. If you don’t exchange texts right away, you can add their name to your bullet journal. I used to just pen things in my day planner, but since I’ve fallen down the bullet journal hole, I can’t imagine doing things any other way. One of my fave features is that you can set up an entire page dedicated to names and locations of new people you’ve met and then log it in your index. Easy reference, easy to remember.


If you’re meeting someone through a mutual friend, at a play group with your kids, or even at a party, you can easily remember names by labeling your photos. All mobile devices offer a way to make notes or add labels to photos while they are still on your phone. Take that great group selfie and then in the notes, list the first names of everyone in the pictures. In one super-efficient move you’ve got a great group photo and an easy way to keep track of all the people you’ve met.


The quickest way to keep up with people is to follow them on social media. Be it Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or Snapchat you can easily remember names if you are social media friends. Tread lightly with this one, you don’t want to come off over eager since many people are careful with their social media. If you and your new vina click while chatting, and you’re both comfortable exchanging info, then you know you’re not going to forget names anytime soon.


Be honest about it. Really. There isn’t anything to be embarrassed about if you forget someone’s name. In our nonstop world where we are expected to remember and do everything, it’s okay to forget something once in a while. In order to forget with grace, you’ve got to first admit it and be humble about it. People appreciate real. Plus, you’re less likely to forget a second time!

New in town? Well, start swiping and get out there!


Galentine’s Day is a great tradition that allows us ladies to proudly share our love for one another. As a proud vina I get excited about this opportunity to show my my friends that I really do appreciate them and their place in my life. One way to show those special women that they really do matter to you is to find them a gift that honors a hobby they love. I consider myself an amateur foodie, in that I love cooking, failing at cooking, and then eating delicious things. If you happen to love a foodie vina, here are a few nifty gifts ideas.




(Photo courtesy of Dewarscandy.com)

This one is a personal favorite of mine. My Grandpa Billy loved taffy of all kinds, and this is the tried and true family favorite. Located  Bakersfield, California, Dewar’s has been making amazing taffy since 1909. I could easily eat my body weight in their taffy filled with-sit down for this one-peanut butter. For that candy loving vina, order some of Dewar’s famous taffy and help her find new levels of food love. Unique and fabulous taffy is a tasty twist on those boring old boxes of superstore chocolates.



(Photo courtesy of Williams-sonoma.com)

As a mediocre home baker and bread lover I find my heart growing three sizes whenever I get a chance to try a new bread product. If you have a vina in your life is enjoys being covered in flour, has no problem with gluten, and would never turn down a decent beer,  this set from Williams-Sonoma is perfect! Bake and then break bread together, all while enjoying the remaining beer as the loaf rises. Not to mention that the bowl that comes with the set is a really lovely ceramic keeper-and any baker worth their snuff knows you can never have too many bowls!



(Photo courtesy of Katespade.com)

Let’s be honest, it is really hard to get gifts for someone who really knows their wine. I’ve bought bottles of things that I like for friends that I know turned into cooking wine (or at worst, drain cleaner). If your galentine has great taste in beer, wine, or other spirits and you’re just too unsure about what to buy, snap up this super cute Kate Spade bottle opener in the shape of a mask. It is adorable, wonderfully unique, and will surely see plenty of use during your ladies-nights-in. Alcohol is temporary, but this is forever!


42526_1_640px.jpgPickled anything-YUM. Fermented foods are delicious and crazy healthy. Plus Gwyneth Paltrow, patron saint of new age-y foodie stuff, is totally in love with them, so there’s that. In college a friend and I went through a pickled garlic phrase, and as a kid my mom had a bumper crop of cucumbers that resulted in too many jars of homemade pickles. Anyone who pickles and ferments does know that it can take time and be a little more labor intensive than the average week may allow. Enter this fermentation crock that lets you make things in larger batches and takes a lot of the guess work out of the process. And who knows, your vina may gift you some treats in return. I wouldn’t say no to a jar of homemade pickled snacks!


011071418_teaofhearts_2.jpgSoothing tea and amazing dessert in one toasty mug. Sign me up! This sampler from Teavana includes Tiramisu, Chocolate Chai, Caramel Truffle, and Vanilla Crème teas, some caffeinated and some not. Each pouch is also made up for 1 oz of tea, which according to Teavana is about 7-10 cups of tea each. This will last way longer than that chocolate sampler box, and your vina may be more willing to share it with you on a rainy afternoon (no promises!). To top it off  it’s labeled Tea of Hearts! It’s cute without being mushy, making it a great galentine’s day present.

Do you have any ideas for the foodie loving vina in your life? Comment below.

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The Bentonville Film Festival is a diversity-focused yearly event founded by fem hero Geena Davis and ARC Entertainment executive Trevor Drinkwater.  In a surprising turn the festival is sponsored by Walmart in the small town of Bentonville, Arkansas. Geena Davis has long been a supporter of a fair and balanced showing of women in media, having found the Geena Davis Institute on Gender in Media after she starred in the must-see Thelma and Louise. Um, we LOVE women advocating for women!!

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 3.33.07 PM.pngThe festival has had Advisory Board members that include Shonda Rhimes, Viola Davis, Bruce Dern, and Natalie Portman just to name a few. Each member of the board and the juries are vocal supporters of taking film beyond the realm of middle age white men. Plus, check this: ALL films that win the Audience, Jury, and Best Family Film awards receive guaranteed theatrical distribution (!!). Yup, you can see festival winners in  AMC Theatres, on Lifetime, or on a DVD or video-on-demand-released by Walmart. In 2015, 87% of the films shown were distributed – which is great because it means people like you and me can see tons of diverse films super easily! In a market where women and diverse voices are still struggling to be seen and paid equally, this is an industry changing movement. There is also the added perk that you can watch film festival worthy movies-maybe with your favorite vinas-from the comfort of you own living room.

Screen Shot 2017-01-27 at 3.32.48 PM.pngIf all of these things don’t get you super excited about the Bentonville Film Festival, just know that they celebrated the launch with an A League of Their Own softball game. Come on – that is absolutely amazing and I get behind anything that brings my most loved feminist movie back to life.

Head over to the BFF website (we’re a fan of this unofficial abbreviation) to see past winners, submission requirements, and other news. Feminists, film lovers, and anyone who thought Geena Davis was the real star of Beetlejuice should all get behind this movement to make the movie industry more reflective of our modern world.

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Which duo reflects you and your vina the best? Share it with her and see what she thinks!


This is the ultimate vina duo that most people think of when they think of BFFs. Lucy and Ethel are one rocking pair of gals have no problem getting into trouble, scheming their way out of it, and then donning pill box hats like no other.  If you and your bestie get busted in Target for acting a fool, if you fudge the numbers to have yet another Starbucks outing, or if you have, in fact, worn matching outfits to any public function you may just be a Lucy and Ethel.


They work together, they play together, and they kick ass together. Tina and Amy met while members of The Second City Comedy Troupe in Chicago. Over time they have stared on SNL together, made movies, hosted the Oscars, and written books that give shout outs to the others, all while being moms, wives, and total lady bosses. Even when they have been apart, Fey staring in 30 Rock and Poehler on Parks and Rec, I can’t image one not supporting the other. If you happen to have that go to gal at work, a vina who you see just as much if not more than your spouse, she may be your work wife. Sometimes you might bicker, but at the end of the day you get through the trenches of office life with the support of each other. And maybe the help of an after hours cocktail.

150812132318-serena-and-venus-williams-2012-super-169.jpgVENUS AND SERENA, TEAMMATES

We all need a vina at our back, someone to push us, someone to support us. These ladies aren’t just sisters, they are best friends, world champions, and total icons. Growing up they trained together, pushing each other to be better from a very young age, eventually reaching the top of the worlds’ tennis ranking in both singles and doubles. Oh, and they’ve got Olympic Gold Medals to spare. Wonder if your vina is your teammate? Go for a run together and see if you don’t go just a little bit faster? Do you both like to put in hours together at the gym? Have you gifted each other workout gear? How many race medals have your proudly earned at the same 10k? Yup, you’re teammates.


Oprah and Gayle can do no wrong. These women have supported each other in business, out camping, in print, and on TV. Just read their interview on Oprah’s website and tell me you don’t have total BFF envy. While they might not be in the news as much together as they used to be, I totally believe that these too text on the regular. More than the best BFFs ever, they might even be long distance relationship goals. Do you and your favorite vina finish each other sentence? Take on any adventure with an open mind? Do you (only in your dreams) hang out with Beyonce? If so you two are the end all be all of BFFs. Can I hang out with you?


This little know duo was a surprise to me, but also one that warmed my heart in this winter chill. While trying to make her name as a singer Marilyn started listening to a lot of Ella, hoping to learn from her unmatched skill. After becoming totally enamored with Ella’s voice, rumor has it that Marilyn was shocked that Ella was not allowed to perform at the most famous club in Hollywood, the Mocambo. Ella had struggled finding live gigs in the segregated South, but with a phone call Marilyn scored her a long running set in the same club that hosted Frank Sinatra. Marilyn was such a supporter she sat front row for ever single performance Ella did, every night, without fail. In an interview Ella calls Marilyn an “unusual woman,” but she clearly meant it with respect. If you’ve got a friend that you’d go to bat for, no matter what the odds are, you might be a Marilyn and an Ella. If you have mad respect for the others skill… you might be lucky enough to have found your Marilyn.

So, which iconic duo are you and your vina?? Send it along and see what she thinks!

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There was no shortage of odd and unexpected in 2016. Some notable biggies include the Gotthard Base Tunnel, the Juno Spacecraft, and the final VCR production-so long Disney VHS collection. Here are a few favorites that my vinas and I chatted about while the kiddos conquered the playground.


This unexpected hit combined Sci-Fi, thriller, Winona Ryder, a girl who looked fab bald, plus a story that got everyone to ask “Are we in the Upside Down?” No one saw the 80’s throw back coming, but once you watched the first episode you just had to spend the weekend binging it – preferably with wine and vinas. Stranger Things was an unusual must-see.


We could have been talking about how amazing our female athletes did (Hello! Simone Biles, Katie Ledecky and the other 59 female medal winners – the most ever!), or about all those cupping marks on Michael Phelps. Or we could still be sharing photos of that hottie from Tonga. But no, the end of the Olympics was filled with talk of Drunk Lochte taking on his mortal enemy, the evil gas station bathroom door. Way to stay weird 2016.


Put this in the good-weird column. It has been a long forgone conclusion that the Cubs would never win the World Series. I mean come on, they kicked a goat out 108 years ago, so of course they would be cursed to eternal failure. But this out of left field year saw something that was absolutely worth talking about – a Cubs win. The Cubs hadn’t won the World Series since 1908, while their opponent, the Cleveland Indians, hadn’t claimed victory since 1948. To make that win even more amazing the series went 7 games, the final game had a rain delay, went into extra innings, and the Cubs retiring catcher David Ross hit a home run. Basically you needed your tissues handy as the Goat was finally put to bed. Plus, it turns out Parks and Recreation predicted the future??


I’ll admit it, a few vinas and I spent the summer catching um all. Going for a jog to hatch a egg, hunting down that elusive Raichu at the Denver Zoo (ladies, they had a special Pokemon Go day, I kid you not), and spending way too much time at “the gym” were just some of the weird wonderful ways 2016 flew by. The fervor for the game has slipped away, but with promises of more updates, Pokemon trading, and some more battle options, I don’t plan on deleting my account any time soon. Oh, and it’s going to be on the Apple Watch too, so we can all look cool AF while hoping to stumble across a Mewtwo .


Maybe this one is just me, but a sea monster that stretch 5 stories long is pretty weird and amazing. Everyone has a favorite strange animal story that they repost on Facebook, but for me the giant sea monster found in Antarctica is just out of this world cool. It may have been the largest swimming creature, officially part of the mosasaur family, it is actually named Kaikaifilu hervei, after an almighty giant reptile legend from the Mapuche. Big. Weird. Amazing. Very 2016.

And there was something or other about an election this year. I guess there’s that too.

What do YOU think was the weirdest thing of 2016? Tweet us or tell us in the comments below!


Dear Lindsey,

Hi, this is you. I’m writing you from 2016. We are almost 32 years old and we are basically awesome. We’ve got a house, a nice man, and a really cute kid. Sometimes we write, we almost always read, and we regularly fail at baking. Wine and coffee are our friends and we’ve moved across country twice. We’re mostly happy and we have quite a few things figured out, which is good. But enough about me, let’s talk about you. Thirteen is not easy, no matter who you are. Look up pictures of famous people at 13, you’ll see what I mean. I know you’re 13 and not keen on taking advice from other people, but just hear me out, please.


This might seem frivolous, but just go for it in the make up department. Embrace that purple lipstick you keep hidden in your locker, even if you feel like you need to wash it off before mom picks you up. In the same vein, don’t shave your legs just because the other kids laugh at you. Yes, mom will make you wear the optional school uniforms (seriously, who has optional school uniforms?), and yes the other kids will laugh at you in your polos and khaki shorts. Here’s the upper, you will learn how to weed the bad people out of your life this way. The kids who comment on your hairy legs, creased blue slacks, and purple lipstick? Yup, trust your heart and cut them loose. You will always read people well, keep trusting that instinct. If shaving your legs makes you happy, go for it (but don’t steal Dad’s razor, get your own), if not, don’t do it. Dye your hair if you want, get neon bands on your braces, draw on your sneakers; you’re 13, it’s ok. Find people who like you for you. That’s the most important thing.


On that note, it’s okay to let go of toxic friends, especially when you’re young. You’re in 7th grade and between this year and next some of your friends are going to be pretty mean. Take the advice from above and trust your gut – let them go. I know saying that doesn’t make it any easier, but it is the best you can do. The girl who finds “cooler” friends to eat lunch with won’t be as happy. The girl who calls your mom and lies and says that you’re self-destructive is doing so as a cry for help. You’ll have a bigger heart later and you’ll want to help her. For now pull an Elsa (that will make sense in about 20 years) and let it go. Embrace the new friends you make and be thankful that you’ve learned to how to be independent. It may be hard to learn in junior high, but independence will be a valuable skill when you’re grown up.


The internet’s a brand new thing when you’re in junior high. You’ll spend way too long logging on to AOL, listening to that horrifying sound that is reminiscent to a monster living in your CPU, but stick with it. The internet is here to stay, and yes, it will get faster. I must be serious when I say stop talking to boys in chatrooms, though. They don’t like you like you think they do, and those flower doodles they make out of symbols mean nothing. You’re on there because you’re shy, naive, and those guys say nice things. You would be better served to try chatting with real boys, in person. Except Matt, he’s never going to like you. Just being real. Better yet, make online friends with other girls! The internet is great; it will play a big part in life later on.


Yes, that first week of school you will correct your English teacher’s spelling error on the white board. He will never forget it, and he will yell at you when your Tamagotchi dies in class and you cry that you need to save it. That spirit though, that never back down thing you’ve got going, hang on to it. Go ahead and stand up for yourself against that boy who will make fun of you at soccer try outs, and tell that gym teacher where she can shove her scale when she wants to weigh you in front of the class (true story). Your biggest cheerleader in life will always be you, stick up for yourself. And on that note – stand up for your friends. Don’t let anyone bully your girls, and don’t bully others. Girls standing up for each other will get you through school and will be a valuable skill to have later in life. Try to live by this motto – community over competition. Always.

Teenage Lindsey just remember this: plenty of people love you. Some of them even like you. Be kind to yourself, and just as kind to those around you. This made sound cliché, but everyone is fighting a hard battle out there and a little kindness goes a long way. Don’t be afraid to be happy, or silly, or odd. Don’t be afraid to be tough.

Oh, and stop eating Funyuns at lunch. I love you, and I know they taste good, but they’re not making things any easier for you.

Love Always,

2016 Lindsey

What would you tell your 13-year-old self if you could? Tell us in the comments!

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Welcome back to Hey! Holidays. We’re comin’ atcha all month with AH-MAZING gift ideas for all types of vinas. No matter who you’re shopping for, you’ll find a perfect gift on one of these lists. Have more suggestions for gifts? Tell us by using the hashtag #HeyHolidays and tagging us @ilikevina.

Everyone has an amazing nerdy friend, that vina who is super comfortable talking math, Star Wars, or who knows all about the PH of their garden soil. To help make your shopping easier this season here are a few suggestions that won’t end up in the re-gift cycle.



For that vina in your life who loves science, coffee, and a warm neck, this gift is screaming her name! In a neutral white with a black caffeine molecule pattern, this scarf looks like abstract art at a distance but up close it shows you’ve got an impressive set of smarts and an addiction to coffee. Bundle this package with a gift card for methylated xanthine (AKA coffee) and everyone will have a happy holiday.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 9.11.43 AM.pngMATH MAVEN

Dessert and math may not seem like the perfect mix at first, but one look at these bowls and you’ll have to resist buying them for yourself. The classic looking set of four medium-sized bowls has a theorem written on the outside in a nice script and the proof is written on the bottom. The proof is literally in the pudding…if you’re eating pudding, that is.

42389_1_640pxTHE PHOTOG

If you vina group has a paparazzo who loves to document your outings, get her this projector to help share the memories. This nifty projector will work with any smart phone and it looks like an adorable old fashion camera. At a reasonable price you can treat your photo savvy bestie to something super cool without breaking the bank.

screen-shot-2016-12-14-at-9-12-22-amOUT OF THIS WORLD GAL

This is just the best. The absolute best. A set of nine bath bombs to match the planets and our sun, each with their own unique formula. Any vina can relax and contemplate the stars. My personal favorite might just be Mercury, with Moroccan Spices with Activated Charcoal. Put these in a basket with a bottle of red and some wine glasses and you might be the best gift-giver in the office Secret Santa.

Screen Shot 2016-12-14 at 9.12.42 AM.pngBOTANIST BABE

Dog lovers, peace seekers, and garden aficionados alike will all want to add this little guy to their yards. His peaceful presence will work on a deck or hiding under the shade of a tree. Is your vina more of a cat gal? Elephant? Michael Gentilucci has quite a large selection of other yard statues and zen critters that would look adorable with a bow under the tree. The frog is pretty lovable too, just a hint to all my vinas who still have some shopping to do.

What do you plan on getting your nerdy vinas? Tell us in the comments!

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Now more than ever, we need to look to our historical sisters for comfort and encouragement. Below are some of my favorite vinas from history (my dream BFF list, if you will). If any of these ladies faces could appear on my matches I would swipe right on them- twice for good measure! Don’t forget to check out Part 1 of this series here.


Sylvia, or Syl as she used to sign herself in her letters, is that emotional friend every vina needs. This author from the 1960s penned classics like “Daddy” and “Lady Lazarus” along with the must read novel “The Bell Jar.”

She struggled with a public and messy marriage, but she was always in touch with what she thought and felt. On those rough weeks when you just need a pal to commiserate with over a drink, or you need a friend to put things in perspective, Sylvia would be the vina of choice. For those of us that are work at home moms, she would also be a must need connection –  we could maybe swap child care for a day, get some advice on some writing, or borrow a good book from her. I’d swipe right on my girl Sylvia any day of the week.


If you want to talk about an ambitious, intelligent, and unmatched behind these scenes operator, then Abigail Adams is your woman. In so many cases, she literally brought home the bacon (running the family farm, of course) and fried it up to feed the family’s five children.

And then, you know, in her free time, she advised her husband, second President John Adams, in some of the most amazing letters in history on all things political. Pick up a copy of her letters to her husband and you’ll be in awe, seriously. During the Continental Congress John Adams would ask her advice on everything from political bargaining to the plight of soldiers on the home front. She ran in the most influential circles overseas, and was such an active First Lady that she was often called Mrs. President.

You need a vina to help you get your life together, advise you on that promotion, or give you pointers on your next speech before the town council? You need to swipe right on Abigail.


This vital and impressive member of the Lewis and Clark expedition, Sacajawe, a is a woman like few others. Having been captured, traded, and enslaved she became a valued and crucial member of the expedition that traveled across the American West.

I’m stoked when all my laundry gets put away while my toddler naps – she traveled the county on foot. With her knowledge and experience in the wilderness, along with a keen sense for trade and diplomacy, she helped keep the expedition alive and on track. And she did all of this with a newborn on her back. Yeah.

Her accomplishments were so impressive that she was taken on as a symbol for the National American Woman Suffrage Association, had her portrait put on coins, and probably has more statues in her honor than any other American woman.


Julia was a woman who knew how to cook, eat, and love. On an afternoon out with her you might find yourself in the kitchen, eating the best tasting cheese in town, or wrapped up in her L’école des trois gourmandes with Louisette Bertholle and Simone Beck.

These three did what few others had done: make French cooking accessible to American women. Then Julia pioneered cooking on TV, something so many of us and our vinas are addicted to right now. Oh, and she traveled the world working for the government (her kitchen is on display at the Smithsonian!). Basically, Julia is a B.A. and I would drop everything to hang out with her if she swiped right on me in return.

Now get swiping! Who knows, maybe you’ll connect with the next Sylvia Plath…

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