Author: Sydney Cole

Hi ! I am one of the newest contributing writers for VINA society's , VINAzine :) I am excited to be a part of this sisterhood. A bit about me ? I am a freelance writer. I wanted to find a platform to showcase my own voice with the world. The VINAzine has beautiful display of women who write about such diversified topics, so I jumped at the idea of joining this sisterhood. I am from Washington, DC. Actively looking for other pescatarian foodies on the Vina app, by the way. I love horror films and researching aliens and other mysteries of this universe. I do have more hobbies, but these cover the basics. Random fact, If Mimosas had a club, I'd be the club leader. Bottomless options rule. Greatest invention besides Waffles, am I right? I long to be a dog mom, preferably a bulldog, so wish me luck on my journey ! So, that's a bit about me. HEYYYY VINA society !!