Sometimes you must look in the mirror and remind yourself of how awesome you are.  Sometimes you have to grab a hair brush, aka imaginary microphone, to belt out your favorite girl power anthem while looking in that same mirror.  Girl power anthems are all about self-love, finding courage within yourself, and overall embracing being a boss.  Whether you’re turning up with your friends, getting pumped for a work presentation, or simply need a quick boost of confidence, here is a list of girl power anthems for you.

Scars to Your Beautiful // Alessia Cara

“And you don’t have to change a thing, the world could change its heart.  No scars to your beautiful, we’re stars and we’re beautiful”.

We’ve all felt the pressure to fit in.  In this song, Alessia Cara, eloquently encourages you to not fall into the social trappings of wanting to belong.  Self-deprecating behaviors can lead to serious mental health issues.  Scars to Your Beautiful will remind you to love yourself.  We are enough, just as we are.

God is a Woman // Ariana Grande

“And I can be all the things you told me not to be. When you try to come for me, I keep on flourishing”.

This song is in your face with heavy sexual innuendos.  It says, I’m in control…and you should know it.  This song can be exactly what you need to own your sexuality.

Screen Shot 2019-04-24 at 10.32.00 AM

Survivor // Destiny’s Child

“I will survive and keep on surviving”.

Are you getting over a breakup?  This song is for you.  Are you recovering from a job loss? This song is for you.  Are you overhauling your wardrobe?  This song is…okay that may be a stretch, but you get what I mean.  This song is all about pushing through the tough times.  Pressure makes diamonds, right?

Girls Run the World // Beyoncé

 “Boy you know you love it.  How we’re smart enough to make these millions.  Strong enough to bear the children.  Then get back to business”.

This is such a fun song.  It is great for karaoke in the car with your vinas.  Beyoncé is all about her business.  And she wants you to be about yours too.  Secure the bag, sis.

Bad Reputation // Joan Jett

“If ya think I’m strange.  I ain’t gonna change”.

They’ll talk about you regardless, so why not just be yourself.  This is a great song to get you pumped up before a workout.  Joan Jett is a musical legend.  Show the world you’re a legend in your own right.

Honorable Mentions

Katy Perry – Firework

Kelly Clarkson – Stronger

Cyndi Lauper – Girls Just Want to Have Fun

Whitney Houston & Chaka Khan – I’m Every Woman

Whew! This list can get lengthy.  But honestly, it will never be long enough.  I’m sure you have a few girl power anthems to add to this list.  Comment and let us know what you would add to the list! And find some new songs through your new besties on Hey! VINA.


As the saying goes, April showers bring May flowers.” Well, April can also bring a laundry list of things that need to be done. But guess what? With the right initiative, you’re just the one to do it.


Woman carrying blackets.

The term “spring cleaning” exists for a reason. It’s time to purge all your old or unused items. Clothes, home decor, electronics – you name it!  You may be tempted to simply throw these things away. However, one person’s trash is another person’s treasure,so find an organization that accepts donations and start your clutter cleanse. If you feel your possessions are too good to let go of for nothing, there are businesses that will pay you cash in exchange for your gently used items. Or, you can even have an old-fashioned garage sale.


Woman laying in a field with flowers.

You’ve been stuck indoors for most of winter, right? Now is the time to break out! Your body is craving vitamin D. According to, seasonal affective disorder “is a form of clinical depression that comes and goes in a seasonal pattern,” and affects half a million Americans each year. Now it’s finally warm, so get outside and open yourself up to new activities. You’ll be glad you did.


Two women working out outside together.

We all know what season follows spring. And just in case you need a reminder, that season is summer. Summer means warmer temperatures and less clothing. Now is the time to kick your fitness and nutrition routines into gear before it’s too late. Find some new, healthy recipes and plan a vina date to the gym. If lifting weights or running on the treadmill isn’t what you’re into, plan a hiking workout with your new-found friend. Having a like-minded workout buddy helps with accountability. Also, vinas who get fit together, enjoy fun in the sun together!


Woman doing yoga on a pier.

Awe yes, do you remember your precious New Year’s resolutions? Maybe you said this was the year you would manage your money better. Maybe you said this was the year you would unplug from your laptop and phone and start spending quality time with your loved ones. Or maybe you said this was the year you would branch out and meet new people. Your resolutions don’t have to fade into obscurity along with the algebra you learned in 7th grade. Remind yourself why you made the resolutions. Then create a new plan to make those goals a reality.

April is a great time to bring in a sense of newness. Make a list of things you want to accomplish in April or take from this one. Remember to follow-up with a plan of action. Just like the flowers in May, you’ll be blooming in no time.

We at VINAZINE love summer as much as the next vina, but there is nothing better than getting out in the sunshine with your gal pals. If you’re looking for a crew to enjoy the warmth with, start swiping on your new bffs on Hey!VINA now!


Most people don’t need a reason to shower an adorable puppy with love. However, if you are one of the few who do need a reason, you’re in luck! International Puppy Day is today. 🐶💖

To help usher in the day, here are a few celebrities that enjoy the companionship of these lovable, wet nosed, furry animals.


Not only is Chelsea Handler a comedian, actress, and television host but she is also an avid dog lover. Chelsea recently adopted two new fur babies, named Bert & Bernice, after her two previous dogs passed away. Bert & Bernice are both chow breed dogs and are super adorable and look very cuddle worthy.  I suggest following Chelsea on Instagram for her frequent posts featuring her furry pups.

Photo via @chelseahandler on Instagram


It’s hard to imagine the Winter Olympics and not think of Lindsey Vonn.  It’s also hard to find Lindsey without her canine bestie, Lucy Vonn.  Lucy goes everywhere with the gold medalist.  And that includes hitting the slopes.  When home, Lucy joins her fellow shelter rescued brothers Leo and Bear.  Lindsey is so passionate about her dogs, she even created an Instagram account just for them with the handle vonndogs.  With over 38k followers, it’s easy to see that Lindsey isn’t the only one in love with this trio.


Is there anything cuter than a tea cup poodle?  How about a tea cup poodle with the name Nugget?  And to top it off the person who named that tea cup poodle, Nugget, is the one and only pop star, Katy Perry.  Nugget is always included in the daily grind of being a celebrity.  From photo shoots-to-paparazzi photo ops, Nugget doesn’t seem to mind being in the spotlight.  One look at Nugget and your heart is sure to melt. I’m not kidding!

Photo via @officialnuggetperry on Instagram

This day is all about pouring love into your furry friends.  Without a doubt you’ll get unconditional love in return.

  • Adopt a puppy from a shelter
  • Donate money or food to a shelter or animal rescue
  • Buy your puppy a new toy
  • Do a DIY photoshoot with you and your puppy
  • Spread the word on social media about local shelters and animal rescues
  • Indulge your puppy with its favorite treat

Your puppy may not be known worldwide or have thousands of social media followers, but that doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate International Puppy Day with your babes on Hey! VINA! Download it today and join the Dog Moms community!!


No one wants to be the one who looks like they just stumbled out of a time capsule. However, some of the must-have fashion trends for 2019 look like a blast from the past.  These trends have been resurrected to bring us fashion life! Here are the 5 fashion staples you have to add to your closet this year.



Yes honey, they’re back! Fanny packs have been slowly reemerging on the fashion scene. You can blame celebrities like Rihanna and Kendall Jenner for bringing this trend back to the forefront. In the past, the common reasoning for looking like a human kangaroo was that fanny packs were so practical. However, with the latest fanny pack designs, it’s easy to see that they can be just as cute as they are useful.



When I think of tie-dye I immediately think of braces and summer camp.  Who knew the trend would appear on catwalks across the globe one day.  You can choose any hue from the color spectrum to find the right statement piece.  One great thing about the tie-dye trend is that it lends itself to DIY projects.  So, if a designer tie-dye shirt is outside your budget you can always make your own. We love us an artsy vina!


Paola shared a drawing with you 32

A statement hair clip can add the right amount of flare to your #ootd. Whether heavily embellished in jewels or covered in a textured material, a hair clip adds a layer of (stylish) interest to even the simplest of ensembles.  You can also use the “fashion statement” excuse for wearing a hair clip on those days when it is simply a lazy hair day.


Paola shared a drawing with you 30

Nothing makes a statement quite like neon. Now just imagine combining neon with animal print. Talk about an outfit made for the runway.  The neon trend is flourishing in places like Japan. Don’t know if you’re ready to invest in a neon coat or pair of pants? The trend isn’t limited to clothing! Neon hair is also a movement that is on the rise, so, if you’re bold enough to rock hot pink, bright green, or fluorescent orange, now is the time!



Fringe is all about movement. It draws the eye to a piece of clothing.  Fringe could make an otherwise simple bottom or jacket pop. If a fringed jacket is too flashy for you, consider a bag, or a pair of shoes with a fringed adornment.

With these pieces, you are sure to make an entrance wherever you go.  Adding one or two of these trends to your closet will ensure that your look is current, while also creating a retro feel.

Which trend are you looking forward to adding to your closet?

Find some fashionista vinas on the Hey! VINA app to match with and talk all things trends, OOTD, and style inspo!