The value of a good laugh can never be understated. Especially in times that can be dark and tense, laughter is more valuable than ever. Spending a significant portion of your day engaged in the often-depressing news cycle can really get to you. Which is why we have Twitter! There are so many hilarious women on the Internet putting out great content, from news with a comedic edge, to funny political and social commentary, to hilarious personal anecdotes. Regardless of what you prefer, there is definitely some awesome woman out there who is sure to brighten your day. Here are some of our favorite funny ladies to follow!


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Megan Amram is a screenwriter who has worked on some of our favorite shows, like Parks and Recreation, Silicon Valley, and The Good Place.


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One of the most promising, up-and-coming young comedians, Aparna Nancherla has recently appeared on HBO’s Crashing.



Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.08.20 AM.pngYou may know her as a former correspondent for The Daily Show. Now Jessica Williams is the co-host of the podcast 2 Dope Queens and just starred in the acclaimed Sundance offering The Incredible Jessica James.



Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.10.59 AM.pngYou may remember her as Matilda, but now Mara Wilson is a hilarious writer who recently put out her own book, entitled Where Am I Now?


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Chrissy Teigen is a model and entertainer who appears regularly on Lip Sync Battle. She also recently put out a best selling cookbook, Cravings.



Screen Shot 2017-05-08 at 10.14.22 AM.pngNaomi Ekperigin is a bomb comedian. She’s appeared on 2 Dope Queens, released her own Comedy Central special, and worked as a writer on Broad City.

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Sometimes, your vinas just get you. It’s great to have friends who are similar to you; they know what you’re going through, they understand your perspective. But having a vina who is your opposite can be even more important!


When you hang out with a group of vinas who all have similar interests, you usually end up doing the same things. But, if you have a vina who is very different from you, she will probably enjoy different activities and encourage you to take part in them.

For example, if you’re outgoing, you might have an extroverted squad you can always call on to go out to drink and dance with. But your introverted vina might suggest a night in with snacks and crafts. Or, if you’re more the type to stay in, your opposite might encourage you to go hiking or hit a fun new club. Having a vina who is interested in different things than you are will help you broaden your horizons! With her, you can open yourself up to all kinds of experiences your like-minded friends might not be into.


Have you ever been talking in a group about some issue and realize that you all agree with each other, so you have nothing else to say? It’s great to have friends that you can share a perspective with, but feeling the same way about everything doesn’t really add anything to your life.

A vina who is your opposite will almost always have something to say that you’ve never considered. If your vina has a different cultural or socio-economic background, you can gain a new perspective you’d otherwise never have gained from her. If she works or studies in a different field, she will be able to incorporate that knowledge into your conversation. Her differences from your experience can enlighten you to things you’ve never previously considered and make you a smarter and more empathic person.


Any time you’re having a problem, whether it’s your work, your love life, or your personal drama, it’s awesome to have vinas to ask for advice. If all your vinas are similar to you, though, they might handle these problems in a similar way.

Say you’re wondering what to do about a guy who ghosted you. If you’re an optimist, you’re probably inclined to hold out hope. If you brought this issue up to friends who also have rosy outlooks, they would likely tell you to do the that, too. But a vina who is a little more realistic might advise you to consider moving on – and that could be exactly what you need to hear. Likewise, if you tend to be more cynical, a positive vina can encourage you to give him another chance.

Whatever the issue, a vina who is different from you will help you handle it differently – or at least think about it in a new light.

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For most of us, the holidays are one of the best times of the year. Between the great food, thoughtful gifts, and visits with people you love, there’s nothing more warm and cozy than celebrating with your family and friends. But for some people, going home for the holidays can be difficult. Whether the problem lies with strained relationships, grief, or family drama, the thought of traveling back home can incite anxiety and stress. And during the holidays, there is an additional pressure or obligation to visit family, even if it may not be the best choice emotionally.

If you have a vina in this situation, it can be tough to know how to help. We hate seeing our vinas in pain, so we want to figure out how to support them! I have a vina who has a hard time going home for the holidays, so I asked her: what are the best things that I, or any of your friends, could do to support you?


Don’t push your vina to open up to you about what’s going on with her if she doesn’t want to. And don’t assume that you know how she feels or what she’s going through. “Be there for them…[but] understand that every family situation is different,” my friend says. Let her know that you are there if she wants to talk, but if she would rather not, respect her choice.


If your vina does want to talk about why it’s hard for her to go home, really listen. As humans, we sometimes get caught up feeling like we have to sympathize or relate to the problem. Or worse, we sometimes even end up fake-listening, just waiting for our turn to talk. But especially when a vina is in a crisis or having a problem, we have to cut that out. Don’t feel like you need to give advice (unless it is asked for) or relate her experience to your own experience. The most important thing is to make her feel truly heard, and to show that she can trust you to be there for her.


If you’re traveling back to your hometown for the holidays, you probably only have one place to stay – with your family. For someone who has issues or problematic relationships with her family, this can be intimidating, limiting, and anxiety-inducing. So if you live or will be around the area, offer your vina an alternative place to stay. That way, she knows that if something happens and she wants to leave the house, she has a place to land. “I owe so much to the friends who gave me safe spaces when I needed to not be at my home,” my friend told me. “I don’t think I could handle going home without knowing there are people I can call if things go badly.”

Do you have other ways to support your friends who dread going home for the holidays? Tell us in the comments! And remember to remind your vinas how much you love them this holiday season ❤️.

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Gilmore Girls: A Year In The Life comes out in November on Netflix, but the original series has already shown us so much about what it means to be a friend. Here are three things I learned about friendship from Gilmore Girls!

gilmore-girls-paris-rory-700x525COMPASSION, NOT COMPETITION

At first, Paris felt that her status as the best student at Chilton was threatened by Rory’s intelligence. But soon, Paris realized that having a friend who could challenge her intellectually would ultimately make her better. Despite their ups and downs throughout the series, they are constantly learning from each other, from running for student council together to editing the Yale Daily News together.

It can be easy to feel like you’re competing with your vinas. Whether it’s about school, job success, or relationships, jealousy and bitterness can creep in. But it’s important to remember that your vinas’ success is your success too. When they are doing well, they can help you become better also!

http-mashable-com-wp-content-gallery-gilmore-girls-reunion-gilmore_girls_lane_kim-640x486DIFFERENT PATHS ARE OKAY

On paper, Rory and Lane could not be more different. Rory is an overachiever who goes to Yale and dreams of traveling the world as a journalist. Lane is a drummer in a rock band who drops out of college, waitresses, and gets married and has children very young. But it doesn’t stop them from being best friends!

Instead of making Rory feel guilty for leaving Star’s Hollow, Lane supports her. When Lane drops out of college to pursue music with her band, Rory supports her, too. Even though Lane’s life is not right for Rory at all, and vice versa, they understand that each other’s paths are different.

I recently moved from the Midwest to pursue acting, but one of my vinas stayed and works at a drugstore. At first I thought we had grown apart, but now I see that we both have happy lives! Supporting your vina in what makes her happy (not what would make you happy) is key to having a great friendship.

Gilmore Girls


In college, Rory is told that she doesn’t have what it takes to be a journalist. She goes into a downward spiral and drops out of Yale, questioning all her dreams and goals. Lorelai and Rory both become so upset fighting about the decision that they don’t speak for months.

The rift is so intense, but when Rory figures herself out, she doesn’t hesitate to call Lorelai. And they don’t even discuss the separation, they don’t hold it against each other. They both apologize and say they love each other.

Everyone is going to make mistakes in any relationship – even mothers and daughters. But they always find their way back to each other. They always own up to the things they did wrong and they don’t hold a grudge. Instead of prolonging fights with your vinas, think about what you both can do to make it better, and talk about it. Your friendship is almost always the most important thing!

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